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Lena didn’t really know how she ended up being best friends with Kara Danvers, one of the biggest stars of their university’s woman’s basketball team and maybe the biggest jock Lena has come to know. And even though Kara does work out every day of the week, even on the days she doesn’t have practice, there was so much more to her than her stupidly muscular, attractive body and her obsession with shooting hoops.

Kara also loved poetry, loved to read and write it, and sometimes even think up suitable chords on her guitar to make it into a song. She loved reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, fascinated by different theories of world building and whole new species of beings made up out of thin air.

She preferred caffeinated hot chocolate to coffee and could stuff her face with all kinds of unhealthy treats and still look like the young Greek goddess Lena had come to know.

They did meet at a house party Kara’s sister Alex was throwing and Lena’s best friend Sam had dragged her to since she had a crush on Alex. Even though it wasn’t too pleasant to see them drunkenly undress each other in front of at least 12 frat boys, she at least got Kara out of the whole situation of pushing and pulling Sam and Alex into an empty room to hide them from hungry eyes and also spare themselves even more mental scaring.

Lena stayed in Kara’s room that night, not wanting to leave alone and also to not leave Sam behind. Kara was polite and accommodating. After a short awkward period of silence and surface-level questions like “What are you studying?” or “What semester are you in?”, they transitioned into more personal territory where Lena revealed that she had no one left but Sam to trust and even the whole tragic family story behind that.

Kara didn’t hold out on her though, she shared her parent’s death and adoption by the Danvers’, her struggles with adjusting at first, especially to having an angry-at-her-existence sister, and then even about a past abusive and toxic relationship which she was finally able to leave by going to college.

Prompted by Kara’s openness, Lena felt safe to share much more than she’d ever believed to be comfortable with. Granted, maybe that was also the alcohol in their bloodstreams talking, but Lena didn’t mind telling Kara about her toxic relationship and with that also about her sexuality.

Kara had cheered a little and offered her hand for a high five, claiming to have found ‘another gay in the wild’. Lena was truly confused by her antics until Kara revealed that she was pansexual herself and was always happy to expand her circle of queer friends. Lena had laughed then, feeling safe and welcomed by Kara’s pure joy and even joked that she could add Sam to the list as well, since she was fooling around with her sister across the hall.

Eventually, they had fallen asleep on Kara’s broad bed. Lena was a little shocked when she woke up and was happy that nothing more than talking and some innocent touches had happened between them. Having Kara as a friend would be one of the greatest things to ever happen to her and she didn’t want to destroy that with a meaningless hook-up or a short relationship that would inevitably fail.

They got up together, Kara lending Lena some of her comfortable sweats. Heading down to the kitchen, they found Kara’s other roommates James and Winn in the remains of last nights party. The boys conspicuously winked to Kara when Lena came in, but she hurried to introduce Lena as the best friend to the girl Alex had taken to her room and that she didn’t want to leave alone in the night. They accepted the explanation with shrugs, happy to have one more pair of hands to help with cleaning up.

Kara, though, refused to let Lena help, stating that she was a guest, and it wasn’t her business to clean up their mess. After a little arguing, Lena was allowed to clean some space in the kitchen to cook breakfast for everybody while the boys and Kara started cleaning.

Lena put solo cups, empty bottles, cans of beer and shot glasses aside and started on some scrambled eggs and bacon, eventually drawing Sam and Alex out of bed with the smell of the food. Sam was equally banned from tidying up, so Lena appointed her coffee duty while she toasted some bread to go along with everything.

The best friends shared several conspiring looks and whispers about last night, Lena finding out that yes, Sam totally got laid and yes, she and Alex would try dating now. Sam found out that no, Lena didn’t get laid but was happy about it and yes, she felt totally comfortable around Kara and her people and even looked forward to breakfast to get to know everybody a little more.

It was safe to say that this eventful party night laid the perfect groundwork for a growing friendship between Lena and Kara. They had gotten all their hardships out of the way in the first night, so being vulnerable came easy after that. And since Alex and Sam’s relationship had also developed into something more stable and consistent, they had both lost their first confidant in a way but had found that in each other again.

Lena was the first person Kara came to when she was upset about a mediocre training session or some of the professors being meaner than necessary to her. She got to hear a lot about a Professor Carr, called Snapper by everyone for good reason, who was rude and short with most female students, taking every chance to belittle them while propping up the men in the class in the process.

Lena had been just about to talk to the university’s board several times, but Kara always kept her from doing so. She didn’t want to make waves, her words, not Lena’s. Lena felt like making a whole tsunami when Kara started complaining about that man, but she accepted her wishes anyways and was always ready to talk shit about him to make Kara smile again.

Oh, and what a smile that was! Lena couldn’t look away whenever Kara’s lips tucked up, if only slightly. It was the most ethereal smile Lena had ever seen and she worked every waking minute she spent with Kara to make it appear once more.

Who could blame her for falling for that smile and subsequently Kara? No one really, especially because for the first time in her life, Lena had a whole circle of friends through Kara. She immediately hit it off with Alex, since they had their fondness for Sam in common. They also made a game of teasing Kara and Winn together, both rather prone to clumsy accidents and falling down quiet spectacularly more often than not.

Winn knew a lot about physics and mechanics, a topic that Lena was also intimately familiar with since she grew up in a family of scientists and was studying biochemical engineering herself.

With James she probably only had their infatuation with Kara in common. He didn’t try to hide his crush too much, but Kara had already made it clear that she only liked him as a friend. Lena wasn’t as open with her affection, she didn’t want to make it weird between them after all, but whenever she found herself alone in a room with James, their conversation would start and end with all things Kara Danvers.

Game nights were a staple in the house that the Danvers sisters shared with Winn and James, and since that fateful party, Sam and Lena were always invited as well. The played a vary of boardgames as well as games on Winn’s Nintendo Switch that he and Lena regularly dominated.

Sam and Alex often snuck upstairs earlier than was probably socially eccpteable, but Kara was just happy that her sister had finally found someone who made her happy so she took on the task to heighten the volume in the living room to drown out every sound that might come out of her sister’s bedroom.

Lena always stayed the night as well. It was one of the most pleasant tortures she regularly put herself through, to sleep next to Kara week after week. The more often it happened, the closer they drifted at night. After 6 month of this routine, they woke up in each other’s arms every morning. Lena had a toothbrush at Kara’s as well as some of her leisure clothes. She often brought books and notes with her to spend the whole Saturday studying next to Kara after her morning practices.

Sam would tease her about it when they were alone, obviously aware of Lena’s feelings for the blonde basketballer after watching her on their first shared breakfast after the party.

Lena had forbidden her to tell Alex, since the sisters had no secrets between them. Sam had agreed, although reluctantly, since she thought that Lena should just tell Kara how she felt because she was convinced Kara would surely reciprocate her feeling. Lena didn’t want to risk it though, so she settled for quietly pining for her new friend who quickly became the most important person in her life next to Sam.

Kara was the first person she texted in the morning and was all she could think about every night. When they couldn’t meet on campus for lunch or a coffee, they called in the evenings and shared what happened in their days.

Lena was very aware that this frequency of contact didn’t do her crush any favors. Being subjected to Kara’s smiles and laughter, the sleepy midnight roughness of her voice when they talked, her energized babbling after a run or practice, or God forbid, a won game, even her sadness and secrets – all that was the reason Lena realized that her crush made way for a much stronger emotion she couldn’t hide so easily.

She wasn’t sure if Kara picked up on anything, but the longer they knew each other, the more playful she became in her casual touches, even in her demeanor towards Lena. One second, they were joking in Kara’s kitchen, Kara mocking her for being too small to reach the mugs in the cupboard, the next thing she knew, Kara made a flirty comment about her type being smaller girls and reaching around Lena to hand her a mug, brushing up against her side in the process. She didn’t step away quickly after that either. She lingered in Lena’s space, letting her hand trail over the brunettes back, down her spine, and sending all her synapses into overdrive.

Lena wasn’t sure what she was supposed to think about this new side of her. Did Kara simply enjoy flirting and flustering Lena while doing so, or did she really want to get something out of it? Was this all a game to her or was she testing the waters, looking for clues if maybe Lena liked her back?

Still, Lena always went back to her, spending Friday night with their friends and then the following day alone together.

It was one of these Saturdays where Lena had already studied at Kara’s desk for three hours for her molecular biology exam the following week when Kara returned from her morning run and practice, soaking wet and shivering. She dropped her bag by the door, also dripping with water, collected some clothes to change into and practically ran to the bathroom to take a hot shower.

Lena abandoned her flash cards in favor of drying the floor around Kara’s bag and spreading its contents over the radiator. Kara already returned when Lena was just picking up her cads again, snuggled in a thick hoodie, her hair wrapped in a towel.

“I went on a run before training and just jogged to practice after, so I had to jog home as well put it was pouring rain. Did they predict rain for today?” Kara rambled loudly before faceplanting on her bed and groaning into her pillow.

Lena chuckled at her antics, keeping her eyes on her memory cards to avoid getting sucked into Kara’s atmosphere. She really needed to study, and Kara did too, so she pointed out exactly that. “You can’t do anything about that now, darling. Go get some of yesterday’s leftovers to eat and then join me, we both need to study for the mid-terms.”

A louder groan sounded from the pillow, accompanied by kicking legs that catapulted the blanket off the bed. After a big intake of air, Kara pushed herself up regardless and leveled Lena with an almost deathly glare. “I both hate and love how diligent you always are. You keep me on track, but I hate it so much that I can’t even change your mind.”

Lena laughed again and threw her a wink, deciding not to comment with an actual answer instead of some rather simple instructions that left no room for interpretation. “Kitchen. Food. Back to studying. Go!”

Kara got up with a deep sigh, but a tiny smile played on her lips when she exited the room. Lena took pride in having put it there, but she couldn’t let herself sink into that feeling. She had a mid-term to ace.

Kara didn’t even try to start a conversation again upon re-entering her room. Instead, she placed a fresh cup of coffee next to Lena on the table and squeezed her shoulder softly before getting out her own books and notes to join her. They studied next to each other quietly for three hours, only sharing little comments when the other occupants of the house made noise, or they asked to pass a highlighter.

When Kara’s stomach growled for the third time in as many minutes, very loudly at that, Lena put her pen down and looked at her best friend with raised eyebrows. Kara looked sheepish, a pink blush spreading over her cheeks from embarrassment.

“Let’s take a break and have some lunch. The letters are morphing into a blob before my eyes anyways.”

Kara agreed gratefully and dragged Lena downstairs, not letting her hand go for the whole way. Lena certainly didn’t mind the touch but let go as soon as they found James in the communal area in front of the TV. They greeted him and announced that they’d cook something, but James said he’d already eaten and quickly vanished into his room.

They decided to make macaroni and cheese, not wanting to spend much time on cooking. Kara was still decidedly too hungry to wait for Lena to finish cooking, so she stole some trail mix out of her sister’s cabinet and stuffed her cheeks with it in the meantime.

Rain was still splattering against the windows when they took their plates to the sofa and watched an episode of Everything Sucks! to accompany lunch. Kara had introduced Lena to the show, complaining to her about the unsatisfactory end of the series, which subsequently made Lena curious. They watched all available episodes together again, mourning the end frequently, but making it their comfort show in the process.

Kara still wanted to test out the nutmeg theory, but like every time they watched an episode, Lena objected vehemently, today with the very good reason of having to study. Kara succumbed to her reasoning, as usual, and made both of them a fresh cup of coffee to take back to  her room.

They fell back into their quiet routine of revising and noting more important things, draining their cups and in Kara’s case emptying another bag of gummy bears. As time moved on, Lena noticed Kara growing more restless. She dropped her pen more often or scratched out a word or whole sentences in her notes, paging through her workbook furiously, whenever she needed to correct herself.

After it happened for the fifth time, Lena looked up at her with a quirked eyebrow, sending a silent question. Kara just shrugged and stood up, picking up the miniature basketball belonging to the hoop screwed to her door.

“I can’t concentrate anymore, the coffee made me fidgety. And we can’t even go out for a walk because it’s still raining but we need to take a break or else I’ll go crazy.”

“Okay then shoot some hoops, but I’m not done yet,” Lena agreed and picked her pen up again.

“No, you need to take a break too,” Kara objected and pulled Lena off the chair. “We’re both shooting hoops.”

Lena groaned and shook her head, not accepting the ball Kara was holding out to her.

“That’s not going to happen, you know I can’t even throw a pillow, let alone make a shot.”

“Oh come on, we’ll make a game of it. Before shooting, we’ll make a demand from the other, and if we make it, we’ll have to follow through.”

Lena still shook her head, sitting down on Kara’s bed and crossing her arms over her chest.

“You do see how this is totally unfair right? I have to do everything you wish for while you won’t have to do one single thing.”

Kara grinned and dribbled the ball a couple of times to get a feel of it. “At least you’ll have motivation to try. I’ll start.” She bounced it two more times before looking Lena dead in the eye while demanding, “If I make the shot, you will sleep over tonight as well.” She didn’t look away while throwing, and Lena should find it pretentious, should find the confidence disgusting, but all she could do was bite her lip to keep herself from doing something stupid when the ball sank through the hoop in one smooth motion.

Lena huffed a laugh when Kara fetched the ball like a Golden Retriever, still feeling unsure of the game. But she wouldn’t deny Kara her wish, she wouldn’t deny her anything after all.

“If I make this shot, we’ll have kale salat for dinner.”

The ball just barely reached the bottom of the door, not even in the range of the miniature hoop.

Kara tried to keep from laughing, failing miserably and almost choked on her snort. She picked up the ball and smirked at Lena. “You can’t make a wish twice so kale is off the table.”

“So you’re just making up rules whenever you need them, is that right?” Lena asked but she couldn’t contain her own smile at Kara’s happy expression.

“Nah, that was already a given. My turn again.” She carefully nudged Lena out of the way and stretched her arms for show. Lena’s eyes absolutely did not linger on her biceps for the entire time.

Kara thought for a second and then aimed in her usual shooting stance. “If I make the shot, we’ll get milkshakes after dinner today.”

She swayed her butt to the sides two times before shooting, and again Lena’s eyes were not glued to her butt while she saw the ball swish through the net in her periphery.

Lena picked up the ball, choosing to throw with only one hand now, having decided on her demand while Kara had thrown already.

“If I make this shot, I can chose the movie or show we’ll watch tonight.”

Lena gathered momentum by reaching her arm way back, snapped it forward, and threw the ball against the upper edge of the door. It bounced against the doorframe and right into Kara’s waiting hands who had anticipated its curve.

“Good idea, but with the way you shoot, you’ll never make it. If I make this shot, you’ll let me show you the proper way to shoot and you will try it at least one time.”

Lena agreed readily, prepared to use all the advice she could get to beat Kara.

Kara threw and of course, the ball flew through the hoop without any problems. She picked it up again, handing it to Lena and stepping behind her.

“So, you have to place the ball into your strong hand, make a kind of bowel with it, the ball just needs to rest on it, with your other hand, you’ll support the ball on the side, to guide the direction it will fly. You’ll raise your arm with the ball straight up into the air to gain momentum and then just flick your wrist forward like a catapult.”

Lena tried with all her might to listen to Kara’s words, but she was too distracted by the blonde pressing close to her back, guiding her hands with the gentlest touch, while still managing to make it sound educational.

It was pure physics, Lena reasoned for herself. A second later, she couldn’t even remember how physics was spelled when Kara trailed her hands down from her shoulders all the way to her arms, brushing over her hands before carefully putting the ball in the right position.

Kara went to stand next to the hoop again, repeating the motion with her arms once again, but her cheeks were slightly pink. She definitely didn’t look as unaffected as she pretended to be, and Lena had enough of their little game. She had enough of the touches and the smiles, the compliments and the flirts meaning nothing. It clearly meant something to both of them!

Lena’s brain was firing a mile a minute. On the one side she had to concentrate on making the shot, on the other hand she had to make a demand. She knew what she wanted, could guess that Kara wouldn’t be appalled either, but she wasn’t sure if she was brave enough to go through with it.

Kara leaned against the doorframe, watching Lena fidget with the ball. She still looked a little flushed, but appeared to be calm and collected, her arms dangling down her body without her hands flexing.

It was a split-second decision. Lena realized that it was very improbable that she would make the shot, so she decided to risk it.

“Alright, if I get this in, you’re going to kiss me.”

Lena saw the exact moment her words registered in Kara’s brain. Her body tensed and she stood up straighter, squaring her shoulders like she did before running out onto the floor before a game.

She wasn’t sure if Kara’s reaction was a good or a bad sign, but she readied herself, her eyes still on the best friend. She wouldn’t throw unless Kara agreed.

“Yeah okay,” she nodded, her eyes fixed on the ball.

“Okay,” Lena repeated and tried to remember anything from Kara’s lessons just minutes ago.

She squeezed the plastic ball a little to get one last feeling for the material before she concentrated on the arms-raising motion, the wrist-catapulting and guiding of it all.

Completely taken by surprise when the ball sailed out of her hands in a neat trajectory, Lena followed it with her eyes. This moment felt like someone had slowed time like honey. Her eyes stayed on the ball which flew slightly more to the left than Lena had hoped. The height was good, but it would bounce off the metal ring Lena realized.

This was it. She made her shot and blew it. Eyes still on the ball, sailing for the metal ring, she saw fingers sneaking up out of her periphery.

Kara had plunged her arm through the hoop from below, catching the ball before it could bounce away. She had the ball suspended over the ring, staring at Lena for a whole ten seconds before slowly lowering her arm and subsequently the ball through the hoop.

Lena held her breath the whole time. Kara sank the ball through the net, a tiny smile playing on her lips. As soon as her arm wasn’t encircled by the hoop anymore, she let the ball go. Lena watched it roll under her bed.

Then, her eyes raised to Kara. She was still grinning, a mix of true delight and hunger in her eyes.

Lena couldn’t move, couldn’t even decide on one single thought to think. Did that mean she made the shot? Did she miss, because she didn’t do it by herself? Kara knew now. Kara was also moving towards her. Striding really, crossing the space between them faster than Lena could process.

Warm hands grabbed her hips urgently, but still so gently. Lena gasped when she realized Kara was so close their noses were almost touching.

Lena’s eyes were stuck on pink lips, a tongue darting out to wet them and Lena mirrored the motion without consciously wanting to. She looked up, over familiar freckled cheeks and up to her favorite sky-blue eyes.

Kara was staring her. Her eyes trained on Lena like she had just waited for their eyes to meet.

Lena felt her breathing come out in quick pants, her heart running a marathon in her chest. She wanted to ask what was going on, but all the words were stuck in her throat and Kara was leaning in anyways. She knew. Finally, this was it!

Kara was leaning in, slow and hesitant. Lena hated waiting for this just a second more.

She stood up on her tiptoes and met Kara halfway.

Soft lips pressed into hers, pressing forward with so much want that Lena stumbled two steps back. Kara circled her arms around her waist to pull her closer, pulling her flush against her body while she tilted her head to get better access to her mouth.

They parted for a moment, just breathing each other in, sharing the same space. This was too much but not nearly enough. Lena hooked her hands behind Kara’s neck and pulled her down for a second, less urgent kiss. She took her time to explore Kara’s lips with her own, prying them open a minute later to swipe her tongue inside.

Kara moaned when their tongues brushed for the first time. She pulled Lena even closer into her body, almost lifting her off the ground in the process.

Lena lost her balance on her tiptoes and solved that problem by jumping up and circling her legs around Kara’s waist. Kara didn’t anticipate the sudden shift of weight she had to carry and tumbled forward, with Lena still clinging to her.

Luckily, they were right in front of Kara’s bed, falling onto it in a heap of limbs and hair falling into their faces.

It was a cruel reality check, feeling Kara involuntarily pin her to the mattress and interrupting their kiss. They stared at each other, Kara blowing some hair out of her face, a tiny smile playing on her lips.

They both followed the strand of hair with their eyes, flying between them and landing on Lena’s face. Lena brushed it away impatiently, tucking it behind Kara’s ear and let her hand linger on her cheek. It felt like a whole new starting point.

“Hi,” Kara breathed and leaned more into the touch of her hand.

“Hey,” Lena smiled back, letting her fingers brush over the apple of her cheek like she’d wanted to do for so long.

“What are we doing?” Kara whispered, a look of concern and hope mixed on her face.

“I don’t know what you’re doing but I’m not holding myself back for the first time since meeting you right now.”

Lena held her breath after the truth bomb that just slipped out, but Kara let out a big breath and slumped down on her a little more.

“So this is what you want? Do you want to continue?” Kara asked, clearly anxious about the answer, but Lena couldn’t interpret it in either a good or bad way.

“I want you. In every way you are comfortable with.”

Kara looked down at her with amazement on her face, shaking her head imperceptibly as if she couldn’t believe it. Lena was right there with her, half-questioning if she was still asleep and everything up to this point had been an elaborate dream. 

Reality came crashing down on her in the form of Kara’s lips, kissing her softly like she wanted to greet her once more. Lena sighed into it, pulling Kara closer to feel more of her weight on her.

They kept kissing for a long moment, Lena’s hands burying themselves in Kara’s hair to hold her close. But she wanted more, she wanted everything. It didn’t seem like Kara needed convincing, so Lena dared to do what she wanted to for so long.

She grabbed Kara’s shirt and pulled it off, throwing it away to have her hands free. She put them on Kara’s shoulders, slid them over her back and scratched down experimentally. Kara sighed into her mouth, gripping her hips a little tighter to eliminate all space between their bodies.

Lena clawed at her sports bra, pulling on the straps insistently, but it wouldn’t budge. “Please, Kara take it off. I want all of you so bad.”

“Yeah?” Kara whispered into her neck, sitting up on her lap to do as Lena asked. The weight of her on her middle halted her brain functions completely. She grinded up weakly, seeking friction where their still covered bodies met.

“Please, please take it all off. Wanna see how perfect you are in real life. I’ve dreamed about you for months,” Lena whined and shrugged out of her own shirt and bra without waiting for Kara’s response.

The blonde stood up again to shrug off her pants, taking her briefs with them and taking off the sports bra as well. She stood naked in front of Lena, looking down on her with a cocky grin, like she knew what effect she had on her.

“I’m going to tease you about dreaming about me for as long as it takes you to get completely naked too, because that’s just a too good opportunity to pass up on.” She sent a wink Lena’s direction who didn’t hesitate to pop her pants button open and shimmy out of them. But Kara wasn’t done.

“I’ve always known that I’m rather dreamy looking, but I wouldn’t have guessed that I starred in your dreams. I thought you wouldn’t stoop so low to lust after a dumb jock, but I guess it’s my body who got us into this mess.”

“Okay look, I’m done so please shut up already,” Lena interrupted when her panties landed somewhere behind Kara on the floor.

“Since you asked so nicely,” Kara grinned and waggled her eyebrows, lazily letting her eyes drag over Lena’s exposed skin. She slowly kneeled down on the bed, crawling closer to Lena who had scooted to the middle of the bed.

Kara was just about to bow down to kiss her again when Lena held one hand up, pleading for one more moment, “wait please, I need to memorize this. You… I don’t want to forget this moment in case this never happens again.”

“Okay,” Kara said nodding, but her eyebrows crinkled in confusion. “I get your sentiment, I do. I want to remember this moment as well for the rest of my life, but not because it’s only going to happen once. I want to remember it as the moment where we finally get together. Is that not what you want?”

Lena felt tears prick in the corner of her eyes, so she shook her head to chase them away, but was unsuccessful. Kara wiped them away and kissed her on the forehead, patiently waiting for Lena to get her thoughts under control to answer her. She cleared her throat a couple of times, still feeling overwhelmed by Kara’s honesty and her hope for them to be a couple.

“That’s exactly what I want but I didn’t know you wanted it too,” she finally whispered and pulled Kara down to kiss her with everything she had left.

Kara didn’t answer with words, but she didn’t need to either. Lena could guess what she wanted to tell her by the way she trailed her fingers over her cheeks, pressed soft kisses to her neck and shoulders, her collarbones and chest, tangled her fingers with Lena’s when she leaned further down to kiss her breasts with reverent devotion – like she was worshipping every inch of skin Lena was offering to her.

Lena whined when it became too much, prompting Kara to come up again and kiss her with a smile on her face that made it almost impossible to kiss in the first place.

“I’m going to take care of you, don’t worry,” she whispered while dropping kisses to her hairline and down her jaw until she found her mouth again for a final kiss.

Kara slipped down the bed to settle between Lena’s legs and looked up one more time to ask for consent. Lena nodded with a tiny smile on her lips, squeezing their still joined hands a little, encouraging Kara to continue.

Kara was soft in her approach, kissing her thighs first and working her way to her center slowly to give Lena more time. She squeezed Lena’s hand one last time before diving in, swiping her tongue up and down experimentally a couple times before circling her clit.

Lena cursed under her breath and squeezed Kara’s hand harder, the other gripping the sheets tightly. Kara kept at it, licking and sucking until Lena became more vocal about what she liked and instructed Kara to go a little harder.

Kara, eager to please, followed every word. She put more pressure behind her strokes and added little nibbles of her teeth. Lena whined in a high pitch, bucking her hips up into Kara’s mouth accidentally.

“Kara, please, can you come up here? I want you close,” Lena gasped and tried to pull her up by their joined hands.

“Yeah, sure whatever you want,” Kara agreed and kissed her thighs one last times before making her way up once more, licking her stomach and breasts, sucking and squeezing. When she finally kissed Lena’s lips again, Lena moaned at the taste of herself on Kara’s tongue. She pulled Kara infinitely closer, tangling their legs together while scratching down Kara’s back with her nails like she wanted to claw her even closer.

“Do you want my fingers inside or just on your clit?”

Lena kissed her again, licking Kara’s lips playfully when she finally answered, “You can go inside, but you don’t have to, I’m already really close.”

Kara hummed happily, letting one hand wander down between their bodies. “You’re not uncomfortable with it? If I go inside?” Kara asked kissing her quickly on her cheeks and temples, then returning to her lips.

Lena shook her head and bucked her hips up once more to show how ready she still was. “No, I like it. I just didn’t want to make you do something you might not like since I don’t need it right now in the first place.”

“You can ask for anything, okay? Anything you like or don’t like, tell me so we can have fun and be safe during.”

“You too?” Lena asked, her voice small like she was suddenly insecure. A kiss to her lips, soft and slow, took her air away. Kara held her jaw gently in one hand, brushing her thumb feather-light over her cheek and Lena almost felt like crying.

When they parted again, Kara smiled at her and placed one last kiss on her forehead as a promise. “Always. And I’m going to start right now, see: I’d like to have my fingers inside you and make you feel good. I like that for myself as well, so I’d like to ride your fingers later if you’re okay with that.”

Lena gasped at the bold words but could only nod, suddenly acutely aware of the wetness between her legs again. Kara didn’t need another prompting either, snaking her hand further down and brushing her fingers softly over Lena’s stomach and lower still until she reached where she wanted to be.

Another high bitched gasp filled the room when fingers brushed through her, spreading her open and finding her clit with ease. Kara navigated her body like she knew her from another lifetime, like she’d been here before and was just paying homage to previous experiences made with Lena. She discovered everything for herself with a sureness that threw Lena for a loop, overwhelming her in the best way possible while she was barely holding on by a thread.

Kara’s free arm snaked around her shoulders and pulled her even closer. She buried her face in Lena’s neck, breathing her in and placing tiny kisses everywhere she could reach while still coiling the tension in Lena’s belly tighter and tighter.

She slipped inside her with one finger, stilling her movement inside to let Lena adjust, but still moving her palm against her clit to keep building her up. When she finally started moving, Lena groaned in satisfaction, moving her hips in tandem with Kara's thrusts.

Kara’s lips against the sensitive skin, against her neck, their chest brushing together, their bodies molding together like heated metal, her fingers still working inside and on her, it all was so much.

It was so much it sent her over the edge, falling way sooner than she had anticipated. Her whole body went rigid. A moan clawed its way out of her throat so animalistic Lena would have been shocked if she weren’t preoccupied with the best orgasm of her life right now.

Kara slowed down her movements, gently bringing Lena down from the high while peppering her whole face and neck with butterfly-kisses. It took for her opening her eyes that she realized she had closed them in the first place, her vision returning from blurry to normal, only to find her world in blue eyes looking down on her in wonder.

Then Kara kissed her – kissed her so completely with everything she had, offering everything that she was for Lena to take.

And Lena knew then that this was it. Kara was it for her. Her last first kiss, her last first time with a new person. Her last love, but oddly enough her first real one too. She felt like coming home after a long hike, like a movie night after a whole day full of work, like Lena could just drown in her and would go without a fight, gladly.

They were quiet for a long time, Kara just holding her and softly caressing her skin while Lena’s breathing slowly returned to normal. Lazy kisses were shared until Kara leaned up a little more, taking Lena’s face in both her hands to level her with a look that could bring down whole galaxies.

“That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced,” she whispered, staying so close their noses were almost brushing.

Lena exhaled a shuttering breath, overwhelmed by the blunt honesty of the words and the sincere look Kara paired them with. She nodded and felt compelled to press another kiss to Kara’s lips, if only to escape those intense eyes for long enough to gather her thoughts.

But Lena didn’t feel eloquent, smart or witty at the moment and she didn’t want to be either. She just wanted to give herself fully to Kara, her honest and true self, so deflection or lies weren’t an option.

“I know this may be way to early, but I guess our timeline is unusual anyways,” she began, halting when Kara’s brow scrunched the tiniest bit with confusion. “And I know for a fact that this isn’t just the post-orgasm bliss talking because I’ve felt this for a long time.” Another pause, another kiss to blush lips. Lips that felt safe and motivated her to be finally honest.

“I love you, Kara. I’ve been so in love with you for the longest time. And I don’t need you to say it back right now because whatever we’re doing started literally maybe an hour ago, but I just wanted you to know where I stand.”

Kara leaned in again, kissing her for so long it ignited a new wave of want in Lena. But before that could develop further, Kara cupped her cheeks and pulled away, making an effort to catch Lena’s eyes when she spoke.

“I love you too, Lena. Thank you for being honest about it because I don’t think I would’ve been brave enough to tell you if you didn’t. You make me so unbelievably happy, I don’t even know what to say.”

A grin spread over Lena’s cheeks, wide enough to hurt, but she just accepted that as her future and nudged her nose against Kara’s. “Then don’t say anything. Let’s experience every moment as it comes. Together.”

Kara mirrored her smile, brushing a wild strand of hair out of Lena’s face to kiss her again. And again and again, until they weren’t just kissing anymore; their study materials lying forgotten on the desk, the plastic basketball somewhere under the bed - the only signs that spoke of the morning where they had started out as best friends but became something much more thanks to a rainy day.