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Christmas Special

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“I can’t reach…it....ah ha! Got it” Y/N stepped down from the ladder she was on.

“Darling, why didn't you wait for me? I would’ve done it.” Tom, her boyfriend of three years, said as he walked around the corner carrying two mugs of steaming tea. He set them carefully down on the family room table, which was covered in Christmas ornaments and lights softly glowing. Red and green boxes strewn across the floor and a Christmas tree leaning against the wall. Josh Groban christmas album Noël (Deluxe Edition) playing in the background softly, ‘A classic,’ Y/N had said, her family would listen to it every year the day after Thanksgiving while they put their tree up in their living room. 

Y/N turned around, hair in a braid that was falling out in places and some pine tree needles stuck to her Christmas themed sweater. “Yeah, except I didn't want your arms getting scratched up from the pine needles before your filming in a couple weeks.” 

Tom laughed softly and kissed the side of Y/N’s forehead. “Have I told you recently how much I love you?”

She looked up and gazed into his eyes. “ No actually, you've been slacking sir, tis been a whole two hours since I’ve been told” she said smiling. 

Tom threw his head back and laughed. “ Well I apologize for the long delay, but I” he leaned down and kissed her on the lips. “Love” another kiss “you” kiss “so” kiss “damn much”. 

She smiled. “ I love you so much too, but there will never be enough kisses to make me forget that we have a tree to put up tonight, nice try on the distraction. Almost worked.” She winked as she pulled away from his arms. 

Tom pouted before walking after her as she moved behind the tree and grabbed the fishing string she had put on the tree. “Okay, you got me, but you just look so good in that Christmas themed sweater.” 

Her head popped around from behind the tree, pine needles sticking out from her braid. “Thank you, but let's just get the lights on at least and then we can just slowly work on the tree during the week when we have time. It is only December 1st, so we don't have to super rush.” she moved back behind the tree, her voice slightly muffled when she spoke again. “Okay, is the tree straight?” 

Tom stepped back and looked. “Not yet, move it a little to right...a little more…right there perfect. Okay tie the line to the banister and we should be good, you might have to crawl under the tree to get out though.”  

She tied it tight to the banister, and slid down into an army crawl and crawled her way out from under the tree, her sweater gathering all the little pine needles that had fallen when she and Tom had put it up. Tom gave her his hand and helped her up. She shook her sweater out and did a little shimmy to make sure it all got off. “I’m going to have some appear in January randomly. I swear, they will never disappear.” 

They grabbed the christmas lights from a green box marked “Ribbons , all christmas colors” and grabbed three boxes full of previously used christmas lights. “Okay, lets plugs these in and see which ones work and if we need to take a trip to the store tomorrow” 

Y/N ran to the kitchen with the lights and plugged the first one in. “Ah ha! This one looks good, maybe one out?” Tom gathered the batch and untangled them while she continued checking the batches of lights.

She was so focused on her task, that she didn't realise that Tom had grabbed to of the lights and snuck up behind her. “And this one looks like this only has a handful of….” she looked behind her and saw Tom smiling as he started to wrapped the lights around her.

She started laughing. “Tom, do I look like a pine tree?” He continued wrapping her up in the lights as she started giggling again. “Tom, what are you doing.” 

He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, one his favorite parts of her body. “Because you looked absolutely ravishing right there standing in the glow of the lights that I had to wrap you up like a present.” 

She threw her head back and laughed as he kissed her again on the neck and carried on with wrapping her in the lights, moving her arms to be above the lights. They both were in fits of giggles now, Y/N squatted down and picked up two of her lights she hadn’t checked yet and plugged them in, checking before motioning with her finger to Tom to come closer and she started slowly spinning him in lights as Tom started laughing more, kissing her everytime he faced her. 






It’s crazy how some people meet as strangers and then in a blink of an eye, three years later they’re wrapping each other in soft glowing Christmas lights and giggling like little school children with a silly secret. It’s crazy how the world is unaware of Tom Holland’s girlfriend and how they’ve been dating each other for three years. It’s crazy how Tom, of all the jokes, memes, and tumblr posts about how Tom can’t keep a secret, is keeping the hardest secret he can hide from the world, one that he wants to shout from the highest mountain tops to the whole world. It’s crazy how after three years of love and anger, sadness and happiness, ups and downs, hard times and good, a little black box, stuffed in his flannel pocket,  just begging to be taken out. A question to be asked, the ring simple and beautiful, like her, just begging to be taken out of the box and put onto the finger of the person Tom loves the most. 


The world is unknowing of two people slow dancing in their family room, wrapped in christmas lights, with soft christmas music playing in the background, unknowing of the soft kisses, soft “I love you’s” and especially unknowing of a quiet “will you marry me?” and a tear coming from Y/N’s eyes as she nods against his chest. A soft “yes” and more whispered “I love you’s ” as the world continued on without knowing that two once strangers lives will be threaded together forever.