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Some Little Sins- Outtakes

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This one-shot is supposed to be inside the original fic 'Some Little Sins' but couldn't place it in and it is supposed to be happen between chapter 17 and 18.

"It's explicit Ron!"

Ron didn't have to think for long. "Obviously, that's why I gave you the book because it is all about always wanting to be in control."

"Exactly." Hermione said. "So, marriage is one aspect of my life where I want to let go of that control. I had thought Draco would be able to take charge in bedroom. But he is being so much of a gentleman to be rough me with me, he is even more submissive than me, our sex life has become boring and it isn't what it used to be."

"Since when did you have such problems?" Ron asked.

"Since you came back into my life" She replied "It is because of our...." She stopped looking back and forth in the muggle restaurant to see if someone's listening in "Shared history together, i couldn't able to get satisfy with his velvety sex. I was adjusting to it with you know some other methods" She said showing her two fingers "But then you came back and waked up something inside me that wants control"

"I don't understand what's the problem here Hermione?" Ron asked confused "You said Draco is being submissive and wanted to watch you getting fucked by other guys then why not take that control?"

"You don't understand. He said he loves me." She began. "And he also said that he couldn't provide me the satisfaction that I deserved. So, he had sometimes imagined me getting fucked by someone who could give me the satisfaction he thinks I deserved. And that got him all turned up. Draco wants to be a cuckold husband Ron, he even wish to get pegged by me but the things mentioned in the book, I don't think he'll ever be ready for it and I don't want to hurt him."

Ron remained silent. After about a minute, Hermione looked up at him. Ron said slowly, "I think I can help you Hermione."


"How about we try a try-out for him"

"A try-out?" Hermione tilted her head in confusion.

"Yes. A slow move to make him comfortable with the idea. I have a plan that can help you and you won't need to worry because Lavender is with me in my house for the weekend" Ron smirked.

"Why is Lavender is in your house?" Hermione asked annoyed and feeling jealous.

"You are so late if you ask me, Lavender and Seamus had already started cuckolding lifestyle and their third party is Dean, but since Dean is pretty much busy with his wife this month, he passed her on to me" he said before explaining his plan to Hermione.

He had a passionate sex with Lavender just before he came to meet Hermione, taking pictures and sending it to Seamus to watch and wank. They were fucking for almost four hours. And that was after Ron fucked her face before yesterday's dinner.

"So, what have you decided?" Ron asked.

"Alright" She replied. "Let's try it."

"Good." Ron said. "Then I'll think and plan it with Lavender. We'll let you know"

"That seems wonderful." Hermione smiled. "I'll be waiting for your call." Suddenly she gripped his hard cock through his pants "Do you think you can spend some time with me before going back? The rooms above Tom's shop would be free, I hope"

"Sure" Ron smirked.


Ron used the floo in diagon to arrive back home; he was thinking of what he would say to Lavender. Last night had been fantastic with her, Lav had prepared dinner, she was so happy and excited about spending time with him. Their lovemaking had been incredible; they both loved to give the other pleasure.

Ron wondered how to explain things to her, he knew Lav would be interested in not to share him. When he got home, Lavender was in the shower, Ron decided to join her. Ron walked into the bathroom and said, "Lav, would you like me to scrub your back?"

"I'd love that darling; my front needs doing too."

As Ron stripped, he said, "Lav, I don't know what you have planned but could I take you out for dinner? I've had quite a day"

"That would be lovely. What have you been up to?"

Ron was now naked; his cock was stiff, Lav was staring at it, Ron then took Lav in his arms, they tongue kissed lovingly under the shower jets then Ron said, "This afternoon I visited Hermione, it was my first visit since I got back. Hermione was very horny; but Draco is of no help. Draco is a cuckold husband like Seamus; he loves to watch Hermione being fucked, that excites him but he's uncomfortable. We tried it some time and every time when I'm finished then he licks Hermione's pussy clean, he loves to do that. Today I gave Hermione a wonderful fucking, god knows how many times she came, but it was a lot."

As Lavender stroked Ron's cock she said, "Draco is younger than Hermione, I have been informed that he doesn't have a very big cock. I am pleased that he accepted himself as a cuck though I'm sure that it was all down to Hermione. Does Hermione love your big cock, Ron?"

"She loves it, Lav, we fucked behind Draco a few times before and she do anything I ask, she dresses up as a schoolgirl, she wears mini-skirts and tight-fitting blouses with an old school tie, she's now grown like you, she's got huge tits, today when I arrived, Hermione wasn't wearing any panties today and her pussy was very wet. She opened her legs, and she wasn't wearing any panties, but she had a butt plug up her ass. She was hot."

Ron sensed that Lavender was getting aroused, she said, "Would you like me to wear mini-skirts and tight tops for you? I would love to do that for you. Apart from watching does Draco like anything else apart from licking Hermione's cunt?"

Ron was washing Lav's tits, he said, "A while ago Hermione asked me if Draco could suck my cock, but I didn't take her up on it. But then we three started.... some bisexual acts. I think Hermione wants to bring you closer, because when I was fucking her today she expressed interest in you. I told her that I would ask you."

Lavender was surprised with this then said, "I'd love it, Ron, it had been so long I guess. How do we proceed with this?"

They kissed then Ron said, "When Hermione told me this, she was gripping my cock and holding it inside her dripping cunt, I saw the potential and benefit for you, so I told Hermione that I would ask you. So if you wanted to be on it while you are here, then the pleasure would be guaranteed."

"Ron, how can I thank you, I would love to be on it. I wouldn't mind fucking Hermione, we already done it a lot and Draco can lick my pussy out after you have fucked me. Let's go to bed; I want to do so many dirty things with you."

Two hours later, Lavender and Ron went to bed and went out to the muggle Italian restaurant. Lavender was glowing when they walked to the restaurant. Lavender told Ron that Seamus won't be coming back for the next month and she hope she can stay with him. She was so excited about it.

"I'll message Hermione now, I'll tell her that you're interested in it. I'll give you Hermione's mobile number and then you can chat with each other about it. I may ask her if she has a spare school uniform that you can wear. I will also ask her if Draco will lick your pussy after I've fucked you." Ron said taking out his muggle mobile phone.

Their legs met under the table; Lavender was stroking Ron's calf with her calf, she said, "We should do that Ron, you tell her that you'll give me her number then I'll contact her. I can transfigure some of my old clothes or will go into a school outfitters and buy an outfit I can do it online. When do you think we will visit them?"

Ron replied, "We can go to Church on Sunday, we'll see them then. Hermione usually visit the nearby muggle church along with Draco. Is it okay with you?"

"Yes, Sure."

Ron then sent Hermione a message; it read, "Dear Hermione, I enjoyed this afternoon so much with you. I have given Lav your mobile number. She's interested in the the plan. She will write to you if you could give her any information about what is expected of Draco, she would appreciate that. I have told her about your school uniform; she's comfortable with that. Write when you can, Lav and I will be at Church on Sunday. I hope you enjoyed today. Love Ron."

They finished their meal then Ron's phone beeped, there was a message from Hermione, it read, "Ron, today was wonderful, I had a great day. Draco enjoyed licking me clean, that excited him so much, he licked my dripping cunt out. He swallowed all spunk that was inside me. Amazingly, he made me cum again, and I squirted and came into his mouth. Please ask Lav to message me, it was so long I lost her number. Tell Lavender while her visits Draco and me at home, ask her always brings a cucumber to stimulate herself. Draco loves to watch me use a long thick cucumber. Tell Lav I have a selection of school uniforms she can have. We can speak about that after Church on Sunday. Draco has asked me to wear something that shows my cleavage, is it possible that Lav could do the same?. Love Hermione."

Ron let Lav read the message; Lav read it three times then they started to walk home. Lav said, "I will message Hermione when we get home, I am quite excited about it since we friends got together Ron, my sex life has gone from boring to fantastic."

Ron knows what she means the group of him, Lav, Hermione, Neville, Parvathi and Dean had some unforgettable memories and experiences that still ache to try all it again.

They then stopped and kissed passionately in the street. Lavender messaged Hermione when they got home asking about what the Draco would enjoy watching and their plan.

Hermione replied ten minutes later, she gave her a broad outline of what was involved. They had their meeting for this month until Lavender goes back. Hermione finished up by saying that she would bring a selection of uniforms to Church on Sunday so Lav would have a suitable uniform when Ron and She visited them next week.

Sunday morning came, Ron and Lavender went to the Church Hermione and Draco visited, they sat beside Draco and Hermione, Lavender was sitting next to Draco, She showed a fantastic amount of cleavage, and Draco was ogling her big beautiful tits.

After the service, Lavender and Hermione had chatted with them all. It was arranged that Lavender and Ron would visit Hermione's house on Wednesday afternoon.

Hermione had brought a bag filled with school uniforms with a spell to transfigure it if it didn't fit. When Lav got home she tried them on, She looked very erotic in the uniform, her tits looked massive in the tight-fitting blouse. Her legs looked so long in the mini-skirt, Lav chose to wear self-supporting stockings, you could see a little of her thighs when she sat down with them on. Lav also decided to wear a crotchless bodysuit with no panties for Wednesday's visit.

Hermione and Lavender had been chatting. Lavender told Hermione that she had before tried masturbating with a cucumber. Lav had told Hermione that she liked to do it with a butt plug in her arse as it made her pussy more sensitive when she pleasure herself with a cucumber.

Hermione told Lav that she had plenty of vibrators, dildos and but plugs as gifts from Ron. She had suggested to Lav that they could both lube each other in their foreplay as Hermione loved to be arse fucked first on Ron's visits.

Hermione then turned to Lavender "Lav, would you mind if Draco went to the supermarket and chose the cucumber for you? This makes him feel part of our little orgy. He always had done it before when I had to pleasure myself with a cucumber, even when Ron visits us, Draco always goes out to buy the cucumber."

Lavender and Ron apparated near Hermione's house at the muggle area, they arrived at their destination. Lav had used a rain resistant charm to cover her school uniform. Ron had told her that she was gorgeous before they left the house. Draco opened the door of his house, he looked very excited, he led Ron and Lav into the lounge where Hermione was sitting on the sofa, Hermione looked very erotic in her mini-skirt and tight-fitting blouse.

"I'm so happy to see both of you today, to be honest, I am quite nervous. Draco, would you please get our guests a glass of wine and top up mine while you're at it. Then make sure that all the doors are locked and use muffliato, as I don't want to be disturbed this afternoon."

Lavender looked at Draco; his face was a picture; he couldn't believe how good Lavender looked. As Draco stared at Lav's voluptuous body in her schoolgirl uniform, Hermione broke the ice and said, "Lav you look gorgeous, come and sit beside me, Draco, please get the wine now." She ordered.

Lav sat beside Hermione as their legs touched, "Hermione, you look gorgeous too, this is a lovely room. I feel so comfortable being here. It feels like too long before we met."

"It is too long" Hermione replied, "I'm so happy that you said that, I've got my butt plug inside me, when Draco comes with the wine, I will send him for your butt plug and cucumber, he bought three different sizes, so I'm sure that you'll find one that suits."

Draco came back with a tray with a bottle of wine, two glasses, three cucumbers and a butt plug with a tube of lube. As he put the tray on the table, he took the bottle of wine, poured Ron and Lavender a glass then topped up Hermione's glass. He said, "I have handpicked all the cucumbers, they are all nice and firm. Lavender is the butt plug a good size for you? It's the same size as the one that Hermione has up her arse at the moment."

"I think that I'll use the biggest cucumber, it's like Ron's cock, thick and long. The butt plug looks ideal."

Draco smiled "I was hoping that you'd use the big one. Hermione's not wearing any panties today, and she's got the butt plug up her tight arse"

Ron smiled and looked at the girls "Lavender, would you like to see Hermione's cunt?"

Lavender replied, "Why not?"

Hermione then spread her legs, her mini-skirt slid up her thighs and exposed her smooth, swollen cunt, her butt plug was also visible.

Lav slipped her hand over Hermione's long sex slit, spreading her cunt flaps open, before she slid two fingers inside her "Hermione, you have got a beautiful cunt, let me play with it for a moment."

Hermione pulled Lavender close, they started to tongue kiss as Lavender spread her legs, giving Hermione access to her hungry cunt. Soon they were both naked, kissing and touching each other so passionately.

They continued this for ten minutes, utterly oblivious to Ron and Draco watching them. They were 69ing each other; their tits were both of a similar size. Hermione then lubed the butt plug and slid it up Lavender's tight arse. Lav then took the big cucumber and started to fuck Hermione with it. Hermione loved it; she spread her legs wider and started pushing her pussy against the cucumber.

Ten minutes later, Hermione had a massive orgasm, Lav said, "Did I give you a good fucking with the cucumber?"

"I loved it; I had a wonderful orgasm."

When Hermione had composed herself, Lavender gave her the cucumber and said, "Fuck me now with it."

Ten minutes later, Lavender was coming, she was trembling with the orgasm. Then Hermione said, "Lavender, I would love Ron to fuck you first, it would arouse me so much to watch him fucking you."

Hermione then handed the dripping cucumber to Draco and told him to lick it clean. As she did this, she winked at Ron and gestured to her husband. Ron looked at Draco's face; he was so happy.

Ron then lay Lavender on the floor, he then did her in the missionary position; her legs were wide open; she was holding her ankles high. She was also gripping Ron's cock at the base and head of each thrust. Hermione started to encourage them "It looks so good, Ron, you're going so deep, I want the same."

Ten minutes later, Lav had a body-shaking orgasm; they kissed lovingly for several minutes before Lavender spoke "Draco, would you like to lick my cunt out?"

Draco couldn't believe his ears; he said, "Yes, please, I would love to do that for you."

Lavender then sat on the sofa, her legs wide open, as Draco knelt in front of her licking her pussy out. Hermione wanted to do Ron in the cowgirl position; Ron lay on the carpet, and Hermione went on top of him. She was soon pounding his stiff cock relentlessly. Just as Hermione started to increase her tempo, Lav cried out, "I'm cuming, don't stop, I'm cuming."

Draco didn't stop, Lavender filled his mouth with her cum, Draco was sucking and licking every last drop of her spunk out of her dripping cunt. Then Hermione had a massive orgasm; she was arching her back, letting Ron go deeper inside her before Ron exploded inside her, filling her to the brim full of his seed. Then she started to kiss lovingly and tenderly for several minutes afterwards.

Ron, Hermione and Lavender spent the afternoon taking turns with Ron or having a threesome while one of the girls used the cucumber or vibrator on one while Ron fucked the other up the arse or pussy.

All the while Draco watched comfortably, carrying the tray of wine like a waiter and other sex toys they needed, as his wife and Lavender got pounded by Ron.

They shifted and tried different positions with Lavender and Hermione lying in a 69 position and Ron pumped Hermione's pussy, all the while Lavender eating her pussy and sucked Ron's cock and ball, her hands spreading Hermione's arse cheek wide for Ron.

Ron switched to fuck Lavender after fucking Hermione, he ordered Draco to lube up Hermione's arse with his tongue. Draco immediately obeyed making Hermione moan in pleasure as he used his tongue on his wife's arse for another man to fuck.

They Ron had Hermione's back flushed tight against his chest where he used one hand to take a hold of her hair and the other took a hold of both her hands in one of his large hands, his cock thrusting in and out of her bum.

Meanwhile Lavender was lying on her back under Hermione, using her mouth and fingers to play with Hermione's pussy. Hermione screamed with the two combined pleasure and squirted out her juices just before Ron filled her bowels.

Hermione then turned to her husband "Draco, come here. You had promised that you would clean my arse like a good sissy. Now, get to work." Hermione said before shocking everyone she took off her wedding ring and put it into her cum filled arse, the ring disappearing into the white cream "Go on Draco lick it out"

Draco immediately obeyed her orders, kneeling behind Hermione to clean her asshole, as well as lick up all the cum that had flowed down her thighs and pussy, as she and Lavender cleaned Ron's cock before Draco took out the ring successfully and proudly smiling at his wife, Hermione just put the ring back on before she patted her husband on top of his head like petting a dog before waving Draco off.

Ron looked around the lounge, everyone seemed so happy. When Ron and Lav were leaving, Draco thanked Ron for doing it for him "That was wonderful Ron, see you two tomorrow."