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  • Smallville Slash Archive (Smallville_Slash_Archive) by danceswithgary, ssa_archivist

    15 Nov 2022


    Contains stories imported from The Smallville Slash Archive at

    Will be a closed collection after import/maintenance is complete. Authors maintain control over their claimed stories in the collection.

    The import didn't replace existing stories, it posted them separately associated with the SSA collection.

    If you are 'missing' notifications or cannot claim some or all of your stories due to email/pseudonym changes since the original post to the SSA, please contact Support at for help resolving the issue.

    If you want to delete your stories from the collection, you can,
    if you delete the SSA version, the redirect from the SSA will break.

    If a story is already posted on AO3, but don't want to delete the SSA version because you'll lose the redirect, then you should keep both for now. The AO3 team will be building a merge tool to combine the two versions into one.

    Locked stories require logging into AO3. Authors, please consider unlocking claimed stories so people without accounts can read them.

    Contact with questions or AO3 invite codes.

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