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Motosu Insertion

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Lake Motosu Camping Ground
Yamanashi, Japan
2130 Local Time

“Rin-chan, dinner is ready!” Nadeshiko says as she hands her girlfriend a bowl filled with the hotpot she just cooked.

“Oh, thank you Nadeshiko-chan,” Rin accepted, she sits it on her lap to look at her watch. “Looks like it’s time for them to get here.”

“You mean the people that those American soldiers over there told us about?” Nadeshiko asked.

“They are marines, but yes those guys,” Rin corrected and confirmed.

The couple has their tent set up with a table for cooking and a fire place for warmth while they enjoy the view of Mount Fuji in the moonlit night sky.

Rin looks over to see a group of U.S. Marines wearing camouflage uniforms and backpacks huddle up with radios communicating with whoever is on the other end.

The owner advised them that they put a sign up allowing the American Military to run a small training operation on the campgrounds and to be aware of that.

Nadeshiko sits on the ground next to Rin and snuggles up to her girlfriend as they enjoy their hot pots.

Two marines run past by in front of them and sat themselves and their radios beside the girls’ camping area.

“Hey, would you guys like some hotpot?” Nadeshiko asks the two marines.

Rin facepalmed as she watches her extrovert girlfriend do what she always does best.

“Oh, no thanks ma’am,” one of the marines replied. “The guys are about to come in.”

“Okay, sorry to bother ya’ll,” Rin answered as she covers her girlfriends mouth.

“You’re good ma’am, besides we got these,” the other marine said as he waved an MRE(Meal Ready to Eat) at them. “Spinach Fettuccine, really delicious!”

The camp girls and two marines laughed after that, Rin couldn’t believe how these Americans can operate day and night in combat while eating those but she’s grateful men like them exist to keep them safe.

“Shadow One-One, this is Angel Two-Zero we are on approach over,” the helicopter pilot on carrying the insertion team called out.

“Angel Two-Zero, Shadow One-One you are cleared to approach and insert at this time,” the marine answered back on the radio.

Rin and Nadeshiko watched as the marines do their job, they start to hear the sound of rotor blades approach them.

“Roger that, we are coming in for drop over,” the helicopter pilot stated.

“Roger that, good copy out,” the marine responded.

The girls start to see two CH-53E Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopters emerge on top of them as they descend towards the middle of the lake hovering right above the water.

Rin admires the view of the military helicopters filling in the picture of Mount Fuji and Lake Motosu as she sees Nadeshiko gaze at it while happily jumping.

“This is Angel Two-Zero, we are commencing drop,” the Super Stallion pilot said.


“Green light go!” The jumpmaster commanded.

The squad leader and his squad of 12 U.S. Marine Force Recon Operators jump out of the helicopter and into the water one by one.

Each operator is equipped with tactical gear and sixty pound rucksacks packed with equipment and supplies while wearing digital woodland camouflage uniforms.

The Squad Leader and his marines huddle around the water while the rotor wash splashed water all around them.

The two Super Stallions finished up their drop and the pilots starts to input full power, ascend and divert away from the marines’ position.

The Marines secured their equipment and got into a file formation in the water.

“Alright boys, let’s head to the shore,” the squad leader instructed.


Rin and Nadeshiko watch the Force Recon operators emerge from the water with their equipment.

They all got into the prone position simulating their combat insertion drills while holding invisible rifles.

The other fellow campers that are staying the night are also watching the training operation admiring them as they go.

The two marines beside the girls ran to their direction to provide assistance to them.

“Rin-chan, they looks so cool,” Nadeshiko says as she tugs her girlfriend’s arm. “All that gear they’re wearing must be heavy.”

“I don’t know Nadeshiko-chan, looking at the amount of stamina you have, I think you can become one of them as well if you work hard enough,” Rin commented with a smug on her face.

“Ehhh, Rin-chan that’s mean, that means I would have to wake up really early to train,” Nadeshiko replied. “It’s like putting Onee-Chan’s training on super steroids.”

“Well, if you do go into the military, then that means you’ll be able to protect me right?” Rin asked smugly.

“Ehhh, Rin-chan I will always protect you no matter what,” Nadeshiko said whiningly.

“Hehe, I know you will,” Rin said before she leans in to kiss her girlfriend. “I love you, Nadeshiko-chan.”

“Hehe, I love you too, Rin-chan,” Nadeshiko says before leaning in for another kiss.