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The Curious Halo

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It was a quiet night, as quiet as the room could get. Fundy was tapping on the window still rapidly, staring at the unmoving car for minutes on end.


"Oh...this is exciting!", Fundy said out of excitement, "When do you think they'll arrive?"


"Pipe down, Fundy." Phil said calmly, resting on one of the plush chairs, "They'll arrive soon enough."


"Yes, yes, but! It's so exciting when a new resident comes!", Fundy said, "Why, we haven't had a resident for two years! Last time, it was a guy named Eret. He was such a wonderful fellow!"


"Quite flamboyant too, he was very fashionable." Sam said from across the room, "Well, as we're waiting for the new resident, how about I play the violin for us?"


Phil cringed, though if anyone noticed they didn't comment, "That would be a wonderful idea Sam."


"Alright, how about a song about a walk by a pond-"


"NO! ANYTHING ELSE BUT THAT!", Fundy screeched, kneeling over, "Oh, I had such a horrible experience! I was once kidnapped and thrown into a pond! If my mother hadn't taught me to swim I would have died!"


Sam makes a noise of agreement, "Then I'll just play one about a man hunt."


Fundy quickly ran down to the couch to sit down. Sam already had his violin in hand, but before he could start to play-


"Oh! I remember a time about a manhunt!", Fundy shouted, "It was about this guy doing crazy stunts, once I was his assistant and we pulled off a crazy stunt involving a flying-


Sam coughed, shutting Fundy up. He sighed, raised his bow and -


"And also, there was this other opportunity I had where I was the hunter. Of course, I declined as it didn't give much of a thrill-"


"Ahem.", Sam coughed, glaring at Fundy.


The other quieted down, smiling innocently. Sam rolled his eyes, putting up his bow again, however -


"You know, we ought to check if any of the cars have moved yet.", Phil said, much to the annoyance of Sam, "Tubbo, can you - Tubbo, what are you doing?"


The short brunette was by the bookcase, reaching his hand up to the highest shelf. However, with his height he couldn't reach it. Tubbo's hand waved wildly, trying to reach for whatever he was holding.


"I'm trying to get the book, "The Life of Bees and Other Avians"." Tubbo replied, "But I can't seem to reach it."


"Oh, I'll get it!", Fundy cried out, running to grab a chair from the table.


When he did, Fundy ran to the book case, pushing Tubbo off to the side. Setting the chair against the wall, Fundy crawled up. Now with more height, he searched through the books. All with different colors and names, Fundy himself couldn't help but feel distracted by all of it.


"Fundy! Be careful! You could fall and hurt yourself." Phil scolded getting up from his chair.


"Yeah, yeah. It's fine Phil, I have Tubbo and you to catch me.", Fundy said, picking up a purple book, "Oh! What about "The Tales of the SMP?"


"No,no! It's a good book, but I've already read it.", Tubbo said, "The book I'm looking for is yellow with a black title."


"...a yellow book...I found it!", Fundy exclaimed, pulling at it, "'s stuck."


"Stuck? Here, use this to get it out." Sam said, handing out his bow.


Fundy grabbed the bow from Sam.


He utilized it to push the book from the spine. Ever so slowly, the book began to move. However, just as the book was loose enough for Fundy to grab and pull out.   




“Who turned off the lights?!”Sam yelled.


“Ah! It must have been Callahan!”, Fundy screamed, “Tubbo, hold me! I’m too young to fall and break my neck!”


“Why me!? Why not Phil?!”


“‘Cause Phil is too old!”


“Calm down everyone, don’t move. You’ll only make things worse.”  


The lights turned back on, and the chaos died down as soon as it came. Fundy was still on the chair, gripping Tubbo in a headlock and pointing the bow threateningly. Tubbo had his hands up, eyes wide in panic. Sam had leaned himself against the piano on the wall. Only Phil had stayed unmoving, face calm as ever. As the lights turned on, all the occupants turned to look at the light switch.


Callahan was standing there, frowning as he crossed his hands. Looming over him was Ranboo, frowning as well.


”Callahan, you know you can’t do this. You always scare everyone.”, Ranboo sighed.


Callahan rolled his eyes, going to his canvas instead of responding. Ranboo sighed again, losing many years of his life.The ender hybrid then looked at Fundy with a tired look.


“Fundy, why are you up there?”


“I was going to get a book for Tubbo.”


“With a bow?”


“Well, the book is stuck, so Sam gave me his bow so I could move it out!”


“That’s nice of you, but I’m tall enough to reach it and take it out. You could’ve asked me”


“NO! No, I got it.”, Fundy said. Before Ranboo could stop him, Fundy used the bow to move the book, making it fall with a pathetic ‘plop’.


“Timbeeerrr!” Ranboo sighed again as Fundy shouted in victory. Tubbo went over to pick it up.


“Thank you Fundy.”


“Here’s your bow, Sam.”, Fundy said, “Now, catch me!”




Fundy dramatically jumped down. Sam luckily caught him, thought stumbled a little. He glared at Fundy before dropping him. Ranboo shook his head.


“Fundy, you could’ve gotten hurt.”, Ranboo scolded, “The bookshelf might have fallen on you.”


“But it didn’t.”, Fundy smiled, “Besides, when has a book ever hurt anyone?”


“A lot of occasions.”


“Shut up Phil, you’re old that books would have been used as weapons by cavemen.”


“Mate, I am not that old-”


“Anyways,” Ranboo said, “There’s something else.”


“Oh? What is it?” Tubbo asked.


"Dr. Puffy ordered everyone to go upstairs.", Ranboo said, "She wants the new resident to settle before-"


"Oh! Oh! Ranboo, what's our new resident like?!", Fundy jumped down and ran over to the enderling, "Are they a boy or a girl?! Young or old?! Do they have kids, do you think they'll love me?"


"Woah, uh, calm down Fundy. I don't know much besides that he's staying in the blue room.", Ranboo said, "And again; you guys need to go upstairs so we can settle him in."


"Oh, what's wrong with staying? Is it because he's...cuckoo?"


"Dr. Connor hasn't found anything yet.", Ranboo said, "However, we don't want you guys to overwhelm our newest resident."


Sam nods understandingly, "Right, we can meet them later when they've settled."


"Exactly!", Ranboo agreed, walking to the door on the other side of the room, before he stopped next to Tubbo, "Oh, Bee, your tie is a little askew."


As Ranboo adjusted Tubbo's tie, the other frowned. Gently, Tubbo pushed Ranboo away.


"Ranboo, please don't call me that. It's a nickname my platonic husband gave me.", Tubbo said, "He'd be very upset if he heard you call me that."


Ranboo's smile wavered as he backed off, "Oh, my apologies. I forgot."


"It's fine. I know you have memory problems.", Tubbo said, "Just...try to remember."

"Mhm. Right. I'll be off now."


With that, Ranboo had left the room. The occupants look at one another, giving each other knowing looks.


"We are not going to eavesdrop. It's not very mature for us to.", Phil said, looking at the rest in disapproval.


"But I've been practicing my sneaking skills! I'm as silent as a fox." Fundy promised.


"Right...", Tubbo said, "Come on Phil, aren't you curious about our new resident?"


"Well, yes, but...", Phil trailed off, "Oh alright, but I'm never going to do this again!"