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I Didn't Confess Though?

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For a few days now, Yoo Joonghyuk has been acting strange. He has been avoiding me very obviously, like suddenly facing away when our eyes meet with a dark look or walking past without responding to me. It goes beyond his usual unresponsive dismissal to my teasing. He is geniunely set on ingnoring me, it seems.


Well, untill now that is. His second weird behaviour, he suddenly comes up like this to me, and then--

"Joonghyuk-ah, what is it?"

"Nothing", Yoo Joonghyuk responds after a pause, and gets away like I'm some kind of plague.


Not today either.

Somehow, I have ended up cheering him on in this endeavour of his. You can do this Joonghyuk-ah! It's just talking to me, not much of a big deal.

But seriously, what's wrong with him now?


So, I consulted the best person I could find.


"What's up with that sunfish?"


A big sigh filled the room, followed by Han Sooyoung's usual irritated tone that she uses whenever either Yoo Joonghyuk or I am involved.

"Let me live in peace will you?", she clicked her tongue.

I take that back, it wasn't the best idea to come to her. But there is no denying that she knows that sunfish the best-- after me ofcourse.


"Sooyoung-ah, please shed your benevolence on me."

If I could help it, I wouldn't want to bet on a solution from her, but Yoo Joonghyuk is being OOC so I cannot help but ask her. She is the author after all.


Another sigh, but this time it had helplessness instead of irritation.

"This time it's out of my hands", she said, avoiding eye contact. Then she closed her eyes and said, as if preaching something profound, "You have to figure it out yourself."

Why do you sound like some sage?


"Han Sooyoung", my icy cold voice filled the room. "What did you do?"

With each word enunciated by me, her irises kept on moving to the side. Anymore and it'd probably disappear. Which was enough proof to know that she had a hand in Yoo Joonghyuk's weird state.


"So", she dragged.

She won't be answering easily.


I fetched my smart phone and started flicking. My unresponsiveness made her tense as she finally snapped at me.

"Oi bastard, what are you doing?"

"Nothing", I shrugged. "Just sending your drunk confession to Yoo Sangah. I bet she'd be thrilled to receive it."




"Do it and you're dead", her low voice chilled me to the spot, the lollypop in her mouth beyond saving.

I shouldn't provoke her further than this if I wish to live-- So I did exactly that.

"That depends on which you consider would be faster, a click of my finger or you rushing to me?"

Digging my own grave is what I do best after all.

"You really believe your tricks would work on me?", A smirk lined her face as she tilted her jaw in provocation.

"You really want to bet on this?", I retaliated.

A shake to the smartphone brought her out of her competitive state.

She clicked her tongue in defeat.

Sangah-ssi is her weak spot after all.

"Alright, fine! I might've, just, very slightly, pushed a thought to Yoo Joonghyuk."

"Ah? What do you mean?--"

"I really didn't do anything I swear! I just helped to reorganise his thoughts, just that! It's all on him! I didn't make him do any of this!"


Well, I guess this is all I'll get out of her. Even though she's so cornered yet she refuses to budge.

Just what will I do with you?

I flick her head as punishment and open the door to go out.


"Hey, you slippery bastard! What about that video?!"

Seeing Han Sooyoung all worked up like this reminds me of an angry cat, it makes me want to tease her even more. My lips curl into a teasing smirk as I bring my smartphone up, lightly tapping it.

"What video? I never had any in the first place. Sooyoung-ah, you really think of me as that kind of a person? I'm hurt", I say dramatically.

Her reaction is absolutely hilarious. She flips the table, and almost topples her laptop before scrambling to get hold of it and toppling down herself instead.



I swiftly get out of there while a resounding "KIM DOKJA GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!!" echoes throughout the house.


But, the predicament still exists.

Sitting below the shade of a tree, I let out a tired sigh, hands crossed as they support my slumped head.

This is a pinch.

Maybe I should do 'that'. Yeah, I should probably do 'that' indeed. Just because he is a protagonist, and my life and death companion so I was giving it a thought, but as I thought I should probably do 'that'.

The one thing that I do best-- Running away.

Let's just forget it all till it builds up to become impossible to ignore, then I'll so something about it.


Two black boots support the shadow that envelopes me. I can recognise those legs, that all consuming shadow even in my dreams--


"Kim Dokja."

Yes, that's me.
Please speak more than that.


"Yoo Joonghyuk, what brings you here?"


He looks away.


What's wrong with him?!


My lips twitch, veins popping, as I try to patiently ask again.

"I didn't think you took a stroll, what is this sudden change of heart? Are you finally coming to terms with your aging? Are you out to air your head?"

He finally looked at me, irritation oozing out of his pores, his eyes clearly conveying his thoughts.

But he still refuses to speak. This third problem was even more troublesome. This eternally constipated being had now opted to only call out my name and nothing else. He didn't even respond to my teasing anymore! Before, he used to retort with a single sentence at the very least!


Imposter, give my Yoo Joonghyuk back!!

I tried very hard to convey it through my glare. Apparently, my eyes are not that expressive it seems. I'm being one hundred percent sarcastic here.

This guy has no eyes! What's the point of them if you cannot get what I'm trying to convey!

That's it, I need answers. Now.

"Joonghyuk-ah, what are you trying to do?", I stood up, leveling my glare.

He looked at me sceptically.


I let out an impatient sigh.

"You have been avoiding me."

He gave me a questioning look.

Speak, damn it!


"You haven't been talking to me."

He flinched, and by that I mean his face darkened and eyebrows scrunched as if his error was found out.

Spot on, I suppose.


"You've been acting weird."

I sound like a doubtful wife now. Somehow that realisation made me let out a big sigh.

"What's up with you?", I helplessly continued, it almost sounded like I was whining. "What did Han Sooyoung say to you to make you like this?"

This time, he visibly flinched.

Just what is going on?!


"Kim Dokja."


Not again! How about you speak anything other than my name?

"Yes?", I still patiently replied.

Thank me for this special treatment, you bastard.


"Do you...", he started, his face scrunching even more.

He keeps building this suspense.


"Do I?", I try to help.


"Do you.. like...", then he made a face like he couldn't believe such possibility and blurted, "Like me?"


.... Ah?


His face said 'I didn't realise that you held such feelings' and that somehow angered me.

"Now, what might have led you to that conclusion?"


"Han Sooyoung pointed out that prophecy."

I guess someone is dying today, I thought, cracking my knuckles.


"Did it not cross your mind that she might be playing you?", I looked at him helplessly.


"I was the one to.. deliver the finishing blow."

That was a longer sentence than I expected him to say. I noticed his tightened fists, and that pause. I guess I should self reflect again. I've been doing that a lot recently.


"How did that make you reach this conclusion?", I try my best to save this sinking situation.


"You always save me."

"You jump in everytime", he continued, asserting the point before I had time to open my mouth.

"You talk to me even though I completely ignore you."

Oh, so you do realise what you're doing, I clicked my tongue in anger.


"They aren't solid proof", I countered defensively.

He just looked at me, and I could tell from his expression that he wasn't convinced at all.


"I don't think I can give you a proper answer now. I've never thought about being in a relationship after-"

He had a complicated expression on his face. That made me want to wipe it away and cheer him on.

"-- And, with a man that gets on my nerves."

Okay, that was unnecessary. Why do I have to hear this when I didn't even confess?

"But, I guess it's not impossible", he added softly.

Soft and Yoo Joonghyuk made such an unbelievable combo that I forgot to think and stared at him. I felt hopeful all of a sudden, even though I did not even confess.


"Give me some time to think it through", he sincerely asked me.

"Okay..", his earnest expression made me unconsciously blurt it out as I looked at him with a dazed expression.

So he can make such a face as well

Even though I didn't even confess.



He called, bringing me out of my thought. I responded with a hum.

"Stop staring."


My eyes blew wide and I swiftly turned my face away.

Shit. Who gave him such a handsome face?


It felt like a loss so I turned back to face him, a smirk lightly lifting my lips as I retorted, "I'm just appreciating that ugly mug of yours."


This is where Yoo Joonghyuk would glare at me like I don't make sense and give his one liner retort.

But, somehow, this time he mirrored my smirk as his eyebrow twitched.

"I guess you'll get an answer soon."


Yep, he has turned strange.

Wait- what did you decide all of a sudden?

"What do you mean by that?", I tried my best to act nonchalant but my impatience slipped in.

Ofcourse, he didn't stop to acknowledge it as he turned away before looking meaningfully at me, the smirk still painted on his face. It's unfair that I cannot curse his looks.


I let out a defeated sigh.

I guess I should do 'that' after all.