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Seeing Colors

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Getting dressed up for the first time since COVID had hit the world was actually a weird feeling for you. Not that you got dressed up very often pre covid but during covid you couldn't get dressed up for anything so all your summer dresses were covered in a light dusting. And besides this wasn’t a type of wedding that you could just throw on a summer dress, this was black tie wedding. You had ordered this really beautiful dark navy, as stated online, wrapped dress from this small boutique, the dress hugged your curves and gave your boobs a nice look too which was always a plus, as someone who hated to wear makeup, because why wear makeup when you can’t see colors because you don't have a soulmate at 23, and getting all dressed up in heels and a pretty dress you looked pretty damn good.

The wedding was beautiful, the vows were exchanged, the priest had done a beautiful job, and the groom’s mother, Maddy, cried the entire wedding. Her first son and eldest child getting married was a very tearful event. You had sat with the groom’s family, since you had known them for almost a decade and was considered an extra daughter and sister of theirs. As someone who didn’t grow up in the Catholic church, most of it was not understandable and your mind wandered to if you would ever find your soulmate. You’re at the age when everyone already has their soulmates, and getting married, new jobs, and living life to the fullest.

You, stilling living with your parents, working a retail job,

It's rare to not find your soulmate before you turn 20, you felt exhausted by the questions. You know a couple celebrities that don't have soulmates yet

“Oh (Y/N).” Jacob, the groom, said, grabbing your arm as you were walking by with a plate full of horderves. “I wanted to introduce you to someone I think you’d really like to meet.”

You followed as he walked through the crowd of people, getting stopped almost every step with friends and family congratulating on the beautiful wedding. He finally stopped at a table in the back corner of the room. “(Y/N), I’d like to introduce you to Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hiddleston, (y/n) she’s an extra sister of mine.”

You barely caught your plate from falling to the floor as the one and only Tom Hiddleston stood up and reached out to shake your hand. “Very nice to meet you Ms. (y/n)....” his voice trailing off as he looked you in the eyes.

Color flooded your eyesight, making your knees buckle, you gasped as you looked into the face of your soulmate. Tom’s face was blank, looking at you with no emotions, though his hand caught yours so you wouldn’t fall, Both of you staring at each other for a little while then necessary. “Uh, oh my gosh. I’m a b-big fan.” you said trying to play off that you just met your soulmate and it's none other than Tom Hiddleston, a very sought after british actor who you’ve fawned over since you were 11. You were still looking at each other, wow his eyes were piercingly beautiful.

The groom and Tom Hiddleston's date were none the wiser. You let go of Tom's hand and ran it down your blue dress, wait is this what blue looks like? “I’m so sorry, I’m so rude” you said as you looked over at his date, a beautiful blond-haired woman, with the perfect Hollywood body. “I never got your name?”

She smiled up at you. “ I’m Jane, Tom’s date.” Wow her smile was the million dollar smile.

“So very nice to meet you! How do you two know Jacob?” you asked nervously, trying to stay calm as you looked at your soulmate who was showing no sign of having colors suddenly showing up in front of him. Wait, did he not have the same thing happen to him? Are there such things as a one sided soulmate?

Tom glanced at the groom, who was pulled away by another guest, and looked back at you. “He was an extra videographer for one of my shoots I was doing and we just became good friends….uh how do you know him, he called you an extra sister?”

You looked down at your plate of food, which you noted was sadly going cold, colors showed which food was which. “Well, it's a long story, but Jacob did a video for my family for a our adoption fundraiser of my brother and I stayed in contact with him and now I try to come visit at least twice a year and I stay with his parents and his younger siblings.” Tom nodded, no emotions again showing that he also met his soulmate, and you stood there awkwardly for a few seconds. What do you say when you just met your soulmate who has a person and you're at a wedding and he's a big time celebrity? “It was so lovely to meet you Mr. Hiddleston and Ms. Jane. I see Jacob’s sister who I haven't seen yet that I need to go talk to.” Tom stood up and shook your hand again, you felt your body sing when your skin connected and you looked up to see him staring at you with a look that you didn't know how to describe. You gave them both a smile and quickly walked away, tears trying to form but you blinked them away.

You didn’t lie technically, you did see the groom’s sister and you hadn’t yet talked to her….today. You throw the plate of cold hoduvers, seeing all the colors and different shades almost make it too hard to walk.You make it over to Tiffany, the groom's sister, and grab her arm and smile. “I’m so sorry, but can I steal this lovely lady for a minute?” You asked the group of people she was talking to. “I need to talk to her for a quick minute.” They all nod and you flash them a big thank you smile as you drag Tiff out of the reception room where you just met your soulmate, unknowingly of someone watching you leave the room.

Tiff looked at you confused, “(y/n) what's going on?” you had practically grabbed her arm and ran from the reception room with no explanation. You keep walking quickly and walk out into the outside garden. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

You gestured at her to take a seat on the bench right there as you started pacing. “Okay, I-I…” you sighed, scratching your head as you tried to figure out the right way to say this. “Okay, I-I think I just met my soulmate.” you blurted out.

“You think or you know?” She asked quickly, a smile already starting to form on her face. She had already met her soulmate and was getting married just a few months after her brother.

“I know.” You stated.

She squealed and got up from the bench and hugged you. “That's so amazing! Who is he and why didn't you point him out to me?”

Your eyes welled up with tears. You paused before opening your mouth, but finding no words closed it again as the tears slipped from your face. “(y/n)?” Tiff’s concerning face came into view again. “What's wrong?”

From an outsider's perspective you probably looked like a fish, your mouth opening and closing not finding the right words to say. To explain to her who your soulmate is. You tried saying it but it came out in a sob. Tiff led you to the bench and rubbed your back as you tried to calm down. “Take your time hun.”

You leaned up against her shoulder as you gasped trying to calm yourself. “It’s….It’s….” you shook your head as you stood up again pacing. “It’s fucking Tom Hiddleston.” you said out in a gasp.

She stared at you for a minute trying to figure out if this is a joke or not. “Tom Hiddleston, like the actor who plays Loki in the Marvel films, the man you’ve had a celebrity crush on since you were like how young?”

You nodded as you burst into tears again. “And i think he has a soulmate, he didn’t do anything when I first saw color. and he’s here with this beautiful Hollywood perfect lady who’s name is Jane and who is near his age I’m sure….oh my god, how am I his soulmate, I’m at least ten years younger than him. Tiff oh my god. What am I going to do?” you rambled, everything finally hitting you at once.

Tiff grabbed your hands pulling you from your mind. “It’ll be okay, how about we just enjoy tonight, Jacob has Tom’s number and if you want I can explain the situation to Jake and get you his number so you can contact him after the wedding can talk to Tom tonight after dinner. I can get you guys into the private area so you two can’t be interrupted.”


You shook your head. “No, I don’t think I’m his soulmate at all. He had no reaction. None whatsoever. I can’t go up to him and just say hey, I'm your soulmate, we need to talk.” You started pacing again. A couple walked past giggling making you and Tiff look up to the windows that looked into the hallway, the back of the couple walking back towards the ballroom. The hallway was long, you could see the ballroom at the end, people mingling waiting for the room to open for dinner, the bathrooms were off to the right closer to the garden, and across the hall was the private room for the wedding party to hide till they’re entrance at the dinner. The men’s bathroom door opened and the man looked up catching your eyes, you gazed into the eyes of none other than your soulmate. You probably looked like a deer in the headlights and you spun around and sat down on the bench next to Tiff. “He just walked out of the bathroom. Is he coming?”

Tiff laughed. “Oh my god, you totally met your soulmate, you are blushing so hard right now.” She turned slightly to see if anyone was looking through the windows. She saw Tom starting to turn away, his face in a frown. “He’s walking back to the reception now.” She glanced down to her watch, “which by the way, dinner starters in like five minutes I need to get back to the wedding party. Are you okay? Can I leave you in the same room as your soulmate? I mean you are sitting with my parents and my dad’s two cousins who would absolutely love you, so you can be distracted.”

You nodded, taking a deep breath. “Yeah, you go. I’ll come in a minute.” she nodded and kissed your forehead, saying something about how it’ll all turn out okay. You didn’t hear her, your thoughts just running continually. First off, you’re over ten years younger than him, second off…..he’s a celebrity, why would he want to even have you even if you were his soulmate. He has Miss Hollywood.

You shook your head and blinked back the tears that started to form again. Nope not happening, Abbie, Jake’s other sister, worked too hard on this makeup saying that if you didn't have at least 10 men falling over themselves for you she’ll grab you and keep you herself. Little did she know that you’d meet your soulmate. You stood up and glanced around the little garden. You realized with a start, that you can see color, you looked over to the flowers, seeing different shades of what you assume pink and purple. You start to walk inside and see darker colors, on the floor, the wall, even the ceiling. You started to get overwhelmed again and walked into the bathroom. You leaned over the sink and took a couple of deep breaths. You looked at yourself in the mirror, your eyes looking a little puffy and red but not too noticeable. You heard the server announce that the dining room was open and to please make your way there. You shook yourself and stood up straight, you’ve got this (y/n), make it through tonight and then see where you should go from there.

You sat down at your designated table and chatted with the groom’s parents and were introduced to Jim’s, the groom’s dad, two cousins. The wedding party did a wonderful entrance, each bridesmaid and groomsmen did their own dance move when walking in together. The couple did their first dance and then the father of the bride dance, and then the mother of the groom dance, not a dry eye in the room after all was finished. Dinner started and all throughout the three delicious courses you could feel a pair of eyes watching you, though you didn’t dare turn to find out who it was.

During the last course of the meal (before desserts) the maid of honor and best man did their speeches, everyone cried at the best man speech when the Jake’s brother, Steve couldn’t make it through his speech when trying to tell the bride and groom how proud he was of them and how grateful God had made sure these two were soulmates. You saw Tiff look over at you and you smiled at her to let her know you were okay at the moment. The bride and groom walked onto the dance floor and announced that the dance floor was open, and if you wanted dessert you had to dance for at least one song. Cha Cha Slide started blaring from the speakers after a couple of songs had played. You squealed, one of your favorite songs to dance to at weddings and grabbed Tiff’s hand and dragged her onto the dance floor laughing. You started following the song and dance moves, laughing as you made mistakes. You danced for a couple more upbeat songs before going back to your seat to rest your feet and a slow dance started, besides a piece of cake was calling your name. You sat down and took a bite of the wedding cake, which was delicious.

Maddy leaned over and said in a loud whisper. “Don’t tell the guests but this wedding cake is from Costco. Cheapest wedding decision ever, got two of each flavor and it was less than a hundred dollars.”

You smiled, taking a sip from your wine, “ I love Costco cake so much. It's so delicious and it's so cheap too.”

Maddy nodded and took another bite of her cake and went back to talking to her cousin in law. Another slow song started and you slowly ate your cake, not paying attention to anything but the cake. You may have been a little tipsy but god the cake was really good, I’m going to find the person who made this recipe and worship them. You thought

You heard someone laugh behind you and you whipped around, Tom stood right behind you, looking perfectly handsome in his black suit. “There’ll probably be a line by the time you find the baker. Because I’ll be the first one to find them and worship them myself.”

You almost choked down the cake that lodged itself in your throat. “Uh….” You didn't know what to say. What should you say?

Tom reached out his hand. “Another slow dance just started, dance with me.” He gave you a look that made your tispy mind agree to move your hand into his and you stood and walked onto the dance floor with him.

He put his hand around your waist and moved your hand to his shoulder and took your other hand in his and started moving to the music. You didn't know where to look, his face, his eyes, his hand? His shoes looked like a good spot to stare at. He leaned down into your ear. “We need to talk.” he said just loud enough for only you to hear.

You swallow the lump that had suddenly formed, staring at the dance floor, the patterns looked really pretty especially since the colors were popping. “Y-Yes we do.” He nodded and kept dancing with you, spinning you out and back. You two continued to slow dance without speaking to each other, though your thoughts were racing a mile a minute. You were dancing with Tom Hiddleston, the man who plays your favorite Marvel character. you were dancing with your soulmate, though you might not be his soulmate. You met your soulmate tonight, in a different state, you flew half away across the states to get here. Does he even live in the states or does he just rent a place in New York every time he visits.

The song ended and an upbeat song came on and during the movement of bodies coming onto the dance floor, Tom grabbed your hand and walked out of the ballroom and led you to the garden just two hours earlier you had sat with Tiffany. He let go of your hand and walked to the edge of the garden, the music muffled while you stood in the entrance of the doorway leading out into the garden.

You folded your arms and leaned onto the wall. You stood there, not knowing what to say, while Tom stood with his back towards you, looking down at the flowers you could just barely make out in the darkness of the night. You cleared your throat, “So…’re my soulmate.” you mustered the courage to say, probably due to the multiple drinks you had.

You could see Tom stiffen at the words, he nodded before turning around. “And...I am yours.”

You let out a little laugh, whether that was from relief or terror neither knew. “What do we….I’m….” you trailed off not knowing what to say. You swallowed. “Don’t you have a soulmate already?”

He looked at you confused. “No.” You looked at him confused. “Why would you think that?”


He let out a loud laugh, throwing his head back, eyes crinkling. “That’s my cousin, she came as my plus one tonight.” He looked at you grinning.

Your face turned bright red, “oh” was all you said.

“You are my only soulmate.” He said.

You smiled in relief, though it fell off quickly. You walked to the bench and sat down and ran a hand over your face. “I-I’m much younger than you. You can't possibly think that this is a good idea.” you moved your hand in between the two of you. “Us.” you ended lamentably

Tom didn't say anything for a long while, which made you feel like you stopped breathing. “I mean, I-I…” he trailed off. You went to get up to get out of the conversation, not wanting to hear your soulmate reject you.. “(y/n) wait please...I don't know what to do. I mean, you're my soulmate. It’s just, can we have this conversation at a different time? After we’ve had time to digest this? I want to talk about this, I so want to talk about this with you. It’s just...I don’t know what to think. All night I've been trying to process it. I can’t think of anything.” He sighed, and then looked up at you. “I’m here all week, at the hotel near here, I’ve got a couple auditions while I’m here. Let's get each other's numbers and meet up somewhere in two days. I’m sure tomorrow won’t be enough time to wrap our heads around all of this, especially since we’ve been drinking some and it’ll be a late night tonight.”

He walked over and sat down on the bench next to you and you immediately looked at the sky, the stars twinkling. “(y/n)” he said softly “look at me please.” he waited patiently till you got the courage to look into his striking eyes. “I will not skip town. I promise. I want to talk to you about this when I’ve had time to think and wrap my mind around it as you should too.. I don't want to say something wrong because I'm tipsy and you’re tipsy and I just don’t want something to go wrong before something good can happen with us. Can you wait two days?”

You sighed, you had the same idea running through your mind as well, “Yeah, I’m just freaking out, if this got out, and people start attacking you for all this I just don’t want to ruin your reputation.”

Tom huffed and looked down to his hands smiling, “(y/n) you’re worrying about me and my reputation when it really should me worrying about you and what you think of me. Are you okay? How are you processing the colors and all that.” He asked, waving his hand.

You smile and look at him. “I’m good, let's stop talking all about soulmates and such and let's get back to the party and celebrate Jacob and Betty and enjoy that Costco cake.” You grabbed his hands. “I’m so grateful that you are letting me….us think about this for a few days.”

He stood up and gave you his hand. “Shall we join the festivities?” He smiled that beautiful brilliant smile.

You smiled back. “Yes lets.”