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Caught Red Handed

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Evil x has been very happy with the progress that’s been happening lately. The only thing to do next is total up the profits and keep everything rolling from there. He’s been in his tower sleeping for most of the day. He decided to come out to do a little check-in to see how Xisuma was doing with his work at the emporium. Although, as he walked outside, the closer he got, he couldn’t stop thinking that he might be hearing things. Was that… pop music? It was quite upbeat. The type you’d hear at a massive party. What was Xisuma doing playing loud, obnoxious music for? Definitely not to play in the background while he worked he’s sure of that. 

Evil X can feel the frustration rising in him as he approaches the front door of the massive building. If he has the time to fool around then he should spend it continuing Evil X’s plan. 

Boss man gets a quick view from the front tinted windows on the inside. He sees flashing colors of blue, red, and yellow. All those bright neon colors. When did he have time to set up lights or a disco? Evil X’s mind wonders. His confusion sets his anger aside for a short moment as he thought of different scenarios. From the looks of it, Xisuma might’ve set up a party and invited the rest of the hermits with him. Evil X stands still in front of the entrance, pondering his next actions. 

The idea of a crazy dance party sounded like fun. Xisuma would’ve invited him too, right? But he’s already inside loudly playing music, assuming that some others are inside too. The more he thinks about it, Xisuma wouldn’t even bat him a single thought. 

His hand balls into a fist for a short moment. That doesn’t matter. The point is that Xisuma is slacking. Along with the rest of his employees as well. He’s gonna have to get in there and shoo them away like flies. It’ll be harsh, but money means serious business. The more diamonds the better. Evil X can’t risk wasting another day because of some pointless activities. If it comes down to it, if he has to, he’ll give Xisuma a firm lecture as well. 

Evil X opens the door inside of the evil emporium. He stops in his tracks, his mind goes blank the very next second. It immediately becomes very difficult to keep himself calm. 

The sight in front of him is absolutely ridiculous. 

Turns out it wasn’t a massive party like Evil X once thought. Although can you blame him? Anyone would’ve thought the same for sure. But instead, there’s juke boxes at the back of the room vibrating from the volume of the music. He can feel it pounding in his ears. Colored glass lines the edges of the ceiling, flashing various colors that are out of order. There's even a few armor stands with a premium derp coin set on top as the head. The wooden arms are set facing  upwards as if they’re dancing. Evil X decides not to question that one.  

Xisuma is alone in the middle of the room, dancing his heart out without a care in the world. He has these big red glasses covering his eyes too. His body sways and swings to the beat of the music. Snapping his fingers and doing little twirls even. He's so distracted that he doesn’t even notice Evil X enters the building. It’s like he’s in his own little world. 

Evil X finds himself leaning his back against the wall, observing him. He can see Xisuma panting slightly and small beads of sweat form on the man’s head. How long has he been doing this? He doesn’t care. He continues to watch as the stupidly delighted hermit dances in rhythm to the music. From the volume that surrounds the both of them, he hears a short drawn out “oh yeah” as Xisuma feels himself get into the movements. 

It becomes harder for Evil X to contain his growing smile. He looks so dumb. His chest feels warm at the sight of Xisuma looking so happy. He crosses his arms over his chest and shifts against the wall and sets himself comfortably in place. 

For some reason, Evil X knows he should be mad right now. But how can he when Xisuma is all by himself dancing like an idiot to loud pop music for no reason other than the fact that he can? The occasion felt so random Evil X decided he should just stay in place until Xisuma notices him. 

It took about another minute for the man to finally see him when he made eye contact with Evil X. He immediately froze and his rigid movements caused his red glasses to clank to the ground. If it wasn’t for the dark atmosphere Evil X would’ve seen how fast the embarrassed blush formed on Xisuma's face. 

He felt as if his mind was tumbling. “Oh goodness how long had he been standing there?” He thought. Xisuma didn’t feel like knowing that answer. 

He went scrambling to look for something which was the remote. Everything turned off and the emporium went back to normal.  He quickly flattens his clothes with his hands a few times and stands perfectly still. As if pretending he wasn’t doing anything. Seeing the panicked look on Xisuma's face brought more joy to Evil X than he thought. He looks Xisuma up and down in a playfully confused manner. After being caught red handed, he clears his throat and attempts to speak rationally. 

“Evil X! Fancy seeing you here.” Xisuma looks at him with a tight smile, approaching him. He hoped the other wouldn’t be too mad at his unprofessional actions. Or better yet, pretend he didn’t see anything at all. 

“Who knew that builders loved to dance?” Evil X comments immediately. Xisuma's eyes go wide for a second to process his words and he turns redder than a peach. Evil X smirks at his reaction as it widens into a playful grin. The demeanor shift his clone gives off amused him greatly. 

“You don’t have to be shy, I was thoroughly enjoying the show.” Xisuma is avoiding eye contact with him now. He stammers at his next response. 

“Y-you shouldn’t just watch people without their consent Evil X.” Xisuma attempts to glare at him but his embarrassed blush doesn’t make him look convincing enough to be serious. It only makes him look more appealing considering how little Evil X is able to see this side of him. 

“I figured it’d be rude to interrupt so suddenly.” He shrugs nonchalantly, feigning sincerity. Knowing his defeat in this situation, Xisuma turns on his heel. 

“Won’t you look at that, I should be replacing the stock right about now.” He says quickly and walks off. 

He watches for a couple of seconds as he does his normal duties. Xisuma purposely kept his back to him as he idly opened chests. He felt like asking questions about his little set up but figured he should drop the subject for now. Evil X will have plenty of time to continue teasing him later. 

As the day went on as usual, a definitely evil grin never left his face for the entire day.