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Questions Gone Unanswered

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Xani Green went through a lot throughout her 18 years of life, but she never thought she’d have someone actively haunting her dreams. None of it went as expected, whether it was from the mystery man, Inigo, appearing in her dreams or when it came to learning she was a mutant. From meeting people like Kay, Clive, Jasper, and Natalia(among others) to reconnecting with her old babysitter, Lana, Xani really went through a lot in such a short amount of time. 

However, Inigo was the most mysterious part of it all, Xani thought. How could a man she didn’t know at all appear in her dreams seemingly whenever he wanted? Who was he? What did he want? He spoke so cryptically that almost everything he said would give Xani headaches. Yet, there was something about the cryptic man that piqued Xani’s curiosity. She found herself itching to know more about him. She went from being terrified of having these dreams to looking forward to them. Xani didn’t have dreams with Inigo every single night, but she saw him often enough. 

Late into the night, Xani found herself ‘waking up’ back in that weird limbo-esque part of her mind where she would see Inigo. Once her vision straightened out, the young woman looked around the area. It wasn’t long before her chocolate brown gaze fell onto the mysterious man standing several yards away. “You’re here!” 

Perplexed, Inigo raised an eyebrow. “You say that as if you expected that I wouldn’t be. Haven’t we met up enough times for you to recognize whenever you’re in my presence?” 

“Well, yeah…” Xani started. “Doesn’t mean I can’t be happy to see you.” 

Inigo’s crimson eyes were fixed on Xani, and his face showed no identifiable emotion. “You’re such an idiot. You do know that I’m not part of the game you’re playing, right? I’m simply… a spectator.” 

“I don’t think I’ll ever understand what ‘game’ you’re talking about. What I do understand is that you’re a real person who somehow can appear in others’ dreams or something like that.” Xani stated, staring back at him. 

“I suppose you’re somewhere on the right track with that line of thought, but that’s not what’s important. There’s others around you who are part of the game; those are the people who you should be fixated on. Or have you given up on them for some fantasy you’ve concocted in your imagination?” 

“Given up? I haven’t given up on anything.” Xani questioned, crossing her arms. 

“I see.” That was all Inigo said. 

Silence filled the area, but then Xani broke it again. “You keep talking about those around me like Kay and Clive, and even Jasper, but you never actually say anything about yourself. Why? I want to get to know you.” That last statement came out without Xani even realizing it. It took her a few seconds for it to click that she actually said that. A rush of heat spread to her face, but she didn’t falter. 

“This was not part of the plan. This was not supposed to happen.” Inigo thought to himself. “I’m being roped into a story I’m not part of.”

“A-Are… Are you going to say anything? You always say something.” Xani stuttered. 

A smirk crossed Inigo’s face. “Even when you think you’re standing tall, you’re still a fumbling fool.” His red eyes pierced into Xani’s soul. “I don’t need to dignify your childish desires with a response. We’re done here tonight.” 

Just as Inigo finished his last word, he started to fade out of Xani’s sight as everything around her went black. Suddenly, the dark-skinned girl shot up in her bed, forced awake from her slumber. Xani yawned as she did her best to recall what she dreamt about. “As per usual, I got no answers. Why do I like him again?” The dark-haired girl let out a sigh as she turned over in bed and pulled the covers over her head. “One day I’ll get some answers about him…”