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Love Hotel

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Cocona has been walking through an empty city for hours, trying to find any sign of Papika.
"Stupid Papika, where the hell did she go?!"
Cocona didn't even notice that it got dark, but the downpour of a sudden evening shower (夕立) brought Cocona back to her senses. She needed to find some shelter. The nearby building with a bright neon pink sign saying "HOTEL" looked inviting enough. As expected, there was nobody inside, so Cocona quickly snuck into a random room and hit the bed.

While Cocona was contemplating her circumstances, the door suddenly swung open. Standing there was a slender redhead in a school uniform, wearing a pair of devil horns.
"Sorry for intrusion (お邪魔します). Welcome to our Love Hotel!"
At this point the girl became flustered and went off script.
"W-we don't get customers often... In fact, you're my first... so please... be gentle."
"Customers!? Did you mean, guests!?"
"Uhh... did I!?"

The girl entered the room laid on the bed next to Cocona. Cocona was too confused to do anything, so they just laid side by side awkwardly.
"So, you wanna do something fun, or what?"
"S-sure!?" Cocona decided to just roll with the flow.
"Let's change then... By the way, you can call me Papina."
"Ok, I'm Cocona."
"Nice to meet you, Cocona"

Both girls were now wearing sheer black dresses, which Papina retrieved from the room's wardrobe.
"This dress really suits you, Cocona"
"Y-you too, Papina"
Cocona looked longingly at the window. Despite her lack of experience, Papina knew she had to take the initiative. She embraced Cocona from the back, pushed her on the bed, and started to caress Cocona's thighs. Cocona didn't try to resist even when Papina ran her hand under her dress and started rubbing her budding breasts.

Papina was glad her first customer was a girl, she already knew how to make her own body feel good, so she fully dedicated herself to making Cocona satisfied. Cocona completely gave in, being overwhelmed with new sensations. A complete stranger having full control over her, fondling and caressing her defenseless body, it was strangely exciting. Soon, involuntary moans started escaping Cocona's mouth. "aah" "mmh" "haah" "feels good" (気持ちいい). However, just as Cocona started really getting into it, Papina got another idea. "Hold on a second".

While Cocona was trying to regain composure, Papina took a strange device out of a drawer. It was actually a Magic Wand massager, but Cocona haven't seen such a thing before. "Now the real fun begins!", Papina smirked. She forced herself on top of Cocona, pressed the tool against Cocona's crotch and pushed the button. Only thin fabric of already wet panties separated the vibrating head of the massager from Cocona's sensitive clit. "Iyaaaa", moaned Cocona, "stop it!", but Papina paid no mind to it, exposing Cocona's chest and licking her nipples, which became erect from excitement. "Such a naughty girl, is this your first time?". Cocona could only muster "Mhm", but the question made her think. "First time... with... Papika... Papika! It has to be with Papika!" Meanwhile, Papina was already taking Cocona's panties off, and pushing the vibrating rod against her bare flesh. The pleasure was unbearable and Cocona knew she would climax any second now. "I'll never forgive myself" thought Cocona as she gathered her last strength. "Enough!", Cocona firmly pushed Papina away and rolled to the other side of the bed, trying to catch her breath.

"What's the matter, Cocona?"
"Papika! I'm looking for Papika! I can't betray my friend like this!"
"Oh well, I tried my best. Sorry if you didn't enjoy the service"
"No, no, it was nice. It's just that..."
"All right. So, um, pay up?"
"... Huh?"
"It's usually 10000 yen per hour, but since you're not from here it's 50000 yen. Oops, I wasn't supposed to tell this."
"Actually... I don't have any money..."
"Well, in that case... they told me to push this button"

A few seconds later the door was smashed open and a shady-looking thug, covered in tattoos and fully shaved except for one strand of red hair, barged in.
"You gonna pay or what, Kisama!?"
"I'm sorry, I didn't know! Please forgive me!" Cocona was in tears.
"If you can't pay, then work it off! Come with me!"
Cocona was led to another room. "Service one customer, and you're free". Cocona laid on the bed, her face buried in a pillow, dreading the next knock on the door.
"How could I be so stupid to end up like this? Now I'll lose my virginity to some stranger for sure!"
However, nobody came that day. And the day after that. Guess Papina was right that there weren't that many customers. The wait was unbearable, and as the days went by, Cocona almost wished somebody would knock. "I just want to see Papika again, no matter what it takes!"

Finally, on the seventh day, she heard the knock. Cocona gathered her resolve and bowed to the customer.
"Please treat me well!" (よろしくお願いします) Cocona was smiling, through the tears.
"Cocona!", the familiar voice greeted her. "I found my lost Cocona!"
"Papika!" Cocona couldn't believe her luck. "Papika! I'm so glad you came!"
"I love-love-love Cocona, so of course I did!"
"Let's run away from here! Let's go home, Papika!"
"I'd like to, but..."
"What, Papika!?"
"They take money upfront now, and I sure hope I didn't spend a week selling onigiri on the street for nothing."