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The Amazing World of Gumball: A Fanfiction

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Gumball Watterson and Darwin were eating their breakfast one morning. Richard the rabbit was asleep while “Barney the Dinosaur” aired on the T.V.

“My dad is so silly”. Gumball thought as he tasted his Reese’s cereal soaked in milk. Gumball wondered how can his mom, Nicole, have fallen in love with such an oaf of a rabbit. He was a big baby. Then again, Gumball was faintly aware of how silly he was as well, and was well aware of how one of the school cheerleaders, Penny Fitzgerald, was his girlfriend. It had been a few weeks after Penny had lost that shell that covered her body. Gumball relished the thought of her transforming and being her true self.

“Gumball! The bus is here!” Nicole yelled. Gumball and Darwin got up from the table and ran to the bus.

“So Darwin, tell me…” Gumball started. “Are you going to allow me to copy your file of Zelda Majora’s mask? I want to move forward in the game and I can’t!”

“No, Gumball, you must do it on your own.” Darwin said, all serious.

“Fuck you then.”

Once they got to school, all the folks were walking on the hallways, looking at their lockers, going to the restroom. Gumball and Penny saw each other and held hands while walking to class. Darwin missed Carrie, who was out sick for the day.

Miss Lucy Simian came into the classroom, her face a scowl as always. “KIDS!” She yelled. “There is a new kid! Kid! Come in now!” Miss Simian crossed her arms and tapped on the floor with her foot, exasperated. The class waited expectantly.

“I wonder who is this new kid. I am excited to meet him.” Gumball said.

“Me too! I like meeting new people.” Penny said.

“He is probably a loser.” Tobias said, looking smug and putting his feet on the desk while resting his head, or his whole body, on his arms.

Gumball, Penny, and Darwin frowned at Tobias.

“Look who’s talking.” Gumball said, defiantly.

“What did you say? You pussycat…” Tobias waved his fist at Gumball.

“Hey you two! Stop it!” Miss Simian yelled. “The kid is here. Kid, introduce yourself. Be quick about it as I don’t have much time for nonsense.”

Gumball looked at the new kid. He was about his same height, orange fur, large, pointed ears, a fine pointed snout, big black eyes, and a fluffy tail.

“Hello, my name is Suko.” Suko said, his hands behind his back. “Nice to meet you all.”

“That’s fine, that’s fine. Now go and sit down because class is starting now.” Miss Simian said, waving Suko away.

Suko looked around nervously, and saw Gumball waving at him. “Sit with us, right next to me!” Gumball pointed to an empty desk to his right. Suko swallowed, and walked towards the desk. To his left, was Gumball, and to the right, a female paper bear. She did not pay attention to Suko as she was focused on putting some kind of gel on her hands. She seemed to intent on making sure she was clean, and this intrigued Suko.

“So Suko, nice to have you here.” Gumball said, startling Suko. “Where do you come from?”

“I come from Houston, in Texas.” Suko said.

“That’s so cool!” Darwin said. “Did you go to NASA?”

Suko’s face lighted up. “I love NASA!” This sudden change in Suko’s mood, from shyness to excitement, made Gumball happy.

“Are there aliens there?” Gumball asked, hoping for a yes, but all he got was a shaking head from Suko, accompanied by a smile.

“Aw, that sucks.” Gumball said.

The class was uneventful. Simian went over math, some pre-algebra, history, and then it was tie for lunch. During lunch, Suko, Gumball, Penny, and Darwin were making line to get their food. Because Suko was quiet during another one of Gumball’s and Darwin’s silly altercations, Penny made some conversation with the small fox.

“Don’t mind them, they tend to do that all the time.” Penny said. “And I am sorry about the way Miss Simian treated you when you were introducing yourself. She is a bitch. Everyone hates her though.”

“Yeah, I kinda didn’t like that.” Suko said, scratching his head.

“Hey new kid.” A voice approached them. It was Tobias. “I wanted to give you a formal welcome by inviting you to seat with the cool kids, I being the coolest one.” Tobias said, pointing at himself.

Suko remained quiet. He thought the fluffy cloudlike being in front of him was a weirdo, and he rubbed Suko the wrong way. But because he was the new kid, he was not sure how to act.

“Well? Do you want to be with the losers, or with the winners?” Tobias insisted.

“I am sorry, but I am staying with them.” Suko said.

Tobias was having none of it. “You will pay for this, you loser.”

“You better watch it, cloud boy.” Gumball said.

Tobias ignored Gumball, and told Suko, “when you are not with your loser friends, I will show you what is good.” Tobias turned around and then left.

“Ignore him.” Penny said. “He is a jerk and he is dumb.”

After they got their food, the group sat on one of the tables in the middle. Suko noticed a cactus with a face, a floating cloud with two holes for eyes, a potato with arms and legs, and other curious characters. The most impressive one for him was this huge t-rex. The t-rex sat on the corner. There was also a robot with one eye, a walking banana, a flower in a vase, and a flying eyeball. Suko was enamored by the variety of individuals in this school. There was even a walking hot dog! This made Suko hungry, and he took a bite of his food. It was some stew made out of fake meat, as they do in all public schools.

“Do you like video games?” Gumball asked Suko.

“Of course!” Suko said.

“Do you like Zelda? Particularly, Zelda Majora’s Mask?”

“Yes, my favorite game.”

Darwin turned to Gumball: “Here we go again, not wanting to beat the game on your own.”

“Agh! Darwin! Shut the fuck up man!” Gumball gnawed as he almost climbed the table to reach for Darwin. “I just need help! I just want to get past the first temple!” Gumball begged.

“I can help, if you let me.” Suko offered, raising his hand as if he was in class.

“Yes! Hurray!” Gumball said. “Today you can come to my house if your parents let you.”

“Ok. Will do.” Suko said, excited.

Once class was over, Suko had to go to the restroom. After finishing, he was pushed by Tobias back into the stall.

“I told you, you are going to pay.” Tobias said, grabbing Suko’s head and sinking it into the dirty water. “Ha ha ha ha!” Tobias laughed as Suko took in sips of toilet wáter. Tobias was pulling him from the ears, which was causing a lot of pain for Suko. “Where are your loser friends now? Bwahahaha!”

“Help!” Suko yelled. “Stop it you jerk!” Suko tried to push Tobias away from him, but to no avail.

“Your so-called friends can’t hear you. You are alone!” Tobias said.

This hurt Suko. Throughout his childhood, he was isolated. Most of his peers did not associate themselves with Suko, as they thought he was weird.
“They were only talking to you because they felt sorry for you. Remember that!” Tobias said, as he let Suko go, and left the restroom. Suko got up, slowly, and washed his face.
Suko thought about Gumball. Yes, there was no evidence that Gumball and the other two were his friends, as he had barely started here. Perhaps they were just being polite. Perhaps Gumball only meant the invitation to his house as a joke. Suko remembered that one time a kid back in his Houston school jokingly invited him to a party, only to find out the place did not even exist. The next day, everyone in the classroom laughed.

“He is right.” Suko said. “They are not my friends.” After he finished cleaning his face, Suko left the restroom. Gumball, Penny, and Darwin saw him, and tried calling Suko, but he ignored them as he no longer believed they were his friends.

“What happened? He did not seem okay…” Penny said, covering her mouth.”

Gumball was worried something bad had happened to Suko. But he knew what might have happened. “That Tobias… I bet he kept his promise and did something to Suko. I will show that jerk what I am made of!”

“No, love!” Penny said, holding Gumball. “You will get in more trouble than you already have.”


“If you catch Tobias in action, then fine. But you don’t know for sure if he was the one who caused Suko to be in that state.”

Gumball knew she had a point, so he instead focused on finding a way to find Suko after he and Darwin got home. Gumball took his chance and left the Elmore Junior High to see if he could follow Suko. After making a right turn, Gumball found Suko walking by himself.

“Suko! Wait up!” Gumball yelled.

Suko turned to look around, scared, but that fear dissolved after he saw Gumball.

“What happened?” Suko turned to face Gumball.

“I just wanted to see if you were okay. I saw that you were… hurt.” Gumball said.

“Yeah, Tobias did it. He sunk my head on the toilet.” Suko said, and continued walking, leaving Gumball behind.

Gumball was surprised by Suko leaving him like that. “Are you okay for real?”

Suko remembered Tobias’ words, and ran away from Gumball, crying.

“Suko! What happened?!” Gumball continued, running after Suko.

“Leave me alone!” Suko kept running.

“Fine! If that’s what you want!” Gumball said, turning away. But he was surprised yet again by Penny and Darwin. “Ah! You guys got here!”

“What happened to him?” Penny asked.

“He just told me to leave him alone, and that’s what I did. I just wanted to see if he was okay!” Gumball clenched his fists.

“Maybe Tobias said something to get him feeling like that.” Darwin said.

Gumball gave a goodbye kiss to Penny, and afterwards, they left for home, Darwin and Gumball together while Penny took another route. It was getting cloudy, and they did not want to get soaked in the rain.

The next day at school, Suko was walking to class, weary, looking around to see if Tobias was not around. Because he was distracted by his weariness, he bumped into someone that was very light. He heard a high pitched “Ouch!” and looked to see who he bumped into.

“Are you okay??” Suko said, worried he had hurt someone. When he saw who it was, he blushed instantly. It was the paper bear. Suko began sweating. “I am so so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I was… I am sorry.” Suko then offered a hand to help her get up.

“It’s okay.” The paper bear said. “And thank you.” The paper bear then pulled some sanitizing gel, and put some on her back, as she had hit the floor. “Do you need some as well?” She offered Suko the bottle of Germ-X. Suko did not know what to say. He did not understand why he felt flushed all over, and why he had been sweating. “There are so many germs in the floor. So many just as in a toilet.” She said, making a grimace.

“Sure, thank you.” Suko took the bottle from her, and rubbed some gel on his hands. Suko then thought of asking for her name. “What is your name?” The words came out from his mouth with an unconscious force.

The paper bear looked surprised, almost pleased. “My name is Teri.” She smiled at Suko.

“I am Suko, from Houston Texas.” Suko said, now feeling more confident. “The land of NASA”.

“Really?! That’s so cool! I want to go to NASA one day, but I need to be careful to not find any alien microbes. I don’t want to get infected…” Teri braced herself, feeling nervous.

“Are you that afraid of microbes?” Suko asked, tilting his head like the fox he was.

“Of course I am! My mom is a doctor and I have seen what happens when you leave an infection untreated. I will show you later.” Teri said, shivering.

“I would like to see that. It’s cool to learn new things!” Suko said, smiling.

Teri was surprised by this again, and after blushing, smiled back at Suko. “Okay, we can go to the library during our lunch time.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Suko said, blushing and trying to hide it.

Once they were in class, things went as usual. Miss Simian was being Miss Simian, and her class hated her. Gumball wanted to say hi to Suko, but did not know how to approach him.

“Don’t worry. He will come around.” Darwin told Gumball, patting him on the shoulder.

During lunch, Suko went to the library to wait for Teri as they had arranged. After five minutes, Teri showed up. After seeing Suko on the computers, she approached him and sat next to him on the computer.

“Here it comes. It’s horrible, but it will show you why you should be afraid of germs.” Teri said as she was typing to get to her mother’s website. The website showed images of grotesque looking feet, hands with fingers that appeared to have been eaten away, and people without feet. “That’s what happens when someone gets infected and does not treat it.” Teri said, crossing her arms.

Suko thought the images were obscene, but still it was good to know. “That’s interesting. I don’t want that to happen to me at all.” Suko shook his head.

“Then you need to be careful.” Teri said, looking at Suko. “And that’s not the worst part. Your blood can get infected too, and you will die from that if it’s not urgently treated. It goes to your brain, and to your organs, and they begin to fail while you feel terrible the entire time. Then you fall.”

“Well, I would like to be careful, but not scared.” Suko thought.

“Here, have this.” Teri handed Suko a small bottle of Germ-X.

“Thank you.” Suko smiled, and tried to shake Teri’s hand with both of his hands, to show his appreciation, but Teri quickly retracted her hand, nervous.
“EEEk!” She closed her eyes. “Put the gel on!”

Suko felt slightly hurt by this, but went ahead and put some gel on. After rubbing it on his hands, Teri made sure Suko had opened the bottle at least.

“Ok, now you can.” Teri then extended her hand to Suko. Suko was confused, but he proceeded to shake her hand with both of his hands.

“Thank you, Teri.” Suko said, smiling awkwardly.

“Now I have to leave.” Teri said. “I have to talk to my girl friends. See you around!” Teri smiled at Suko, and walked away.

Suko blushed again. He thought about Teri, her voice, and her smile. She had a problem with germs, that was for sure. But there was something about her that he did not understand nor know, that made him want to be with her more.

After school was over, Suko was walking home. Neither Gumball nor the others were anywhere to be seen, so Suko walked without worry. He thought of Teri, and smiled to himself. Suko was distracted by these thoughts and because of this, he did not notice the leg that eventually made him trip and hit himself with a trashcan. It was Tobias.
“Hi dork! How was your day?” Tobias said, laughing.

“Leave me alone, will you?” Suko got up.

“What’s that you said?” Tobias made a face, as if he was not understanding, and placed his hand where his ear was. “Can you repeat?”

“Fuck off, you prick!” Suko raised his voice.

“Ooooooh…” Tobias said in mock surprise. “Someone’s mad here…! What are you going to do about it then?”

“I will shave all of those ugly curls of yours and will shove them up your ass.” Suko said.

“Well, why don’t you try?” Tobias said, hands on his hips (does he have any hips?).

Suko stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do. He was not in the mood to fight with anyone. He just wanted to go home.

“That’s what I thought.” Tobias said. “Well then, it’s my turn to attack.” Tobias then punched Suko in the stomach, causing Suko to gasp for air. “You are pathetic.”
Tobias then pulled Suko by the ears, and was about to punch him on the face, when Tobias yelled in pain. “AAArgh!” Tobias rubbed the back of his head. He looked at the floor behind him and saw an apple. He then looked to the front and saw Penny.”

“You? After I have been so nice with you?!” Tobias growled.

“You have done nothing good for me. You leave him alone or else!” Penny said, smoke puffing from her nose. Gumball and Darwin appeared behind Penny, defiant.

“You have made a terrible mistake having associated yourself with those two clowns, especially that blue wuss that’s a joke of a boyfriend!” Tobias yelled back.
Penny then turned into a dark red dragon, and spit fire to Tobias, burning him pitch black. Tobias was speechless. He then began to run away. “Moooommy!!!”
Penny turned back to her normal form, and they ran towards Suko to help him out. “Are you okay?” Penny asked Suko, helping him get up.

“Yes, thank you.” Suko said, coughing.

“He is just a paper tiger, don’t mind him again, ignore him.” Gumball said.

Suko lowered his head. He had treated Gumball poorly before, and despite that, he and his friends saved him. “I am sorry, Gumball, I was so foolish.” Suko then explained what had happened the previous day with Tobias, and Gumball was understanding.

“I forgive you. But now you got to do me a favor.” Gumball smiled. He then put his hands together as if praying, and begged Suko to help him with Majora’s Mask. “Pretty please?!”
Darwin slapped his forehead, and sighed, and Penny giggled.

“Ok, Gumball, haha…” Suko smiled and followed them to Gumball’s house. Suko felt happy that they were his friends after all, and that Tobias had been wrong.

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Gumball introduced Suko to his family. “Mom, dad, Anais, this is Suko, the new kid.”

“Hi!” Suko said, waving.

“Oh what a little sweetheart!” Nicole said. “Are you liking your new school?”

“Thank you, and yes, it’s nice.”

Anais looked at Suko curiously. It was as if she knew something interesting would come out of this guy.

“The new kid? I would like a new box of Lucky Charms!” Richard said, pouting.

“Oh my love.” Nicole said, “We will go and get you some in a bit.”

“Suko, let’s go to my room! I will show you my games.” Gumball pulled Suko’s arm and directed him to his room.

Gumball and Darwin’s room was spacious. There was a lot going on: games, posters, and figurines. Suko was let down by the small amount of books.

“Those books are mostly Darwin’s.” Gumball said. “But I occasionally read a few, specially if they have images.”

Gumball then turned on the Nintendo Game Cube, and proceeded to explain his dilemma:

“I cannot beat the first level, you know, the one on the swamp. It’s so… swampy, you know?” Gumball smiled nervously, thinking Suko would judge him.
Suko scratched his chin: “And what about it is hard for you?”

“The boss key, I cannot find it!” Gumball clenched his fists and pouted.

Suko scratched his chin again. “Hmmm…” He said. “Okay, I will show you something before I get the boss key for you.”

“Sure.” Gumball was surprised and looked forward to it.

Suko saw two saved files. One said “Underwearman”, and the other “DarwinX”.

“Really…?” Suko looked at Gumball, smirking, “underwear man…?”

“Ignore it and help me! Please….” Gumball said, shaking Suko.

Suko first looked into Gumball’s item menu and saw that he had the bow with arrows. Suko moved the avatar to the snowy area of Termina Field and climbed the mountain.

“What are you doing? The Southern Swamp Is the other way…” Gumball frowned.

“Just watch.” Suko was excited. Suko then threw a few arrows at the icy pike on top of the ice barrier blocking entrance to the snowy area, until the ice barrier broke into pieces.

“No way… No fucking way…” Gumball’s mouth fell to the floor, and his eyes were as big as plates. “Is this real?”

“Yes, and not only that…” Suko giggled. Suko got into the snowy world, killed spiders and other creatures, and after messing around with the world for some time, Suko got Gumball the Goron mask.

“Wow! I had no idea this was possible.” Gumball said. “Penny, you saw that?!” Gumball hugged Penny and Penny kissed Gumball on the cheek. Suko saw how they loved each other, and imagined himself being like that with Teri, the paper bear. Suko blushed and continued playing.

Suko managed to get the master key for Gumball, and also got to fight Odolwa and beat the boss. “You are awesome. Thanks friend!” Gumball then hugged Suko.

“No problem! It was fun for me to show you that cool stuff.” Suko crossed his arms and smirked. Suko then had a thought: “What if elves like Link existed?” Suko asked.

“Well, I don’t know…” Darwin said. “Do they?”

“There are a lot of different types of people, but no elves like Link.” Penny said.

“But imagine.” Suko said. “Imagine being dressed in green, having a sword, and a mission, like finding this sacred book, or discovering this awesome secret that was hidden for millennia. It would be awesome.” Suko’s eyes beamed with excitement.

“Well, you may be an expert on Zelda, but you have quite the imagination.” Darwin said. “That would never happen.”

“Oh it will, it will one day.” Suko giggled to tease Darwin. “And then you will have the same face as Gumball when I destroyed that Glacier wall.”

“Sure man, why don’t we go downstairs and eat some pizza?” Gumball offered. Everyone agreed.

After the group finished eating their microwavable pizza, the atmosphere took an odd feel. Suko began to shiver, and because he did not know why, he began to freak out more, causing his heart to pound. Suko could hear his own heartbeat. “Guys,” Suko said, “How are you all?”

“We are alright. Is everything alright with you? You seem really afraid of something.” Darwin said.

“I feel as if I am having a heart attack. My heart is pounding. But I know it’s my anxiety.” Suko said, putting his hand on his chest to feel his heart.

“Anxiety can do that to you.” Penny said. “We are here for you, don’t worry.”

“I know, I will wait it out.” Suko said, trying to take a deep breath. All of a sudden, a light enveloped the kitchen from outside. It was blinding, causing the group to shut down their eyes. All they could hear was a mild humming noise, as if a machine was nearby.

“What’s going on?!” Gumball tried to find Penny, but before he knew it he was awake in a strange room. There was a ring of round lights on top. Trying to open his eyes, Gumball noticed the walls of the room were gray and there were swirling colorful patterns, which continuously morphed into different shapes.

“Is anyone else here?” Darwin asked.

“Yes, we are.” The rest replied.

Suko found he could not move regardless of how hard he tried. All he could do is open his eyes and turn his head. “Why the fuck can’t I move?!”

“I can’t move either! This sucks!” Gumball said as he kept trying to move.

A laughter, or rather, multiple laughs became audible. They sounded like a midget old man who was drunk. “You are the perfect sample for our experiments!” A raspy and high-pitched voice said. “You pieces of garbage will be dead after this!”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Suko said. “Do us all a favor and let us go. Please.”

“Your insolence will be repaid, young one.” The raspy high-pitched voice said. Afterwards, the group saw three beings emerge from the wall from a door that appeared on the otherwise plain wall. The beings looked like walking clovers, they had a face in the middle of four leaves, and arms and legs protruding from behind the clover body. “Tee hehehe!” They laughed in chorus. “They shall be put to sleep! Into Morpheus’ arms you go!” They sang in chorus. Suko then felt as if his eyes were closing of their own accord, and he was growing sleepier with the seconds. Then all he could see was pitch darkness.

Gumball woke up and found himself and his friends in a different place. This time, it was some sort of factory: there were big fans which eclipsed light from the outside, or from another room, there were conveyor belts, and more of those clover-like beings. They had three leaves instead of four like the previous three that had them on the other room. Gumball, Penny, Darwin, and Suko were each tied up to a pole, and they were on top of a platform.

“What’s going on? Where is this?” Suko was sweating.

“Beats me. This is freaky as fuck.” Gumball said. Gumball then turned to Penny. “Penny, can you transform or something?”

“Remember I can only do it depending on my emotions.” Penny said, sad.

“I can try something.” Suko suggested. “Maybe provoking some emotions on her with some imagery?”

“Do it! Make her angry that way she turns into that dragon.” Gumball said.

“Okay, will do.” Suko said. Suko thought of something that could make Penny angry. But he did not know enough about Penny to think of much. He thought of asking Gumball, but thought Gumball would not dare to make Penny angry. Suko could tell that Darwin tended to be willing to be blunt with Gumball. “Darwin, you do it. You know Penny’s triggers better than I do.”

“Sure, this is a piece of cake.” Darwin said. Then, after clearing his throat, he said: “Gumball stole one of your panties the other day, and he smells them all the time.”

“DARWIN! NO!” Gumball was flushed. “WHAT THE FUCK MAN?!” Gumball then turned to Penny, shaking and giggling nervously.

“Ah, Gumball….” Penny said, smiling. “I am not surprised by this. I knew it was you who took them.”

Gumball felt relief. Darwin then thought of more ideas. “Gumball was worried you were cheating on him with Idaho when he saw the both of you talking about a school project. That’s why he was not responding to your messages.”

Penny’s face then transformed into that of a Medusa, became red, and fangs protruded from her mouth.

“You are doing it!” Suko said.

“Imagine Gumball cheating on you with Tina.” Darwin said.

Suddenly, Penny began shaking. Her color changed from yellow to red, and her body size began growing, while her body changed to a more bestial form. “GUMBALL!!!” Penny screamed, and turned into a gigantic red dragon.

“P-Penny… Darwin made that up! I swear!” Gumball’s voice broke. Penny then slashed the chords of Darwin and Suko, but left Gumball tied. Penny then turned back to normal.
“Hey! You missed me!” Gumball cried.

Penny turned towards Gumball: “You have to swear that what Darwin said at the end was a lie.”

“It is, I swear, I swear!” Gumball begged. “Please untie me.”

“It is a lie. I thought it was risky but we need to leave this place.” Darwin said.

“Okay, I believe you both.” Penny said, and after sighing, untied Gumball from the pole.

“Now we got to figure out how to escape this place.” Suko said.

Before the group moved to leave, they were interrupted by a raspy high-pitched voice: “You will not escape my clutch, Robin Hood!”

“Who in the name of Godzilla’s dick called me Robin Hood?!” Suko’s fur turned red.

“I did! Robin Hood!” One of those clover beings emerged from behind a box, but he was different: he had a crown, and four leaves. In addition, he was wielding a scepter with a diamond on the tip. “You shall not escape from us! We will do all the experiments we can and will dispose of your bodies to the crows!”

“And I will feed you to the horses.” Suko said.

“Fuck you!” The king clover said.

“Fuck you too!” Suko replied.

“Die!” The king clover jumped towards Suko, and Suko shot a fireball from his index finger. “Curse you!” The king clover said after avoiding Suko’s attack.

“Who are you and why do you have us here! Where are we?!” Penny raised her voice to the king of the clovers.

“My name is Clovy, king of the clover elves! Thou shall not yell at me again!” King Clovy said. King Clovy then pointed his sceptre to Penny. “Die you alien fairy!” Then a beam of blue electricity was shot through the scepter.

“No! Penny!” Gumball said, and jumped to intercept the beam, and he was electrocuted. “Gaaah!” Gumball yelled, and then fell to the ground, his fur gray and smoke coming out of his body. Gumball then burped smoke.

“You shall be killed, you puss without boots.” King Clovy said, pointing the scepter at Gumball.

“Fuck you, Lucky Charms.” Suko said, and then shot a flame at King Clovy through his finger.

“Gaaaah!” King Clovy began running away. “Fire! Fire! Help!” He was crying out of pain.

“Now’s our chance!” Gumball said. “Let’s run!” The group then followed Gumball.

“Um, do you know where we are going?” Suko asked.

“Oh, that’s true!” Gumball said. “I really don’t know.”

“Fantastic.” Suko said, sighing.

More of the clover elves emerged from the crevices and corners of the facility, trying to shoot seed bombs at the group, but they avoided them all. The whole place smelled of smoke and gunpowder. Suko shot fire at all of the clover elves he saw were blocking their way, and as they caught fire they would scream in pain.

“There is the exit!” Darwin said, pointing towards the front where a door was, with a sign that said “Exit”.

Gumball opened the door, and there was a wilderness. The group ventured into it. It was growing darker, but soon they found their way into civilization. They recognized the Elmore Bank tower from far away, and soon they were within a neighborhood.

“I want to know what was that about.” Suko said. Why did he feel that way before this experience? Is this something caused by the clover elves? Suko was lost in these thoughts, and then he heard a familiar voice that instantly made him blush.

“Hi Suko! Are you okay?” It was Teri. Suko blushed even more after seeing her.

“Dork! Don’t stay quiet! Say something!” Suko thought. He finally responded: “Yes, we just got out of a precarious situation.” Suko then giggled nervously.

“Aw… I hope it wasn’t too bad.” Teri said, covering her mouth.

“Thanks for ignoring us, Teri.” Gumball said. “May we remind you that we also exist?” Gumball put his hands on his hips, frowning.

“Oh, hi Gumball.” Teri said, frowning at Gumball. Teri then said hi to Penny and Darwin.

“We were abducted by some weird alien clover elves and we woke up inside some sort of factory.” Gumball said.

Teri arched her eyebrow at Gumball. “Oh really?”

“Yes! Believe us!” Gumball said.

“Yes, Teri, we were kidnapped by some weird beings that look like clover.” Suko said, scratching his head and hoping Teri did not think he was nuts as well. Suko then thought it would be a good opportunity to impress Teri by telling her about his defeating the king of the clover elves, but Gumball beat him to it.

“Suko saved us! He saved my life!" Gumball then hugged Suko. "He defeated the king of the clover elves with his fiery fingers.” Gumball grinned. “That joke of a king then cried like a baby and ran away.”

Teri then turned to Suko, and looked at him for a moment. Suko could hear his own heartbeat, and Teri could hear her own even though she was a paper bear. She then drew a color pencil and drew more blush lines over her face. “That is amazing, Suko.” Teri said.

“T-thanks!” Suko said, looking at Teri and blushing even more.

Penny noticed this interaction, and thought to herself how adorable they looked. “She is a paper bear, and Suko is a fox, but look at how different I am from Gumball. And we love each other so much.” Penny then smiled to herself after imagining Suko and Teri holding hands in the hallways of Elmore Junior High.

“Penny.” Teri said, and this made Penny startled. “I will see you at school for practice, okay?”

“Sure!” Penny said.

“Practice?” Suko asked, interested. Was Teri an athlete? He thought.

“Yes! Penny and I are cheerleaders.” Teri said, looking at Suko.

“Oh, that is so cool!” Suko said, not without having a sinking feeling in his chest. How would a cheerleader ever feel something for a nerd like himself? It was unheard of, almost blasphemous!

“Goodbye, Suko!” Teri said, “goodbye everyone!” and after waving, Teri left to her house.

Suko then sighed, blushing, not noticing that his friends were looking at him as well.

Chapter Text

Miss Simian announced a new project involving microorganisms. “You shall create a table listing at least 2 fungi you find in Elmore. I want a sample of each organism and a description with scientific names, locations, whether they are poisonous, and labels of all the parts of the organism, whether in the sample you got or in a detailed drawing. It will be a team project, so choose 1 partner and shut up and get to work.” Simian waved her hands away and sat on her desk, eating a banana.

Gumball chose to work with Penny, as expected. Darwin chose to work with Carrie. Alan, the balloon, worked with Carmen the cactus, his girlfriend.

Suko was dying to work with Teri, and was overcome by catastrophic thoughts of rejection. “She is a cheerleader, there is no way she will want to work with me, a weirdo.” Suko thought and he sighed.

“Suko, would you want to work with me?” Suko heard Teri’s voice to his right.

Suko turned towards Gumball and said: “Hey homie, can you pinch me?”

“Okay, will do.” Gumball then proceeded to pinch Suko on the nose.

“GAAH! What the hell?! That hurt!” Suko said and then proceeded to sneeze.

“You asked me to pinch you.” Gumball said.

“Well, here is my thanks to you.” Suko then pinched Gumball’s nose just as hard, or perhaps even harder, than Gumball had pinched his.

“AAAAH! Why did you do that?!”

“Will you two girls stop touching each other?” Tobias said with a smirk.

“Shut up rainbow fart!” Suko said. After that, the entire class began to laugh.

“QUIEET!” Miss Simian banged the table of her desk. “All of you shut up, or you will be suspended from having recess!” After that, the entire class lowered their volume. Suko then felt slightly embarrassed, as he probably had made a fool of himself in front of Teri. But Teri was giggling.

“So what do you say?” Teri asked Suko, whispering.

“Of course!” Suko said loudly, which caused Simian to glare at him and show the whites of her monkey teeth. Suko then giggled nervously while looking at Teri, and then whispered back “I meant to say, of course…!”

After class, Suko and Teri walked together. Suko remembered that earlier today Penny had mentioned Teri’s vast knowledge of the microscopic world when talking to Gumball about their cheerleading practice. Then, Suko was suddenly inspired by a mysterious force and asked Teri: “Do you think microbes would look transparent or opaque if they were macroscopic?” Suko asked while rubbing his chin. “They always represent them as transparent, where you can see all the interior organelles or their DNA, but in some photos they appear opaque…”

“That is an interesting question…” Teri said, smiling. “If they are not stained before being seen in the microscope, they will be transparent. It’s only when they are dyed that you see them as opaque. But if they are big, I do not know whether that would still be true, as their membrane is big as well.”

“So we won’t know until we see a big microbe.” Suko said, pointing his finger up as if saying “Bingo”.

“Exactly, and then they would not be microbes at that point.”

“They would be macrobes!”

“Yes! Teeheehee!” Teri smiled as they walked through the middle school hallways.

“Well, technically we are big walking colonies of microbes, a colony that became smart and can do amazing things like launch rockets to outer space and be aware of itself.”

“It is amazing, I know! Even though I am not made out of cells…” Teri said.

“True… You are a paper bear… Sorry…” Suko lowered his head.

“It’s ok. I am wondering what fungi we will find outside.” Teri said as they got closer to the exit door.

“I hope we find the biggest fungi out there! Did you know that fungi are…”

“The largest organisms on Earth? Some are!”

“Yes! Because of the mycelium. It’s huge! I remember in an episode of Ben 10, I don’t know if you have seen it, where they fight against this giant fungi underground.” Suko was speaking fast, but despite that, Teri was able to follow with no problem.

“I really like that show. It’s been a while since I have seen it but I remember that episode. They ended up fighting against this, like, giant fungi core.”

“What was your favorite alien?” Suko asked.

“The little alien. Gray Matter?” Teri said.

“Yes. My favorite was Ghostfreak.” Suko said, making a scary movement with his fingers, which Teri found silly but adorable.

Teri and Suko went to the local store to find some plastic bags, gloves, and tweezers. Suko and Teri used their own money that their respective parents would give them on the weekends to buy these utensils. Teri and Suko then walked through the suburb of Elmore, and because Teri knew more about Elmore than Suko, she showed him the largest park in the city, in which they had a higher chance of finding fungi. The weather had been perfect, as it had been humid for a while. There were squirrels, and other people walking down the different paths. Leslie, the flower, and Molly, a big, brown, long-necked dinosaur, walked by and waved at Teri and Suko, smiling at them. There was also a walking maple leaf, smiling at nature, and a soda cop looking around to see if someone was causing trouble.

Teri guided Suko to a spot that was secluded and was more humid. Before they got there, Teri pulled out some gel and rubbed it on her hands and arms. Suko did the same after pulling out Teri’s gel. Teri noticed how Suko still had the bottle she had given him and smiled. “Well, here are all the fungi we can get.” Suko saw how all these weird fungi were spread around the area, which was a sort of glade. Some fungi were bright blue, and those looked dangerous. Others were your typical red toadstools with the white spots, and others looked like molds with red egg-shaped heads.

Suko was drawn to the mold. As he was getting closer to them, Teri stopped him. “Suko, don’t!” She said, covering her mouth with a hand. “Those are very dangerous. They can enter your respiratory system and…” But it was too late, as Suko had already gotten close to them and was about to cut them with his tweezers when they grew eyes and frowned at him.

“How dare you disturb our sleep?!” One of the mold heads said. “You little rascal!”

“Well, we were doing our homework and wanted a piece of you to show our teacher. Can we?” Suko said, playing with his tweezers.

“NO!” One of the mold said. Suddenly, a long arm of the mold came out of the ground and wrapped around Suko, waving him around.

“Waah! Help!” Suko yelled.

“Stop it! Please!” Teri implored. “We promise we won’t disturb you again.”

After hearing those words, the mold let go of Suko, who fell to the ground and hit himself. “Ouch!” He said, with a purple eye.

“Next time you disturb us we won’t relent!” The mold said, and went back to sleep.

Suko felt embarrassed, and decided to apologize to Teri. “I am sorry, Teri. I didn’t know.”

“Don’t worry. I am glad you are okay.” She smiled at Suko. "Just promise me you will not try to grab them again, okay?”

“I promise.” Suko said, and both continued looking for fungi. They both chose these shelf looking fungi, and the toadstool. It was unlikely that Leslie and the others would get these, as almost no one entered this spot that Teri knew about. Suko admired Teri for her knowledge of all these areas where one could find different life-forms, and felt happy that they shared this proclivity to find things out.

“Okay, we have enough to complete our homework. You can do the shelf fungi while I do the toadstool, then tomorrow we meet again to put our work together. Sounds like a plan?”

“Yes, sounds like a plan.” Suko said, and both walked back through the suburb until they had to part ways.

“I will see you tomorrow, Suko.” Teri said.

“I will see you tomorrow!” Suko said, and after they both lingered for a second longer, looking at each other, they went in different directions.

Suko felt like their homework was somehow lacking, as there were more interesting fungi in that area Teri had shown him. He remembered that Teri told him not to touch the mold anymore, but he also wanted them both to get the best grade from miss Simian. Suko also felt like this would impress Teri, especially if he was able to persuade the mold to give him a piece of themselves. So without much further ado, Suko went back to the park.

The glade was growing darker, and some of the fungi were glowing in the dark. The mold were still there, sitting in the ground close to a large chunk of bark from a dead tree. Suko could hear them snore, and he thought it was funny.

Suko cleared his throat, and began speaking: “good evening, my friends.” He began, “I wanted to make a request: could you please give me at least some tissue from yourselves? Just a little bit. Please! We want to get an A, and… and…” Suko blushed, thinking of how he wanted to impress Teri. But he was awakened from his reverie when the mold woke up and said: “Fuck off you fox. We will not give you anything!”

“Pretty please?” Suko pleaded, clasping his hands.


“Do it for science…”

“We said no!”

“Do it for me….” Suko continued.

“We. Said. NOOOOOO!” The mold’s thunderous voice was so loud that birds and other small animals were scared away from the area.

Suko grew irritated that these mold were so unreasonable. After all, what’s a piece of tissue? It’s insignificant. Suko remembered back in elementary when he had donated some of his fur for research, and it did not affect him at all, as he was able to regrow more.

“You asked for it, I will get that tissue whether you like it or not!” And Suko threw himself at the fungi, gloves in hand and tweezers ready to tweeze.

“Get off us you rascal!” The mold said in chorus.

Suko was then able to get a piece of the mold, part of the tip from one of their tentacles. “yes!” Suko was excited. Suddenly, Suko felt the ground shake, as in an earthquake, and the ground opened. A large beast-shaped tangle of mycelium emerged, with the mold on the head and the back of the creature. It then let out an inhuman roar.
“Oops!” Suko said and began to run. “Ruuuuun!” He was yelling from the top of his lungs.

The mold beast chased him out of the park, and through the streets. The mold beast and Suko passed by the donut cop, who radioed his partners to come to his aid.

“Looks like we have some moldy cat and a fox running on the street. Looks dangerous, ten four.” The donut cop said and jumped into his patrol car and began chasing them as well, sirens on. Later, two more patrol cars joined the chase, their sirens blasting.

“Wheeoooh wheeeooooh wheeeoooh!” The neighborhood homes were painted with a constantly morphing red and blue. They were about to pass by Penny’s house, and Penny went to the window to check the source of the commotion, and saw Suko running, being chased by the mold beast, and then three patrol cars with sirens blasting.

“Oh no…” Penny said and prepared to exit her house to Suko’s aid. She called Gumball for help. After explaining everything to Gumball, they hung up and Penny left home to join the chase.

Chapter Text

Suko was being chased by a mold beast, three patrol cars, and a huge dragon. It was Penny! “Yes! I am saved!” Suko felt safe now. He wanted to use his fire attacks like he used with the clover elves, but they did not work. “Why can’t I use them?!” Suko had thought, exasperated, and scared. But now that Penny was here, things were looking up.

The donut cop shot his gun at the beast. The bullets went through the beast, which made it screech. But the bullets were shot back, as the mycelium skin of the beastspit them back. The bullets punctured the tires of the cop cars, causing them to turn on the air and fall upside down.

“Rats!” The donut cop yelled. “Let’s run!” Donut cop led the chase with his partners, but they quickly grew tired as Penny passed them, a strong wind following her.

Penny tried to shoot fire at the mold beast, but the creature was agile and evaded the attack. The beast shot mushroom bullets at Penny, which she was able to burn. These were cooked and fell to the ground, only to be caught by an old purple person with antlers, who ate them and loved them.

Other three patrol cars joined the chase, which annoyed Penny, as she did not want to give explanations to her father, Patrick Fitzgerald. Suddenly, another car appeared. It was Nicole Watterson, with Gumball and Darwin inside. Nicole was intent on running over the mold beast. As Nicole approached the beast with the car, the beast shot spores which quickly grew into another mycelium which trapped Nicole’s car. “Goddamit!” Nicole cursed.

Penny then got closer to Suko and fetched him with her mouth and put him on her back. “Are you alright?” Penny asked.

“Yeah, I was just being chased by a mold monster. I am so much alright.” Suko said, panting.

The monster then stopped, and after a few seconds, more mycelium began to grow on the streets. Mold heads began appearing on some houses. The inhabitants were terrified. Helicopters showed up, with searchlights. “Everyone, clear the area!” A booming voice declared.

“STOOOOP!” A high pitched voice was heard. It was Teri and her parents. Teri had a tank full of mold killer. “Leave our town alone or you will regret it you disgusting sickness bearing creature!”

The mold beast stopped spreading its spores, looked at Teri, and tilted its heads. “Why shall we do it? Why shall I spare you when you all wanted to tear pieces of us away when that is so painful to us?!”

“We told you we would leave you alone!” Teri insisted.

“But this fox kid came back and began assaulting me!” The beast said, pointing at Suko. “This motherfucker came back to take part of us away!”

Everyone then looked at Suko. “Oops…” Suko was sweating.

“I told you not to go back.” Teri said, crossing her arms and frowning at Suko. “Why did you do that?”

Suko swallowed. He was so embarrassed. Now Teri and everyone else were going to hate him. His chances of being with Teri were crushed. But also, Gumball, Darwin, and Penny were going to be upset with him.

“I am sorry. I caused a lot of trouble for everyone.” Suko said, lowering his head.

“Yes, a lot of houses were damaged because you didn’t listen to me.” Teri raised her voice.

“I just wanted us to get the highest grade possible. I know we can do it. That’s why I gave it a try.” Suko looked to the side, embarrassed. “I wanted us to have the most amazing fungus sample and impress everyone.”

Teri sighed, her eyes squinting while she looked away from Suko.

“Teri, don’t be too harsh with him. Suko just told you right now that he wants you two to succeed.” Penny said, her sweet voice like honey, as she was back to her normal fairy form.

“Yeah! Like you are one to talk, Teri!” Gumball jumped into the action. “You have also caused us problems with your germaphobia. ‘Ooooo! Look at my intergalactic gel!’” Gumball imitated Teri, turning into a paper cat, waving his arms.

Darwin jumped in as well, “Look at me using my gel to ward of the microbes! I am so scared of getting sick! Bwaaa!” He also became a paper fish. Gumball and Darwin began to laugh and roll on the floor. Teri clenched her paper fists and her teeth and left angrily.

“Teri! Wait!” Suko wanted to get closer to Teri, but she interrupted him. “Leave me alone.” Teri said and got inside her mother’s Mercedes. Suko watched as the Mercedes drove away. His eyes began to tear up.

“I am sorry, Suko…” Gumball said. “I think I screwed things up.”

“Yeah, you did.” Darwin said. Gumball then slapped him. “Ouch! I mean, yes, we did…”

Suko’s face was wet with tears. “Leave me alone.” Teri had said. Those words pierced him to the bottom of his soul. He felt crushed.

The mold beast was gone. And everyone left save for Penny, Gumball, Darwin, and Nicole. Nicole was the first one to speak. “Sweetheart. I am sorry that happened. You are welcome to come with us and sleep over if you want. You must be tired.”

A trace of a smile appeared on Suko’s face, and he nodded. “Thanks, Mrs. Watterson…” His voice was faint.

On the way to the Watterson residence, Gumball thought about what happened, and about Suko’s feelings for Teri. Gumball was never explicitly told by Suko that he liked Teri, but he could tell. Gumball remembered all those times he had gotten into trouble for trying to impress Penny. Sometimes he failed miserably. But in the end, things were alright. Gumball placed a hand on Suko’s shoulder, and told him: “Man, you will be fine. She will get over it and you two will be as happy as you were today on the hallways at school.”

“Easy for you to say that, after you and Darwin had the brilliant idea of making fun of her.” Suko said, looking outside the window.

“What Gumball says is true.” Penny said, “However, Suko, you will have to do something about it. You can’t wait for her to get over it like this one here said.” Penny then put a fist on Gumball’s head, affectionately.

“Well, what is it that I should do?”

“Why did you go back for that fungi after she told you not to bother with it?” Penny asked, not accusingly but trying to help Suko figure out the answer.

“Well, as I said, I wanted us to get the best grade, an A, and I wanted to impress her.”

“And I got a piece of the fungi for you!” Gumball said, showing a piece of the mycelium.

“But that’s not what I want, Gumball. I want a section of the mold itself, the most obviously moldy part of the mold.” Gumball then lowered his head.

“Well, Teri has always been afraid of microbes, and has an obsession with cleanliness.” Penny said. “I think she was pissed off that you disregarded that fear of hers, and her being angry did not help with listening to your reasons. And added to that, these two made fun of her.” Penny said, frowning at Gumball and Darwin.

When they arrived at Gumball’s house, they went straight to Gumball’s room, while Nicole stayed downstairs to watch the Teletubbies with Richard. Anais came into the room shortly afterwards.

“We must get that beast to give us one of its heads, at least one.” Penny said. “We have two more days before the homework is due. On the last day, I am sure you will have most of the information down and you will be able to put it together with Teri.”

“And how exactly will I convince the beast to give me a part of its body? It already said no. Pretty damn clearly as we all saw.” Suko said.

“We can just draw it.” Darwin said.

“But even though a drawing would be enough to be valid for the project, I want the real deal, to make sure the monkey lady has no excuse to give us a mediocre grade.” Suko said.

“Teri would do the job.” Penny said. “She has a good way with these things.”

Suko then remembered how Teri had spoken to the mold and convinced it to be quiet. “But she is pissed at me, and she will get even more pissed if I suggest that we go back to get the mold.”

“She was not concerned about the mold itself, she was concerned about the mold getting pissed off and causing a disaster.” Penny said. “So if you two can get reconciled, I am sure she will be open to the idea.”

“I don’t know what to tell her, she probably hates me now.” Suko said, sighing.

“I don’t think she is as pissed at you as you think. Tomorrow you will see.” Penny said. Suddenly, they heard honking outside. It was Patrick Fitzgerald coming to pick up Penny. Gumball and Penny kissed goodbye before she left.

During that night, Suko thought about what he would tell Teri. Teri was a germaphobe, a hypochondriac as well. Suko did not know how to approach the situation. Thinking hard, he eventually fell asleep. The next morning, while at school, Suko spotted Teri, and timidly went to her.

“Teri, hi.” Suko said.

Teri looked at Suko, and lowered her head. “Hi.” She said, then walked off.

“Wait! I wanted to talk to you, about last night.” Suko said.

“We don’t have time for that, Suko, we have to finish that project.” Teri said, sighing.

“I am sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have disregarded you. Look.” Suko said, swallowing. “I know you are really scared of disease, of dirtiness. It feels awful. It’s like, you think that at any moment, you will lose your life.”

After a pause, Teri nodded. “Yes, I feel afraid of disease all the time.”

“I know it feels lonely when your fears are made to seem small, or when others make fun of you.”

“It does.” Teri sighed again. She paused for a while. “But I was not afraid I was going to get infected.”

Suko did not expect that. “How do you mean?”

“What I said: I was not afraid I was getting infected.” Teri paused, then looked at Suko. “I was scared you would.”

Suko felt a hint of a smile draw on his face, but he suppressed it lest Teri thought Suko was mocking her. “Then why did you sound angry when you were talking to me? You didn’t sound worried to me.”

“Well, duh, there was a huge monster causing chaos in the city because some little fox thought it would be a good idea to anger a mold after I warned him about it.” Teri said.

“I am sorry…” Suko scratched his head.

“I am sorry for having been so harsh yesterday.” Teri said.

“I am even sorrier than you are.” Suko said.

“Don’t start…” Teri said, crossing her arms.


“Stop!” Teri raised her voice.

“Okay, I will go and talk to that mold again.” Suko said, making as if he was going back to the park.

“So you mean to tell me you will be a truant today?” Teri said, raising an eyebrow.

“Nah, not today. Maybe tomorrow.” Suko said, dumbly, as he loved how Teri looked when raising an eyebrow. Her eyes were half closed when she did so, and Suko flushed at the sight of that.

“Oh stop it now.” Teri said as they were walking to class.

“By the way. What do you think of Tobias?” Suko asked casually.

“He is an insufferable little creature.” Teri said, clenching her fists. “He is always harassing all the girls. He is narcissistic, he thinks he is better than what he really is.” Teri then made a gagging sound, and a grimace, which for some strange reason Suko thought it was the cutest thing ever.

“Do you think he looks like a walking mass of pubes?” Suko dared to ask that.

Teri laughed out loud, then said “Eww! Yes, he does.”

“He was born through his father shaving himself down there. It fell on the water of the shower, near the drainage, and after gathering some dust particles, his own mom’s pubes, and light, it became alive!” Suko said the last word louder than the rest.

“You are so mean!” Teri kept laughing, and even though she thought it was all gross, she had never heard a joke about Tobias that to her mind kinda made sense. “So he is some kind of Frankenstein monster now in addition to being a narc jerk?”

“He is Frankenpubes!” Suko said. Teri stopped and covered her mouth. She then reclined against a locker while she laughed.

“You two are so mean.” A voice said. It was Gumball with Penny.

“Look who is talking, last night you said Mr. Steve Small was marihuana smoke come alive.” Suko angrily pointed at Gumball.

“But what do we have here!” Tobias got close. “Two babes and two faggots.”

“Get lost, Tobias.” Penny said.

“Not without you, babe…” Tobias said, and then proceeded to make kissing sounds. Gumball got irritated.

“Stop this or I will stop you.” Gumball said, clenching his teeth.

“Ooooo…. Look at how afraid I am… And there is this other babe over here.” Tobias said, getting closer to Teri, and before he proceeded to get closer to smell her, Tobias was hit by a big history book. “Ouch!”

Penny threatened to hit Tobias again if he didn’t stop, and he left running for the classroom, which was two classrooms away. Nothing eventful happened during class, except for Simian yelling “GUMBAAAAAAALL!” because Gumball was talking to Darwin and Suko.

After class, Suko and Teri met at the park. Suko brought gloves, and Teri brought transparent plastic bags. “Are you ready, Teri?” Suko asked, gulping.

“I am not sure… I will try my best.” Teri said, shaking.

“I am here to help if anything happens.” Suko said, thinking he sounded brave.

When they went to where the mold was resting, Teri took the lead and went directly up to the mold. After clearing her throat, she began. “Mr. Mold, do you have a minute?”

After a couple of seconds, she got a response. “What do you want?”

“Last day, my friend had come here to ask you for one of your pieces, or one of your heads. Could you please at least give us half of one? You can regrow it again… Pretty please?” Teri asked, making an innocent face, her eyelashes shifting with her eyes blinking.

“No, no, and NO!”

“I have an idea.” Suko said. “Mr. Mold. Why don’t you come with us to school the day after tomorrow?”

“Suko! No!” Teri said.

“Chill! It will be fine.” Suko said, putting his hands up as if saying “relax”.

“What was that?” The mold said.

“Yes! You can come with us to school. We need you for our homework, we needed to show fungi samples, and we thought you look awesome and that would give us an A. After the session is over, you can come back in peace.”

“But….” The mold began. It’s voice showed nervousness, which neither Suko nor Teri had seen before in the creature. “But… What if the city-dwellers hurt me?” The creature said in a voice that trembled.

“You are afraid of them? They are afraid of you!” Suko said, pointing to the mold creature.

“I am indeed scared. I don’t want to get burned or hurt.” The mold said.

“Aha! I found you!” Tobias showed up, holding a flamethrower. “I am the one who will get an A this time.”

“How in the name of Neal Stephenson did you find this place?!” Suko demanded to know.

“Who’s that?” Teri asked.

“He is the author of the book I am currently reading, ‘Anathem’. It’s really good, it’s about parallel universes and aliens, and…”

“I am here because I overheard your conversation at school, and… and… I hate you for calling me those names!!!” Tobias was furious.

“What names? Frankenpubes?” Suko said, nonchalantly.

“Wraaaaaaarrgh!” Tobias then charged at Suko. Suko then moved to the side and put one leg to make Tobias trip, which did happen. Tobias fell into a puddle of mud. “Curse you! You little fox!” Tobias growled. “I will get the A and I will get all the babes to go out with me!!” Tobias then threw himself toward the mold creature, and he was about to turn on his flamethrower.

“Nooooo….!” Suko said, in slow motion, and threw himself to protect the mold creature from the fire. The fire enveloped Suko, while the mold found cover elsewhere.

“Suko!!” Teri cried.

“Hahahaha! I eliminated one of the losers! Next time will be that stupid blue cat and his orange bastard brother.” Tobias laughed triumphantly, gnawing his hands like the villain he was. But that laughter gave way to horror when he saw that Suko was unharmed. “W-what?! What in the fucking world?!”

“It seems like the one who laughs better is the one who has the last laugh, Fran-KEN-Puuubes!” Suko then shot a fire-ball through his finger after shaping his hand like a gun, and the ball sent Tobias running as his butt was burning.

“Help me! Someone help me please!” Tobias yelled as he ran away.

Teri then ran towards Suko, who was on the floor with some burns. “How did you do that?” Teri said, amazed. “It was, fire coming out of your hand?!”

“Don’t you remember the other day, when Gumball mentioned that?”

“Yes, but it being Gumball I thought he was being… well, Gumball.”

Suko then chuckled at that. “You got a point there!”

The mold beast then emerged from the ground. Teri and Suko were terrified, and hugged each other for protection. They were shaking. But after a few seconds passed without anything painful going on, they opened their eyes to find the mold beast kowtowing to them both.

“How can I repay you for saving my life?” The mold beast said.

“You can come with us to school when the project is due, that way we can get the A.” Suko said, rapidly.

“I will, I will!” The mold beast said. “Thank you, little fox. I will forever be grateful to you and your friend the paper bear.”

“Not a problem!” Suko said, and then he left with Teri.

“You did it!” Teri said, jumping happily.

“No, you did it.” Suko said.

“How?! You were the one who protected the creature from Tobias.”

“Well, you told me not to go there the first time around. I disregarded that warning, did my thing, creature followed me, blah blah blah. That’s how I learned the creature could walk on four legs!”

Teri rolled her eyes and sighed. “I guess, if you put it like THAT.” She then smiled at Suko.

Teri and Suko worked on the part of the project with the other two fungi, and the next day Suko invited the big mold creature to sleep over his house so that he could get the information on it. It was almost as if Suko was interviewing the creature.

Once the project was due, Suko went to school mounted on the mold creature. All of the students and teachers made way for them. Not because Suko and Moldy, as he came to be called, were some kind of royalty, but because they were scared to death of Moldy, as they had seen the news with their families. Suko was a little behind Gumball, Penny, and the rest, and when he came into the classroom mounted on Moldy, Miss Simian let out a loud “Aaaaaaaaah!” and fainted.

“So I guess we got an A!” Suko said.

“How do you know?” Darwin asked. “She fainted, man!”

“Because she said the letter A when she screamed!” Suko said, giggling at his own joke. This made most of the class laugh, except for Tobias, who was skulking on the corner, showing the middle finger at Suko and licking his lips and making slurping sounds as he looked at Penny and Teri with desire.

Suddenly, Mr. Brown, the principal, came running in panic. He was sweating profusely through his thick coat of brown fur, and after seeing the body of Miss Simian on the ground, went to fetch her and took her away. “Miss Simian! My love! Wake up please!” Mr. Brown could be heard screaming in the hallways of Elmore Junior High. And that became know as the day Miss Simian fainted.

Chapter Text

A bit more than a couple of weeks passed after the day Miss Simian fainted. During that time, Gumball, Darwin, Penny, Carrie, and Suko, hung out together at the park, or at the mall. One day, while at Gumball’s room, they exchanged numbers with Suko.

“Do you have Personbook?” Gumball asked Suko.

“Yes, let me find myself on yours.” Suko said while Gumball passed him his smartphone. The screen was cracked, and there was a lot of scratches on the edges. It even looked like someone had bit into it. “Someone was really hungry here.” Suko said drily.

“It was Darwin.” Gumball said, pointing to Darwin.

“No, it was you. You are the only one that would bite into a cellphone.” Suko said, while searching for himself on Gumball’s Personbook. Suko added himself and accepted the request on his own.

“Suko Nakamura. Very well.” Gumball said. Penny and the rest did the same, and now they all had Suko on their Personbook. Gumball was looking through Suko’s feed, and looking through his memes. Some of the memes puzzled Gumball, as they showed a gorilla named Harambe being massacred. Others showed a green humanoid frog and a flag that vaguely resembled the Nazi flag. The one that made Gumball crack up was one where Arthur the aardvark was showing his teeth in anger, fist clenched, while Vegeta was on the second panel below, bleeding and moribund. Penny did not get it as she had never seen Dragon Ball, but Carrie did, and she and Gumball could not stop laughing.

“You share good memes.” Carrie told Suko while looking deeper into Suko’s feed. “So… When are you and Teri going to date?” Carrie said casually.

“I don’t know. She probably likes someone else though…” Suko said, unsure of himself.

“Come on! You don’t even believe that yourself! These past days you and her have been talking a lot on the hallways. You two seem really into whatever you are talking about… And your looks, I mean, the way you two look at each other. It’s so…” Carrie then stopped to think of the right word.

“Cute, adorable!” Darwin said.

“Well, I have only known her for a month, as I have barely been here a month.” Suko said, trying to deflect the main point. “Besides, it’s probably you fooling yourself into thinking she likes me.”

“How can you say that?! Dude…! It’s like, so obvious she is into you. Like, remember that one time you stayed behind to talk to Simian about some history shit? Well… Remember how Teri was waiting for you right there in the room?”

“Aaaand….?” Suko said, trying to hide a smile. He knew what Carrie meant, but he wanted the reaffirmation.

“What do you mean with ‘Aaaand?’” Carrie did an imitation of Suko, making him sound like a baby crying. “No one else waited for you! Everyone was so anxious to leave, but Teri waited for you.”
“Well, true, but maybe she only did it because she sees me as a really cool guy, but like, as only a friend. Doesn’t mean she finds me hot.” Suko said, shrugging.

“Dude… She did that like… twice?” Carrie rolled her eyes.

“Three times.” Darwin corrected his girlfriend.

“Yeah, whatever. She waits there for you, when she has never done that for anyone. That girl is so obsessed with her microbes, gels, and illnesses to give a shit about anything and anyone else. But there she was, waiting for you.”

“You make her sound like Masami, Carrie.” Penny said. “Teri might be a bit self-absorbed, but she is a really nice girl.”

“Yeah, but my point is that I had never seen her THAT interested in someone else.” Carrie responded.

“I still think you all are overthinking it.” Suko said.

“What were you two doing at the lab a couple of days ago during lunch?” Darwin asked.

“Looking at microbes.” Suko said. “She was showing me some bugs that we found on a banana peel.”

“And what were you two doing at the library in the computers?” Gumball asked, getting in front of Darwin.

“What’s this?! Some kind of police interrogation?!” Suko threw his hands. “I was showing her pictures of baby stars in stellar nurseries!”

“Oh, and let’s not forget something else…” Penny said, looking up and holding her chin. “Yesterday I saw her with a copy of the same book you are reading.” Penny said while pointing to Suko’s copy of “Anathem” by Neal Stephenson.

“Well, she might have just gotten bored and chosen a thick book to read, and thought it was easy to simply copy me. That’s it.” Suko said.

“Whatever, man.” Carrie said.

“Why are you so dense?! It’s so obvious!!” Gumball turned into a monster with fire surrounding him.

“Look who’s talking, Gumball.” Penny said. “You made up a bunch of rationalizations about my hints to you.”

Suko thought about how Teri was reading “Anathem” just as he was. What if she got bored with it and thought Suko was boring too? What if she felt intimidated by all the terms like “Concent” and “Hylaean Theoric World” and others that abound in the book? Suko expressed these doubts to his friends.

“You two spend your lunches looking at microbes for fuck’s sake!!!” Gumball yelled.

Suko then started laughing at how that sentence came out, which caused Gumball to laugh as well, and everyone else followed suit. Penny created a group chat with everyone involved. “Do you want me to add Teri?” Penny asked Suko.

“No! I mean… it would be nice, but she will probably think it’s weird.” Suko said, his hands in front of his body, moving sideways. After a moment’s thought, Suko asked Penny: “Do you have Teri on your friends list?”

“Yes! I have all the cheerleaders.” Penny said. “You want to see her right…?” Penny said, elbowing Suko.

“Yeah…” Suko blushed. Penny showed Suko Teri’s feed. Her profile picture was an anime-style lucky cat. Teri had some pictures of herself listening to music, or smiling. Suko sighed and blushed even more, to the point were he fell on top of Darwin as he couldn’t contain himself.

“Hey!” Darwin yelled and slapped Suko. Suko slapped him back.

Penny allowed Suko to look through Teri’s feed for a little bit, and Suko opened the messages tab to send a message to Teri, which said “Do you kno da wae?”, but Penny took the phone away from Suko and erased the message before it could be sent.

After some time, the topic of Suko’s room was brought up by Gumball, for some reason. “We have never been to you room. It’s always mine! Always mine! It’s time we go to your house.”

“Well, it’s complicated… but…” Suko did not want to get into it.

“What do you mean it’s complicated? Come on! Don’t be so pansy about it!” Gumball insisted.

“How about you shut the fuck up and stop insisting with this bullshit of going to my house?” Suko said, pointing at Gumball accusingly.

“We will go to your house whether you like to or not!” Gumball got up.

“No, you sit down and shut up, bitch!” Suko said bitch with so much gravitas, with the letter “b” pronounced with emphasis, with oomph. Carrie was even reminded of how Jesse Pinkman sounded on Breaking Bad.

After Suko got up to leave, he was followed by Darwin, Carrie, Gumball, and Penny. The girls were facepalming, and Suko kept looking to his back to make sure he was not being followed. Suko kept trying to take detours to multiple places: the mall, the school, the parks, the police station, hoping that Gumball would stop because of the intimidation that authority brings, but Gumball did not stop. “Are you some kind of faggot or something? Quit your shit, jackass!”

“Why don’t you want to show us your room?!” Gumball asked, pleadingly.

“Because fuck you! That’s why!”

Suko kept walking, until they reached his house. Suko gave up. He was exhausted from all the walking, and he needed water, food, and he needed to pee. His bladder was about to burst so he had no choice but to go in his house. Suko rapidly went inside. Gumball threw himself towards the entrance, but before Gumball could get in, Suko closed the door, causing Gumball to crash against it, his face flat like a pizza. Suko quickly locked the door, and he could hear Gumball yelling: “One day we will enter! You will see!”

“Whatever! Try if you can, bitch!” Suko yelled back and went to the restroom.

What Suko had forgotten about was that Carrie could go through walls. After walking for some distance with her friends, she decided to leave to her house.. It was getting dark and chilly. In reality, Carrie was genuinely curious as to why Suko was so resistant to inviting his friends to his house. Carrie was not doing this to tell her friends about it. It was genuine concern, as Suko had been so sweet before turning into a Pinkman. So Carrie went inside Suko’s house, and saw him exiting the restroom. Suko did not see Carrie, as he was distracted and Carrie hid inside a bookshelf.

The living room was spacious, with bookshelves, lamps, sofas, and a big smart television. Suko went to the kitchen to get some water, and then ran upstairs. Carrie followed him slowly, making sure to stay out of sight.

“Mom! Dad! I am back!” Suko said. He spoke to two closed doors that were sideways from each other.

“How was the day?” A woman’s voice, Suko’s mother, asked.

“Fine.” Suko said, curtly.

“Hi, dad…!” Suko said to the door on the right.

“Hey.” The father responded.

Suko then ran to the room all the way to the end of the hallway, on the end of a long and dark corridor.

“Do they sleep in separate rooms?” Carrie asked herself. She knew Darwin’s parents slept in the same bedroom, and thought this was not normal. Carrie followed Suko to his room, and hid herself inside a large ventriloquist doll. Suko took his tennis off, and threw them to the opposite wall. He then threw his backpack to the corner, and threw himself in bed. “Okay…? That was a little aggressive.” Carrie thought.

Suko’s room was full of drawings. The drawings were impressive for a 12 year old. They depicted creatures of all kinds. Some had antlers, others had horns and bat wings. There was no color in any of them. He also had a large bookshelf filled with books. Some books were also stacked on the floor. Next to his window, there was a fat telescope. The ceiling had those phosphorescent stars and planets, and a picture of Saturn with its moons was next to his bed. In Suko’s bed, there were some stuffed animals: a gray fox, a brown bear, and a white cat with blue eyes.

“What is the deal then?” Carrie thought, as she was not seeing anything too horrible. Suddenly, Suko began talking to one of his stuffed animals, the cat.

“I wish my parents loved each other. I am scared, Snowy, I am scared that they will break off, and that they will hurt each other. I wish they could get over that petty nonsense.” Suko said, and then broke off sobbing, hugging the white stuffed cat.

“Oh… no…” Carrie thought. She waited for Suko to be turned away, and then, when Suko was asleep, she floated through the window. “No wonder he does not want to bring us here.” Carrie thought. Carrie wanted to tell Darwin and the rest to cut their crap off, but at the same time, they would demand an explanation of her, and she did not want to violate Suko’s privacy like that. In the end, she decided to tell them that they needed to stop, and that it was none of their business.

“But he is our friend!” Gumball insisted when Carrie brought it up the following day at school. Suko was not sitting with his friends today. They had seen him in class, and talked casually, but during lunch he had disappeared after saying he was going to the restroom.

“Gumball…” Penny broke in. “Just leave it alone. Respect Suko’s privacy if he is not comfortable opening up yet.”

Gumball sighed, and gave up for now. “I wish he would reply to us at least! I have been texting him and he does not reply!”

Carrie thought about speaking to Teri about it. Carrie and Teri did not speak much, but they were in good terms, so she went to look for Teri. Carrie knew that Suko had to open up about whatever was going on at home, and if there was someone Suko could trust, it was Teri. It was a gamble, but worth the try.

Carrie found Teri, and told her about what happened. “Teri, he was crying, holding his stuffed animal. You got to talk to him. He sounded so afraid and sad.”

“Oh no… Suko….” Teri lowered her head. She then realized Carrie had gotten inside Suko’s house without his consent. “But why did you go inside his house to spy on him like that?!” Teri raised her voice. “He did not give you any permission to go into his house… let alone his room!”

“I am sorry, Teri, I had to, I was genuinely concerned.” Carrie said.

“Concerned about what?” Teri said, putting her hands on her hips, frowning at Carrie. “About violating Suko’s privacy?”

“No! Not that. He was acting strange yesterday when we were at Gumball’s house.”

“Well, Suko is strange, but, a nice kind of strange.” Teri smiled and put her hands to her face. “Of course he was acting strange.”

“You don’t get it, Teri, he sounded angry!” Carrie said, exasperated at Teri’s innocence.

“Oh… I see now.” Teri seemed concerned.

“You can message him on Personbook.” Carrie said. Carrie did not mention that she had Suko’s phone number, as she feared Teri might get upset at her and misunderstand. Carrie did not know whether Teri had Suko’s number.

Teri grabbed her smartphone, and looked Suko up. Teri found him, and sent him a friend request. “Hopefully he accepts soon.” Teri said, sighing.

“So… Teri… tell me… What do you think of Suko?” Carrie asked.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Teri seemed puzzled by the question.

“God! You are so innocent! Do you like him?!”

Teri then drew more blush lines on her face, and sweat drops. “Well…”

“You do, right?”

“Stop it!” Teri said, covering her cheeks with her hands. “I…” Teri wanted to say “I do!” but she was scared of being overheard by someone else. “I am not sure…” That’s all Teri said.

“Right, that’s why you two spend most lunch breaks together.” Carrie was not impressed by Teri’s response.

“It’s none of your business, okay?” Teri squinted at Carrie.

Teri thought about Suko. She was indeed into Suko. She loved his adorable face, his short size (he was shorter than her), his voice, and his insatiable curiosity, as displayed by his always carrying a book. Teri was engrossed by Stephenson’s “Anathem” and the biggest reason was that it provided a window into Suko’s world. Thanks to the “Anathem” book, Teri learned that Suko valued books and learning, intelligence, and curiosity. However, Teri was emotionally intelligent enough to know these were superficial things at the end of the day. When Teri met Suko, he had expressed interest in her germaphobia. He had asked her about it and even took the time out of his lunch to go with her to the library and learn about her interests. Teri remembered Suko rubbing his chin as he peered inside the microscope with her, and she loved how he tilted his head when she would tell him a fact about a microbe. And now Carrie was telling her that Suko felt afraid every time he was at home, afraid of losing his family and his parents getting hurt through divorce. Teri thought Suko did not deserve to go through that, that he deserved better.

“He…” Teri began. “He’s such a great guy…!” Teri then began to feel her heart flutter, skip a beat, and began to panic. Carrie then went the other way, not realizing that Tobias was listening in to the conversation.

“Now I can humiliate Suko!” Tobias thought, and ran away.

Teri was running, crying, to Ms. Markham’s nurse office. The bespectacled band-aid nurse rolled her eyes after seeing Teri.

“What now…?” Markham sighed. “Let me guess, you got a pimple and you think it’s skin cancer?”

“My heart is fluttering…” Teri said, sweating. “I think I have atrial fibrillation.”

“You don’t have any of the risk factors… girl.” Markham said. “Last time you thought you had eye cancer when the lights went out in the classroom.”

“Please check me… Please…. My mom told me it can happen at any age….”

“ANY disease can happen at any age. That’s why they are called risk factors. Risk being the key word. It does not say absolute certainty factors.” Markham said as she was listening through the stethoscope. Teri’s heart was sighing. Literally. Not out of exhaustion, but because of a crush. “You just have a crush.”

“What?!” Teri got alarmed. “My heart is crushed?!”

“If there was a real diagnosis for you, aside from hypochondria, it would be deafness! I said you have a crush! On someone! Like when people like others in THAT way!” Markham said. “Geez!”

“But I don’t have a crush on anyone!” Teri lied.

“Lies. The heart does not lie, girl. Now, go and talk to your boyfriend and leave my nurse office for once in your life.” Markham said, frowning.

“He is not my boyfriend!” Teri raised her voice. She then realized what she did.

“You told on yourself.” Markham said. “Get out.”

After school, Teri was walking home. She noticed Suko had accepted her friend request, and a smile instantly appeared on her face. Teri smiled even more when she was going through Suko’s Personbook feed: she saw his memes of Pepe the frog, of Harambe, and his Arthur memes too. She was also happy to see that Suko had images of anime, something which she enjoyed. Suko had pictures of Naruto, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball. Teri had never seen Dragon Ball, but she was interested in Digimon, which Suko had as his cover picture on his profile. Teri then found a picture of Suko sitting on a sofa, apparently on his living room. He looked cocky reading a book, which appeared to have a galaxy on the cover. Suko’s cocky smile for some reason made Teri feel tingling between her thighs. Her house was still a long way, and as time passed, she began to feel her clitoris throb, and her nipples harden. When she got home, she ran to her room, locked the door, and after downloading Suko’s picture, she began to touch herself, not before erasing the dress from her body. She rubbed her paper fingers on her paper vagina with one hand, and held the phone with Suko’s picture with another. Teri had masturbated before while looking at pictures of anime characters. She had pleasured herself when looking at images of Sasuke, of Naruto, of Itachi, of Haku, of Hinata, and of Temari. Teri imagined Suko and her hugging each other, embracing each other, of Suko’s boyish candy smell, of his smile, his voice, his eyes, his big ears, his fluffy tail. Teri wanted something that she thought might feel closer to the real thing. Teri then grabbed her brown teddy bear, and began to hump it while placing her phone right under her face. As she humped, her breath would make the phone screen foggy, and with each inhalation the fogginess on the screen would go away. Teri felt that sweet feeling between her legs with every hump, and the pleasure of that sweetness increased with Suko’s image. She was holding tight to the teddy bear, making sure the pleasant sweet feeling would stay. Teri began sweating as well. Teri tried to imagine Suko naked, with his penis hanging. She had always been curious about what guys looked like down there, and she felt even more curious about Suko’s penis. She had seen porn before, but she knew it was not the same thing to look at the penis in photos and drawings as it was to look at it in person, especially if it was from someone she cared about. Teri tried hard not to moan as she humped. After 5 minutes, Teri began to feel like her thighs were getting more wet as the seconds passed. Then she felt her orgasm, a sensation of slowly flying, of being in the clouds, on the arms of a god. “S…Suko…” Teri said, “Ahhh...” Teri’s hand was full of her juices, which she rubbed against her body. After some time, Teri fell asleep.

Teri woke up. She did not know what time it was. After walking to the window, it was growing dark. Teri then remembered she was supposed to text Suko on messenger. Teri opened Suko’s chat. She felt nervous about sending the first message. “What if he never replies?” She thought. Teri then remembered that they got along so well. They spent their lunches on the library, or at the lab. Sometimes those adventures would be initiated by Suko himself. So Teri thought it would be best for her to message him.

“Hi : )” Teri sent the first message. She made sure to add the happy face, to make sure the message was flirty enough without being obvious. After a few minutes, maybe ten, Suko replies.

“Ni hao! : D” Suko replied. Teri giggled at Suko’s silliness with using Chinese.

“How was your day? : 3” Teri replied.

Teri waited for a reply. Suko was taking his time writing something. What could it be? Would Suko open up to her? Would he send an essay of a text? She looked forward to learn about Suko, directly, from the primary source. Not because she wanted to hear gossip, but because she was concerned for Suko. Teri then felt nervous, but also happy, when Suko offered to meet up with her at the park to talk.

“What could it possibly be?” Teri thought. Teri replied that she would be there in a bit, and got ready to leave again. She only had to make sure her parents did not see her as it was already night.

Chapter Text

Teri and Suko met at the parking lot of the park, near a lamp post. The crickets were chirping, and the air was humid and cold. Suko and Teri waved at each other, and Teri smiled at the sight of Suko. Suko did so as well, albeit more timidly.

“Hi.” Teri said as she approached Suko. They walked through the park, noticing the owls, the small frogs hopping, and some people walking their pet.
“So tell me,” Teri started, “how are things, really?”

Suko swallowed some saliva. He was not sure where to start, and he was afraid of scaring Teri away with his problems. But he felt, from the bottom of his heart, that Teri would listen. Something inside Suko told him so, call it intuition, or a Socratic Daemon, not telling him to open up to Teri, but telling him not to stay guarded with Teri, as Daemons do not tell one what to do according the founder of the Academy. “My parents are weird.” Suko started now. “When I was six years old, a small peep, I got into all sorts of trouble because I was so hyperactive. I still am. I was in a school that was prestigious in the suburb where I lived. It was private, and everyone spoke about how awesome it was, and how the academic level was top notch. Well. I was bored with classes. In kindergarten, I had learned ninety percent of all the stuff they were teaching us in first grade, namely, letters, numbers, addition, etc. Same shit. I wanted to study more interesting stuff. I wanted to go into black holes, into white holes, into life in the universe, or on Earth. You know what happened one day? My nitwit Spanish teacher called my dad, concerned, because I was talking about ‘weird stuff.’” Suko said that last phrase with a mocking tone.

“And what was that stuff?” Teri asked.

“I was talking about how whales are not fish, because their tail fins are flat, unlike the tails of sharks and other actual fish. Whales are mammals. That was the weird stuff that so concerned her. She called my dad and told him that he should not push me too hard, that I should watch more cartoons instead.”

Teri facepalmed, and rolled her eyes. “What an idiot… that so-called teacher…”

“After time passed, I would simply lie to the teachers that I needed to go to the restroom, and I would just go to the library to read, or to look at pictures of stars and the human body.”

“Really?!” Teri asked, excited.

“Yes. And it got to the point where the school wanted to get rid of me. I made a drawing of some character from Mexican history, who carried a torch and a slab of stone on his back. The school psychologist was so dumb that she diagnosed me as a pyromaniac and that I was mentally retarded and had antisocial personality disorder.”

Teri raised her eyebrow. “What a quack psychologist. Reminds me of our nurse…” Teri said, shaking her head.

“I know I have some power with fire, but I don’t like burning things, Teri. I don’t derive joy from burning people for no reason.” Suko sounded anxious, and Teri caught that. His anxiety, Teri intuited, was not to cover up any pyromania. Teri allowed Suko to continue his story.

“My parents complained about these diagnoses, as they knew they were false. The school administrator gave my parents an ultimatum: Either they find the correct diagnosis and treat me, or the school would have to expel me. My parents then decided to take me to another psychologist, who diagnosed me with ADHD, tested my IQ, and proved I was not retarded. I do have ADHD, as I tend to get distracted.”

“You don’t have it, Suko.” Teri said. “You were just bored at school because they were not challenging you! The school is not challenging here either!”

“Well, I think I have it, but anyways… My parents decided to take me out of the school. But during this period of time, between the call and the day they took me out of that concentration camp, my parents were not the same. They were tense, stressed, and I felt like… I felt like…” Suko’s voice broke at this point. “I felt like they didn’t love me anymore, because there was something wrong with me. They have always had conflicts with each other. I remember when I was younger, my mom and my dad were arguing about ‘some other woman’, and ever since then they sleep in separate rooms. When we moved here, I thought they were going to divorce, as they are so petty with each other, so difficult, they don’t talk to each other, but instead do passive aggressive bullshit to each other. And to make matters worse, my mom constantly tries to win me over to her side. She always rants about my dad to me. She uses me as her emotional punching bag because she is afraid of confronting my dad.”

Teri kept listening to Suko, and was rubbing her own hands, looking at them.

“I love them, Teri, I really do, but… I am scared they will split, and sometimes I feel like it’s my fault, because I am… me! Because there must be something wrong with me… and I am not the child they wanted.” Suko then stopped, and so did Teri. Teri noticed Suko was tearing up. This moved Teri as well. Suko was cleaning his own tears, when he felt like something was enveloping him. It was Teri, with her paper arms around his shoulders. Teri tried not to do it too hard lest she tore apart, but hard enough to comfort Suko. Suko hugged her back, delicately, to not wrinkle Teri’s paper body. They stayed together like that, hugging, for some minutes. Suko was too absorbed with the emotions to notice that Teri, his crush, was hugging him, but nevertheless, the happiness he felt afterwards was too much to describe with mere words.
“It’s not your fault.” Teri said. “Whatever they do, it’s their business and their problem in the end. You have no fault in this. You are an awesome person, Suko. It must be horrible to feel like you are weird. Like some kind of freak, and then to carry with that guilt. But… There is nothing wrong with being weird, or a freak. Look at me.” Teri pointed at herself. “You know I am always scared of getting sick, and that I live in the nurse’s office.”

“You do! It is your second home.” Suko said, smiling.

“Dork.” Teri said, crossing her arms and showing her tongue at Suko. “Just kidding!” Teri and Suko laughed together. Teri then grew more serious. “When I was 7, my little sister of 5 died of pneumonia.”

Suko stayed silent for a moment. That made sense now, why she was scared of microbes and illnesses. It was not just to get attention, or to be funny. She was genuinely scared and there was a backstory.

“Ever since her death, I lost a big treasure, my companion, my best friend. I miss her so much, I wish she was still here with me.” Teri then began to tear up, and broke sobbing a moment afterwards. Suko got closer to her and hugged her in the same delicate manner as before. “We used to play hide and seek outside, and we would watch movies. My parents would get mad, saying she was too young to spend so much time outside. During winter days, they warned me several times that the cold could hurt her. Until one day one winter, we were playing outside while it was snowing, and she caught a bug. After a few days… she was gone.” Teri sobbed. “My parents blamed me for it, saying I was the oldest one, that I should have taken care of her better instead of having made that stupid decision to play outside.”

“But… you were a little girl too. You were innocent.” Suko tightened his hug. He felt what Teri was feeling. That same crushing sense of guilt. A guilt that gnaws at you, that lurks and in the worst moments pounces to you and makes you feel like the whole planet is against you in a trial. “You had no idea, no way, of controlling whether she would get sick and then die.”

“Thank you, Suko. Thank you. I wish I had heard that before, but… I am glad I am hearing it now. You know… I am a cheerleader. I am friends with Penny, with you, and Gumball and Darwin… they are… you know… their annoying selves. But they are my friends too. And I feel so lucky. But my sister was my companion. She understood me even though she was so young. She was so empathic. Now I feel like most people make fun of me and see me as just some crazy attention-seeking hypochondriac. But my sister and I were like peanut butter and jelly, like two against the world.”

“I feel like you and I are two against the world.” Suko ventured to say.

This surprised Teri. She blushed, and looked at Suko in the eye. Suko looked back at Teri. Their gaze was fixed for a while, and they both felt almost like they were going to kiss as their faces were getting closer to each other. Their hearts were thumping, and their embrace still in place. All of a sudden, Suko heard a noise in a bush nearby.

“Is it Moldy?” Suko asked.

“He must be asleep by now…” Teri said, panting.

“Who is there?! Answer!” Suko raised his voice. Suddenly, they heard some giggling coming from the bush. “I recognize that little laugh. It’s Darwin!”

“Oh dammit!” Gumball said, and emerged from the bush with Darwin. “How did you know it was us?”

“Darwin’s little giggle is as obvious as the fact that you were spying on us!” Teri said, her hands on her hips, frowning at the brothers.

“What were you two talking about that you were so whispery about?” Gumball said, elbowing Suko.

“It’s none of your business, Gumball.” Teri said, tapping the floor with her paper foot. “Don’t you know the concept of privacy?!”

“I do! It’s just that you… you two were so… I don’t know.” Gumball said, scratching his head.

“So cute talking together!” Darwin volunteered, happily, smiling.

“Leave us alone!” Teri yelled. “You little pests!”

“We just wanted to see how is Suko. He is our friend, remember?” Gumball said, frowning back at Teri. “So… how are you, Suko?”

“I am… okay… just a little bit vexed at your intrusion.” Suko said.

Gumball raised an eyebrow. “In English, please…?”

“You are an ignoramus. I spoke in English, you nincompoop.” Suko replied.

“Are you like… Shakespeare or something?” Gumball asked.

“Your lack of cognizance of world literature and the English language is taxing to my patience.” Suko replied.

“Stop using those advanced words!” Gumball said, flapping his arms.

“My volition inclines me to speak thus.” Suko said, putting a hand to his chest.

“Bah…!” Gumball said, throwing his hand to the air and looking away. Suko then began to smile that same cocky smile Teri so much loved, and Darwin and Suko began to laugh. “What are you two laughing at?!”

“Gumball, you suck, and you are blue. Period.” Suko said, face all serious. The serious face then distorted itself to a smile, and the smile gave way to laughter, which was joined by both Darwin and Teri.

“It’s not funny!!!” Gumball yelled. “Ugh!” Gumball crossed his arms.

“It’s funnier than spying on others for sure!” Suko said, as he kept laughing.

“Ah you son of a bitch.” Gumball said. He facepalmed and began to laugh as well when he realized Suko had been trolling him the entire time he was using those advanced words.

While they were laughing, the group did not realize someone else had been watching from far away. Sitting on a bench, Clayton, the red clay-ball, sighed as he watched the group of friends having fun. “I wish I had some friends… At least one! Gumball and Darwin rejected me because I lie a lot. Now who will befriend me…?” And after saying those gloomy words, Clayton left the park to go home.

A few days later, Suko was walking to lunch after having gone to the restroom. He was thinking about all the things he and Teri spoke about that night. He was so happy they had hugged each other, and he got to grow his connection with Teri. “I am so happy! Happy! Happy! In the name of Gandalf the Grey! I shall pass! I am a magician! I am the king of Middle Earth! I shall vanquish the dark forces with my fists and my magical sword, and I will conquer distant planets and kill Frieza with a Kamehamehaaaaa!” Suko was singing his fantastic carol, when he heard someone approaching.

“Is this one of the forces of darkness?” Suko turned around, raising his book above his head as if to hit someone with it.

“No… but I liked your story!” The red-ball of clay, Clayton, said to Suko. “You have imagination.”

“And who are you, ball of clay?” Suko asked, tilting his head and rubbing his chin.

“My name is Thor.” Clayton said, smiling. “I am the king of this planet. So I extend my hand to a fellow king!” Clayton said as he extended his hand to Suko.

“But you are just a ball! How can a ball be a king?” Suko scratched his chin. “Hmmm…”

Clayton was disappointed Suko did not shake his hand, so he continued: “I am king of this planet, and I have vanquished the dinosaurs, save for Tina of course...”

“And you forgot about the birds.” Suko replied, lifting a didactic finger.

“What?” Clayton was confused.

“Yes! Don’t you know that birds are dinosaurs?!” Suko raised his voice.

“Really?!” Clayton was smiling, pleasantly surprised. “That’s so cool!”

“I know! It blew my mind to pieces when I learned that piece of knowledge! It was like, waking up from the matrix.” Suko said, excitedly.

“I also come from the matrix. I was born there.” Clayton said.

“I watched the movies, and I never saw you in them…” Suko said.

“I lived in the matrix! And I was able to defeat the artificial intelligence that controlled it using my laser beams!” Clayton said.

“You are a cool guy.” Suko said. “My name is Suko… for real! I am not fucking with you.”

“You are cool too. My name is Clayton, and I am being for real as well!” Clayton extended his hand to Suko again, and they both shook their hands. This was thus the beginning of an adventurous friendship of which we shall narrate more of as this tale unfolds.

Chapter Text

Teri had been texting Suko consistently. Most days, Suko received a text from Teri and they would text each other whenever they were out of school. Sometimes when they did not have a class together. For example, Suko had art class with Darwin, Carmen, Alan, Bobbert, Hot dog guy, Idaho, Molly Collins, Leslie, Ocho, Clayton, and Sarah G. Lato. Teri had class with Penny, Gumball, Carrie, Masami, Tobias, Rachel, Tina, and others. During that class, Teri would often send a text to Suko asking him how was he doing, or a picture of something she found on the internet that she thought Suko might like, or that they both might find funny. Suko would do likewise when he had art, and as they texted, Teri found herself feeling excited every time her phone vibrated. Suko would get that same butterfly feeling. Whenever Suko had art, Teri had geography, and when Suko had geography, Teri had art.

During art class, Darwin, Suko, and Clayton would crack jokes, and play pranks on each other. The art teacher was absent-minded and tended to focus on certain students, neglecting the side of the room where the trio was sitting at.

“Darwin, imagine if Tobias hugged you from behind, and made that kissing sound he always makes.” Suko then proceeded to make that same kissing sound, which made Clayton and Carmen laugh. Alan just shook his head and rolled his eyes. Darwin made as if he shivered in fear, and made a gagging sound.

“No, I don’t want to imagine that…” Darwin said, shaking his head and making a scared face.

“Just try it! It will show you the true horror!” Suko insisted.

“No thanks! I will pass…” Darwin replied.

“And then he makes those slurping sounds with his tongue and whispers little nothings into your ears.” Suko said.

“Man, that is disturbing as hell!” Darwin laughed.

“He asks you to lick his imaginary biceps.” Suko continued.

“Suko, you are messed up.” Carmen said, laughing. “You have quite the imagination!”

“Imagine Tobias doing Idaho’s mom.” Suko said in a low voice, which could only be heard by Darwin and Carmen.

“What did he say?” Alan asked Carmen, but Carmen told him to wait while she laughed her ass off and said “Ewww…!” Darwin was cracking up, and Clayton was making moaning sounds and biting his teeth as if imitating Idaho’s mom.

“Tobias lets out his rainbow dick and after stroking it gently, it grows in size and enters Idaho’s mom’s orifice.” Suko continued.

“Why???!!” Darwin laughed. “Why do you keep coming up with these scenarios?!” Darwin was red because of the laughter. “And why do you use Jane Austen vocabulary?!”

Suko did not answer, as he was replying to Teri’s message. Teri told Suko that Penny was having a Halloween party at her house on Friday of that week (it was Tuesday), and that he was invited. Suko felt so excited about it, and agreed to go. Suko was blushing, and was smiling so much that Carmen noticed.

“Let me guess: Teri” Carmen said.

“How do you know?!” Suko asked, surprised. “Were you looking at my phone?”

“Teri is always talking about you when we have cheerleading practice. ‘Suko this, Suko that.’” Carmen said.

“Really?” Suko was smiling. “What does she say?”

“That you are a really cool guy! She always speaks really nicely of you.” Carmen said. “She told us you are really kind and smart.”

Suko blushed, and nodded. “Hey Darwin,” Suko said, excitedly. “Imagine Tobias licking you.”

“Why?!” Darwin was startled so he raised his voice.

“Why not?” Suko asked, with a similarly raised voice, and shrugged.

“Why don’t you all shut up over there already!” A voice was heard. It was Idaho. “I am trying to concentrate on my work!”

Suko turned to look at Idaho, and then showed Idaho the middle finger. Carmen put her hand to her mouth and laughed. “You are bad…”

“Bad is my middle name.” Suko said.

“And your last name?” Clayton asked.

“The same as yours.” Suko said.

“Huh? How?” Clayton was confused.

“I am your father.”

“My father? Impossible!” Clayton was more confused than ever.

“It is possible… my son.” Suko crossed his arms, nodded at Clayton, and tried to suppress a laugh.


“Because I fucked your mom.” Suko then started laughing, and Darwin and Carmen followed. Darwin laughed, and it almost sounded like he had asthma, and he was almost crying. Clayton was taken aback, be he started laughing as well. Clayton’s laughter sounded like Sponge Bob. The laughter was so loud that the teacher turned to look at the area where they were seating, which caused the group to grow quiet. When the teacher turned away, Carmen, Darwin, Suko, and Clayton tried to laugh silently. Then they continued their work. They had to draw what was in front of them, which consisted of a group of sculptures made by previous classes, and an assortment of other objects such as trays, bottles, masks, figurines, and books. The class was barely starting this project.

Carmen then returned to the subject of Teri. “I am guessing you were invited to the party at Penny’s?”

“Affirmative.” Suko said.

“What will you dress up as?” Carmen asked.

“A vampire.” Suko said, trying to imitate a British accent.

“Cool! What about you, Darwin?”

“He doesn’t need a disguise.” Suko said. “He looks like a Halloween pumpkin already.”

“Suko, stop already.” Carmen said. “Or I will tell Teri you misbehave all the time.”

“No no no no!” Suko said, putting the palm of his hands together as if praying, and laughed nervously. “I will be good now.”

“I will dress as a demon.” Darwin said.

“And you, Clayton?” Carmen asked.

“I will dress up as Darth Vader.” Clayton said.

“You were not invited, though.” Darwin said. Darwin then realized that that was not a good thing to say, and added: “were you?”

“I was not…” Clayton said, lowering his clay head, with a sad expression on his face.

Suko then grew quiet for the rest of the class. When the class was over, Clayton left the room by himself. Suko was followed by Darwin, Carmen, and Alan. “I noticed what happened,” Darwin said, catching up to Suko, “…and that you were feeling down about something. Was it Clayton?”

Suko nodded. “I know he lies a lot. But he doesn’t deserve that.”

Darwin sighed, and then added: “I know you have developed a friendship with Clayton, but his lies have been quite harmful to all of us. Did you know he almost caused Gumball and I to get expelled?”

“I didn’t know. What happened?” Suko asked.

Clayton was telling everybody that he, Gumball, and Darwin had kidnapped a school girl, who was actually just sick but had not called in. Clayton wanted to be a pirate, and wanted to have pirate colleagues. That innocent lie led to an investigation by Mr. Brown, who almost believed it and almost called the police.

“I also know he almost saved your asses from being expelled.” Suko said. “Remember something about a restroom flooding and Clayton blaming some outsider for the damage to the restroom?”

“True, yes, but he has done more harm than good.” Darwin said.

“We have all done things to get others in trouble, innocently or purposely.” Suko said, raising an eyebrow as if saying “I am looking at you and Gumball.”

“Yes, but…” Darwin said, before being cut off by Suko.

“I mean look at me! I am making jokes about Tobias’ sex life with Idaho’s mom, and you all laugh.”

“But you are different.” Darwin said.

“How?! I am also weird. I am not a ‘cool guy’” Suko said, making quotation marks with his fingers.

“You are a cool guy.” Darwin said, putting a hand on Suko’s shoulder. “And you are weird too, but a cool kind of weird.”

“Clayton is cool too. Yeah, he invents stuff a lot, and it can get annoying to some. But he needs a friend. And I will be it.” Suko said, clenching his fist with decision.

Darwin sighed. “Well, good luck with that. I don’t dislike him as much as Gumball does. In fact, I don’t dislike him at all. I am just weary.”

The next day, during lunch, Teri was seating with Suko, Gumball, Darwin, Carrie, and Penny. Suddenly, Tobias’ voice was heard in the middle of the cafeteria.

“Hey everyone!” Tobias exclaimed. “I have something to say! So pay attention to me!” Tobias put his hand next to his mouth, to make his voice louder. This was useless, and redundant, as his voice was loud enough. The students were muttering stuff to each other, and showed interest. Teri and Penny rolled their eyes, sighed, and continued eating. “I heard from credible sources that Suko,” Tobias pointed to Suko, “still sleeps with stuffed animals! He is a big baby! Did you hear that?” Tobias then laughed and rolled on top of the table, smearing himself with Leslie’s food. Leslie was annoyed, and left the table to join Gumball and his friends.

The students started muttering again, and after looking at Suko, they began to laugh at him. The laughter became louder, and Suko could hear others call him big baby, childish, and sick. Gumball and the rest did not laugh, but looked at Tobias on the eye. “There is nothing wrong with stuffed animals, I sleep with Anais’ Daisy sometimes…” Gumball said.
“Awww…” Penny said, and kissed Gumball on his forehead.

Everyone’s laughter became even louder after hearing what Gumball had said.

“So Gummypuss is a big baby as well! Hahahahaa!” Tobias laughed. He then turned to Suko, “You have a bunch of baby friends, retard!”

The students at the cafeteria continued laughing, until Teri got up on the table: “Be quiet!” She screamed, frowning at everyone. She then turned to Tobias, frowning and squinting at him. “So what if Suko sleeps with stuffed animals! I do as well! There! I said it! I sleep with them and you can continue to laugh all you want. It will make me sleep with them even more. And if Suko does it, who cares?! What is it to you?! He is brave enough to be himself, and I like that a lot!” Teri then crossed her paper arms and stared at Tobias.
Suko was happy when he heard Teri say that she liked that quality of his. He blushed and forgot he was being humiliated in front of all students. Suddenly, Penny joined Teri on the table and said: “That’s right! And if my Gumball likes to sleep with Daisy, that will not change the fact that he is my sunshine! And guess what? I also sleep with stuffed animals! I have my own plush cat that looks like Gumball.” Everyone on the cafeteria gasped. Tobias was beginning to feel nervous, to lose ground.

“I do as well!” Darwin said, getting up on the table. Carrie then floated around Darwin, and said: “I like ponies, so I have a plush of a pony I sleep with on occasion.” Carrie then moved her head to the side, and made her ghostly hair move.

“You are all a bunch of big babies! You should talk to Mr. Small! He will cure you of your childishness.” Tobias said. “Oh, and guess what?!” Tobias then looked at Suko, “Your friend Carrie was telling Teri about your little secret of the stuffed animals, and how your parents were…” Teri was about to jump at Tobias and bop him on the head with a food tray, when she and Tobias were cut off by a voice:

“That is not true!” It was Clayton. “Carrie was not talking to Teri at all! I saw you going inside Suko’s house one night! You broke a window and saw him while he slept!”

Upon hearing that, everyone in the cafeteria gasped and looked at Tobias. Tobias began to sweat nervously. He then regained some composure and pointed at Clayton. “You are a liar! If I was there, I would have filmed it to humiliate Suko even further!” Tobias said.

“Of course you didn’t film it. Because you were nervous of staying there for too long! You only wanted to go there and find evidence to make Suko look bad!”

“What a bunch of nonsense!” Tobias said, crossing his arms and frowning at Clayton.

Carrie then joined in: “I saw you going to Suko’s house the other day. Why were you going in that direction?” Carrie of course did not want to talk or reveal her conversation with Teri, let alone her spying on Suko.

“You are a liar too! I saw you talking to Teri about how you went inside Suko’s house and spied on him!” Tobias growled.

“Carrie and I never had any conversation about this.” Teri said, putter her hands on her hips and looking defiantly at Tobias.

“You liar!” Tobias pointed at Teri. “I will not talk to you anymore!”

Teri then shrugged, and with a smug expression said: “Good! I don’t want you and your gross face near me anyways.”

Tobias then turned towards Suko, as if saying “you will pay for this!”. Suko then provoked Tobias. “Take that, rainbowfart! Frankenpubes!” This enraged Tobias, who hurled himself towards Suko. However, he was hit on the face by a tray. It was Teri. Teri then hit Tobias multiple times on his back with the tray, before dumping the tray over him.

A few moments later, Mr. Brown came into the cafeteria. “What’s going on?!” He was followed by Miss Simian, who was eating a banana and looking around. Teri was about to approach the principal, but she was cut off by Clayton, who jumped in front of her. “Mr. Brown.” He started. “Tobias was harassing Suko. He wanted to hit Suko with that tray,” Clayton pointed at Tobias, who was now holding the tray on his hands, “but he fell to the ground and hit himself with the stool and the floor.”

“Oh?! Is that so?!”

“Yes!” Suko jumped in. “Tobias also ate Leslie’s food!” Suko added. “Look at how he is stained with food!

Mr. Brown then glared at Tobias, who was shaking with fear. Mr. Brown then beckoned to Tobias with his finger. “Come here, you will be in detention.”

“No! No! No!” Tobias said, throwing a tantrum. He then turned to Clayton and Suko: “You will pay for this! You fox and you ball of red shit!”

“That is an extra hour of detention for tomorrow!” Mr. Brown said, crossing his furry arms. He then left with Tobias.

After the principal, Miss Simian, and Tobias were gone, Clayton and Suko looked at each other, giggled, and high-fived each other. Suko thanked his friends for standing up for him. And lastly, he thanked Teri.

“I want to meet your stuffed animals one day!” Teri said.

“I want to meet yours as well.” Suko said, smiling at Teri.

When the day was over, Teri and Suko walked together to wait for the bus. “So, I will see you at Penny’s party this Friday afternoon?” Teri asked. “I hope to see you there.”

“Affirmative. I will be there.” Suko said. “Thank you for helping me. I owe you one.”

“You don’t owe me a thing!” Teri said. “I am sorry Tobias always picks on you. He is definitely jealous of you.”

“I don’t know what can he be jealous of.” Suko said. “I am just an ordinary guy.”

Teri almost looked offended. Suko had friends, he had her. “You have me! And you have Gumball and the rest! Tobias has no one! He only cares about himself.”

“I am sorry. I am also sorry I never told you about my stuffed animals. I was scared you would not want to be my friend anymore.” Suko said, lowering his head.

“Well, I should say sorry too. I never told you either.” Teri said.

“I will see you tomorrow, Teri.” Suko smiled at Teri, blushing.

“I will see you tomorrow, and I will text you tonight. Goodbye, Suko.” Teri said, smiling at Suko and blushing as well. Teri got inside the bus and Suko left on the other direction towards his house.

Chapter Text

It was a day before the party at Penny’s house. Suko had been thinking of getting a little something for Teri. He had asked Penny and Carrie about whether it was too soon to give something to Teri, but they both said it was okay, as long as it was something small. Suko had some money saved to buy something. Suko texted Darwin, Gumball, and Clayton so that they could accompany him to the mall in order to find a gift for Teri. They all agreed to come.

The boys met at the mall. Gumball was not happy seeing Clayton there, but he shrugged it off and decided to not show any animosity to the red ball of clay for the sake of Suko.
“Well, I got 20 dollars here. I think I can get Teri something cool. Maybe a big bottle of gel.”

“A big bottle of gel?!” Gumball said. “That’s like, the least romantic thing I have every thought of! But you know her better than I do… so… It’s up to you.” Gumball shrugged.

“What about a new pencil so that she can scribble on her body? A cool pencil.” Suko suggested.

“Too practical…” Gumball said.

“Well, Suko must decide for himself what to give to Teri.” Clayton said. “After all, she is my chum’s future girlfriend.” Clayton then elbowed Suko, and winked at him. Suko blushed, and could not suppress a smile. “Shut up, bitch.” Suko said. Suko was irritated with Clayton. Not because he minded the content of Clayton’s words, but because Suko knew his own desire was to be with Teri one day, and Clayton was making it apparent to everyone.

They were passing by the stores, and Suko could not find anything that could appeal to Teri. Teri liked medical books, and anything that talked about microbes. She also had a microscope. Teri had sent Suko pictures of her own microscope at home, and she also had a small collection of medical books. While the medical books were a good idea, they were a fallback plan in case he did not find something cool, something that would Teri melt.

Suddenly, Darwin sopped, causing everyone to tumble down with him as dominoes. “What’s your problem, bitch!” Suko said, shaking the dust off his red jacket.

“Suko, look!” Darwin’s fin was pointing to a plush store, that had weird-looking stuffed toys.

“What? They are plushies.” Suko said, looking at Darwin.

“But, they are microbe plushies!” Darwin said, smiling.

Suko caught Darwin’s meaning, and a big wide smile appeared on Suko’s face. He imagined Teri jumping up happily as she received the adorable plush. But then doubt crept on Suko’s mind: Teri liked to study microbes, but she also feared them. Wouldn’t Teri feel terrified at seeing a stuffed toy of a bacterium? Suko lowered his ears, sad, but then he notices there were more microbe plushies. There were labels below each group of microbe plushies, and Suko’s attention was caught by a shelf with a sign that said “white blood cells”. There was only one left. It was a white, vaguely bipedal, shape, with two eyes on top. It was adorable. Suko thought that Teri would love this one, as it was technically a microorganism, and it was one of the good ones. “She will love this!” Suko said, jumping up and down of happiness as he imagined Teri’s smile and her own jumps of happiness as well. “She will love this!”

“Good! Now buy it!” Gumball said. “She will be all yours after that!” Suko then went to the register to pay. He was confident the 20 dollars would be enough, but the cashier crushed his hopes when she said “21 dollars please.”


“What?! 21 dollars?” Suko’s mouth fell to the floor. He knew his parents would not give him more money until Sunday, even if he begged. The cashier nodded, and repeated: “21 dollars.”

“Come on! Can you make a discount?! It’s for a girl that makes my vulpine heart melt with joy…” Suko said, hoping to captivate the female cashier, who vaguely resembled Tobias.

“21 dollars, I said.” The cashier repeated.

“Suko, I have an extra dollar.” Darwin said, as he showed Suko a bill. Suko felt happy again, but he then frowned at Darwin, as it was a Monopoly dollar bill.

“Come on! A Monopoly dollar bill?!” Suko was in disbelief.

“Yeah, dad gave me that for my birthday.” Darwin sighed. Suko followed suit.

Suko then turned to the cashier. “Listen here,” Suko pointed at her defiantly, “if the girl I like rejects me, it will be YOUR fault!” Suko raised his voice. “And then I will get depressed, go on drugs, and then… and then…” Suko was thinking of something more dramatic to say.

“Okay kid, I will call the police.” The cashier was ready to dial the phone, before Suko and Gumball stopped her. “Well, give me 21 dollars and the plush is yours.” The cashier said.

“Can’t you make an exception for this one time?!” Suko begged, hands clasped together.

“Kid, if you don’t have money to pay with, you better wait for another time, as there is a huge ass line behind you, and they are all looking at you.” The cashier said, crossing her arms in exasperation. Suko turned around, and saw a long line of people, all looking at him either angrily or concerned. Suko sighed, showed the middle finger at the cashier and got ready to leave the store with his friends before being stopped.

“So I heard you needed at dollar.” A computerized voice said. “I have what you need.”

“Ocho!” Gumball and Darwin said simultaneously. “What are you doing here?”

“Buying stuff.” Ocho said. “Anyways, Suko, here is the dollar you need.

“You are not joking, right?” Suko said, expecting some kind of trick. “You are giving me that one dollar?” Suko got ready to grab it and take it away from the floating pixelated spaceship with eyes, but thought it was a better idea to hold back as he did not completely trust Ocho.

“It’s all yours, provided you join my club of the cool guys.” Ocho said, smiling.

“Suko, it’s not worth it. Believe me man.” Gumball said, putting a hand on Suko’s shoulder. “I can beg mom for one dollar, it’s fifty-fifty chance she gives it to me, but not having a gift for Teri for now is better than…” Gumball swallowed saliva. “Than hanging out with the likes of Ocho.”

Suko thought about it hard. He intuited Gumball was right, as Ocho seemed shady. But, on the other hand, didn’t people do anything they could to make their crush happy? Suko was afraid of what Ocho could be up to, but he was also afraid that the opportunity would slip by, as it was the last white blood cell plushie on the store, and someone could take it before they came back to get it. Thus, Suko ultimately decided to accept the dollar from Ocho.

“Done deal! Now go and buy the toy.” Ocho said, not without some impatience, which Gumball caught on to and made him squint at Ocho. Suko went to the line, and ten minutes later, Suko walked out of the store with a red gift bag, which contained the white blood cell plush. “Are you ready to hear the rules of my club? Rule number one: Ocho is the coolest guy ever.” Ocho said, eyes closed, and before he got ready to enunciate rule two, the group of friends had disappeared. When Ocho opened his eyes, he did not see the group anywhere nearby. “They are gone! How could they…?” Ocho was furious, and his eyes became red. “That fox… that fox!” And Ocho set out to find the fox he so wanted to murder for his treachery.

Meanwhile, Gumball was being dragged by Suko, while Darwin and Clayton followed them, running for their lives. While Ocho had began to enunciate the rules of his alleged club, Suko had motioned Gumball and the rest to escape. While they had disappeared from Ocho’s sight, Gumball explained in a summary form how Ocho had a short temper, and had fits of murderous rage. This caused Suko’s anxiety to spike, which made him grab Gumball’s arm and drag him around Elmore’s mall.

They were running around, not being able to find the exit. The group was so exalted that hey could not think rationally, and before they noticed they had been going on circles, Ocho caught sight of them. “There he is! Run for your lives!” Suko screamed at the top of his lungs, causing other shoppers to look at him worried. The shoppers then looked in the direction Suko was looking at, and noticed a furious Ocho chasing them, blasting pixelated bullets at the friends. This caused the shoppers to enter into a panic, and they began to run around, screaming, their voices creating a sonic chaos. Everyone was running around, crashing into each other. Ocho shot bullets at the friends, but they avoided them. The bullets hit an artificial palm tree, turning it into voxels that soon disappeared. “That will be our fate if he gets us!” Gumball said, pointing at the location of the blasted plant.

“Well, fuck my life.” Suko said. “This son of a bitch should be locked up in a cell!”

“But they don’t do it because they are so scared of him and his mother!” Gumball said.

“That’s absurd!” Suko cried.

Ocho kept chasing the friends. Shooting at the friends. A bullet hit a shopper, the purple old moose. He became voxelated, as Suko came to define the moment when someone or something is eliminated by Ocho, and disappeared. Then he reappeared, with a label on top of him that said “minus 1 life”.

“This is insanity, hachi machi!” Suko pulled his ears down, sweating. Ocho was about to catch them. Ocho shot at them, and thinking fast, Suko grabbed a giant painting that was being sold at a store and used it as a shield. The painting got voxelated, and Suko pulled his left lower eyelid down and showed his tongue at Ocho in mockery: “Na na na na! You can’t get us!”

This enraged Ocho even more, and he chased them at faster speed. The store owner, an Pizza person who happened to be Italian, came out and shaking his fist, yelled: “Mamma mia! You owe me ten thousand dollars!”

“You idiot! The last thing we needed was to provoke him further!” Gumball said.

“Sorry, I got carried away by my own adroitness with using that shield!” Suko replied.

Ocho then hit Gumball with a bullet, voxelating him. “Noooo!” Suko cried. “Nooo! Gumball!”

“Suko, run!” Darwin called to Suko, ahead of him. “Gumball will reappear! Remember!”

“True!” Suko said, getting up from his sad reverie, his ears perked up, and ran with Darwin and Clayton. Now there was a difficulty, how was Gumball going to catch up with them? There was no time to think about this, as there were security guards on scooters chasing Ocho. People were still running around in social chaos, with many having left the mall. The trio then noticed the exit of the mall, and upon reaching it, hid themselves behind a trailer truck that was dropping merchandise. Ocho could not find them, even though he was doing his best at looking for them. After turning around for some time, he gave up and left.

“We did it!” Darwin said. The trio high-fived each other. Their joy was soon extinguished when they remembered that Gumball was not with them. “Let me text him.” Darwin said. After a few minutes, he got a call from Gumball.

“Bro! Ocho saw me and he is chasing me now!” Suko and Clayton heard over the phone. “I am on Oak street! Shit! He is shooting! Can’t talk!” And then Gumball hung up.

“We have to find him!” Clayton said. The trio then went in the direction of Oak street, which was nearby, and upon seeing Gumball, chased after him. Ocho caught sight of them, and now, as there was a cul de sac, they were trapped.

“It’s my fault!” Suko lowered his ears, shaking with fear. “I should have waited to give Teri her gift!” Suko then looked at his bag with the plush that was to be Teri’s, and sobbed.
“Calm down, bro.” Gumball said. “I know where you are coming from. You want to have a special night with her tomorrow.”

“I wish I could talk to her now, and tell her it was nice meeting her!” Suko sobbed.

“Why don’t you just call her, since we are fried anyways?” Gumball said, and Suko called Teri. After a few minutes, Teri picked up:


“Teri, i-it’s Suko!”

There was a two second pause. “Are you okay?” Teri said, her voice sounded concerned.

“Well… Y-yes! I mean, No!” Suko said.

“What’s going on? You need to talk to me in person?”

“Well, I don’t know that I can, as… as…” Suko did not want to tell her, and then began to cry.

“Suko, what’s going on? You are crying!”

Ocho then got closer to the group of friends. “Say goodbye to your miserable lives…” Ocho said, preparing a huge beam to eradicate the group once and for all. Gumball, Suko, Darwin, and Clayton embraced each other as the light of the beam illuminated their terrified faces.

“Suko, I heard someone telling you to say goodbye to your miserable lives… What’s going on? Is it a game?”

Suko debated whether telling Teri about his feelings for her. He did not want to tell her right away, he wanted to wait for tomorrow. But there might not be any tomorrow for him and his friends, so he decided to tell Teri the following:

“Teri… I am so happy to have met you. I always have a lot of fun with you. I… I want to…” Suko wanted to say that he wanted to go out with her, but he did not find the strength to do it. “Y-your face is s-so p-p-p-pretty.” Suko said. He noticed how awkward he sounded, as he was terrified. Ocho’s beam was growing larger, this time the size of a beach ball. “I want to spend more time with you tomorrow at Penny’s party! Just you and me!” And Suko then hung up. Suko was feeling angry, angry at himself for having created this situation. He thought it was very unfair that Ocho was doing this to them, meaning trying to murder them. His fur then grew red, and his ears lifted.

“Suko? Are you okay?” Darwin said, putting a hand to his mouth. Suko left the bag with Teri’s gift on the ground with his friends, got up, and smoke began to emanate from his body. “I will take that as a no.” Darwin said, sweat trickling down his forehead.

Suko faced Ocho directly. “Come at me, you bitch!”

“No! Don’t provoke him!” Gumball cried. “Suko! My friend! He will kill you bro! No!”

Ocho eyed Suko, wondering what had gotten into him. “Are you sure? You will not see Teri again, nor your friends, as you will be dead!”

“I said…” Suko ignored Ocho's question, “come at me, bitch!”

Ocho then made his beam sphere have a diameter of a tractor tire, and now it looked like a second Sun. Ocho then shot at Suko, but not before a red barrier appeared, which deflected the beam and sent it flying to the sky, where it exploded and made several sparks fall to the ground. Ocho was shaken, terrified.

“How can this be?!” Ocho said. “I- I am the most powerful being of Elmore! Even Tina fears me!” Ocho was angry now, and shot several beams at random. “HOW CAN THIS BE!!!”

“Ocho, there will always be people who are better than you. Remember that, grasshopper.” Suko said in a raspy voice, in imitation of a Kung-Fu master.

Ocho then raised an eyebrow. “I guess…?”

Suko then bowed to Ocho. His fur returned to its normal hue. Ocho then shot a voxel at Suko, causing him to voxelate and reappear a few seconds later.

“You should have bowed as well!” Suko pointed at Ocho.

“That’s what you get for screwing me over.” Ocho said.

“What?! I did not screw you over!” Suko said.

“Whatever, now everyone will know you as the swindler you are!” Ocho then left the scene, laughing like a lunatic.

“He is insane, don’t mind him.” Gumball said.

“But he will tell Teri about the gift! Wait! Ocho!” Suko said, and then chased after Ocho, who had gone a long way. Suko left his friends behind.

“I hope he doesn’t get shot.” Clayton said, worried. Teri then appeared from behind them, startling them.

“Have you seen Suko?” Teri put a hand to her cheek. “I was wondering if he was okay. He sounded distressed.”

“Yeah, he is okay.” Gumball said. “I hope.”

“What do you mean you hope?” Teri then squinted at Gumball.

“Well…” Gumball was about to tell a story about what had happened, but Clayton jumped in.

“Suko and Ocho met at the mall. Ocho wanted Suko to join his club, as Suko was missing a dollar more to buy a video game he wanted. When Suko was back with his video game, Ocho began to enumerate the rules, and as his eyes were closed, we escaped. This enraged Ocho, who now chased us around the mall, shooting beams at us!” Clayton then began to make shooting noises, and some saliva fell on Teri’s face. Teri made a disgusted face, and cleaned herself. She then put some antibacterial gel on her face.

“And then…?” Teri wanted to know more.

“And then Ocho almost killed us.”

Teri was skeptical of Clayton’s account. But because Gumball and Darwin nodded, she believed Ocho. “But then what happened to Suko?” Teri asked. “He isn’t here.”

“Well… He is okay.” Darwin said. “He just went to chase Ocho around as Ocho threatened to smear campaign Suko by telling everyone he is a swindler.”

“Oh, I see.” Teri said. She then sighed and shook her head. “Suko, always getting into trouble, isn’t he?” Teri then smiled. “And this time for a video game, of all things.”

“Yeah, he is quite special, isn’t he?” Gumball said, giggling nervously.

“Yes, he is…” Teri said, sighing and smiling, blinking several times, and left.

Chapter Text

After school was over, Suko was eager for the party that was to start three hours later. Suko’s father, Friedrich, had given him permission, and was happy that Suko was talking to a girl from school. “That’s my son!” He would proudly announce. Suko’s mother, Martha, was happy for her son, but she felt nervousness as she had intrusive thoughts of her son getting hurt. After all, Suko was their only child. Both of Suko’s parents were foxes, and they had a friendly, as opposed to romantic, relationship with each other. Suko sensed his mother’s nervousness, and attributed this to past slights on his father’s part. “Besides,” Suko thought, “mom is happy about it.”

Suko had the perfect costume, in his own eyes at least. Suko had one protruding fang, like a cute little cat. And because he was going to dress as a vampire, the fang was fit for the purpose of the day. In addition, Suko remembered how Teri had one day remarked that he looked cute with the fang outside. It was the first time Teri had complimented him on his appearance. Other times, Teri had told Suko he had a cute little nose, and that he was handsome. But even though Teri had complimented Suko, Suko felt insecure about whether he was going to succeed this evening with his purpose, which was opening up to Teri about his feelings for her. “Here comes nothing.” This was Suko’s line of thinking. He looked at the gift he had ready for Teri, and this gave him more confidence.

After having dressed up, Suko looked at himself in a mirror hidden behind his closet. He wore a cape that was black on the outside, and red inside, and was cut into spikes at the bottom to simulate bat wings. Suko also wore what looked like a smoking, with a black jacket, white shirt, and a red tie with a vampire knot. His shoes were a shiny black, and lastly, a silver bat placed on the right side of his jacket’s lapel. Suko was now even more confident, almost to a narcissistic degree, that Teri would say yes, that she would fall head over heels for him. Suko licked his hand and passed it over his head as if to comb his hair, and made a pistol finger sign at the mirror.

“I should come up with a pick up line!” Suko said. “How about: I will kill all those germs for you! Nah… Too cheesy. How about…” Suko thought. “Feeling sick? Let me suck the sickness out of you with these!” Suko said, pointing at his fangs. “No.. she will get scared or look at me weird. How about…” Suko thought again. “The night is cold, my lady. Care to get warm with me?” Suko said, opening his cape and pointing to it. “No, too weird.” After some time, Suko said, grabbing his ears and pulling them down. “I am a weirdo! She will say no! Why am I kidding myself?!”

Suddenly, Suko heard honking outside. He ran to check the window, and saw Nicole’s car, with Gumball, Anais, Richard, and Darwin inside. “They are here. I better run!” Suko then grabbed the bag with the gift, and blasted out of the room, through the stairs, and yelled “Goodbye daddio and mommio! See ya later!” and banged the door as he left the house. Suko waved at everyone inside, and they waved back, excited to see him. “Come on in!” Gumball said from inside as the window of the car rolled down. Everyone except Nicole was dressed up. Gumball was dressed as a buffoon, Anais as a knight, and Darwin as a demon. Gumball’s costume consisted of a onesie with black and red squares, and a jester’s hat. Anais had a plastic armor and a sword, and Darwin simply wore horns, and had a pointed red tail taped on his butt. Suko then noticed that Richard was also dressed, and he was dressed up as a Carebear.

“He will come as well?” Suko asked, pointing at the big pink rabbit dressed as a Carebear.

“You like stuffed animals, I do as well, so does Darwin, so shut up.” Gumball said.

“Okay. Just curious.” Suko said, snorting.

“You look rad, Suko.” Anais said. After a pause, Anais was curious about Suko’s interests in science. During the trip to Penny’s house, Anais asked Suko a series of questions about his favorite scientists, and his favorite topics of investigation.

“I love Carl Sagan, and his phrase ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.’ I also enjoy Stephen Hawking.”

“Cool! Have you read ‘A Brief History of Time’?”

“Once, during the summer. I loved it.”

“I have read it twice.” Anais said, and this made Suko nod in surprise.

“I am also into history, and I am particularly into anything ancient, medieval, and oh my goodness! Just reading about the Greeks and Romans makes my day. I just started Gibbon’s ‘Fall and Decline’ book. I don’t know if you have heard of it.” Suko said.

“I also read it already. The complete edition.” Anais said.

“You are such a walking brain! How come Gumball is your brother?” Suko asked.

“Hey!” Gumball said, frowning and his mouth drawn into a long letter ‘n’.

“Sorry!” Suko said, giggling.

After a few minutes, they were at Penny’s house. After everyone got down and Nicole left, Suko took a look at the house. It was spacious, and there were orange lights decorating the edges of the roof. Some Halloween decorations such as a ghost inflatable were present. Gumball pressed the doorbell, and after a few seconds, Penny came out to receive them.

“Gumball!” Penny jumped towards Gumball to kiss him in the lips. Penny was dressed as a princess, with a pink dress. Penny said hi to everyone, including Richard. Penny showed no signs of being weirded out by Richard, and in fact was happy of having him home. Penny then noticed the bag Suko was carrying, and smiled at Suko.

“She is still not here.” Penny told Suko. “But she told me she is on her way.”

“Good!” Suko said, nervously, and then he gulped some saliva. The realization that at any moment Teri could be here hit Suko hard, and he began to sweat. Upon noticing this, Penny tried her best to comfort Suko.

“Just be yourself, and you will be okay.” Penny said. “You and Teri will look so cute together.”

Penny then introduced her parents to Suko. Suko noticed their brown shells, and got curious. He then blurted this question out: “So… Are you both dressed as peanuts?”
Penny laughed, and Patrick and Judith sighed. “Silly!” Penny said. “It’s their shell! I used to have one too.”

“Oh I see, but why the shells?” Suko asked, tilting his head.

“It’s a tradition. I will explain later on.” Penny said.

There were several people outside in the backyard: Leslie, Carmen, Alan, Masami, Idaho, Bobbert, Molly, Carrie, Banana Joe, and Sarah G. Lato. Darwin walked towards Carrie, and they both kissed. There was a table set up with seats for everyone. Penny, Gumball, Darwin, Carrie, Anais, and Suko then went to Penny’s room, at her invitation. Suko then met Penny’s sister.

“A little peanut!” Suko said.

Penny’s sister then hid behind Penny’s leg, afraid of the vampire. “Say hi to my friend, Suko. Say ‘Hi Suko!’”

After a moment’s hesitation, Penny’s sister waved and said “Hi, Suko!”

Inside Penny’s room, there was space for everyone to seat. It was a small room, similar to Gumball’s, but with a girly touch. There was a T.V., a computer, and a bed for one or two people. Suko imagined Gumball and Penny there on the bed together, and he quickly changed that to an image of himself with Teri, on her own bed, whatever it looked like. This made Suko blush, and gave him an erection he tried to suppress.

Penny was showing her friends funny videos on YouTube. Gumball laughed like crazy while hugging Penny. Carrie gave Darwin a hug after Darwin got scared with one of those jump-scare videos. Suko observed, and wished, from the bottom of his soul, to have something like that with Teri. He longed to be with Teri, to hug her, to be hugged by her, to feel her papery arms around him, to hold each other, and to be with her whatever the circumstances. This created a feeling mixture between melancholy and happiness, as Suko felt there was always a chance his wishes might not get granted.

Suddenly, as if Suko’s prayers were answered by a genie, Penny heard a doorbell ring, and ran downstairs. “It’s Teri, she is here.” Penny said and ran downstairs.

“She hasn’t texted me at all.” Suko thought, and felt apprehensive. “She probably knows I will ask her out and doesn’t want to raise my hopes by texting me.” Suko caught himself saying out loud.

“Bro, you will be fine!” Gumball said. “You got this! She is probably just nervous. You know how she is.”

Suko looked at his gift for Teri, and as if it was a magical confidence increaser, Suko’s mood was restored. After a minute, the door opened. Suko’s heart thumped. Penny came in first, followed by Teri. Suko’s mouth opened and fell to the bottom. His eyes went glassy, hearts floating inside them. Teri wore a garland of flowers over her head, a medieval style dress, and there were two butterfly wings attached to her back.

Upon seeing Suko, Teri waved and smiled. But Suko stayed in his enraptured state. Anais raised an eyebrow, waved her arm in front of his face, hit Suko on the head with her plastic sword, but no response.

“Suko, I was worried you would not come!” Teri said.

“Huh?” Suko tilted his head. “Why?”

“I was texting you asking if you were ready, and you never replied!” Teri had a look on her face that betrayed a nervousness that was now being appeased by her seeing Suko.
“What? I didn’t get any texts!” Suko then looked for his phone on his pockets. Suko was startled by the realization that it was neither in his right nor left pocket. “Where is my phone?!” Suko rose from the floor. Suko then realized something, and facepalmed. “Stupid me! I must have left my phone at home before leaving! I was in such a hurry to come here that I forgot it!”

“But of course you brought your book.” Teri said, smiling and raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah…” Suko then giggled nervously, as Teri looked sensational in her attire, and even more so as she had a hand on her hip, and her body was tilted to the side.

The group stayed in Penny’s room for some time, as they were watching videos. Carrie then looked at Suko. “Hey, do you have a funny video to share with all of us?”

Suko then got startled, as he did not expect to be asked this. “Well, I… Um…” Suko pulled his ears. He thought of sharing some of Meatcanyon’s videos, but thought they would be too weird. He then remembered Penny’s advice: “Be yourself.” Suko then decided to share MeatCanyon’s video titled “Cet in Het.”

The video played, and everyone watched the screen expectantly. The cat in the hat came inside the house, did all his squawking, some kids were scared on the video, and the cat stole the clock. During the scene where the cat in the hat kills the “fucking fish bastard”, Carrie laughed and rolled on the floor, especially as a crucifix was turned upside down after the fishy bastard drew his last breath and went to the choir on high. Teri was laughing as well, and Penny simply giggled and said “oh my god!” during various intervals in the video. After the video was over, Penny’s sister began crying.

“Why are you crying, what happened baby?” Penny carried her sister. “Don’t you like cat in the hat?”

“Cat in the hat mean!” Penny’s sister said.

Suko felt embarrassed as his funny video had made Penny’s sister cry. Penny took her sister downstairs, and then came back some minutes later. “She was scared of the video.” Penny said.

“Sorry, it was my fault.” Suko’s ears lowered, and he sighed.

“Don’t worry! She is okay, just a little scary for her. But now she isn’t here any longer and we can keep sharing. I think this video added to the one with the jump-scare made her feel extra afraid. Plus, it’s Halloween! Spooky season.” Penny smiled at Suko.

Suko wondered if Teri thought he was a villain for having made a little child cry, and remained quiet during the time they were watching videos. Suko would not notice that Teri would sometimes turn to look at him, which would have drawn a smile and assuaged his fears.

“What’s in that bag?” Teri suddenly asked Suko, who got startled and jumped up. Suko tried to improvise an answer, as obviously this was not the right moment to give Teri her gift. “It’s the head of a dead person whose blood I am drinking!” Suko said in a mock scary voice.

“Sounds scary!” Teri said. “I love your costume. You look wonderful.”

Suko blushed, and smiled. “You look fantastic, Teri.”

This made Teri spend some time with Suko while they were inside. They talked about germs, about Teri’s doctor mother, and about Digimon. Suko did not know Teri had seen Digimon, and that Tamers was her favorite season. This excited Suko tremendously, that he forgot of all his insecurities for the nth time. While Suko and Teri spoke together, Carrie would turn around and make a heard sign with her hands. Suko would laugh it off and continued listening to Teri.

“So why don’t you tell me what’s really inside the bag.” Teri finally said.

“I… well… It’s a secret meal, for vampires.” Suko said.

“Come on! Just show me!” Teri said, lightly hitting Suko on his arm.

“No! It’s too gross and obscene for your eyes! It has blood!”

“Aw! You do such a good job at protecting me, Mr. Vampire!” Teri said, in what sounded like a flirtatious tone to Suko.

“You need to put your gel on before you set eyes on it.” Suko said. Teri then put some gel on, and then looked at the bag, then at Suko, raising an eyebrow and smiling.
“It’s too much, Teri. You are not prepared for it yet.” Suko said. “Let’s wait until after we eat.” Teri agreed, and Suko gulped again.

But then something happened during the party while they were eating their food. After they went downstairs to the backyard, everyone was seating on the table, even Richard. Teri sat right next to Suko, and on the other side of Teri was Leslie. Teri spoke with Leslie for some time, and they seemed very happy to talk to each other. This made Suko feel jealous. And to make matters worse, Suko remembered that time Tobias had told him that his friends only spent time with him because they felt sorry for him.

“So, how are you, beautiful?” Leslie asked Teri, blinking many times.

“I am fine, gorgeous flower! I am so happy to be here!” Teri said, in what was actually a mock prep girl voice which was misinterpreted by Suko as a flirtatious tone.
And as if things could not get worse, Masami approached Suko. Suko did not know much about Masami, and he had no reason to doubt her intentions, but Masami knew about Suko and Teri.

“Oh, Teri and Leslie look so good together! I wish they could be a couple!” Masami said within earshot of Suko. This made Suko’s jealousy increase, to the point where he was on the brink of leaving the place. “I heard that Teri wanted to tell Leslie about her feelings for him today.” Masami continued.

“Is that true?” Suko asked Masami, trying to not be heard by Teri.

“Yes! Everyone in school knows!” Masami said. “But of course, since you are always hiding behind books, you did not realize it.”

Suko’s world sank. Now, there was, to all appearances, incontestable proof that Teri not only did not like him, but liked someone else. Suko then tried to contain the tears and left his chair to go inside Penny’s house.

Teri turned around to talk to Suko, but upon seeing him gone, she wondered what happened, as he was there a second ago. After some time passed, the food was served. It was pizza, and there was cake with pumpkin and spider decorations. “Where is Suko?” Teri asked Leslie.

“I have no idea. Oh my gosh! Where did he go?!” Leslie put a leaf to his mouth.

“Let’s go and find him, Leslie. I don’t think he left the party. I hope he didn’t.” Teri said, putting her hands on her cheeks.

Leslie and Teri got up from the table, and went to look for Suko. They looked inside the house, inside the restrooms, and nothing. Teri tried texting Suko, but then she remembered that Suko did not have his phone with him this time.

“What are you going to do, Teri?” Leslie asked.

“I am determined to find him!” Teri said.

Teri asked Patrick and Judith Fitzgerald if they had not seen Suko around, and they indeed had seen him. “He is on our attic.” Patrick said. “He said he wanted to be alone, so I let him there for some time.”

“Thanks, Mr. Fitzgerald.” Teri said. Mr. Fitzgerald guided Teri and Leslie towads the attic, which was near the end of the hallway. Patrick pulled the cord to make the ladder fall to the ground. After the ladder was available, Teri climbed, followed by Leslie.

“Suko? Are you here?” Teri called, her hands next to her mouth. There was no response except for a sob. “Is that you?”

Teri and Leslie waited, and Suko then came out of a hideout composed of boxes, old furniture, and old toys that might have belonged to Penny and which she had discarded. The place was full of spiderwebs and dust. Suko came out with his ears lowered, and did not want to look at Teri. He still had the bag with him.

“What’s wrong?” Teri approached Suko. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“I don’t think I can talk about it.” Suko said. “I am scared.” Suko sobbed.

Teri then came closer to Suko, while Leslie had a leaf covering his mouth, his face surprised. Teri grabbed Suko’s hands, and tried to look him in the eye. “You can talk to me, you know.”

“Is it true that you were going to tell Leslie that you wanted to go out with him?” Suko blurted.

Leslie the gasped, blinking indignantly. “What?!”

“Yes! You were going to tell Teri you liked her and that you wanted to go out with her!” Suko pointed at Leslie.

“Suko, stop.” Teri said, trying to grab Suko’s hand again.

“I am not into Teri! Ew! I mean, sorry, Teri! But I don’t like girls at all! Oh my goodness gracious!” Leslie said, putting his leaves on his stem as if it was a pair of hips.

Suko then came to his senses. “What did you say?”

“I am GAY! For fucks’ sake sweetheart!” Leslie raised his voice. “And for the record, I am not a slut, ‘kay?! I have a boyfriend. His name is Anton.”

“But where is he?! Why didn’t he come?!” Suko insisted, still not believing Leslie. Leslie sighed, and pulling his phone out, showed Suko Anton’s texts. They all showed kissy emojis towards each other, and Leslie wishing a quick recovery to his “wittle cutie slice of French toast.” It was incontestable proof of Leslie’s love for Anton.

“So, Masami lied to me?” Suko asked, almost smiling, but the stirrings of anger began to make themselves apparent. Teri rolled her eyes, frowning.

“That… little… scumbag….!” Teri was furious, clenching her fists.

“Calm down, sweetheart!” Leslie said, patting Teri on the back. “Calm down, don’t do anything too rash, sister.”

“I can’t believe she would do something so cruel!” Teri exclaimed.

“You sure are naïve, sister.” Leslie giggled.

Teri then exhaled in relief, and turned to look at Suko. “I am sorry, Teri. I don’t know what you think of me now that I made a fool of myself. On top of being a weirdo, I am dumb, so dumb that I fell for the lies of a dumb cloud. I have caused you many problems that you probably don’t want to…” But Suko could not finish his sentence, as he was interrupted by Teri, who shushed Suko and placed a finger to her mouth.

“You are weird, and it was beneath you to fall for those lies.” Teri said. She then looked at Suko with a loving expression, her eyes half open. “However…” And then Teri drew closer to Suko, and obeying the stirrings inside her, grabbed Suko’s head and drew him towards herself, and forgetting about microbes and contamination, planted a kiss to Suko’s lips. Then something began to glow around Teri. It was as if her body was radioactive.

“My goodness gracious…” Leslie said, his mouth open. “Teri, what’s going on?!”

The glow grew to such an intensity that it was almost blinding. Suko felt like he was flying in heaven. Teri’s kiss was deep, long. Teri and Suko both wondered whether this was a dream, as they were both carried away by the honey ecstasy of their mouths united. Suko and Teri hugged each other while the kiss lasted. To his surprise, Suko felt Teri’s bones, and her furry flesh beneath her costume. But wait! Wasn’t Teri made out of paper? She should not have any bones! Or skin! Suko opened his eyes and saw that Teri was not paper anymore, but flesh-and blood like himself.

“Teri…” Suko was drunk with ecstasy to show his surprise at Teri’s conversion to meat and bones.

“Suko…” Teri said, slowly opening her eyes. “You are my weirdo.”

Suko blushed, and hugged Teri tightly, who hugged him just as tightly in return. Suko then turned towards the bag he had brought. “This is for you.” Suko handed the bag to Teri. Teri pulled the toy from the inside. She then glanced at the label hanging from a plastic string. It said it was a white blood cell. Teri’s face could not contain the smile upon seeing her gift.

“This is sooo cuuuute!” Teri hugged the white blood cell plush.

“It’s a leukocyte, so that it protects you from the evil germs who try to attack you.” Suko said.

“This is so sweet! Oh my god!” Teri then grabbed Suko and planted another kiss to his lips. “This is the best gift I have gotten! Thank you! Thank you!” Teri then rocked Suko while squeezing him. The squeeze was of a strength that was too much for Suko. Suko could barely speak as he was being squeezed. “Sorry! I am not used to having an actual body.” Teri said. Teri then asked Suko where did he get this toy from.

Suko exhaled, and then cleared his throat. Suko related all the events of the previous day to Teri. The story made both Teri and Leslie laugh. Teri then shook her head at Suko. “You got into all that trouble because you provoked Ocho, little mischievous fox.” Teri said, and little was a perfect epithet for Suko, as Teri surpassed Suko by a full head. Teri then kissed Suko on the forehead. “Thank you.” She said.

“Teri, I just wanted to tell you that these past few months after moving to Elmore have been a lot of fun. And they were even better because I met you.”

“Middle school has always been fun.” Teri said. “But since you came here this seventh grade, I have felt happier and less anxious being because of you.” Teri looked at Suko with a sweet gaze, as when two lovers look at each other.

“D-do you want to be my…g-girlfriend?” Suko stuttered even though he knew for sure that Teri wanted him.

“Me? Your girlfriend? Of course!” Teri squeezed Suko’s body with her arms again. “Sorry… Teehee! But of course I will be your girlfriend.”

“Awww….!” Leslie said. “This is sooo sweet! Let’s go down to celebrate this Halloween and eat some pizza.” Teri and Suko assented, and the three of them went downstairs. As they were walking downstairs, Patrick and Judith were surprised by the apparent stranger, a white bear girl dressed as a fairy. It was not before a minute passed that they realized it was Teri who they were seeing.

During the rest of the party, Teri and Suko had a lot of fun watching the reactions of the rest of the attendees towards Teri’s transformation. Everyone was surprised, save for Penny, who knew why Teri had changed to flesh and blood. Gumball jumped towards Suko to hug him.

“That’s my bro! You go and get them!”

Carrie made the rock on sign with both of her hands, joined by Darwin. Penny ran towards Teri and Suko and did a group hug. Carmen and Alan kissed. The only one that was not happy was Masami. She skulked on the corner of the table, by herself.

“That fox and that bear will pay for this!” Masami said, and then left the place floating away.

After the party was over, Suko and Leslie exchanged numbers. “So that I can text this sweet caramel.” Leslie said, winking at Suko. Teri frowned, and wrapped herself around Suko, frowning at Leslie.

“He is mine!” Teri said.

“I am joking, bitch!” Leslie laughed.

After Suko returned home, he received two messages. One was from Leslie, asking Suko to please don’t tell anybody about him being gay, and the other from Teri.
“I had a lot of fun tonight :3 <3 “

“I am happy! I don’t know if I will be able to sleep.” Suko replied.

“Go to sleep, or your brain will suffer for it tomorrow.” Teri said.

“Good night <3 “ Suko said.

“Good night <3 “ Teri replied, adding a kiss emoji.

That night, Suko slept like a child in Morpheus’ arms forgetting he still had his vampire costume on.

Chapter Text

Gumball, Darwin, and Suko were hanging out during recess. Suko was wearing a red hoodie, his ears hidden under the hood, as it was cold outside. Gumball had a vest, and Darwin a beanie hat.

“Guys!” Suko whispered excitedly, “look at this drawing.” Suko then showed them a drawing of Miss Simian. It was a grotesque and obscene drawing. Miss Simian was naked. Her wrinkled tits sagging like socks filled with marbles, twisted hairs on the nipples. Her face was decrepit, cheeks hanging like the arms of a grandma, and her vagina looked like the mouth of a moribund fish from the abyssal depths. Some liquid, it was hoped for it to be pee, was falling from the orifice and made a puddle on the ground. “Oh my god! What the actual fuck dude!” Gumball exclaimed while whispering, laughing, and covering his mouth. His face was almost red. “That’s messed up!” Darwin was laughing as if he was losing breath. “You got to show this to others.” Darwin said.

“No, they will tattle tell on me.” Suko said, laughing at Gumball’s and Darwin’s reactions to his Lovecraftian horror. “I will make another one of Markham. But later. Here is the rough draft.” Suko then quickly drew a rectangle with protruding teeth, and bulging eyes. But the Simian drawing was too much for Gumball and Darwin that they ignored it as the laughter was too much to contain. “I think Miss Simian looks like Brak from Space Ghost.”

At this, Gumball stopped, considered, and then shut his eyes as his laughter came out. “What?” Suko asked, laughing. “She does, man… she does!” Gumball said, feeling his cheeks. “Ah… my cheeks hurt… my cheeks hurt!” Gumball exclaimed while he tried not to laugh but he could not stop. “Imagine that Miss Simian’s vagina was a cave to another dimension, a wormhole of sorts, a distortion of the fabric of space time…” Suko continued, and Gumball and Darwin kept laughing. “…a portal to the dimension of the imagination… from which the seven little dwarves emerge singing ‘heigh hoe! Heigh hoe! Heigh hoe!’ but not heigh ho… Heigh hoe, as in a hoe, you know? Like Tobias’ mom.” Gumball slapped his knee at this while his eyes stayed shut, his face hardened because of the laughter. “Then the Millenium Falcon emerges, shooting beams, and then Pennywise comes out too: ‘hi Georgie!’” Suko made a creepy clown voice.

“Dude… stop… stop! Please!” Darwin could not breath as he laughed.

“Then a troll comes out, and says ‘Mom? Dad? What time is it?” Suko continued, and at that, Gumball’s laughter became louder as he recognized the reference to the meme.
The laughter was catching everyone’s attention. Sarah, Molly, Bobbert, and others who passed by were giving stares at the trio. They had no clue that the little orange fox was the author of his friends’ unrestrained laughter. Teri and Penny came by, and looked at each other, and shrugged.

“Are you guys okay?” Penny asked, beginning to laugh as well, albeit nervously.

Gumball tried to stop, but couldn’t. He tried to point at Suko, but even the mere sight of the orange little fox caused Gumball to continue laughing, as the association between Suko and his insane jokes was too strong to be ignored, and the mind works with these associations to cause all kinds of reactions and behaviors.

“What did you do, Suko?” Teri said, putting her hands on her hips, raising an eyebrow at Suko, but at the same time smiling. Suko looked at Gumball, who signaled him to show them the drawing he made. Suko showed the drawing, not without some trepidation. Penny facepalmed and began laughing silently while covering her face. Teri laughed too, really hard.

“Baaabe! Oh my god!” Teri covered her face. “Behave…”

“It’s art. It has high artistic value and it gives a message.” Suko said, smirking.

“Oh really? What message does it give?” Teri asked, still laughing.

“That Miss Simian sucks and she is a horrendous teacher.” Suko said. “And this ugliness is how we see her because of her behaviors towards the students: as a rotting and decrepit animated corpse.”

“You are a savage.” Teri sat down next to Suko, and kissed him on the cheek. “But I agree with your message. Miss Simian is terrible.”

“Speaking of Terrible.” Gumball said, gaining composure. “Tobias stole the spotlight from me at the art class.” Gumball told Suko. “I tried to make a good drawing, and it was decent, but Tobias began making fun of some parts of it that were not good, like the hands. He then showed everyone his own drawing of some hands, and I hate to admit it, but they were good…” Gumball said.

“I am actually thinking of taking revenge on Tobias.” Suko said, making a finger tent with his hands. “The other day he humiliated me. He exposed some private things about me during lunch, and he did not care one bit about my feelings. He just got detention, and he deserves more.”

“Baby, no.” Teri said, putting a hand on Suko’s arm. “Be careful, I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Don’t worry, Teri. I will not get in trouble. I got this.” Suko said. “Someone has to put a stop to his nonsense. Enough is enough.” Suko fisted his hand decisively.

“Well, just be careful, please. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Teri said in a tender voice. She then kissed Suko on the lips and squeezed his head against her breast. Suko liked the soft feeling of Teri’s breasts, which were b cups. He could feel the fabric of her bra within that of her white dress, and Suko then felt his machine, the tool appointed by nature to him between his tighs, begin to grow in prominence.

“Awww….” Darwin and Gumball said in chorus.

After recess was over, Suko and Darwin went to art class. During class, they had to continue the drawing project assigned by the teacher, who looked like a cat painted by Picasso. Right next to Darwin, Hot dog guy was seated. Hot dog guy was a devout Christian. He was working on making a manga about angels and demons fighting each other to death.
“Let me see it!” Suko demanded. How dog guy showed him some sketches of nude angels with muscles, and long hair.

“Fuck man! That’s rad!” Suko said, impressed by the quality.

Upon hearing Suko’s f-bomb, Hot dog guy raised an eyebrow, emerging from his sunglasses. “I would refrain from using profanity, man. It pollutes the soul.” Hot dog guy said. “I do it as I want to get closer to God.”

“Oh come on, don’t be such a pansy.” Darwin said. “It’s not so bad to fuuuuck!” Darwin then laughed with Suko.

“Man, God is cool.” Hot dog guy continued. “Jesus sacrificed himself for our souls, man! That is rad. My art? Nah, it’s just some doodles.” Hot dog guy said. He then glanced at Suko’s work. “By the way, your work is rad. You will go to art school?”

“Nah, I don’t want to live on the streets.” Suko said. “By the way, how is Sussie?” Suko asked with an elvish face.

“Ugh… She wanted to show me her drawings again. ‘Hey Hot dog! Wanna look at my drawings?’ Man, I feel bad for her, because… she is odd, but she is innocent. But oh my lord. Her drawings…” Hot dog guy shook his head and smiled nervously.

“They suck ass.” Suko said. Hot dog guy nodded and continued his work. Clayton listened to the whole conversation amused, wondering what else would happen.

On the next class, which was PE, Suko carried out his own revenge. There were some basketballs strewn around. Tina Rex was right next to Jamie. The coach was distracted, talking to another coach. Tobias was behind Tina, flirting with Masami and making kissing sounds while showing his squalid biceps.

“You can make those sounds while you can, you miscreant.” Suko said. Suko grabbed a basketball. He felt the rubber surface, bounced it a couple of times.

“What will you do?” Gumball asked.

“Just watch.” Suko said, and signalled Gumball to keep quiet using his own finger on his own mouth. “Shhh…”

Suko then grabbed the ball with two hands, lifted his arms, and flung the basketball towards Tina’s bag. The ball hit Tina rather hard, bounced, and then it hit Jamie on the head. The ball then rolled near Tobias. Tine turned around, and upon seeing the basketball near Tobias, she grew furious.

“Tina!” Suko called, not without nervousness. Tina turned around to look at Suko. Suko then pointed at Tobias, then he pointed at his own eye as if to say “I saw him do it!”

Tina understood Suko’s meaning, and then roared towards Tobias. Tobias jumped, scared. Tobias began shaking, and slowly turned around to look at Tina. But he was soon slammed to the ground. Tina began slamming Tobias with her tail. She did so three times. Tobias looked demolished. Then, Jamie ran towards Tobias, and kicked him like a soccer ball. Tobias flew towards the basketball net and passed right through it and fell to the ground.

“What’s going on here?!” The coach approached Tina and Tobias, as he was hearing the commotion.

Suko approached the coach. “Coach! I saw Tobias throw the basketball to Tina, and Tina got mad at Tobias.”

Tina nodded at the coach. “He threw that ball to me, and I got furious!!” Tina roared.

“Both of you, Tina and Tobias, to the principal’s office.” The coach ordered.

“But I did not do anything!” Tobias screamed. “I am innocent!”

“To the office!” The coach insisted.

“It was the fox! The fox!” Tobias yelled, furiously pointing at Suko. “That goddamned fox!”

“To the office, I said!” The coach insisted even more sternly. “Or I will bring charges of insubordination.”

Tobias obeyed, not without stomping the ground and giving Suko dirty looks. When Tobias and Tina were gone, Suko looked at Darwin and Gumball and began giggling. His impish face glowed.

“You are a rogue.” Penny said, covering her mouth and laughing with some nervousness. All this time, Penny saw Suko as an innocent little fox, someone to be protected. And perhaps that was still true. But now, for the first time, Penny had her doubts about Suko’s purity.

“Duuuude….” Gumball said. “That was so messed up. But Tobias deserves it. He is an asshole.”

“You did it, Suko!” Clayton whispered, so that no one else saw.

“Let’s just say that…” Suko began, with a smug expression. “That a new generation is about to start in Elmore Junior High.” Suko then put on his red hood, covering half of his face in darkness, and he smiled in a mischievous way.

Chapter Text

Tobias had gotten suspended until finals on December. All of the girls were happy about this, as they could not stand Tobias’ obnoxious flirtatious behavior. Tina was suspended only for a week, and so was Jamie.

“It’s a hard decision, but you two also used physical violence, and that shall not be tolerated.” Mr. Brown said, despite Tina’s roaring and Jamie’s threatening macho attitude.

“At least we did not get suspended for the whole month.” Jamie said, punching the palm of her hand. “But when we and Tobias come back, we will kick his butt again.”

“Yes, I will slam him again.” Tina growled. “And I will chew and spit him to the ground.” Tina now roared.

Meanwhile, in Elmore Junior High, Gumball was cuddling with Penny. Suko liked that, and yearned to lay on Teri’s lap. The sight of Gumball and Penny cuddling touched Suko’s depths and stirred an emotion that was a mixture of melancholy and wanting.

“Teri, can I cuddle to you?” Suko asked, timidly, looking away from Teri.

“Of course, babe.” Teri then hugged Suko’s head, kissed him on the forehead, squeezed his head against her breast, and then let him lay on her legs.

“I want to cuddle to Carrie too!” Darwin yelled. Darwin tried putting his head on Carrie’s lower body, but he touched the ground.

“You silly!” Carrie said, and then pulled Darwin’s soul out of his body. “Now you can do your corny shit.” Darwin obeyed and laid on Carrie’s lap.

“Ahh… this is so good.” Darwin said, ignoring the fact that his sleeping body was laying on the floor next to him.

After recess was over, Carrie kissed Darwin on the lips, Teri kissed Suko on the lips as well, before they left to the cheerleading practice session. Gumball had to part ways with Penny as well. “Goodbye Gumball!” Penny said, and kissed him on the cheek before then leaving. Gumball grew quiet during the time that they were going to the lab. Darwin and Suko noticed this, and they both asked Gumball, at the same time: “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I suppose.” Gumball said.

“You are lying.” Darwin said, squinting his eyes at Gumball.

“I am fine, I swear.” Gumball laughed nervously.

Darwin did not buy into this, and squinted even more, and put his head close to him. Suko laughed at this sight. “It looks like you are want to fuck him.”

“Dude, no.” Darwin said. “I want to unfuck him from whatever is bothering him.”

Suko then imitated Darwin’s action, and now Gumball was surrounded by two heads squinting at him skeptically. “Okay okay!” Gumball raised his voice. “I am feeling down! Happy now?!”

“Gumball is so sad! Gumball… Gu-Gumball… Gumball is so pissed!” Suko sang, in the same rhythm as the song by Hanson titled “MMMBop.” Darwin followed suit, and both Darwin and Suko laughed.

“It’s not funny, you two!” Gumball crossed his arms. “I am just feeling insecure.”

“About?” Darwin asked.

“Ugh.” Gumball covered his face. “Teri kissed Suko on the lips, and Carrie kissed you on the lips.”

“And?” Suko asked.

“Penny kissed me on the cheek only!” Gumball pouted.

“Oh come on!” Suko said. “Teri has kissed me on the cheek before, and on the forehead. What’s wrong with that?”

“Penny always kisses me on the lips before we leave.” Gumball whispered in despair.

“Yes…? And…?” Suko raised his eyebrow.

“She did not do it this time! She probably is losing interest in me, or someone else caught her fancy.” Gumball began sweating.

“That’s preposterous, Gumball. One swallow does not make a summer.” Suko said.

“Prepo… What? Speak in English.”

“Preposterous. Contrary to nature, reason, or common sense.” Anais joined the group. “Welcome to the amazing world of Gumball.” Anais said, sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

“Anais! Go away!” Gumball said, embarrassed.

“Me and your friends will try to protect you from yourself.” Anais said, raising a finger. “You are making a mountain out of a molehill, aren’t you?”

“How do you know that?!” Gumball said.

“See?” Anais said. “And is it something related to Penny? She did something out of the ordinary and now you think she is leaving you?”

“She won’t leave me!” Gumball yelled. The students that were passing by got quieter as Gumball’s yell was so loud. They all stared, terrified. Then they kept on going.

“I see now.” Anais said, with equanimity.

“She’s rough.” Suko whispered to Darwin.

“Gumball, you just got to chill.” Suko said. “You have Penny. No one else. If she was thinking about leaving, you would really know. This is just a fear you have.”

“I guess.” Gumball sighed. “Thanks guys. I feel calmer now.”

Darwin and Suko then caressed Gumball on his head. “There… there…” They said.

The group went to lab. Suko was being Suko. Darwin was trying to make some mixtures to create a purple substance, but Suko changed the flasks. The mixture then blew up, scaring Darwin to death.

“Suko!” Darwin raised his voice, crossing his arms. Suko giggled with an elvish face. Suko would then tease Darwin by making as if he was about to grab a flask, and Darwin would slap Suko’s hand. “No.” Darwin would frown at Suko. Suko would giggle and try to grab a flask again, and Darwin would try to slap Suko’s hand but he would withdraw it and laugh.

After lab was over, the group was walking down the hallway. Gumball then had a sinking feeling. He saw a blue cyclops with brown hair talking with Penny. “Rob…” Gumball said.
“Who is that malformed creature?” Suko asked.

“He is Rob.” Gumball frowned. “And he is talking to my girl.”

Darwin and Suko caressed Gumball again, but Gumball slapped their hands away. “Stop it!” Gumball yelled. Penny heard Gumball’s voice, and turned toward him.

“Gumball!” Penny then kissed Gumball on the forehead. “How are you?”

Gumball stammered for some time. “I am fine.”

“I have been talking with Rob on the way to the classroom.” Penny said. “He is so nice!”

“I can see that.” Gumball said, and then left without saying anything. Suko and Darwin followed Gumball, leaving Penny and Rob alone.

“I wonder what happened to him?” Penny asked Rob, worried about her boyfriend.

“He probably got annoyed by his two friends. I know Gumball can be quite the rascal.” Rob said, giggling and covering his mouth.

“He can be.” Penny giggled as well. “So, I will see you later, Rob!” Penny said, and left Rob.

Rob was by himself, watching Penny go away. He sighed. “If only Penny could pay attention to me and not to Gumball…” And then hearts appeared on his eyes, and the cyclops went to his own classroom.

After school was over, Darwin got a text from Carrie. “Wassup < 3”

“Wassaaaaaa!” Darwin replied.

“Want to come to my house?”

“Sure!” Darwin replied, and walked towards Carrie’s house instead of taking the bus. Once Darwin got towards Carrie’s house, he ignored its deteriorated state and came in after the door opened by itself. Carrie was in her room, laying on bed and listening to music. It was heavy metal, based on how loud the screaming was.

After Darwin took a seat on Carrie’s computer chair, Carrie looked at Darwin and took her headphones off.

“There’s space in the bed, silly!” Carry said, her eyes half closed. Darwin did not realize what was going on, but he obeyed.

“Sorry, I just thought your bed was… you know… your bed, your private place.” Darwin said.

“It’s okay, you are my partner!” Carrie kissed Darwin. “Give me a kiss, come on.”

“I can’t, I am not a ghost like you.” Darwin blushed, smiling.

Carrie pulled Darwin’s soul out, and after Darwin saw his body on the floor, he planted a kiss on Carrie’s lips. Carrie hugged Darwin, and caressed his head. Carrie then injected her tongue inside Darwin’s mouth, and then put her forehead to his. Darwin felt intimidated, as he had never had a French kiss before.

“How did you like that?” Carrie said, almost in a whisper.

“It’s nice…” Darwin said, feeling the ghostly energy flow towards the middle of his upper legs. His ghostly cloaca was emerging. Darwin then felt embarrassed as his cloaca had fully emerged.

“Shhhh…” Carrie hugged Darwin, while Darwin’s device, his machine given to him by nature, poked at Carrie’s belly. “Relax… It’s okay, sweetheart.”

Carrie had never called Darwin sweetheart. In fact, Carrie had never used such “corny” nicknames before, as she saw them as ridiculous. But seeing Darwin embarrassed and anxious awoke the tender side of her. Darwin could not help but rub himself against Carrie.

“I am sorry, Carrie!” Darwin withdrew from Carrie, but Carrie got closer to Darwin.

“You have never made love to anyone, have you?” Carrie asked, even though she knew the answer.

“Made love?” Darwin asked.

“Exactly.” Carrie then pulled Darwin down with her and caressed his face. “It’s when two people love each other, and they get close together in bed, or in a sofa, or wherever, and they unite their bodies.”

“So when two people get their pee pees together?” Darwin asked, his mouth open wide.

Carrie giggled. “Yes! So you have done your research, you perv.”

“Suko told me about it. He showed me some comics the other day.”

Carrie smiled, her eyes half-closed and bewitching. “I will get Teri and Suko to make love later on. For now, it’s just you and me.”

“But I don’t want to hurt you, Carrie.” Darwin said, worried. Carrie was feeling Darwin’s cloaca. It was slippery, hard. It was big too. Carrie never imagined her innocent boyfriend would be this big. She almost felt scared of how much pain she would feel even though she was a ghost.

“You might hurt me.” Carrie said. “But… in the end we will enjoy this.”

“Carrie… I…” Darwin began, but Carrie did not let Darwin speak as she kissed Darwin in the mouth, and put her tongue inside his mouth, feeling for his tongue. Carrie then guided Darwin’s cloaca towards her vagina, and then she grinded herself down on it.

“Ah….!” Carrie gasped. Darwin moaned, and bit his lower lip.

Carrie humped Darwin, slowly, as the cloaca was large. She hugged Darwin’s head, and let him feel her ghostly white breasts.

“Fuck, this is good. This is so fucking good!” Carrie said. Carrie then kissed Darwin’s head, and kept humping him. Carrie felt the mast lodged inside her abyss of pleasure. The feeling of it drew joy and ecstasy to her being. Darwin felt that joy in his manhood. It was that flavor of piquancy, that sweet, dear feeling that comes when two lovers join their bodies and bring the most heavenly feeling to each other. Darwin saw how pleased Carrie was, and he began to hump as well.

“Get on top of me.” Carrie panted and got off from Darwin. Darwin’s cloaca twitched as he got up. “Get it on here.”

Darwin could not get it in. He once niched it on Carrie’s anus, causing a ticklish feeling which drew a moan from her. Darwin then hit her outer labia two or three times, until Carrie just grabbed the oblong thing and lodged it inside her vagina.

“Sorry…” Darwin whispered. Carrie got up and kissed Darwin.

“I love you, Darwin. I am so happy to be here with you.” Carrie was blushing. “You bring so much joy to my life.”

Darwin’s mouth was opened, idiotized by the pleasure he was feeling. “I love you too, Carrie. I am so happy at your side.” Darwin then thrust in too hard, causing Carrie to bite her lip. “I am sorry, Carrie.”

“Just go slower, it will be better.” Darwin moved slower. His movements were tranquil. Darwin felt like his maximum pleasure was about to come. It was just like when he masturbated, but this time, there was someone he loved.

“Carrie, I need to pull out…” Darwin said.

Carrie lifted her head to look at Darwin. “Why?”

“I am cumming.” Darwin said, not being able to stop his thrusts. Darwin then drew his cloaca out.

“Rub yourself on my belly.” Carrie then pulled Darwin towards herself. Darwin humped for a few seconds until he came.

“Ahhh….!” Darwin exclaimed, as he felt the liquid gush out of his cloaca. “Shit… This is so good…” Darwin humped after having finished the squirting. He felt how slippery it was and moaned of pleasure. He then fell to Carrie’s side, and held hands with her.

After a few seconds, Carrie cradled Darwin’s head with her arms. “How are you, babe?”

“I am tired. But I feel happy.” Darwin replied.

“Then rest here with me.” Carrie said, and after kissing Darwin on the lips one more time, the couple fell asleep until the night came, and Darwin had to leave for home.

Chapter Text

Teri visited Suko’s house one day. Suko was hesitant, but Teri really wanted to visit him at his own place. It was cold, and Teri wore a black hoodie with an image of a pair of scissors on the center. Teri rang the bell, and Suko’s mom opened the door.

“H-Hi m’am! I am Teri McKenzie. Is Suko here?” Teri held her hands in front of her, swinging sideways.

Suko’s mother was a fox like himself. She wore a purple shirt with sports neck, and black pants. Teri felt intimidated by her, as she seemed serious. “He is in his room.”

“Thanks!” Teri said, coming in.

“Climb the stairs. It’s the room at the end of the hallway.” Suko’s mother said.

Teri climbed the stairs, and timidly walked towards Suko’s room.

“I am here.” Teri texted Suko. After a few minutes, Suko opened the door to his room, and got startled by seeing Teri. “Did you think I was a ghost?” Teri asked, teasingly.

“I am not scared of ghosts. We have class with one.” Suko said.

“I know. I was being sarcastic!” Teri rolled her eyes.

“Ah. Well, come in!” Suko held hands with Teri, who then pulled him towards her, and kissed him on the lips, playing with his tongue.

“Mmm…” Teri’s moan was muffled by the kiss.

After the kiss was over, Suko pulled Teri towards his room, and closed the door.

Teri had seen Suko’s room in pictures before. But it was another thing to see it live. There were shelves with many books. A telescope. A creepy ventriloquist doll, and a solar system model. Suko had models of space shuttles, and Dragon Ball Z figures scattered on the floor. Suko’s shoes were on the floor, as well as his sweaty socks. It smelled like a guy’s room, Teri thought. But she liked it as it was Suko’s room, her guy.

“I like your room.” Teri said. “It’s cozy, that lamp gives a good light. You must really enjoy yourself reading here.”

Suko nodded. “I also play video games.” Suko pointed to his Nintendo DS.

“I have one too! Why didn’t you tell me before? We can play together! Do you have the Pokemon game?”

“I do, and we should play soon.”

Teri then kissed Suko on the lips again. She kissed him and hugged him tightly. Teri sat Suko on the bed with her, and pressed his head against her breast. They were soft. Suko had never touched a woman’s breast before, save for his mother’s when he was a baby. But he did not remember that at all. Suko was curious to touch Teri’s, but was too shy to ask. Suko then squeezed them with his head, to test Teri’s reaction. She did not resist.

“What do I lose in asking. The worst that can happen is she will say no and we move on.” Suko thought. “Can I touch them?” Suko asked, his voice trembling.

“Yes.” Teri said, and placed Suko’s hand on her clothed breast. Suko squeezed, and it felt soft, squeeshy. He wished Teri did not have the hoodie on. As if guessing Suko’s thought, Teri took off her hoodie. Suko’s blood flowed to his penis after seeing Teri wearing a black noodle strap shirt which revealed her chest. Part of Teri’s bra straps could be seen on her shoulder. Teri had heard about Darwin and Carrie. Carrie had pulled her aside one day on the hallway.

“It was fantastic, Teri. I can’t believe it.” Carrie had said. “You have no idea what it feels like. We already did it twice.” Carrie narrated to Teri some details of what transpired, which inflamed Teri’s desire. Teri did not know much about sex, save for what she saw on hentai, the shabby sex ed from school, and what Carrie would tell her. Teri fantasized about Suko after school that day. She imagined they were naked together, embracing, him entering her and her receiving all of him inside her, melting into each other. However, Teri was nervous. She had also heard about sexually transmitted diseases, and how terrible they can be. Should she go ahead and do it? Or should she cut all risk out by not engaging in the act? How would Suko feel? But her fear of microbes was not completely vanquished, so these thoughts ate at her.

Suko squeezed Teri’s breasts together, poked at them, and his arousal increased as he felt how soft they were. “Oh my god…” Suko whispered, panting.

“You like them huh?” Teri smiled at Suko, her eyes half-closed.

“I have never touched boobs before. They feel so nice.” Suko said as he played with Teri’s breasts, making them jiggle. Suko then remembered what he saw in the internet. He would see guys putting their faces on the woman’s breasts. This stimulated him so much, and he had fantasized about doing it with Teri before. “Can I put my face on them?”
Teri giggled, and hugged Suko’s head, squeezing his face against her breasts. Suko nuzzled them, kissed them. Teri was panting, squeezing Suko’s fur on his head. Her heart was beating faster, and she was almost losing all reason. Suko felt these same sensations. His penis was rock hard and not containing himself he pushed Teri down with him, and began humping her leg like a horny chihuahua. Teri then felt afraid, and disengaged herself from Suko.

Teri was panting, but she also remembered STDs. “I read that during sex, you lose all sense of reason. And I am scared of STDs…” Teri said, embarrassed.

“But I am a virgin, and thus there is no way I have STDs to infect you with.” Suko said.

“I know, but I am still scared.” Teri said, looking at Suko longingly. She felt so angry at herself for being such a germaphobe still.

Suko hugged Teri tightly. “I know you are scared, but… Nothing bad will happen, as I am a virgin too. There is no possibility of me having a disease you can catch.”

“I know baby, but I am still scared of getting infected.” Teri lowered her head.

“But that doesn’t make sense, since you have French-kissed me, and STDs can be transmitted that way as well.”

“But there might be more germs in genitals than in a toilet’s seat.” Teri said. “And if my hymen ruptures, and blood flows, and my veins absorb any microbes, I can get sepsis, and… and…”

“Teri, nothing of the sort will happen.” Suko held Teri’s face with his hands, which then travelled to her breasts to give them at least a squeeze or two. But Teri withdrew.

“I think we should do something else.” Teri said. “I am sorry, but I am not ready for us to have our first time yet.”

Suko lowered his head and ears. He then looked up. “Can I squeeze them one more time though?”

“No. I don’t want you to get aroused right now.” Teri said, moving her breasts away from Suko and grabbing her hoodie.

“But Teri, how can you say that?!” Suko said, getting up from the bed. “Whenever I am with you, I feel aroused. You are just so beautiful and I can’t help it.”

Upon hearing that, Teri blushed, and smiled. “Stop it! You silly fox.”

“I am sorry.” Suko said.

“Why do you apologize? It makes me so happy to hear you say that. Because you arouse me too, and you are so handsome and cute.”

“Then let’s do it!” Suko smiled.

“Not right now.” Teri drew a hand, palm facing Suko. Suko lowered his head.

“But how can you say you find me arousing if you don’t want to do it?” Suko asked, almost pleadingly.

“Well,” Teri said, as she was putting her hoodie on. “Things like these take time. It takes comfort, and trust.”

“So you don’t find me comforting or trustworthy?” Suko felt stinged.

“I do, and I trust you. But this is different, baby.”

“So you don’t find me arousing then.” Suko lowered his head yet again. “Is it because I am short?”

Teri sighed, and rolled her eyes. “I never said that… Look.” Teri then kissed Suko on the forehead. “You may be shorter than me, a little thing…” This made Suko frown. “But my feelings for you are immense, just like the place you have in my heart.” Teri then hugged Suko tightly, and Suko smiled, blushing. Suko then tried to reach Teri’s face to kiss her, and Teri looked down towards Suko and planted a kiss on his lips.

Suko brought something to eat. It was toast with jelly, and peanut butter on a flask and a knife to spread. “Yummy!” Teri said. The couple sat down and talked about school.

“Gumball isn’t doing so well right now.” Suko said.

“Penny told me he started getting jealous of that Rob guy.” Teri said, putting gel on her hands before grabbing her toast.

“Penny talks a lot to him though.” Suko said, biting into his toast.

“Yeah, but Penny loves Gumball, for sure. I think Gumball is overreacting to Rob.”

“I think Rub is a simp.” Suko made a masturbating gesture with his hand, and then laughed.

“Baby, that’s mean.” Teri said, giggling. “But I do notice Rob’s demeanor with Penny is that of someone with a crush.”

“Just call him Rub. It’s funnier that way.” Suko made the masturbating gesture with his hand again.

“Okay okay. Rub is into Penny.” Teri laughed and shook her head.

The next day, Suko met up with Gumball. Gumball was frowning the entire time. “What’s wrong Gumballs.” Suko asked.

“Penny can’t seem to stop talking about Rob. ‘Rob this, Rob that.’ I am sick of it.” Gumball was fuming.

“I don’t think Penny is into Rub.” Suko said. “You can chill.”

“Then why is she always talking about him?!” Gumball gnawed his hands.

“Because of novelty. When something is novel, people talk about it for a long time. Kinda like when you get a new game and you can’t shut up about it, until the novelty passes, and things normalize.” Suko explained.

“Well, she barely talks about me now.” Gumball said.

“But why would she talk about you… to you…? Isn’t that kinda redundant?”

Gumball sighed. He thought Suko was right. But there was a tiny worm of doubt inside his brain that kept him trapped in a loop of anxiety. “I guess you have a point. But still!” Gumball said. Things got worse when he saw Penny and Rob walking together. “There they are!” Gumball whispered. Penny seemed to be happily talking to Rob, smiling and laughing. Rob was blushing. Penny then said goodbye to Rob and went towards Gumball to sit at his side.

“Hi Gumball!” Penny then kissed Gumball on the forehead.

“Hi, Penny.” Gumball said, grumbling.

All of a sudden, Suko felt some arms around his neck, and a head above his. “Hi sweetheart.” It was Teri’s voice. Teri kissed Suko on his head while Suko felt her arms.
“Awww! You two are so cute.” Penny said, a hand on her mouth.

Gumball sighed and looked away. Penny felt awkward at Gumball’s behavior. “Is everything okay, Gumball?”

“Are you into Rob?” Gumball asked. “Is that why you can’t stop talking about him?”

Penny was surprised. She did not expect Gumball to ask this. “Um… No? I am not into him at all.”

“Then why do you talk about him all the time? It’s driving me nuts!”

“Well, we just became friends, and he is cool! You should talk to him! I thought about introducing you two as I think you would get along.” Penny said.

“I am not interested at all.” Gumball said, crossing his arms.

“Come on Gumball. You know I only have eyes for you!” Penny said. Suddenly, Rob came by, as he had noticed the commotion. Gumball stared at him all the time he talked to Penny. Rob showed Penny some comic books, and Penny flipped through them. All of this made Gumball feel as if he was being ignored. Here he was expressing his insecurities, and Penny was now paying attention to Rob.

“That’s it! I am leaving!” Gumball got up and walked away.

“Gumball! Wait!” Penny followed Gumball. Rob walked away from the table and left, not saying a word to Teri or to Suko.

“Hmmm….” Suko rubbed his chin and looked at Rob. “Something is not right with that cyclops.” Suko decided to follow Rob and see what he was up to, while Teri followed Penny and Gumball.

Gumball was walking towards the library. He wanted to hide away in the shelves and not see Penny. But Penny soon caught up to him. She grabbed Gumball’s arm. Gumball snatched his own arm away and kept on walking.

“What is your problem?!” Penny raised her voice. “You are starting to piss me off with that attitude.”

“Fine! Then go with Rob and give him a Rub!” Gumball said, raising his voice.

Penny gasped. “Gumball…!” Penny felt slashed by those words. Gumball could read it in her expression, and instantly regretted having uttered those words. “Penny, I am sorry… I…”

“No Gumball. I can’t believe you said that.” Penny shook her head.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just… feeling… insecure…”

“After I reassured you that there is no reason to feel that way. But you now insulted me.” Penny said, her voice sharp and stern. “I have never given you reason to insult me that way. What’s wrong with you?!”

“I just felt jealous, Penny. I felt like you were developing a crush on Rob.”

“But I just met him not too long ago! Yeah, we get along great. So what? Now I can’t have male friends?” Penny frowned at Gumball. “Are you also jealous of Suko? What about Darwin?”

“But you don’t talk about them all the time! You do so with Rob!” Gumball exclaimed.

“Gumball, it’s just that Rob has been lonely. He needs friends. I have been trying to sell him to you so that you talk to him!”

“But what about how I feel? I feel like you are drifting away from me!” Gumball clasped his hands in prayer.

“Gumball, you are being absurd.” Penny said those words and turned away. “I need to be alone now.”

Gumball then stomped the ground and turned away, crossing his arms. “That Rob is such a piece of shit!”

“Gumball!” Teri exclaimed. “What was all that?”

Gumball explained the conversation, and Teri shook her head. “Oh boy. You won’t believe what Suko just told me about Rob…” Teri showed Gumball her phone screen. In it, Suko was telling Teri about how Rob was talking to someone. The voice of that someone sounded creepy. It was metallic, deep. They were talking about something related to Penny’s hidden power, and stealing it. Something about a promise to have Penny’s hand, and not to fail.

“Did you record it?” Teri asked Suko after calling him.

“No. Not enough memory in my phone.” Suko said on the line.

“What?! How come?” Teri asked.

“Well… My phone is full of porn. I don’t want to delete it. I need to transfer it to my computer and then to a drive.” Suko said, laughing.

“Baaaabe!” Teri cried. “If only we had that evidence! Penny is in danger!”

“So… Rob is up to no good then?” Gumball said, almost feeling too hopeful. Teri nodded. “Perfect. I will expose that asshole for the shit he is, and Penny will pay all of her attention to me now.”

“Gumball. Wait. Don’t do anything rash, or you will get in serious trouble too. If you are lucky, Penny might get even more pissed at you.” Teri said.

“She will not. It’s obvious Rob is up to no good. All I got to do is tell her about it.”

“That’s exactly what I meant.” Teri said, putting her hands on her hips.

Gumball then walked away to go and find Penny. Where was she? Was she with Rob? His worst fears were confirmed when Gumball found Penny and Rob talking in the hallway near the lockers. Gumball wanted to listen to the whole conversation, so he hid behind the corner of the hallway and began recording.

“Rob, Gumball insulted me! He is jealous of you. He told me I could come to you and ask for a rub.” Penny said.

Rob laughed. “Oh my god, really?”

Penny laughed as well. “Yes, but I feel bad, because…” Penny was cut short as Gumball appeared from the corner.

“I have everything recorded now! You were making fun of me, Rob!” Gumball pointed at Rob, who was startled.

“What?” Penny asked.

“Yes! I heard you two laughing and talking about me! I see how it is!”

“Gumball, I can’t believe you would spy on us and record us like that!” Penny put her hands on her hips.

Suko found them. “Gumball, wait! What are you doing?!”

But Gumball did not wait. “He saw you talking to some mysterious entity. You and that monster, whatever he is, want to hurt Penny!”

“What?! Me?!” Rob was taken aback.

“Yes! You! Right Suko?”

Suko sighed and shook his head. Penny looked at Suko, and misinterpreting Suko’s gesture, she turned to Gumball. “Gumball, I can’t believe you would fall so low as to smear Rob like that. And on top of that, you dragged Suko into this!”

“But, Penny…!”

“Gumball, I am so disappointed in you. You thought this would make me turn my back on Rob?! I feel so concerned for you. This is not the Gumball I love. You attempted to do something so cruel and now I am not sure if I can trust you anymore.” Penny said, and turned away.

Gumball’s eyes got watery, and he began to cry. Suko hugged Gumball. “I am sorry.” Suko said. “She will find out one way or the other. You will see.”

“She doesn’t love me anymore.” Gumball sobbed.

Suko thought and knew it was Gumball’s own doing, and almost felt the impulse to tell that to Gumball, but he stopped himself and patted Gumball on the back. “We will find a way, friend.”

“I don’t want Penny to get hurt…” Gumball said. “Please tell me that what you saw wasn’t true.”

Suko looked at Gumball with pity. This was something he could tell him, as it was for the best. “He does want to do something to Penny. It doesn’t bode well for her. But we will come up with a plan and catch that malformed bastard and expose him for the trash that he is.” Suko said, putting his fist on his other hand, and smiling at Gumball with confidence.

After school was over, Gumball spoke to Darwin and Anais about what happened. Anais shook her head, and looked for Suko on social media to add him. “I want to plan something with him so that we can catch Rob in the act.” Anais said.

Darwin got a text from Carrie, inviting him to her house. “I will go to Carrie’s to watch a movie! See ya!” Darwin left.

Gumball wondered what in the world was Darwin doing at Carrie’s house so often. But he was too preoccupied with Penny and Rob to think about Darwin and Carrie. Gumball hoped that Penny would come to her senses and leave Rob behind.

Meanwhile, Darwin got to Carrie’s room. Carrie got Darwin out of his body, and both souls embraced on the bed. Carrie deeply kissed Darwin. Darwin felt Carrie’s budding breasts and squeezed them. For a ghost, they still were squeeshy.

“Put it in, lover.” Carrie said. “I want you in me.”

Darwin, in haste, tried to ply his cloaca in, but he missed three times, niching it in Carrie’s anus. Carrie sighed and grabbing the cloaca, she inserted it into herself. Darwin pushed, and began the humping.

“This is so fantastic.” Darwin said as he thrusted.

“Shut up and come here.” Carrie pulled Darwin to her and kissed him, injecting her tongue into his mouth and savoring his tongue.

Darwin then pulled out, and rubbed his prick on Carrie’s belly. Darwin then spit on his ghostly hand, rubbed his cloaca, and inserted it again inside Carrie’s vagina. Darwin panted, felt the sweet feeling between his loins as his cloaca rubbed the moist walls of Carrie’s joy cave. As the long genital rubbed, the itch of desire was pleased, then increased, then pleased. Darwin loved food, and after he had finished, he wondered whether tasting food or having sex was better. As he was thrusting back and forth, he felt sex was the best. Darwin sank his face on Carrie’s chest, bit at her nipple like a mad cannibal, sucked on it like a babe, and made Carrie’s breasts jiggle. The jiggling increased his carnal happiness, and made him thrust quicker, and then he had to pull out. The white viscous substance spouted and smeared all of Carrie’s ghostly body. Carrie also ejected her own juices, which fell on Darwin’s legs.

“Ahh… That was so… fucking… good…” Darwin said, and collapsed right next to Carrie, who embraced him and gave him a French kiss. Darwin got some of his ghostly sperm on his body, but he did not care and fell asleep.

“I love you so much, you big goof.” Carrie said, before kissing Darwin’s forehead and closing her eyes.

Chapter Text

“So Anais, what are your ideas?” Suko looked at Anais expectantly. Gumball was sitting on his computer, hoping Penny would message him soon.

“I think we have to catch Rob again, talking to whoever that entity was, and you,” Anais pointed at Suko, “need to delete some of that porn in your phone to have space for a capture.”

“I already transferred that to a hard drive.” Suko said.

“Did you?” Teri asked, squinting skeptically at Suko.

“Yes! I did!” Suko replied, vexed. “My phone’s memory is pretty much empty of all photos.”

“Good.” Anais said.

“But what if that entity attacks me?” Suko asked.

“You can attack back, using your fire powers.” Anais said.

“But I don’t know how to control them!” Suko replied. “They usually appear when I am angry.”

“Then we will make you angry.” Carrie said. “Teri, what makes Suko angry? You must know.”

Teri thought for a few minutes. “I know!” Teri said. “Shortie!”

“Aaargh!” Suko was surrounded by flames, veins on the whites of his eyes and viper fangs coming out of his mouth, his nostrils dilated.

“It’s just a test, baby!” Teri said, covering her mouth. “I like you small and compact.” Teri hugged Suko tightly, nuzzling his face. Suko’s fire extinguished, and Suko smiled, nuzzling Teri back.

“And what will happen with Penny?” Gumball asked.

“I know you are worried about her, but for now she is safe, as Rob is into her, and that entity seems to be biding their time for now. Time is what saves us.” Anais said.

Suko began to admire Anais, despite her preschool age, she was so smart, and composed. She was still a little girl, but her intellect was very superior. “Only I and Teri shall accompany Suko.” Anais said. “So Gumball, don’t even think of going to attack Rob so that you have a nice story for Penny. It’s too dangerous for you.”

Gumball frowned and sighed. “Alright. I won’t.”

“So we have a plan for tomorrow at school?” Suko asked. Anais nodded, and the group began talking about other matters. Teri held Suko’s hand, and Carrie cuddled with Darwin. The four of them seemed very happy, and this made Gumball yearn for Penny. He was scared, jealous, and terrified of losing Penny. But Gumball now knew he was not in the wrong, not entirely. Rob was up to no good, and Penny just did not see that. Things would get back to normal after Penny saw Rob’t true colors.

The next day, nothing eventful happened during class, with one exception. When Penny came inside the classroom, she sat away from Gumball and his friends. She did not even look at Gumball at first. Gumball thought he saw Penny looking at him at one moment, but when he turned to look at her, she was looking at her notebook. Penny was scribbling something on it, her head resting on her hand.

“She is probably drawing Rob!” Gumball thought, jealousy rising in him. “Screw Anais.” Gumball thought. “I will follow them and have a go at Rob. He will have a taste of Watterson’s fists.”

During lunch hour, Anais, Teri, and Suko met on the entrance to the cafeteria. Gumball spied them. Suddenly, Rob appeared, and Anais and the other two followed Rob. Because there were a lot of students in the area, if was easy for Anais’ group to camouflage and hide from Rob, who was looking around to see if he was being followed. Gumball did his best to hide, grabbing other students to use as a cover. He once grabbed Anton and covered himself with him, but Leslie came by and slapped Gumball, taking Anton away by the hand.

It seemed as if Rob was going to the other end of the school. To not be caught by Rob, they all made sure to stop and wait until there was sufficient distance between them and Rob, enabling them to follow Rob without being caught. After a while, Anais realized they were going in circles.

“He knows we are following him.” Suko said.

“Why don’t you all wait here.” Carrie said, suddenly appearing. “I can turn invisible. If I follow him he won’t know.”

Suko and Anais facepalmed. They were angry with themselves for not having thought of that. So Carrie turns invisible, and goes to find Rob. She follows Rob for a good 5 minutes, going in a different direction than previously, and Rob stops at a door, leading to a closet. Rob opened the door and disappeared inside the darkness. Carrie had been tracing the route on her electronic copy of the school’s map, and sent it to Anais, who then uses it to get to the destination point.

“Here we are.” Anais says. “Suko, it’s all yours. We are here to support you.”

“Right, because you can destroy mysterious entities with your superpowers.” Suko said, using his sarcasm as a defense mechanism, as he felt scared to his wits. Teri hugged Suko from behind, kissing him on the head.

“I am with you.” Teri said. Suko nods.

Suko gets his phone. He opens the camera app. After swallowing, he slowly reaches for the door knob. Slowly turns it. Pulls it. And upon opening it, he catches sight of something he will never forget. Standing before Rob, there was a tall, slender figure. It was humanoid, no hair visible. It did not have any other features save for the fact that the right half was black, and the left white, and six small circles that appeared to be eyes were on its face, three on each side. These eyes had slit pupils, and the iris was yellow. There was no mouth visible. Its arms reached all the way to the floor, and the fingers were long.

Suko dropped his phone to the ground, mouth open. Teri hugged Suko tightly, shaking with fear. Rob turns to look at the intruders, and smiles a creepy smile, his teeth showing. “So what do we have here?”

“Just where we wanted them.” The entity announces. The creature then shows two long wings, which looked like semi-circles with long rectangular fingers. He flaps them, and the wind they produce sends everyone around the area flying away. The monster flies towards everyone.

“Ruuuun!” Suko yells. Everyone runs with him. Suko and Teri holding hands, Teri trailing behind.

The monster shoots a beam of red energy, making a crater on the wall. It shoots more beams, making the hallway look like a Swiss cheese. Suko then noticed Gumball running with them. “What are you doing here?!”

“I followed you all!” Gumball replied, after evading a red beam.

“No shit!” Suko said, evading another and dragging Teri with him. “We told you not to!”

“I had to!” Gumball yelled.

“Time to attack!” Anais said. “Teri!” She called. Teri nodded.

“Tobias is taller than Suko!” Teri yelled.

Suko then stopped. “No he is not!” Suko yelled, furiously, fire enveloping his body.

“Shoot him, baby! You can do it!” Teri said, hiding behind Suko.

Suko then threw several fireballs at the monster, until one of its arms came off, burning on the ground.

“Aaarh!” The monster yelled, a glowing orange liquid oozing from the broken arm. “Curse you!”

“Take that! Bitch!” Suko said, pointing at the monster defiantly.

“I was just joking.” The monster said. Suddenly, more of the orange glowing substance appeared, this time with a gelatinous consistency, and formed another arm, which then got covered with skin as square pieces rapidly appeared on the surface. It looked as if the monster pixelated his arm into existence.

“What the heck?!” Suko yelled, and shot another fireball. This time, the monster hit it with his arm, and sent it flying away, making a big hole on the ceiling of the hallway. “I hope I am not liable for that.” Suko said. Suko then was punched in the face by the monster. Then he was punched in the belly, making Suko lose air. The hits were so fast that Suko had no time to process the pain from each. Suko was sent flying to the wall at the end of the hall with a kick so strong that it made a “thud” sound.

“Suko!” Teri yelled, running towards Suko at top speed. “Suko! Respond!” Suko’s eyes were closed. He was breathing, which relieved Teri. However, Suko would not wake up. Some blood was coming out of his mouth, which Teri cleaned using a wipe she had on the bag of her dress.

“I will finish that nosy pair off myself.” Rob said, placing a fist on his hand. As he was advancing towards Suko and Teri, Teri looked defiantly at Rob, holding Suko on her arms.

“I won’t let you!” Teri said. She then pulled antibacterial gel, and shot some at Rob. Rob stopped as the gel splattered on his face. He took it off. He checked his hand, stained with the gel, and clenched his fist.

“No you have pissed me off beyond measure!” Rob yelled, making the hallway tremble, and ran towards Teri and Suko.

Rob was then toppled to the ground. “Over my cadaver, cyclops!” Gumball said, grabbing Rob’s hair and pulling it. Gumball turned Rob around, placing his hands on Rob’s neck. “I will not let you hurt my friends. And I will not allow you and your freak friend to harm my girl!”

Rob looked at Gumball, astonished at his daring feat. Rob then began to laugh hysterically. “What are you laughing at?!”

“Penny, what a pretty creature.” Rob said, smiling. “She has a pretty pair of antlers, and her ass is juicy.”

Gumball’s ire could not be contained upon hearing these words and his fist landed on Rob’s mouth. “Shut up!” Gumball’s fist was bleeding, as it had hit one of Rob’s teeth. Another fist landed on Rob’s face. Gumball remembered the fight he had with Penny, all because of Rob’s fault, and he landed more and more punches on Rob’s face. “Shut up!” Gumball yelled, and was about to land another punch on Rob’s face when his hand was stopped.

“Oh how foolish you are, Gumball.” Rob said. “Penny is mine. After I kill you, she will hear about the damage you caused me, and she will forget you and your stupid friends and will be all mine forever.” Rob then got up, and grabbing Gumball by the arm, hurled him towards a locker, creating a Gumball-shaped indention on the locker.

“Gah!” Gumball said, blood coming out of his mouth.

“And I will steal Penny’s virginity, meanwhile you will rot on the ground, worms eating your flesh, forgotten like the trash that you are!” Rob said, landing a kick on Gumball’s belly.
“Rob!” Rob gasped. It was Penny, followed by Leslie and Carmen.

Rob began shaking. “P-Peny! How are you?”

“What’s going on Rob?” Penny asked. She ran towards Gumball, and held him in her arms. “Gumball! Gumball!” But Gumball did not respond.

“Oh Penny, Gumball was bullying me! You know, he is jealous of me.” Rob said, cleaning the blood from his mouth. “Look! Your boyfriend hit me. Here is the proof!”

“Rob, I heard everything you said.” Penny said. “You told Gumball as he was hitting you that I would forget about him.”

“Well, he was bullying me!” Rob said, angry and defensive.

“In truth… Rob told me how special you are. He holds very high regard for you.” The monster said, approaching Penny. “And that which makes you special, is mine, thanks to Rob.”
Penny was terrified at the monster’s appearance and his metallic deep voice. She held Gumball close to her. “What is this…?” Penny then turned into a small purple mouse.

“Wait!” Rob said, nervously. “You told me you would not implicate me! That I would tell Penny that I defeated you and avenged her for having stolen her powers!”

“Rob? Really?” Penny said, her small hands on her cheeks. Everyone else gasped.

The monster laughed. “Fool! You are a simpleton. Nothing more than a puppet. I only said that because you are nothing more than a pawn. A piece of meat with no soul. Now, disappear from my sight!” The monster then grabbed Penny, squeezing her with his hands. Terrified, Rob ran away.

“Aaaa! Gumball! Help me!” Penny yelled.

Carmen jumped at the monster to pinch him with her thorns, but the monster flapped a wing, sending Carmen away with the power of the wind.

“Gumball, wake up!” Anais said, shaking Gumball.

On the center of the monster’s face, vertically, a mouth opened. There were rows of small, slender, sharp teeth on it, and there was an orange glow emanating from it. “Your power is mine.” The metallic voice said.

“Oh my god, he will kill Penny!” Teri yelled.

Carrie then got inside Gumball, caused him to slap himself, waking him up. After coming out, Carrie turned Gumball’s face towards the monster and Penny. A long orange proboscis was approaching Penny in her mouse form. Penny was terrified, crying.

“Penny! No!” Gumball said, and as he approached the monster, blue sparks began surrounding his body, until his fists were enveloped by blue electricity.

“What is this?” Gumball said, looking at his hands, full of blue energy. It was all making a buzzing sound, circling around his hands and causing a pleasant vibrating sensation.

“Don’t interrupt me you fool!” The monster said, shooting another beam at Gumball. Gumball lifted his arm in self-defense, and a blue electricity shield covered him, deflecting the beam and making another hole in the ceiling.

“What?!” The monster said. “I better consume her power and defeat this menace.” The monster then turned his attention to Penny.

Gumball then created a sphere with his hands, full of blue spark.

“Take this you freak!” Gumball said, throwing the ball at the monster. The ball captured the monster, electrifying him and causing him to let Penny go. The monster recovered, and attempted to go after Penny again, but it was too late, as she was behind Gumball, who was creating an even bigger electricity ball.

“No, please no!” The monster begged.

Gumball let the big electric sphere go, and enveloping the monster, consumed him, leaving nothing but charred ground. Penny turned back to normal, everyone got around her to check on her, but Penny focused on Gumball. Gumball looked to the ground, afraid of what Penny would say or do.

“Gumball, I…” Penny said, blushing. Gumball then went towards Penny and hugged her tightly, kissing her on the lips, playing with her tongue. “Gumball, I love you so much. I am sorry about everything.” Penny’s eyes began to moisten, and tears trickled down her cheeks. “Are you okay?”

“I am fine. I am happy I have you back.” Gumball said, eyes half-open. “I am sorry for those horrible things I said before. It was low of me.” Penny ignored that and kissed Gumball’s lips, playing with his tongue as he did before. “And I am sorry for being such a jealous fool.” Gumball said.

“Gumball, I would be jealous too, if I was on that same position.” Penny said, and nuzzled Gumball. “But know that you are the only one I want, and that I am so happy to have you in my life.”

Carrie caught sight of that, and smiled. After school was over, Carrie texted Gumball and Penny to come to her house later, perhaps the next day. Gumball agreed, and having arrived on Carrie’s house, he was surprised at seeing Penny there. The glow of Penny’s body gave the dark room a cozy feeling, which Gumball found inviting. Carrie tried to steer the conversation to sexual stuff, talking about her first time with Darwin.

“How is it possible Darwin lost his virginity before me?!” Gumball yelled, gnawing his hands.

“Gumball!” Penny said, blushing.

“I will be blunt with you. You two need to try it. Sex education makes everything related to sex seem dangerous and icky, but it is not. It is the most natural thing, so long as both parties consent and love each other.”

“But STDs are a thing, and if my dad finds out, he will kill me and Gumball.” Penny said.

“That’s why you stay quiet. And to avoid the STD thing, I have condoms here.” Carrie said. She went to a drawer, and pulled out a few of the condoms.

“Why do you have those in there?!” Penny asked.

“In anticipation of this. After you two, it will be Teri and Suko.” Carrie said.

Penny looked at Gumball, who looked back at her.

“I don’t know… I really want to, but I am nervous.” Penny said.

“I am not nervous at all.” Gumball said, smiling.

“Oh Gumball!” Penny said, laughing.

“What?! I fap thinking of you, if I am not thinking of some movie star or some anime character.”

Penny blushed. “Well, I fap thinking of you.” Penny said, her voice sounding more grown-up all of a sudden.

“Guys, there is another room you can use. I will stay here and listen to some podcasts.” Carrie said. “On paranormal phenomena.”

Penny and Gumball were led to the room on the other side of the hallway of the old mansion. The room was dark, the windows covered with wooden panels. There was a bed on a corner of the room. “Just lay on there and let things flow.” Carrie said. “Take it easy, and if any of you feel uncomfortable, feel free to end it. It’s okay. No shame.” Carrie then closed the door, leaving Gumball and Penny by themselves on the room.

“So… we go to bed.” Gumball said. Penny held Gumball on her arms, and kissed him deeply. “So you never really thought of Rob that way?” Gumball asked.

“Gumball…” Penny frowned.

“Okay… Sorry.”

“Come here.” Penny pulled Gumball towards the bed, and both sat down, kissing. Gumball felt his penis become stiff as Penny injected her tongue inside Gumball’s gullet. Gumball caressed Penny’s body, feeling her smooth orange-yellow glowing skin. He squeezed her buttocks, and got even harder after leaning against her breast, which was soft and smooth. Gumball sucked one of Penny’s nipples, and Penny moaned.

“I think you should undress.” Penny said. Gumball obeyed. He was cold, and Penny covered Gumball with the blanket that was on the bed. When Gumball took his pants and boxers off, the size of his instrument made Penny gasp. Gumball’s penis had a hood, and it looked like the state of Florida. Gumball frigged himself, eyes half-open. There was a long twisted vein running on the side of Gumball’s prick, and the head glistened pink each time the foreskin receded.

“I can’t believe I am doing this with you.” Gumball said, whispering.

“Me either.” Penny said, approaching Gumball and enveloping him with her arms.

“I have watched so much porn, but I don’t know how to do this.” Gumball said, blushing.

“Me either. But We will try.” Penny said. She held Gumball’s member, and frigged him, feeling it’s warmth, how smooth and stiff it was.

“Can I see your pussy?” Gumball said. Penny nodded, and under the blankets, Gumball crawled towards Penny’s vagina, his penis twitching. Penny’s round, pink virgin vulva made Gumball heave with ecstasy. He kissed it many times. Pinched it’s elastic labia, and poked a finger inside. He worked his way in for another finger, and Penny moaned. Gumball went over to Penny, and kissed her. Gumball humped Penny’s thigh, moaning. Penny caressed Gumball’s back, biting at Gumball’s cheeks and kissing him on the forehead as Gumball suckled Penny’s breast, making popping sounds each time he let go of a nipple. Penny grabbed Gumball’s member, and guided it inside her. Gumball thrusted, and Penny let out a scream.

“Penny! Are you okay? I am sorry for hurting you! Did I hurt you?!” Gumball was sweating.

“Gumball… Uhn…” Penny was biting her arm. “Go slow… e-easy…”

Gumball obeyed, and moved slowly. Each thrust was accompanied by the utmost pleasure for both of them. Gumball felt that sweet honey feeling on his penis, while Penny felt the pleasure mixed in with the pain. Gumball suckled Penny’s nipples, biting them, licking them. Penny nibbled Gumball’s ear, and moaned.

“Gumball, I love you baby.” Penny said.

“I love you too.” Gumball said, and moaned, the whites of his eyes being the only thing visible as he was overwhelmed with the sweet ambrosia that throbbed in his every vein. Gumball thrusted and thrusted, caressing Penny’s body. Under the blankets, Gumball and Penny looked like a messy knot of limbs, wriggling and moaning, making slurping sounds as they kissed and sucked.

“Fuck…” Gumball said. “I did not put the condom on.”

“Gumball! Oh my god…” Penny said.

“And I am going to cum…! I am going to cum!” Gumball said, pulling out, and rubbed his prick on Penny’s belly. Gumball held on Penny tightly, while Penny rubbed herself. After 3 minutes of rubbing, Gumball came all over Penny’s body, and came like a fourth of July rocket. Cum splattered all over Penny and on the bed, while Penny squirted on her hand. After the last drop of sperm oozed out of Gumball’s penis, Gumball collapses right next to Penny.

“Gumball…” Penny sighs. “You forgot to put the condom on.”

“No wonder it felt so fucking good.” Gumball said, kissing Penny’s lips.

“It did.” Penny said, and both lovers fell asleep, back together, their union stronger than ever before.

Chapter Text

Suko’s arm was fractured. Teri had gone for Ms. Markham, who examined Suko thoroughly and after diagnosing the broken arm, sent Suko to the hospital. Teri had called her mother. Accidentally, she had referred to Suko as her boyfriend. Teri’s mother was not too enthusiastic about her twelve year old daughter having a boyfriend.

“Teri, STDs can also be transmitted through kissing. Have you two kissed already?”

“Mom, I know that.” Teri said, rolling her eyes. “But I know Suko has no STDs.”

“Did you run a test on him? How do you know that?”

“Mom, if he had an STD I would have developed symptoms by now.” Teri said, even though she had that fear in the back of her mind. Teri understood Suko was clean, but her fears of contamination were hard to let go of. Old habits are hard to die.

“And then you stopped being paper. You are much more exposed to germs like that.”

Teri just grunted, and ignored her mother all the way to the hospital. Suko was still knocked out, sitting right next to Teri. He had some blood on his mouth, but Teri cleaned it with a napkin.

Once at the hospital, Teri and her mother were greeted by Suko’s parents. “How is my son?!” Suko’s mother asked, getting close to Suko, who was laying on a medical rolling bed. Suko was barely waking up.

“Wakie-wakie!” Teri said, smiling at Suko.

“Hi Teri.” Suko said, smiling.

“You!” Suko’s mother said, pointing at Teri. “You did this to my son?!”

Teri was shocked. “What?! No way!”

“Excuse me m’am, but you cannot yell in here.” Teri’s mother said. “Your son needs silence and rest.”

“He is my son!”

“If you don’t lower your volume I will ask you to leave.”

“I will stay here!”

A band-aid nurse stopped Suko’s mother, while Teri’s mother took Suko to another room far in the hospital’s halls. Teri’s mother took Suko to another band-aid nurse, who examined Suko. She drew some blood for a blood test, weighted Suko, measured his temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, and asked about his medical history. She examined Suko’s arm, lifting it carefully, which caused Suko to scream. The scream made Teri pout and she wanted to go and comfort Suko, but she knew the nurse would not let her. It was decided that a cast would have to be made.

“Hachi Machi!” Suko exclaimed. “At least it was my left arm. I can draw on it.” Suko said, looking at his right hand and clenching a fist.

“Good thing your good hand is the one you write with!” Teri said.

“Well Teri.” Her doctor mother said, turning to look at her. “We have to leave him to rest.”

“I want to stay and take care of him.” Teri said.

“Teri, it’s not a good idea. Please understand he needs rest.”

“He needs me! He will be alone! And you left his mom out there!” Teri said.

“Okay okay. Just wear a mask or put on gloves.”

“Mom!” Teri frowned, crossing her arms.

Teri’s mom shook her head and left Teri alone with Suko. Teri was happy to be with Suko, and held his hands while nuzzling him.

“How is my fox?” Teri said in an endearing tone.

“My arm hurts. I want ice cream.” Suko said, his voice cracking.

“Take it easy, baby. You will get better soon.”

These events occurred the day of the confrontation. Clayton, using his ability to make up stories on the fly, managed to convince the principal that the cause of this destruction was not Suko or Gumball, but an alien who wanted to kidnap them and flew into the school, shooting laser beams. This idea was close to the truth, as the being that had attacked them appeared to be not of this world. Mr. Brown sighed, as he would have trouble with the city for reparations and their cost. The following day, Suko had a cast. Teri wrote her name and Suko’s on the cast, and in between the names she put an “X” and she added hearts around the two names. Gumball made a poor attempt at drawing Tobias, and Carrie drew a rock-on hand sign.

No one had heard anything about Rob. He had vanished. Penny was deeply hurt at how Rob had used her and with how selfish were his actions. She was happy that Rob was not around to be seen, as she felt like she would turn into a giant dragon and roast him. The mystery of who that being was remained. What did it want here? Why did it target Rob? What did it want to do with Penny’s power?

The day after Gumball and Penny consummated their relationship, Suko and Clayton went to the library of Elmore. Suko was determined to find out who was this being, and he thought that ancient religious texts would give him a clue. He had heard about demons. But while this entity was evil, it was not necessarily demonic. There was something of the divine in it. It could not have been a yokai. Ancient Indian texts spoke of the Devas, which were smaller gods which waved wars against other beings called the Asuras. So if this creature was a Deva, there must be multiple of them who are seeking to avenge their friend. Perhaps they could make an alliance with Asuras, Suko thought.

After hours of reading fascinating stories about the Devas from the Bhagavad Gita and the Vishnu Purana, Suko and Clayton left the library. “Man, it sucks I can’t find the answer yet.” Suko said. “This is giving me a really bad feeling.” Suko said, as he looked to the skyline of Los Angeles. Elmore was a suburb of Los Angeles, and the city skyline was visible from their location. The tall blue buildings looked like the legs of gods, lost into the abyss of space. Suko and Clayton walked for a while. Suko was absorbed in his thought, but his antenna ears caught a sound behind him. He turned and did not see anyone.

“Clayton, did you hear that?”

“I did not hear anything. Why?”

“I feel as if someone is not only following us, but watching us.” Suko said, whispering.

“Aw come one, don’t scare me like that bro.” Clayton said, giggling nervously. “You are just tired from reading all day.”

Suko shrugged, and continued walking with Clayton to get an ice cream. They met with Teri and Penny on Larry’s ice cream shop. “Lightning strikes” by Lou Christie was playing on the background. Teri got her favorite ice cream, the pecan caramel, and Suko got Nutella flavored peanut ice cream. Teri gave Suko a spoonful of her ice cream, and Suko did the same. Afterwards, they gave each other a cold but sweet kiss on the lips. Penny thought they were adorable, and took a picture of them hugging and smiling. Clayton felt a tinge of jealousy, and sighed. Clayton also wanted a girlfriend, but felt unattractive because he was just a red ball of clay. Penny felt the change in Clayton’s mood, and proposed taking a group picture. After this was done, Penny uploaded them to social media.

Penny spoke about her religion. She was not a devout follower liker her parents, but nevertheless still believed in the lore. According to her religion, in the beginning there was only a goddess named wisdom. Wisdom needed Folly in order to be Wisdom, so Folly was created. Folly then created matter, and a group of beings called Archons, who were Folly’s servants. The Archons created matter and all that exists in the physical universe. Folly and the Archons do their best to keep the world in the shadows, but people can get closer to Wisdom through intense meditation and study. Doing so, they would be able to reunite with Wisdom. Everyone and everything shares a piece of Wisdom, Wisdom encompassing everything and being in everything, even in Folly, albeit in a lesser degree.

Suko’s interest was piqued. Penny told Suko she and her parents were Gnostics, which was rare. They believed in abstinence from material pleasures. But of course, Penny did not think such strict adherence was necessary. This was part of the reason why Patrick Fitzgerald had been furious at Penny when she lost her shell, as she would get corrupted by the influences of the material world. Suko then decided to do more studies about the Gnostics in the library after Penny recommended some texts to read.

Teri accompanied Suko to the library the next day. Suko was supposed to research the Gnostics, but instead, fell victim to the deceptions of the material world. Teri’s breasts were too enchanting to ignore, and while seating in a secluded corner of the library, unsupervised, as the librarians were too distracted by their conversation to notice anyone coming into the secluded corner, Suko and Teri embrace each other tightly. Suko caressed Teri’s head, while Teri tongued Suko’s gullet, sharing some of her pneuma with him, mixing their souls together. Teri then unbuttons her white dress, exposing her two round, snow-white breasts pushed up by her bra. The cleavage incenses Suko. Suko reaches, squeezes. The breasts are so soft that they easily give way. Suko sinks his face on them, kisses them, and squeezes them against his face with one hand. Seeing Suko was having difficulties due to his other arm being lame, she squeezes them for him. Later, without hesitation, Teri brings out one of them and Suko’s erection became, not rock-hard, but titanium-hard. So hard was his mast that even humping the air was some release to his hot lust. Teri’s nipples were inverted, and of the sweetest, most pure, virgin pink one could conceive of. Suko touched the nipple, kissed it, and felt it’s warm, smooth, and tender skin against his lips. Teri then gasped.

“Easy, baby…” Teri whispered. “They are tender, as I am close to my period.”

“I didn’t know your period could do this to them.” Suko whispered.

“Not only that.” Teri said, caressing Suko’s head. “They become fuller.”

Suko moaned upon hearing that, imagining the microbiology of it all. How the hormones flowed inside Teri’s veins, that Teri, that being he longed to make his, how those substances settled somewhere deep in her complex mechanism, estrogen increasing, with ovulation starting soon. The thought of Teri’s eggs, of those jelly-like globules inside her incensed his passion to a point of no return. He sucked the breast like a calf. Squeezed it like an infant while Teri held Suko, looking tenderly at his round neotenous face. Imagining the oxytocin levels rising inside Teri, Suko’s prick was now on the highest level of solidity, on the lowest level of the moral scale according to the Gnostics: tungsten-hard.

Teri felt Suko’s prick inside his jeans. He was big, and the thought of how big he was made her shudder. How was she supposed to fit a prick of those monstrous proportions inside her? But instead of worrying, she focused on feeling it, palpating it’s hardness, it’s throbbing veins. Teri kissed Suko’s forehead several times, taking care not to make too much noise. The thought of Suko encunting her made the tingling sensation inside her thighs become more intense, and she could discharge at any time. She loved the feeling of Suko’s wet mouth on her bare nipple, and her current hormonal condition made this more acute. Was this what it felt like to be high? Teri wondered as she panted.

Suko sank his face in Teri’s white, egg-like breast. It was so soft, so tender, it was easy to imagine it could engulf him and eat him alive at any moment, and hold him inside as if it was a womb, the womb where it all began and where it all shall end, only to restart the process of existence one day. Suko then grabbed the other breast, kneaded the two of them together using his one good hand, and sank his face into them, facing both nipples. Because they were too big to be contained by Suko’s one good hand, Teri assisted Suko on the squeezing. Oh what a heavenly softness! Was this paradise? He kissed one, then the other. He tongued the new nipple, suckled it, and did so for he did not know how long. As he felt Teri’s hand slipping into his pants, now his trunks, he kept sucking unconcerned. The librarians had no clue, no idea, of what was going on. Apparently, even the security guard was not available, as this library had trouble getting security guards to stay for too long, and the company they had a contract with was unreliable.

“Do you like them, baby?” Teri’s soft voice caused Suko to spasm as an epileptic. Suko felt Teri’s hand rubbing his penis. What a transport, what a sweet feeling in his loins! Suko humped as Teri rubbed and squeezed the breast he was not busy sucking lest he miss some of that softness. Suko’s good hand then traveled to Teri’s panties. He palpated their nylon softness, the cleft they concealed. Suko’s hand then inserted itself into the undergarment and felt the cleft. The thought of entering it while being trapped and eaten alive by her tits made his humping even more furious. The rubbing caused Teri to pant even more this time.

Only the whites of Suko’s eyes could be seen as his sperm spouted. Teri felt it all over her hand. It was warm, but it was his warmth, his own making. Sperm is sperm, but it was produced by this special mechanism, special because it was her Suko’s. At the thought of this, she discharged, Suko’s hand full of the proof of her ecstasy. They withdrew their hands from the genitals, and each looked at the liquid staining their hands. Teri then grabbed Suko’s wet hand, and mixed his sperm with hers. Teri then began sucking their fingers, tasting the mixed elixir. Suko did the same, his face wet with the mixture. Teri and Suko then kissed on the lips, and each kiss made a wet sound each time, accompanied by subdued moans.

“You are so beautiful, Teri.” Suko whispered.

“You are so handsome, Suko.” Teri then kisses Suko one last, long time.

After they were done, Teri buttons her white dress again, and grabbing Suko’s hand, they both leave the corner. “Now it’s time to study.” Teri says.

“This is so good, that it’s hard to believe some people who called themselves Gnostics believe that matter is evil!”

“It’s not evil.” Teri says. “But it sure is distracting.”