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I Can Feel You (Breathe)

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Cathleen spends her days off sleeping, resting and just ignoring the world. Laurie knows and accepts it, she only really leaves the bed to find them food. The rest of the time she curls herself around Cathleen, content just to let Cathleen sleep at her side, the slow relaxation of Cathleen’s body has always intrigued her.

Cathleen sleeps easier with her at her side, so she stays, she watches, and she feels her breathe. It’s enough just to rest like this, especially after weeks where Cathleen is worked to the bone, asked to keep up to weeks worth of research that arrive as a stack of papers. She works an hour on the television, reports on the climate, but she spends hours a day reading research and writing up notes to use on air.

Lazy days feel best, especially when Cathleen is happy.