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Unwavering Souls

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Unwavering Souls

Well versed in the art of war

Warriors follow an untold fate

Their souls rage with mighty roars

Clashing with foes of purity and hate


Twin swords of immeasurable power

forged by the hands of man

seek innocent souls to devour

Shedding flesh and blood across the lands


Amongst the turmoil, strife, and hellfire

Only the courageous and true shall rise

All with one shared desire

That is, to attain the ultimate prize


As they march forwards, ever forwards

Straight into the heat of battle

Blessed be their minds, bodies, and swords

A new age is about to unravel


Grant them strength, grant them valor

To hearken the cry of destiny

In the midst of the midnight hour

Let their souls burn endlessly


This path is gruesome, undeniably cruel

For the way of the warrior is anything but sweet

Only those with enough strength and will shall rule

And relish in total triumph and feat


So strike swiftly, aim fierce and be bold

The final battle is drawing nigh

A tale of souls and swords eternally retold

The legend will never die