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Early Morning (Rain Is Falling)

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Cathleen wakes earlier than usual, heading to work in the near moonlight, Laurie still asleep. Laurie will wake when it's time for Cathleen’s reports on the radio and TV, the climate warning had been dire recently and Laurie needs the extra sleep to prepare for how wrecked Cathleen will be by the time she comes home.

Cathleen comes home to her almost two hours later, tired and withdrawn but proud. She had given more tips and tricks on how to use things that Ikea sold to bring the household waste down and she knows that she can rest, even when she’s not sure what comes next. She never knows what comes next.

They share a bath that night, Laurie washing Cathleen’s hair to get her ready for the next day. They might not enjoy being like this all the time, but they will make it work.