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I lay still on the mossy ground. I wanted to open my eyes, but was dubious about it.
"Will I like what I see?
Is someone waiting for me?"

I pushed myself to open my eyes. Grey skies scattered as far as my gaze could reach. Not a bird or a fly. Empty.Just plain empty skies. Lifeless; just like me. I could feel the sting of the brittle grass in my toes as I stood up. I waited for someone or something to see. Nothing. I started to walk.

"Walk where?" I do not know."                    "Who am I?"                                                  "How did I end up here?"                            "Was my past happy, will this present be?"

I do not know.

Above all there was this feeling in me, emptiness. It was harsh.
My mind empty. Just empty. Not a thing to remember good or bad.                           "Have you ever experienced that?"
I kept walking for; hours? days? years? I do not know.
All that I do know is I cannot escape this emptiness, cause it's devouring me.