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New Blood

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Once Upon a time there was a wolf king, who went to war for the greatest treasure in all the realms, his daughter. That war was fought and won by the king but it cost him many friends and made many enemies, enemies that would one day come for his daughter. This is the story of the wolf kings’ daughter, Hope Mikaelson.
Hope was many things, but most of all she was a Mikaelson, and Mikaelson’s protect their own and that includes a young siphon witch by the name of Josette Salzman, the love of the young wolf’s life.
The day had started off pretty normal, alarm clock went off, rolled out of bed, trudged over to my closet as I chose something to wear. The school had gotten rid of the uniforms so now we are free to wear whatever we choose and since then my wardrobe has expanded immensely but that is mostly thanks to my girlfriend Josie who forced me to go shopping with her. Today was the first day of the new school year so I threw on a classic outfit, Tight black ripped jeans with a fitted white tee and my leather jacket, a pair of black combat boots-which does make her taller by a few inches-and last but not a couple rings. I checked myself over in the mirror and couldn't help but think about what Josie decided to wear, whatever it was I know she is going to look absolutely stunning in it. I checked my watch and my eyes widened as I realized I was going to be late, I bolted out the door and sped down the hallway to the room of the Saltzman twins.
I raised my fist to knock but before I could it was abruptly yanked open and I came face to face with the blonde twin. "Morning Mikaelson" Lizzie said with a playful look on her face "Come to trade spit with my dear sister?" I playful glint shines in my eyes. "Why you wanna watch?" Lizzies face curls into one of disgust "Not in a million years, you two lovebirds have fun, I'm gonna head to class."
“Hope come on we’re gonna be late for class” Said a smiling Josie as she pulls me from the doorway and down the hallway ,of the Salvatore School.
I spin Josie around and place my hands on her hips as I walk her backward, as Josie’s back hits the wall I crash our lips together and slip my tongue into her mouth as she moans from the passion and aggression of the kiss. Sparks fly as she wraps her arms around my neck as she pulls me closer and deepens the kiss even more. Some of the students in the hallway whistle at the power couple but a growl cuts through the noise as everyone goes silent.
Hope stiffens and turns around to face the unwanted interruption. Much to her surprise it’s one of the new wolves that arrived at the school this year, Farrow She thinks her name is. My eyes narrow as black veins ripple under my eyes. “Can I help you?”
The wolf puffs up her chest as an attempt to seem intimidating. “Yeah, that shit is disgusting. Spare us the sight of you two with your tongues down each other's throats.” A flicker of jealousy crosses her face before it’s gone but it didn’t go unnoticed by Hope.
My lips form a smirk as the veins under my eyes make themselves known. “I don’t know who “us” is but look around you, you're all alone in this battle you have chosen to fight.”
The black haired girl takes a look around and sees the other students watching with excitement as they know that this girl is going to get a verbal Mikaelson beating. From behind me I feel Josie slip her hand to the base of my neck as she plays with the small hairs at nape. "If I were you I would leave while I still had working legs and a beating heart." Josie shoots a fake smile at the younger woman as something dangerous flickers across her eyes.
"Now now love if this wolf has something to say about us then by all means, we must let her speak."
The smaller wolf hesitates for a moment and then seems to get a second wind. “I’ve heard rumors of the great hope Mikaelson, daughter of Klaus. I’ve read the stories of Klaus Mikaelson and may I say that man was a monster, sick and twisted and powerful. Who’s to say you are not the same, except the only difference is you’re here and he’s dead. What’s a mutt like you gonna do without daddy’s teachings? Everyone here either fears you or respects you, you’ve finally met someone who doesn’t give a fuck about who you are or where you came from. All I see is a mutt with a dead family and daddy issues. It’s only a matter of time before Josie sees that too.”
Once the words leave her mouth have her pinned to the wall by her throat, my claws digging into her neck.
Everyone in the hallway freezes as they await the wrath with which they know Hope will undoubtedly release. Josie has to stop herself from unleashing her own wrath on the foolish wolf.

“You must have missed the rumors explaining what I do to people who insult my family.” The veins under my eyes make themselves known as red and gold leak into my vision the longer I stare at the wolf.

I feel a hand grip the wrist with which I am holding the wolf by the throat. I looks over to the person holding my hand and the red and gold slowly leave my vision as I comes face to face with Josie.

“Let her go Hope, she will get her karma at the pack meeting, what happens at the meeting will be far more enjoyable than ripping her throat out” The veins leave my face as I turn to look at the now shaking wolf. “Your lucky that my girlfriend gives second chances, cause this is your last.” I drop her to the ground and she lands with a loud thud. With the altercation ended the students resume the hustle to get to first period.

Josie and I turn to leave when suddenly I spin around to the face the girl “Don’t be late to the pack meeting tonight, there will be some delicious news shared” My lips curl into a snarl as Josie and I resume our walk down the hallway.

Josie shoots a playful look at me “She will get what is coming to her, knowing you chaos will ensue”

“But of course love, chaos makes everything more fun” I say as I hold my hand up and soon claws replace fingernails and a trails of claw marks dent the wall as we walk to class. The day is far from finished.

After lunch time the pack and I all merged into the gym and I turned to face them all with a smile on my face as my eyes looked at all the new and old members of the pack. "Alright listen up everyone, tonight is the first official pack meeting of the year but I wanted to do some sparring before then just to start working with the newer wolves and also see the progress of the older members as well. Now before we begin all of the first year wolves please step forward.”

13 of the 26 wolves standing in the gym step forward and focus their attention on me. As their eyes shifted to my face my eyes turned to their red coloring and the teenagers all gasped and started to whisper to each other. “Enough!” The wolves quieted down immediately. “My name is Hope, I’m the alpha of this pack, now the red eyes that you see are a part of my DNA and do not make me any different than you.” One of the wolves, a cocky young wolf, decided to speak up. “Alpha? What makes you qualified to be our alpha, you're just a girl with a big attitude.” Growls immediately started sounding from the group of wolves that have been a part of the pack longer. Jed stepped forward and snarled at the wolf in question “Speak to the alpha like that again and you will find yourself a lone wolf, and lone wolves are not protected here” The older wolves nod in agreement with Jed.
I step up and put my hand on Jed’s shoulder and narrow my gaze at the blonde haired boy. “What is your name kid?” The blonde haired boy smirks and steps up. “Carter Adams” Recognition flashes across my face but is soon replaced with a stoic look. “

“Well Carter, if you question my position as alpha you are more than free to challenge me for it.” I step back from Jed and let my eyes bleed red and put my fangs on full display. “In fact, is there anyone else who wishes to challenge my place as alpha of this pack”
A black haired girl makes herself known as she steps up next to Carter, my chest rumbles as I see that it’s the same wolf from this morning. She sends a smirk and says “I challenge you for the position of alpha.”
“So be it, you two will face off against me tomorrow at the Old Mill.” I turn to look at the older wolves. “Send word around the school, a challenge has been issued, whoever wishes to attend may do so at 8:00 at the Old Mill tomorrow.”