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dork impulses

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Chemistry is as boring as ever. They’re reviewing their exam and the teacher keeps calling on students randomly to help him explain the correct answer to the questions.

Mikey’s pretty sure Kisaki got a hundred on his test, but the boy still watches the board intently. He waits until Kisaki leans back in his seat to address him.

“Kisaki,” Mikey murmurs, careful to keep his voice down.

Kisaki tilts his head slightly.

“Thanks for last class,” he says, offering his hand under their table. “I appreciate it.”

Kisaki stares down at his palm for a moment, blinking at the implication before accepting it.

“Happy to help.” he whispers back with a firm squeeze. "How's your face by the way?"

Indignation twists his features for a moment. "It's fine," Mikey grumbles. 

"I heard some girl pushed you," Kisaki mentions, trying to see if it was true or not. 

"She didn't push me," Mikey scoffs. "I fell. For her." he adds lamely.

Instead of laughing, Kisaki only nods. "Senju, right?"

"Uh," Mikey squints, "Yeah... how did you—?"

Manjirou,” Mr. Shimoda calls, jerking both their heads forward. “Why don’t you explain how you solved question eighteen?”

Mikey retracts his hand and picks his pencil back up. “Um,” he clears his throat. “I… think I got that one wrong.”

“No, actually, you were among the only three students to answer it correctly.” Mr. Shimoda remarks.

Mikey pushes down the urge to facepalm. He spoke too soon. Maybe Kisaki actually fucked him over with this. Straight up failing is better than cheating. “Honestly, I just guessed.” he replies.

Mr. Shimoda stares at him with a wary eye for a few beats. “That was a very, very, very lucky guess.” he says finally. “Yamagishi, would you explain how to solve question eighteen?”

Yamagishi clears the tension with his longwinded explanation and successfully holds the teacher's undivided attention. Mikey lets a sigh of relief out as the class moves on. He ends up using fifteen minutes on his needless elaboration, but nobody seems to complain about it. 

Something still bothers Mikey, though. He remembers last year, when Baji tried buying an aced exam off of Kisaki, but he refused to sell it to him and burned the exam using Hanma's lighter. “Why’re you helping me?” he asks, eyes narrowed. 

Kisaki straightens back up and scoots up closer to the desk. Mikey thinks he's not going to answer for a moment, before he speaks up.

“I want you to get your girl,” Kisaki says simply. The lenses of his glasses flash ominously when he pushes the bridge up. “And I want to get mine, too.”

The lunch table is more packed than usual. Draken accidentally brushes his thigh against Emma's and Mikey has to suffer through them both blushing furiously and pretending it never happened. 

"Why the fuck is our table so cramped?" Draken mutters, hiding his red face behind his hand.

Everyone who's usually here is in attendance. Hakkai is sitting on Yuzuha's lap, who's sitting on Mitsuya's. The problem is Kazutora, who brought those two girls from art class. 

Kazutora has somehow convinced these girls he's actually cool instead of a fucking loser. The one who was interesting in him is straddling one of his thighs while he peels a clementine and feeds it to her. Her friend is sitting beside them, looking increasingly uncomfortable around all these strangers and the shameless display of affection. 

Chifuyu holds his hand out for a clementine wedge. "Gimme one."

Kazutora flings the rind at him. "Fuck off."

Baji arrives a few moments later and slams his tray on the table. "What the hell is this?"

"I brought a few friends over," Kazutora explains. "Thought you'd enjoy the company."

"Well, can they bring their own seats?" Baji replies. "I'm not eating on the fucking floor."

"You could sit on my other thigh," Kazutora offers, patting his left leg. 

"You could suck my dick." Baji snaps.

Chifuyu is the only one kind enough to stand so Baji can sit and eat his lunch. They exchange nods as Baji takes his seat. 

Mikey tries swiping one of Baji's grapes but gets his hand swatted away immediately. 

Baji shakes his head as he parts his chopsticks. "Stop bringing random girls to our lunch table, Kazutora.”

“Why?" Kazutora asks, slipping another citrus wedge into the girl's lips. "I'm just trying to even out the ratio. It’s a fucking sausage fest over here.”

“Do you not see these two girls in front of you?” Chifuyu asks.

“I see a girl who clearly has a boyfriend,” Kazutora says, nodding at Yuzuha before moving on to Emma, “And another girl that no one’s allowed to look at.” he then throws another piece of rind at Chifuyu. “Now shut the fuck up and be grateful she brought a friend.”

“Oh, hey,” Chifuyu nods unenthusiastically, finally acknowledging the girl beside him. “How’s that butterfly going?”

“The mandala is going fine, thank you for asking.” she scoffs, crossing her arms over her chest.

Mandala,” Chifuyu parrots. “Is that your name?”

The girl on Kazutora's lap pulls away from his hand to say, “No, it’s Haruka.”

Chifuyu's brow quirks a bit. "That's a pretty name," he says.

Peh throws a balled-up napkin at him. "Shut up, asshole."

Emma giggles at that. Draken ends up laughing too. Mikey only snickers because he's making fun of them, not because anything is actually funny.

"What are you laughing at?" Baji asks, elbowing Mikey in the ribs. "Why don't you go over to your girl and tell her what's so funny?" 

Senju is across the lunchroom, sitting on a half empty table with Hanma, Kisaki, and the Haitanis. He watches her laugh at Rindou's unfunny joke and pushes down the urge to snap his wire-frame glasses.

Mikey elbows him back harder. "She's not my girl," he scowls.

“Why is she always around guys?” Pah asks, sneaking a citrus wedge from Kazutora. 

“Probably has no friends,” Mandala-girl suggests.

"How would you know?" Mikey snaps, "Mind your own business."

"Nah, she definitely doesn't." Baji says. “I'm probably the only person she talks to in that class. We were actually talking about you earlier.”

Mikey squints, trying to call his bluff. He can never tell when Baji's being serious or not. “What did she say?” he asks.

Baji hums, as if trying to recall their conversation. Mikey suffers through the anguish of waiting for him to finish eating before he responds. “She said your hair was fucking ugly and that you should style it like mine.”

"Yeah, right," Mikey scoffs, snapping the band of Baji's ponytail. "I'll go fucking bald before I wear my hair up like that."

Baji shoves his hand away. "Why don't you go tell her that?"

"Why the fuck would I? You probably didn't even say anything to her. I bet you just retook your quiz and failed again."

“Actually the retake is after school, so go fuck yourself." Baji grumbles. "And at least I can speak to her without fucking dying.”

Mikey heats up in front of his whole table. Why do they keep bringing this up? "I don't die."

"Prove it," Kazutora goads, smile stretching unnaturally.

“Yeah, go talk to her then,” Baji says, pushing Mikey out of the table so he can manspread. 

Draken slides Baji's ankles closer. "Move over," he tells him.

Mikey looks back at his table and sees that there's absolutely no space for him. He doesn't have much of a choice left. “Fine.” he says, running a hand through his hair before walking over to where Senju is.

“Mikey♡” Hanma greets affectionately. Kisaki is sitting beside him, nodding at Mikey silently.

Ran and Rindou both dip their heads into little nods at Mikey, who barely returns the courtesy. He isn't here for any of them.

Senju turns around to see who they're all staring at. Once she meets Mikey's gaze, she rolls her eyes. “What is it?”

Mikey stalls out. He can't believe he came up here without a fucking reason. Well, he has a reason, but it isn't a justifiable excuse to walk all the way over. His throat thickens again. He can hear his friends snickering from across the room. Fuck them.

The guys sitting behind Senju watch expectantly, some amused, others curious. Mikey thinks of no one except her. 

Out of his peripheral, he sees a familiar bush of ginger hair moving towards the vending machine. He remembers this morning, and musters up all the courage Smiley gave him earlier. 

“Uhh,” Mikey clears his throat, fully intending to ask her out for some ice cream, but then thinking better of it. He should try making her laugh first. He decides to take a page from Smiley's book. “Water… bottle?”