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Seeing Colors

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(y/n) had been pacing for 30 minutes, she kept running her hands through her hair, her hair a tangled mess now. Tiff biting her fingernails in nervousness, (y/n) hadn’t said a single word since she was shown the news article hours ago. Once she read and reread the article which was incredibly detailed, she had grabbed her phone. Multiple texts messages and phone calls from her parents, friends, and Tom, who had called the most. She put her phone on Do Not Disturb and sat or paced in silence. She sent two texts, one to her parents saying that she'll explain when she gets home,but that she was fine and safe. The second text was to Tom saying ‘I saw it.’ Since then, it was either crying, sleeping or sitting quietly with Maddy or Tiffany, who kept coming in trying to make her eat something. Abbie even had come in and offered to bring up the Nintendo to play some Mario Kart, but saw how she was and just sat next to her on the bed and talked about her job and how annoying it can be sometimes. After Abbie left (y/n) rolled over in bed, hiding under multitude of blankets, and flipped her phone over to look at her phone notifications and seeing Tom had responded and texted multiple times since then, she had to call him and get this conversation over with. Tiff, still in the room, saw and patted her leg as she left the room, knowing this was a private conversation, but letting her know that she was right outside if she needed anything.


Tom answered before the first ring ended. 

“Are you safe?” he asked before you could even open your mouth.

“Yeah, I’m safe, and I’m okay. I just finished crying for 20 minutes for the fifth time today though, so I don’t really know how okay I am. But that’s a….” You trailed off, clearing your throat. “Are you safe and okay?”

“Yes, my agent made sure I was able to stay here underwraps until this all blows over…..” he paused, taking a deep breath before continuing, “Speaking of which, we need to talk about this.”

(y/n) closed her eyes, feeling tears threatening to fall again. “I know.”

Tom rubbed his face, “First off, has anyone figured out where you are?”

“No, I’m still staying with Jacob’s parents, I’m supposed to leave in a week. I gotta figure that out.” she replied. 

“Okay, I mean the picture was kinda blurry so if you wear your mask the entire time you’re in the airport not even take it off to eat, and wear a hat, wear your hair differently you can probably go undetected.” He informed her, some of the ways he was given when he first became famous and wanted to fly under the radar. He heard her sigh and bit his lip. “I’m sorry, I should ask how you are feeling about this. Be honest please.”

(y/n) thought she was fine, but really, how can you be okay when something like this happens. She cleared her throat and pushed through the panic that tried to stop her. Her thoughts got the best of her and started talking. 

“Tom, listen, I don't know why I thought this was a good idea to continue being soulmates. Look! I can’t do math above algebra, I don’t know any other languages, I only graduated high school, don’t know how I did that even, never went to collage. Hell, I work retail for just over minimum wage! I don’t have over $3,000 in my bank account, I don’t have the Hollywood body, or skin. For fuck’s sakes I live with my parents still, I even share my closet with my youngest sister! I don’t know how to cook or bake, I burnt my wrist one time taking cookies out of the oven. I can’t play any instruments, I can’t act, nor can I sing. I don’t know anything about Shakespeare, which, isn't that like one of your favorite things in the world? I’m not at all cut out for you and the world is letting it be known. We enjoy completely different everythings!  They are right and you know it, god how could you even think I’m right for you?!  I thought soulmates are supposed to have similar views or likes on everything. We are completely different from each other, ” She sighed heavily, sitting down on Tiff’s couch. There was silence for a long while, she bit her lip in worry realising what she just word vomited out and added a timid, “T-Tom?”

She heard Tom make a slight noise before silence fell over the phone again. She rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands as she waited, a stress headache coming on. She didn’t know what to do, the comments, the talk shows, the blogs, basically on every social media, everyone was talking about the comparisons, or lack thereof, between the two and how in the world are they soulmates, and the age gap that’s the main topic for everyone.  Why did she think that continuing this soulmate was a good idea with Tom, everyone in the world are against it. She didn’t even get to tell her parents about this, god this is awful. 

Tom cleared his throat quietly, “(y/n), is this how you really feel?” His voice was timid, almost sad. He was sitting in his hotel room alone. He didn’t dare go out right now, thankfully able to move all his auditions virtually so he didn’t have to go anywhere. He knew if he stepped one foot out of his hotel he’d be swarmed by paps and fans. He wanted to be with (y/n) so much, to help her through all this, but because of this godforsaken waitress had to post a picture of them on every social media. For someone who’s never been in the public eye, this is the worst way to be introduced to the world, being seen holding hands with Tom Hiddleston, one of the public’s heartthrobs, even worse. He took a breath and continued, “I’d understand if it is, but if this is because of this whole fiasco, please don’t do this. Just wait a week...or two    and all this will blow over and something else will take everyone’s interest off of this.”

“Tom, you don’t know how tumblr works, I do. I’ve been on that godforsaken site for over 5 ½ years.” She quipped, “nothing is ever forgotten.” 

He rolled his eyes at that before widening, “You have a….nevermind doesn’t matter right now. No I don’t know, but listen to me (y/n) I can put out a statement to leave us alone as we try to figure this out. Anything, just….” he stopped, clearing his throat and running his hand through his hair, “please don’t leave me, you are my soulmate. I want to be with you, okay? Not anyone else, I swear.” 

“What about Betty White?” 

“Okay, well if Betty White has suddenly become my soulmate then of course.” he replied back.

“I’d kill you, you know, if you chose me over Betty White. She’s a national treasure, I’d give you up for her, if I was her soulmate.” She softly laughed. 

“(y/n), I’m serious, you are my soulmate and I yours, I want to get to know you. I want to see you again, I want to be able to wake up in the morning, in the future, and see you sleeping next to me. I want to bring you coffee every morning, I want to give you a kiss goodnight every night before bed, I-I want to meet your family, and meet your two younger siblings, I want to meet your two kittens. I want to see what your favorite movies are, I wanna show you my favorite Shakespeare play. I want you to know everything about me and I want to know everything about you, just...please, just don’t leave me before we have a chance to be with each other.” He heaved a sigh. 

(y/n) fell silent, she couldn’t reply. How can you say something, when you don’t know what to say or even think anything. She stood up from the couch and started walking the length of the room, her eyes filling with tears. “I-I…” she started to hyperventilate

Tiffany paced past the door, backtracking and peeped in, seeing (y/n) trying to not sob on the phone and her breathing erratically. She rushed in and took the phone from her. “Tom? Can I have her call you back in five minutes? She’s hyperventilating.” Before he could reply he heard a click on the other end.



Tom slumped back into his chair and rubbed his face, a minute passed before he slammed his phone onto the desk that was in his hotel room. Tom stood up and walked to the window that overlooked Central Park. After their coffee shop date he had to go down to NYC for a week for more auditions and he was going to try and go back to where (y/n) was staying to see her one more time before they both went back home. He looked down over Central Park, summer was turning into fall so all the trees were just starting to turn. He took a deep sigh and stared at the multitude of people walking in the park. The horse drawn carriages with couples sitting in them on the road, the loved up couples holding hands walking through the park, the families playing in the field, the people having picnics, everything was reminding him of (y/n) and what could be lost if she didn’t want this. If she didn’t he would let her go and be okay with it, well not really but would be okay in time. But if he could just get to her and be able to talk face to face and be able to just---

The phone started to ring interrupting Tom’s thoughts. He dived for the phone, tripping over his computer cord. He flipped his phone over and saw (y/n)’s name staring back at him. He clicked the green button and brought the phone to his ear. “(y/n)?”

“I’m so sorry Tom.” Her voice filtering through his phone. “It all just hit me at once.” 

He shook his head, even though she couldn’t see him. “Are you okay?”

She smiled into the phone. “Yes, I’m fine. Tiff was able to help me calm down.” She fiddled with her fingers, still nervous. “To-Tom, I want to continue this, I-I just am not knowing how to feel. I know we had the conversation at the coffee shop, but I didn’t even get 12 hours to think about it before it all blew up on m-us. I mean I didn’t even get to tell my parents about this, though I don’t think they would’ve found out about it unless my mom’s close friend wouldn’t have said anything. Anyways, I’ve gotten messages from second cousins and family members, and friends who I haven’t talked to in years keep trying to reach me and I’m sick of it!” She stopped, sighing, “Sorry, it’s just I have not only my family and friends, but the whole world trying to tell me, how can you be my soulmate and giving me their opinions. You’re at least used to this, but I’ve never even been in a newspaper! This is all crazy and I’m trying to be calm and ignore everything. But then you said those sweet amazing things that you want to do with me and I-I want that too, just I need you to be patient, and I know I’ll have these bursts of crazy freak outs and I just need you to be okay and help me through it. I want to be your soulmate too.” Winded, she laid down on her back on the couch and put her feet in the air trying to distract herself.

Tom grinned and pumped his fist into the air, before sighing happily, “(y/n) I will wait for you forever, I will come to you as soon as possible and we can talk even more. I ca- I can clear my schedule for the next two weeks, I can fly back with you and I can stay at a hotel and we can talk then too. Anything you want to do, I will do it. If you want me to fly back to England I will, anything.” 

“I would love for you to come fly home with me, but if you do the story will be just as talked about then as now. We can’t be seen together, I still have to figure out how to get home with no one noticing who I am, if you came with me it would just make things worse. Sorry, don’t take that the wrong way please.” 

Tom snorted, “if anything I should be apologizing for everything.”

(y/n) shook her head. “No, this was not your fault, it's the damn waitress who decided to blab and feel like she has this whole thing above you.” 

“I know.” 

“Listen, if you can figure out a way to get flown into my local airport, it just opened back up. I know a couple famous people have had their airplane stopped there to get fuel, if you could get an airplane to divert there and drop you off or however they do it, I don’t know I'm not rich. Anyways if you could get there, I could pick you up and then I can get you to our nicest hotel in town and we can see each other, and you could meet my parents and younger siblings. I don’t know about my older siblings, we’re in the middle of a fight, too long to explain, they probably think that this is all fake anyways.” (y/n)’s voice sounded excited and that made Tom’s heart skip a beat. 

He didn’t even think for a second before replying, “I can book with a private jet company that I use and I can have them fly me there, you tell me when you get home and I’ll book for the next evening so we don’t have to be seen.” 

He put his phone in between his ear and shoulder, stood up and grabbed his computer from the bed and opened it. Typing in the company’s name and logging in his information, looking at flights from a week out. “What day are you flying out?”

“The seventeenth, I fly out at noon, have a layover in Detroit, arrive around six o’clock, and then it’s an hour plus drive home. Can never get Delta to fly into my city’s airport.” She grumbled playfully. “But they do private flights and like three flights to Florida. 

“So does the eighteenth around midnight work to fly in?”

“If I make it home without anyone noticing me, most definitely.” She stretched her back on the chair. “Tom?”

“Yes, darling?” She heard keyboards clicking in the background.

(y/n) didn’t know her heart could flutter like that. “I-I’m sorry, for saying all that. I didn’t realize I had all those worries about us. When you asked what I was feeling all about this, it just…..word vomit ya know.” She scrunched her face realising what she just said. “See, like right now I’m cringing over saying word vomit because of your upbringing, it's just the huge difference of our upbringing and it scared me and still does, but I just had a massive freak out and I am so sorry.” 

“(y/n), please do not be sorry, I’m so glad you were able to tell me all that, which we will talk about, but I want it face to face, not over a phone okay. I want to be in the car or the hotel room, where it’s just the two of us and no one can interrupt us and we can just talk...again.” he huffed a laugh. “There’s been a lot of talking recently.” 

“Yes, not a lot accomplished from it though.” She giggled.

Tom’s phone beeped, he pulled it away from his ear and looked before sighing. “(y/n) I have to go, it's my agent calling and I have to take this. Listen, I will call you tomorrow, if you’re okay with that. Are--Are you okay with that?”

He heard (y/n) laugh, god her laugh was like…”--ourse I’m okay with that.” He shook his head.

“Okay, I will call you tomorrow afternoon then, goodnight (y/n)” He hung up and answered his agnet’s call. 



(y/n) took a deep sigh and stood up, she walked over to the door and saw that Tiffany was still sitting outside the door. She slid down the wall and sat next to her, her face with a smile telling Tiffany how it went without her saying a word. They sat there for an hour in silence, Maddy startling them when she came up the stairs to tell them it was time for dinner. (y/n) didn’t see the few tears that escaped Maddy’s eyes as she headed back downstairs, grateful that the outcome of that phone call was good. Around the dinner table that night the Anderson family hadn’t seen (y/n) that happy in a long time. 


Tom, on the other hand, was not happy. He was furious in fact, after an hour long conversation with his agent that ended with some bad news. He didn’t know what to do and how to give his agent the right answer. He could either get an amazing gig for a long amount of time that is in one of his dream locations and make his relationship with (y/n) worse just when the puzzle pieces were all sorted out or he could decline the job and go to (y/n) and spend time with her. He sat in his dark hotel room thinking about the options, the Central Park lights making a warm glow on his face. He sighed, noting the time and decided to have a night of rest before responding to his agent. He grabbed his phone and sent out a text.

Goodnight my darling. <3