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Comforting Popukar

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A dented shield and a collapsed Spot here, an out-cold Midnight and a crumbled Catapult there, Kal’tsit is quick to deduce what must have happened here in the halls of the dormitory. A quick check of the vitals confirm that the members of Op Reserve A6 are simply out cold, none of them seriously injured, which is a relief. Her eyes along the path of carnage, Kal’tsit follows the trail until it has gone cold, with no more indication left as to where the child might have gone. Under such circumstances, there’s only one place Kal’tsit can think of where Popukar might have headed towards when her episode ended.

As she nears her own room, Kal’tsit’s suspicions are confirmed by the open door and the turned-on lights. Keeping her pace brisk, but not hurried, she enters, finding Popukar in her bed, sitting curled up in her blankets. Gingerly and quietly, she takes a seat next to the little girl and brings an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close and asking her in a gentle voice, “There, there, Popukar, I’m here now. You’re going to be okay.”

Although timid and seemingly self-conscious about her predicament, Popukar pulls close and leans into Kal’tsit’s embrace, keeping herself cloaked in her blanket. With the blanket covering her body, and her hair and eyepatch covering her face, she’s rather well-hidden, and her voice somewhat muffled, but she still asks just audibly enough, in a shaky voice, “Um… how did Dr. Kal’tsit know to look for me here?”

“Just ‘Kal’tsit’ is fine, Popukar.” Kal’tsit reminds her, using her free hand to gently sort out the mess in Popukar’s hair, grooming it to be a bit less all over the place. “I suppose you could call it a hunch. There’s something about my room that you find comforting, isn’t there Popukar?”

“Um, I suppose you could say that… it’s mostly just the, uh, your blankets, that help me feel calmer. They smell a lot like you, and it… when I feel really bothered, sniffing your blanket seems to make all the bad thoughts go away…” Popukar murmurs under her breath, seeming to get more embarrassed the more she explains, although none of what she confesses is really any surprise to Kal’tsit. “I’m not… I’m not in trouble, am I, Miss Kal’tsit…?”

“You will certainly have to apologize to Team A6 later when you’re feeling better, but no, you’re not in any serious trouble, Popukar. You simply lost control and made a mess, that’s all.” Kal’tsit explains calmly, recognizing that it’s a little difficult to hold a conversation when the child is hidden under so much blankets, but also not moving to take it off of her, in case she still needs its comfort. “How are you feeling right now?”

“Still kind of nervous, I think. I don’t know if I’ll lose control again today…” Normally this is something Popukar hesitates telling other adults, out of fear that she might be in trouble again, but Kal’tsit knows that she’s being honest right now, as she has learned to be with her.

“Would you like me to help you clear your head then, Popukar? I am free to spend some time with you right now, if you would like.”

“Would that really be okay…?”

“Of course it would be. I want to help you relax.”

“I think… I’d like that then, Miss Kal’tsit, if it’s really okay…”

With the confirmation from the small child, Kal’tsit brings her free hand to Popukar’s chin, gently tilting her face upwards until she’s able to lean in for a kiss. Just a delicate kiss at first, one to get the small child comfortable, before a slightly deeper kiss, her lips pressing against the child’s lips as her tongue softly prods at her mouth, before being eagerly invited in. Popukar, in her excitement to have a kiss from her Miss Kal’tsit once again, sucks on her tongue, her own little tongue rubbing up against the underside of the grownup tongue. It’s a little much going into it, but Kal’tsit is understanding and patient, and allows the little girl to handle the kiss the way that excites her most, as her free hand starts moving down between Popukar’s legs.

Pretty much the moment Kal’tsit’s fingers brush against the child’s inner thighs, Popukar tenses up and closes her legs tightly, nervous rather than unwilling. Sensing this, Kal’tsit moves her hand back up to the little girl’s chest instead, resting her hand upon her chest as she allows her tongue deeper into her mouth. Feeling the girl’s body relax to her touch, she proceeds, unzipping her jacket and once again placing her hand against Popukar’s chest, her palm gently grazing against the pink little nubs through the girl’s spaghetti strap top. This, while Popukar is still suckling on her tongue, leads to the little girl doing it a little bit too hard for a sec, before noticing that, and relaxing once again.

Kal’tsit pulls back from the kiss to allow the both of them a quick air break, a dangling stream of saliva hanging from her lips and connecting to the little girl’s tongue, before Popukar reaches up and pulls her back down for another kiss. With how strong the child is, Kal’tsit allows herself to slowly fall over, using her arm cradling the child to steady the two of them, so that she ends up comfortably on top of Popukar as the two of them continue kissing unabated. With the little girl’s inexperience, it comes as no surprise that all she’s really interested in with more passionate forms of kissing is suckling on a grownup’s tongue, but given how arousing that alone seems to be for Popukar, Kal’tsit sees no reason to push beyond her comfort zone with something new for now. She simply holds the little girl close and allows her to kiss the way she likes it, while lovingly roaming her palm across Popukar’s flat chest.

As the little girl’s body grows hot with arousal, her legs once again start parting, and do not close even when Kal’tsit’s hand once again nears her delicate spot. With her seeming fully comfortable now, Popukar’s skirt is slowly hiked up and her wet little white panties peeled back, as Kal’tsit brings the tip of her fingers to caressing the little girl’s puffy labia. Naturally, the girl flinches upon being touched in such a sensitive area at first, but soon relaxes once again as she eases into the feel of Kal’tsit’s fingertips running along her little puff. Popukar’s legs quivering, her attention soon returns to her sloppy kiss with Kal’tsit.

Kal’tsit isn’t simply going to stop with just playing with Popukar’s labia though, naturally not. Slowly, she slides her thumb and middle finger down Popukar’s cute little slit before using them to part the little girl’s labia, allowing the tip of her index finger easy access to feeling her wet folds. Simply hearing Popukar whimper as her mouth quivers around her tongue isn’t enough for Kal’tsit though; wanting to get a stronger reaction out of her, she flicks her index finger up to Popukar’s clit and aggressively starts rubbing it, getting the little girl to get so weak that she can’t even resume the kiss, as she’s too preoccupied squealing and moaning a cute, high-pitched whine.

It doesn’t take too particularly long for Kal’tsit to get Popukar climaxing like this, her tiny little body not having the sexual stamina like that of an adult’s. Feeling the little girl’s body tense up with excitement, Kal’tsit holds her hand down and moves her finger even more quickly, giving Popukar an additional hit of ecstatic pleasure, slowing to a stop only after the little girl’s climax comes to an end. As the little girl slowly relaxes in her arm again, her flat chest rising and falling more slowly as she catches her breath, Kal’tsit slowly withdraws her hand and brings her finger up to her mouth. She sniffs it once before sticking it into her mouth, licking it and sucking on it slightly, before finally pulling her finger back out and wiping it on her clothes.

“How do you feel, Popukar?” Kal’tsit whispers softly, moving her arm up so Popukar may rest her neck against it as she calms down from her intense orgasm. With her free hand, she brings it around to embrace the little girl, holding her close.

“Mmh… I’m feeling really warm, Miss Kal’tsit. I’m not getting any more bad thoughts or bad feelings anymore…” Popukar says meekly, very clearly exhausted from exertion, albeit with a content, affectionate little smile upon her face, as she pulls close to Kal’tsit and buries her face in her bosom. “Thank you, Miss Kal’tsit… you’re really good at calming me down and making me feel better…”

“That’s what I’m here for, Popukar.” Having helped calm Popukar down, Kal’tsit plants a kiss to her forehead, and starts setting the girl comfortably in bed so she can tuck her in. The day’s not over yet, but Popukar needs her rest now. It’ll help her recharge and be ready for the coming day. Leaning in and kissing the little girl once again on the lips, Kal’tsit whispers, “Rest easy now, okay Popukar? I’ll be right here with you.”

“Mmr, thank you, Miss Kal’tsit… good night…”

It doesn’t take long for Popukar to succumb to the coze of the blankets when she’s so thoroughly spent like this. As for Kal’tsit, there’s work that she has to finish before the end of the day, but none of it is work she can’t finish at her desk right here in her room. So, she turns the lights off and the desk lamp on, and seats herself to get to work. Before she begins though, she glances over to Popukar once again, watching the girl sleep so soundly and peacefully. When the day ends, Kal’tsit will be joining her, but for now, the most she can do is watch over her sleep while she works, content in knowing that she can provide the little Popukar relief in ways others can’t, in such a way that it helps the girl feel more at ease with herself.