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Phil was pleasantly surprised when he walked into the room and Rya was just... Being normal. Not eating babies, not tearing men's dicks off, not mouthing off to anyone, just... Being normal. Sitting on the couch eating microwaved popcorn, watching a rerun of The Office. Phil was pretty sure robots didn't need to eat, and just did it for the aesthetic, taste, whatever, he didn't know much about how robots worked. That was Joel. But she was being normal, and that was... Cool!

He slinked up next to his robot girlfriend and sat down next to her on the couch. "Yo, Rya!" He smiled softly, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

Rya glanced to him and smiled back. The vicious redhead actually fucking smiled. Phil had never seen her soft, genuine smile before today. It caused his heart to flutter lovingly and his chest cavity bloom with daisies and roses and other beautiful, good smelling colorful flowers as like, a symbolism for love and affection or whatever.

She immediately turned away and it was over as fast as it happened. Phil stayed lovestruck though, his face a pleasant, light dusty pink. "Um..." He coughed, barely able to suppress his wobbly smile. Rya suddenly grabbed him by the cheeks and planted a soft, passionate kiss on his lips. His eyes shot wide open, and he scrambled to grab onto her supple hips. What the fuck did Joel do to her? This was... New... But certainly welcome! 

Phil inhaled through his nose and adjusted his body to a more comfortable position. Their bodies, together, intertwined, one of Rya's legs hooked over Phil's kneecap. She slipped him the tongue when he prodded his against her lips, immediately beginning to curiously explore Phil's mouth with her unexperienced tongue. She looked beautiful when they pulled away for air, panting and red in the face, a little sweaty aswell. She smiled that gorgeous smile of hers and pushed a strand of hair, shiny with sweat, over her crumpled forehead.  

"Rya... Eh..." Phil could put a tomato to shame with how red he was. He bit his lip and pulled his shirt down as far as it would go to conceal his growing erection, attempting to flash her a nervous smile of his own. He was sure she'd already noticed it, and noticed it she had, averting her gaze shyly and crossing her arms over her chest. She didn't seem mad, though, and Phil was embarrassed out of his mind, about to go and explain that it just happens sometimes, before she piped up.

"Is that because of me...?" She shyly twirled a strand of hair around her finger. Phil noticed her fingernails were painted as red as his face, and he groaned softly.

"No, Rya, I saw a McDonalds ad on the TV and got a raging boner because I love the McRib so much." He huffed, rolling his sunken eyes. Rya didn't pick up on his sarcasm and nodded softly, poking her mouth curiously. "Oh." She whispered, a little hurt. Phil was more interested in a sandwich than his girlfriend?

Phil immediately scrambled to apologize. "Fuck- no, Rya, I wasn't being serious." He paused for a moment, and scratched behind his neck. "Yes, that's because of you. It just goes up randomly sometimes, and you're really fucking pretty. I'm sorry. We don't have to do anything if you don't want to." He muttered.

"What if I... Do want to?"

Phil wasn't expecting that reply.

He got even redder, if that was possible, and swallowed thickly. "O... Okay... And what do you want to do...?" He pressed his mouth into a thin line and wiped sweat off his forehead, half expecting this to just be one big joke.

Rya was shy and quiet with her answer. "I... I'll jerk you off, and I'll let you grope me." The words were so dirty, but Rya spoke them so softly it was like she was talking to a child.

Fuck... He couldn't pass up an offer like that. "This... Isn't a prank right? This is real?" He mumbled, looking around for any strategically placed spyware.

"Y... Yes! Of course, I uh... Like you... You gonna take it out?" She tilted her head, sitting criss cross applesauce across from him on the couch. "Oh, fuck, yeahofcourseonesecondletmeunzipmypants..." He huffed, breathing heavily as he unbuttoned and unzipped his GAP jeans. The tent was visible from his boxers, and Rya immediately scooted forwards and began palming him. He whimpered and moaned as she got him off, acting all submissive and shit.

She eventually worked him onto his back, kneeling over him as she pulled his fully erect dick out of his boxers. "Good boy...~" She purred, beginning to stroke him up and down with her soft, warm palm, and he swore he'd never heard words as hot as those. Fuck, is he really letting a girl dominate him? This is fucking humiliating. He remembered the second part of her offer, so he reached his hands up her shirt and began circling his fingertips around her nipples like Nintendo joysticks. She huffed a bit, leaning lustfully into his touches. "Uhn... Shit, fuck..." She cursed, throwing her head back as he slipped one of his hands down to rub powerful little circles into her clit, quickly finding his rhythm as he slipped two fingers inside of her. She's moaning like a cheap whore and Phil FINALLY has the upper hand. 

That is until her next request.

"Call me mommy." She demands, pumping him faster, and he gasps and his head spins but he ultimately moans out "Mommy...~!" as he shoots his load all over her exposed chest, blinking repeatedly as she swipes her fingers into her cleavage and licks off the jizz. Three. Dirty bitch. She whines and moans highly, loud enough for the whole house to hear her, and squirts all over Phil's hand. Hell, he's never seen one of em do that before. It's like windshield washer fluid. He pulls his fingers out of her and pants heavily as she slumps down next to him on the couch, sweaty, hair messy, and utterly satisfied. Phil puts away his cock and she puts away her tits, smiling lovingly at him as she boops his nose and cuddles into his chest. "I love you..." She chuckles softly.

"I... I love you too, Rya." He kisses her cheek and holds her lovingly.

About time he had a good day.