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A Public Use Cinderella Woman?!

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In a public park somewhere in Japan, two girls were in a perilous position. They were both similar in build, with voluptuous figures, the ideal of a Japanese beauty. Long, black hair that stretched past their shoulders, huge busts and equally huge butts, and eyes that looked gentle at first glance. They were also, aside from their shoes and black stockings, completely naked. The only other article of clothing each of them were wearing was a dog collar that had been tied to the urinals in the men’s bathroom where they had been spending the afternoon.

They came from different schools and were there for different reasons. One was Yumeko Jabami, a notorious gambler who had lost a bet. As her punishment for losing, she was to spend every other weekend at the public park, leaving all three of her holes open while strutting about completely naked. Her clothes were in a locker at the other end of the park, so if she wanted to get dressed, she would have to do the ultimate walk of shame. To go from one end to the other, smelling like a prostitute after a gangbang, and showing everyone her slutty body.

The other was a year older and slightly taller. Sayuki Tokihara, a calligraphy student. While Yumeko was borderline sociopathic in her desire to win, Sayuki was genuinely a good girl. She was just a huge masochist who wanted to indulge her fantasies, and when she found Yumeko walking naked into the men’s room, joined her. She had spent a whole day not wearing panties, and this was the next step.

The two girls waited, their leashes wrapped around the urinal, while a yellow caution sign was propped up next to them. The sign said “Free Use.” Neither of the girls were on the pill, adding to the extra thrill of it. A few girls from Yumeko’s school were aware of her position, and wanted to come in and have their chance with her. After breakfast, the two girls waited side by side at the stalls, their legs spread and their bodies bared. As part of the ritual, neither of them had shaved their pussy, ass hair or armpits, leaving them bushy all over, their hair already catching the sweat.

“I’ve dreamed about this,” said Yumeko. “Thinking of all those cocks pounding me is making me wet all over.”

“Did you give yourself an enema?” asked Sayuki.

“Heavens no!” said Yumeko. “It needs to be as filthy as possible.”

“I like the way you think, Jabami,” said Sayuki.

The first people to come in the earliest hours of the morning were the park staff. Two middle aged men who had overseen the park as part of the city council, came to make sure that nothing was out of place. Besides the girls. They were aware of this arrangement, and found it very, very erotic. The men dropped their pants, revealing their cocks, thick and dripping with precum, to the two high school girls in front of them. Without saying a word, the men poked their cocks against Yumeko and Sayuki’s cheeks. They knew what to do.

Yumeko opened her mouth, those lips taking in the cock as far down as she could handle. She sucked and slurped away at his dick, rolling her tongue along the underside of the shaft. She had been used like this before, back at her school, but the taste of an older man was different compared to her classmates. The musky smell went to her nostrils, making her nipples become visibly hard in front of the men. The small buzzing of pleasure around her tits was turning Yumeko on even more, and the day had just barely gotten started.

Sayuki was handling the cocksucking in a different way. She preferred licking over sucking, acting like a dog in heat. She licked his balls, taking the sweat that had built up on his sack and savoring its flavor on her tongue. The taste of his sweat said that he was aroused, and eager to cover her in his seed. Sayuki moved up towards the shaft, slurping along his length until she reached the cockhead. Her warm tongue felt amazing against his cock. When, like Yumeko, she took it into her mouth, she was ecstatic.

Side by side, the two women sucked hard on the middle-aged cocks, which hotly throbbed inside their mouths. No one but the four of them in the bathroom, the sounds of fellatio echoing along with the birds chirping outside. After a short period of sucking, the men came. Hot spooge surged into their mouths, going down their throat. Their stomachs were filled with the sticky, bitter semen. Neither of them complained. They gulped it down happily, licking their lips of the remaining cum as the men went to check on the rest of the park.

“Nothing like a blowjob to get the day started, right, Tokihara?” asked Yumeko. “I’m dripping wet!” She turned to Sayuki, spreading her legs and showing off her pussy. Her lips were engorged, overflowing with pussy juices. Sayuki was the same. Being used like this had triggered her masochistic side. No matter how long they had to wait, they would be able to be happy, replaying the memories of that morning’s fellatio in their heads as the aftertaste of semen lingered on their breath.

Just before noon, a father and son came into the bathroom. The father was a good looking man, and his son was no older than ten. The two of them were taken aback to see two naked girls inside the bathroom. The father had been meaning to have a talk with his son about the birds and the bees, and he was about to get a practical demonstration. Right alongside them, a muscle man who had come to the park to work out was taking a bathroom break. His muscles weren’t the only thing bulging when saw the girls. So along the urinals, another parade of debauchery began.

Sayuki placed her hands underneath her breasts, propping up her sweaty cleavage. She offered them to the muscle man, offering him a titfuck. The contrast of soft tits and hard muscles was driving her wild. When he pulled down his shorts, his cock was the biggest they had seen that day. Sayuki drooled into her cleavage, squishing her breasts around his cock and starting to suck on the tip. Her fellatio was just as skilled as it had been in the morning, and now her soft breasts added another layer of stimulation.

“I don’t know who you are, but this is fantastic!” said the muscle man. “You suck cock like a pro!”

“Thank you,” said Sayuki. “We’re your personal onaholes for today. We’ll do almost anything you ask of us.”

Yumeko was getting bold. She had pulled down the young boy’s pants on her own, revealing his cock that hadn’t even had its balls dropped yet. “Oh my, such a young boy already experiencing an erection!” said Yumeko. “I’ll give your little penis its first blowjob. Dad, feel free to use my pussy. It’s not cheating if I’m a meat toilet.”

Her lips closed around the little boy’s cock, while his father, his dick harder than it had been around his wife in a while, plunged his hard erection into Yumeko’s teenage pussy. She began leaking love juice onto the floor, forming a puddle at her feet when he penetrated her. Yumeko let out a loud moan with the boy’s cock in her mouth, overcome with pleasure at having her vagina used so easily, and so early in the day. The man started pounding her, making her breasts and butt cheeks shake from the sheer force of his dick.

The sounds of slurping on cocks grew louder. Sayuki struggled to fit the muscle man’s cock into her mouth, the sheer girth and length of it being bigger than any prick she had taken before. She was able to get most of the cock in her mouth, with her hefty bosom holding up the rest. The little boy was the first to give out. The overwhelming pleasure of an older girl’s mouth around his cock, sucking on the entire thing without issue, brought him to a climax. Her warmth and precise tongue work made him cum, spraying his load inside Yumeko’s mouth.

It wasn’t as thick as the man’s, but the flavor was stronger. Yumeko licked her lips, cleaning the rest of his spooge off the head with her tongue. “Delicious. Once you have a few years on you, you’ll taste even better,” said Yumeko, her words broken up by panting as the boy’s father kept spreading open her pussy, pushing deeper into her most private parts. He was almost rubbing against her womb with his cockhead. Yumeko and Sayuki had insisted on no plls, no condoms. They wanted to take as many raw loads as they could.

The muscle man and the father came within seconds of each other. Sayuki’s heavy breasts were coated in sperm, her nipples glazed with cum. The last few spurts filled her mouth. He hadn’t been using steroids or anything. The taste of his cum was the natural flavor of a man in good shape. It pleased Sayuki that her mouth, slightly sore from fitting his elephantine dong in, had made this Greek statue of a man cum so hard. As his cum dripped down her lips, Yumeko’s face turned into a delighted expression.

Warm cum was surging up her pussy, rolling behind her belly button. The warmth of being creampied was something she had sought all day. To have her pussy filled by a father only added to the taboo thrill. The man pulled his dick out of Yumeko, going to wash his hands alongside the boy. Yumeko simply sat there, her pussy lips open wide and dripping with a freshly shot load as sweat and love juice dripped off her body. She wanted another cock to come and fill her hole soon.

Some hours later, after a few more random men had stopped by, the next people to visit were actually people they knew. For Sayuki, it was Keiki Kiryuu, the boy who she longed to serve as a pet. For Yumeko, it was Kirari Momobami, the student council president and fellow extreme gambler. Keiki had heard about Sayuki letting herself be freely used. While she wasn’t the Cinderella he was chasing after, he wasn’t going to deny having a chance to get his dick wet with her with no strings attached. Kiraki wasn’t supposed to be in this bathroom, but she wanted to make sure that Yumeko was holding up her end of the bargain.

“I don’t know who this far too average schoolboy is,” said Kirari, her white hair showing. “Yumeko, you’re looking pathetic. You stink of semen and sweat, and it’s only been a few hours. I simply came here to give you your lunch. You and Tokihara will have to eat it in the bathroom.”

“Keiki! Hurry up and fuck me!” said Sayuki. “Look, my hole’s wet and ready for you!”

“Tokihara...” said Keiki. “If you insist.”

Kirai licked her lips when Keiki unbuckled his pants, taking out his cock. It was the most average cock of the ones they had encountered, but that it was a dick Sayuki knew made it extra special. His erection was twitching, eager to release itself inside her. He placed his fingers on Sayuki’s pussy lips, his thumb brushing past her clitoris, and spreading them open to get a look at her dripping insides. No foreplay was needed. He put it in her. Sayuki's lower body was full of dick before she had time to process it.

“Keiki! Fuck me hard!” Sayuki said. “I want all of your hot spunk!”

Yumeko was at the mercy of Kirai. The president unbuttoned her top, exposing her breasts. Her skin was pale, even her nipples were pale, but she had great proportions. Kirari grabbed onto Yumeko’s head, squishing her breasts against Yumeko’s own. Their hard nipples rubbed against each other, sending sparks of pleasure down their bodies. Yumeko’s tits were connected to the rest of her body, and each time Kirari’s erect nipples slid past her own, she felt her clit get harder and her pussy start to drip even more.

“This is far more degrading than being a housepet,” said Kirari. “Yet you’re doing such an admirable job of it. It’s almost like you wanted your body to be ravaged by cocks. But I’m not going to let them have all the fun.”

Kirari kept licking down Yumeko’s body, licking beads of sweat off her tongue. She made her way to Yumeko’s belly button, rolling her tongue around the small indent. A ripe smell was coming off Yumeko’s hairy armpits, stinging Kirari’s nose in a good way. Yumeko’s unwashed body odor, mixed with the semen of many men and her own sweat, was filling the men’s bathroom. It was filthy, but that meant she was having incredible sex. Kirari moved back upward, rubbing her nose against Yumeko’s armpits before placing her hands on her thighs, spreading her legs and getting a look at her pussy.

“So this is Yumeko Jabami’s used cunt,” said Kirari. “Looks delicious. I’ll help myself to a taste.”

Kirari sucked on Yumeko’s clit, pushing her tongue onto the little pink nub. Yumeko squirted out love juice wildly, splattering it against her face. Kirai moved lower, rubbing her tongue along Yumeko’s slit. It was overflowing with juices, wet and slimy. Her thighs all the way down to her feet were drenched in pussy juice, with Yumeko’s entire body surrendering to the abyss of pleasure. Then Kirari stuck her tongue inside Yumeko, and started rolling her tongue against her folds while sucking out the semen that the father and a few other men had deposited inside her. As she sucked out the filthy mixed cocktail of cum, Kirari looked up at Yumeko with naughty eyes.

“I’m not going to let such filthy cum stay inside your pussy. It’d belong much better in my mouth,” said Kirari.

Kirari slurped out the cum, the gooey strands becoming visible on her blue lipstick. She swallowed it with a smirk, and dug her tongue right back in. Yumeko shamelessly moaned, her voice echoing off the stalls as Kirari worked her magic. Right next to her, Sayuki was moaning just as shamelessly. As Keiki thrust into her pussy, her enormous breasts flopped about, slapping against her torso. Her nipples and clit had never been harder. She was loving every minute of this.

“Keiki! Knock me up!” said Sayuki. “I’ve dreamed about this day!”

“Tokihara, what if someone sees us? Besides them,” said Keiki.

“That’d make me super wet,” said Sayuki, blushing like someone had told her a dirty joke. She loved the feeling of his cock pushing through her sopping wet pussy, plowing her insides like he wanted to impregnate her. The only way this could make Sayuki happier was if she walked around town like this, with everyone staring at her bare, cum-dripping pussy. If she didn’t have Sunday to clean herself up, she would absolutely stink of cum the next day at school.

The erotic atmosphere of the bathroom was too much for Keiki to endure. After a few more powerful thrusts in Sayuki, he came hard inside her without even a condom. Sayuki sighed in pleasure as a hot wave of spunk surged up her pussy, swirling behind her belly button and starting to make its way into her womb. Keiki hastily pulled up his pants, leaving the bathroom and wondering how long what he saw would continue. Kirari was still going when he left.

After rolling Yumeko’s nipples between her fingers, Kirari brought her to the edge of orgasm. Yumeko thrust her hips, firing a huge wave of squirt into Kirari’s face. The sticky squirt, mixed with the lingering drops of cum left behind inside her, rolled down Kirari, dripping onto her exposed breasts. Yumeko was left blushing bright red and sweaty, her crotch exhausted by spraying such a big jet of girl cum onto Kirari. She would be ready for more soon. She had to be.

“That was enjoyable,” said Kirari. “When we meet again at school, I can’t wait to tell everyone you were being such a huge slut. I’ll remember this, Jabami.”

“Call me a slut again!” Yumeko said happily. “Having you eat me out was the best!”

“If you ask nicely, I might even do it at school,” said Kirari. She cleaned herself up and left, letting the next men into the bathroom to have their way with Sayuki and Yumeko’s exhausted but absolutely tingling bodies. It was only a little past noon, and the sun still hung high in the sky. They were going to be used a lot more.

They had eaten their lunch. Two foreigners, one black and one white, both tourists and around the same age, were the next ones to step into the stall. When they saw what the girls were offering, the two men revealed that they wanted the same thing. For Yumeko and Sayuki to present their big butts. Arching over and raising their asses in the air, the girls did as they were told. The men bent down, sticking their noses into their ass cleavage and taking a deep whiff.

“It stinks!”

“I love it!”

They high-fived, then pulled out their cocks. These men were sex tourists. After all the fucking they had been doing, Yumeko and Sayuki’s asses were dripping with sweat and love juice, already lubed up and waiting. The black man took Yumeko, and the white one took Sayuki. The girls took a deep breath, and opened up their buttholes to the foreign men. The white man was slightly longer, but the black one was much thicker. Yumeko looked like she was about to cum just from having it in her.

“I can’t believe they let us stick it in their poopers,” said the white man.

“These Japanese girls, man,” said the black one. “Something else.”

“What is this?” Sayuki asked. “It feels so... so good! My ass!”

“Go as far as you can into my filthy bowels!” Yumeko said.

The foreign men grabbed their hands onto the girls’ asses, and started pumping away. Their dicks moved in and out of the girls’ buttholes with a filthy sound, echoing through the empty stalls of the bathroom as Sayuki and Yumeko moaned in unison. The dicks were pushing down deep inside them, stirring up everything stored in there. Nasty sounds escaped from the gaps between the men’s cocks and their asses, which only served to turn the men on more.

From behind, the men grabbed onto their butt cheeks. Their fingers sunk into the girls’ ass flesh, massaging it and really searing into their memories just how big their butts were. Each time they thrust in and out of their assholes, cum dripped from their pussies and the fat in their cheeks rippled. Having her ass violated in a bathroom was making both of the girls feel more alive than ever. They wished that they had gotten their first anal earlier in the day, because this was incomparable to the other dicks they had takent hus far.

“Why don’t we give them a show, Jabami?” asked Sayuki.

“Tokihara, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking...” said Yumeko. “Oh, this is going to be lovely.”

While keeping the men inside their asses, Sayuki and Yumeko drew their sweaty, naked bodies closer to each other. They got on their knees, squishing their massive breasts together with a wet noise. As their nipples dug into each other and the soft titflesh surrounding their areolae, they started kissing. Both of them could smell the scent of cum on each other's breath, but that only made them want to make out more. Not letting their leashes choke them, they kissed in the middle of the bathroom, surrounded by puddles of cum and love juice. When they kissed, they felt the men inside their butts become even thicker, spreading open their tight anuses to their limit.

The girls’ tongues overlapped, going into each other’s mouths for a wet and sloppy kiss. As their saliva leaked out from between their mouths, dripping into their cleavage, the girls felt up each other’s breasts to the delight of the foreign men. Their sultry moans filled the public toilet. It was too much for the men to handle. Unable to take the sight of the two girls kissing each other while being fucked in the ass, they came. Their loads were thicker and stickier than some of the men they had encountered that day. Yumeko and Sayuki broke their kiss, a line of saliva linking their mouths, as they began to moan from the anal cum enema the two of them were recieving.

The foreign men pulled out once they had exhausted everything in their balls. Their dicks stunk like the inside of a Japanese girl’s ass, which they considered a perfect end to the evening. Yumeko and Sayuki sat on the urinals, splurting out the excess cum from their anuses as they tried to clear out some of the generous amounts of spooge the foreign men had given them. They thanked the men for their service, and waited for the next group to come.

Several more men came in groups of one or two over the course of the day. Some only wanted a blowjob, and a several wanted to be titfucked by the girls’ breasts. It was at the end of the day that their situation took a turn for the surprising. An entire baseball team, training for Koshien, came into the bathroom all at once with their cocks hanging out. Thrilled by the prospect of having a proper orgy, Yumeko was so thrilled that her eyes flashed red. Sayuki had heard about this. It happened to Yumeko when she was so in the zone with gambling that she abandoned all common sense. It applied to other things, as she found out.

“Use my body as you please, you strapping young gentlemen!” said Yumeko. “Let’s get our gangbang freak on!”

“I’m being treated like a sex toy...” Sayuki said. “This is great!”

Along the wall of urinals, the two girls were completely absorbed by cocks. About half the team had gone shirtless, wanting to show off their muscles to the girls. The other half were more slender and quick, which also held an appeal. Everyone had gotten to the first hole they could find, and while space in the bathroom was cramped, the sounds and smells and sights of the orgy taking place would put many sex clubs to shame. The team was split between Yumeko and Sayuki.

Each of the girls had a cock in their ass and their cunt, giving another player a handjob while fellating the other one with their mouth. Yumeko was letting another boy rub his dick between her breasts, while Sayuki had one on his knees sucking on her nipples. The musky smell of sweaty cocks surrounded them, going up their nostrils and making their bodies tingle. Their pussies were dripping like a waterfall, cascading love juice onto their thighs, spraying out more with each thrust into their hungry pussies.

Yumeko and Sayuki exchanged which cocks they were jerking off and which ones they were sucking. In their brief moment where their mouths were free, Sayuki turned to Yumeko. “I didn’t know there was someone out there as perverted as me,” she said. “You look beautiful, the way you handle a dick.”

“You’re so full of cum that I’m impressed,” said Yumeko. “If you ever wish to transfer to our school, you’d fit right in.”

They felt the cocks rubbing against each other inside them. One rushing through their bowels, another sliding through their pussy. The hard cocks frotting through them were turning them on, making them suck harder. Sayuki was using her tongue more when it came to blowing, flicking it against the cockhead of the boy inside her mouth. Yumeko was sucking like a vacuum, like she wanted to empty everything in his balls and swallow it like a milkshake. Their senses were turning fuzzy, their bodies being stimulated from every direction as the cocks had their way with them.

As the girls were being fucked, the player who had been sucking on Sayuki’s nipples asked her to raise her arm for a moment. As Sayuki moved her handjob up higher, she felt the warm breath of his nostrils on her armpit, blowing about her hair and absorbing the terrible scent she had built up over the day. Yumeko raised her arm the same. The smell of their armpits joined the other smells in the bathroom, making all the boys’ cocks so erect that they were throbbing, barely able to hold on for much longer.

The baseball team came. The girls’ holes were filled with cum, mixing with all the other shots they had taken through the day. Their mouths were soaked with spooge, filling their cheeks so quickly they had to swallow down the cum, almost choking on its thickness. Cum spilled out of their pussies and anuses, rolling down their breasts. The baseball team had a lot of stamina, and as soon as they were done, the boys surrounded Yumeko and Sayuki, starting to jerk their cocks and massage their balls with their hands.

Sayuki and Yumeko, squirting onto the floor as their bodies rolled from the orgasms they had just experienced, held out their hands to receive cum from the team. The sight of their perverted bodies was all the fap material the baseball teams needed. Spurts of cum flew from their hard cocks, feeding the girls their seed. The girls opened their mouths, catching as much they could from the nine plus cocks while more of the hot semen rolled down their bodies.

It got everywhere. In their hair, on their faces and in their mouths, soaking down their breasts and covering their nipples. It mixed with their armpit hair and pubes, and pooled inside their navels. Their stomachs and asses and thighs were covered in semen. They had been painted white, left to marinate in the smell and stickiness of cum once the baseball team had left. After another hour, their time was done. The girls removed their collars, stepping out of the bathroom and into the crisp night air of the park. Nobody except a few stragglers was left in the park.

Once they stepped outside, the two of them could no longer hold it in. Even though they had been in a toilet all day, they were too perverted to use it as intended. They faced opposite sides of the concrete path, squatting above the grass. Two hot streams of golden piss, steaming amidst the night air, sprayed from between their legs as the girls sighed in orgasmic bliss. Their dinner and clothes were waiting for them at the opposite end of the park, and they were ready to walk there naked to get them.

They strolled through the park, talking about the day they had. Their crotches were numb and their bodies were still tingling, warm and stinking of sex. Together, they had taken over 30 loads in a single day, and their pussies had cum nearly as many times. Cum was dripping from everywhere, clinging to their bodies as they passed through the trees and flowerbeds. Yumeko kept wanting to masturbate above the flowers, coating them in a layer of morning dew made from her own squirt.

When they made their way to the lockers, a pair of boxed convenience store meals and their uniforms were waiting next to the park showers. Rather than showering first, Sayuki and Yumeko laid down the towels on the park tables, eating their dinners together completely in the nude while they talked about the best cocks they had seen all day. They were getting horny just thinking about it. Yumeko masturbated at the table, and Sayuki joined in shortly after. They ate with their chopsticks in one hand, rubbing their pussies with the other. They came three more times during the course of their meal, some of the cum inside their pussies spilling back out onto their thighs.

Just before they hit the showers, Sayuki pulled out her phone and took a naked selfie of her and Yumeko. They promised they would meet again on another weekend. Even if Yumeko won in a bet and escaped her housepet status, she had become too addicted to being used as a public fucktoy for her to want to give this up. A new friendship had been formed, one that would be sure to last a long time. That bathroom at the park would still linger with the smell of pussy juice for the rest of the week - until it would be filled with it all over again.