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dork impulses

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Mikey walks through the empty halls at a relaxed pace. He shouldn't be out here, he should be in class failing his chem exam, but he'd rather skip and make it up after he pressures his lab partner into giving him his aced test. Besides, he misses Baji and wants to hang with him in the bathroom until lunch.

Convincing Baji to skip is always a group effort though. Ever since he'd gotten held back, he makes sure his attendance is perfect. That's why Mikey has to make a few stops at Draken, Chifuyu, and Kazutora's classrooms for help. 

Since Chifuyu’s class is the closest to him, he stops there first. The class looks up from their workbooks to stare at Mikey after he lets himself in.

The teacher points at him with her piece of chalk. "You need something?"

Chifuyu is leaning on the back wall, scowl softening when he recognizes Mikey. They hold eye contact long enough for Chifuyu to take the hint.

Mikey smiles cheekily as he turns on his heel. "My bad. Wrong class."

The door closes behind him and Mikey takes three steps down the hall before he hears it open again. Chifuyu claps him on the shoulder after he catches up to him.

"What are we doing?" he asks around a grin. 

Mikey looks ahead, smile growing. "Getting Baji."

Chifuyu clucks his tongue. "Aw. He won't come. He's got an algebra quiz to retake."

"He'll come," Mikey insists, turning the corner to reach Kazutora's class. He peers into the window.

"Kazutora has English third period, right?"

Chifuyu blinks. "I thought he had art?"


They start walking down the stairs to the first floor. Draken's class is also down here, but they don't even have to stop by his classroom because he's already in the hallway, observing the ceramic projects made by underclassmen. They sneak up behind him so Mikey can tug on his braid gently.

Chifuyu clears his throat. "Where's your hall pass, young man?"

Draken jerks behind him, seizing Mikey's wrist in his startled fist. When their eyes meet, Draken lets out a tiny sigh of relief.

"Chill out," Mikey says, shaking his hand away.

"The fuck are you even doing?" Chifuyu snorts, nodding over at the display window. "Admiring the fine art?"

"Shut the fuck up," Draken says, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Draken and Chifuyu prattle on as Mikey starts checking out the pots himself. He notices Emma's poorly painted mug at Draken's eyeline, but doesn't say anything.

Chifuyu gives them all an appraising glance. "These pots suck." he decides.

"Whatever." Draken mutters, already turning away from them. "Where are we going, anyway?"

Mikey takes the lead and guides them across the hall. "Getting Kazutora from art so we can all get Baji and skip." he recaps.

"Wonder what this asshole's painting today," Chifuyu muses.

Draken scoffs. "Probably his teacher again." 

The art teacher is both gorgeous and a total pushover. She allows students to skip in her room, as long as they work on something artistic. Mikey's pretty sure English actually is Kazutora's third period, but he goes to art instead because of the girls there.

None of the students bother looking up when all three blondes walk in. Mikey nods over at the art teacher, "Can we borrow Kazutora for a minute?"

She looks up from the student she's currently assisting and shrugs. "He's in the back."

Their friend is sitting between two first year girls. One of them is working diligently on her drawing, while the other one has a blank sheet in front of her. She twirls her finger around the bell hanging off his lobe.

"Did you cry when you got it pierced?" she teases.

Kazutora's too busy letting the girl jingle his earring to notice them approaching.

"Like a bitch," Draken answers.

Mikey remembers the day he'd borrowed his brother's lighter so Mitsuya could sear a safety pin and stab it through Kazutora's earlobe. Baji made fun of him when his hazel eyes watered, but he’d probably cry if he got his ears pierced too.

Kazutora finally looks up at them, the corners of his mouth pulling into a surprised smile. “The fuck are you guys doing here?”

”I’m bored,” Mikey explains. “Let’s go get Baji and skip.”

Kazutora leans back into his seat, lacing his fingers behind his head. ”I’m already skipping.”

“So skip with us,” Chifuyu says.

He looks reluctant to leave the girls behind, but rises anyway.

”You’re leaving?” The girl who’d played with his earring asks.

”Guess so.”


”The bathroom.” he says. “Wanna come?”

She blushes despite herself and picks her pencil up to start her artwork.

The girl beside her raises an eyebrow. “What are you all going to do in there?”

Mikey hums. They’re probably just going to hang out in the handicapped stall. Maybe flush the toilet a few times. Baji might vandalize the paper towel dispenser again. 

“None of your business.” Chifuyu says, tapping twice at her paper. “Go back to drawing that butterfly.”

”It’s a mandala.” she corrects.

Kazutora blinks. “I thought it was a pumpkin.”

“Get out,” she snaps. 

Mikey waves at the art teacher on their way out and yawns into the open hall. “Think Baji’s done with that quiz yet?”

Draken shrugs. ”Maybe he’s done writing his name.” 

“Probably spelled it wrong, too.” Kazutora sighs.

Chifuyu nods. ”Probably.”

Mikey can’t help the smile that crawls on his face. He loves that dumbass. 

They climb the stairs up until they reach the second years' floor. Baji takes his remedial classes here. They all make room for Mikey to open the door.

Just before he can reach out for the door handle, a different hand shoots out first. A spark makes him retract his hand like it’s been burnt. 

Mikey follows the slender wrist all the way up to its scrawny arm. His dull eyes glaze over when he reaches the face it belongs to. 

A twiggy, elfish girl with iridescent eyes. He watches her eyelashes flutter like angel wings as she blinks up at him.

”Do you have the wrong room?” her pretty mouth asks. Mikey’s eyes trace over the edges of her front teeth, the arch of her Cupid’s bow, the swell of her bottom lip. 

“Um.” he mumbles, eyes stuck on her mouth. Faintly, he can hear his friends snickering behind him. 

He suddenly gets the inexplicable urge to open the door for her. “Here,” he says, avoiding her question. “Let me.”

His hand flies out in an attempt to open the door but his palms are sweating too much to get a good grip on the handle. Basically he ends up smearing his grubby hands all over her soft skin.

”I got it,” she insists, rustling the doorknob. He gets a whiff of her fruity shampoo as she leans forward.

No.” he says firmly, shouldering past her to shift his weight onto the door. “C’mon, I said I’d do it.” 

“I can open it myself!” she cries, turning the handle. Without the solid door keeping him up, he ends up falling face-first into the open classroom.

“Mikey?” Baji’s inside voice asks before his harsh laughter erupts across the room.

Mikey feels his cheek burn up on the cold tile.

He just ate shit in front of a bunch of second years, all his friends are laughing at him, and worst of all, he’s head over fucking heels in love with the girl responsible for his misery.