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Of Cold Porcelain and Warm Nights

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you walked into the bathroom and was met with the sight of your gorgeous toilet. it was sitting down and you saw its water gurgle a little upon hearing you. "miss me?" you said breathlessly, it turned warmer and you hear a shy small voice say "... y-yes..." you felt your heart clench with affection as your toilet anticipates your next move.
you wasted no time to take off your pants and sit down on its awaiting and warm seat. it was so sudden that your toilet released a slight gurgle. the sight of your hole ready to let go of the turd that you have kept for a month is too much for poor toilet and you feel its machine churn with embarrassment.
"you know... sometimes you're just too cute for your own good." you said and you feel a hot air blow against your bottom. your little toilet is on it's limit. "its certainly a good idea to edge you for a month huh? i bet your slutty little hole isn't satisfied with just my piss.." toilet whimpers and whispered a small yes, "so, are you ready? my little pisspot.." your toilet blush at the nickname and churned enthusiastically. "here comes nothing..!" you started pushing and your toilet salivates at the sight of a big brown healthy turd coming out of your ass, you pushed harder but it was too big and it feels like its ripping you apart, you grunt and pushed harder, but to no avail the shit just went in again. "please! push harder-!" your toilet begged. seeing your beloved toilet so needy you want to give in, so you tried to push harder, and harder. the turd went out all successfully and it felt satisfying, but not enough. "ahHHHHH-!! NGHHHHH MNNMMHMMMM.....~♡ s-so good-!" you chuckled breathlessly, "haha... you like that baby? there's more where that came from..~" "e-eh..? i-i cant take more...." you paid no heed to its words and shitted more shit. "AHHH?!! AHN-? NGGHHH!!!" your toilet panted. its face morphed into one of pleasure. "P-PLEEASE..!! NO MOR- Ahhh!!" you finished everything into your toilet. it looks gorgeous. your brown-yellow shit covered the entirety of its surface and a bit drops off on it's seat, water was surrounding the toilet and you wondered if you need it fixed again. "was it good baby?" "mmm.." it sounded sleepy. "was that too harsh on you? im sorry i didn't stop when you asked to.. you didn't say our safeword that's why i thought its fine.." "no, its totally ok! it was pleasurable for the both of us and i didn't want you to stop anyway!" you're concerned but still didn't press on anymore "lets get you cleaned up shall we?" you pressed the flush button and you feel it whimper at the loss of your glorious turd. suddenly it said "your hole.. let me clean it..." "eh? you don't need to! i swear its fine-" "please?" and how could you possibly say no? you sat down again as it sprayed some of its water on your crack. the brown turd thats beginning to dry started to soften again and began to fall off slowly but surely. it moaned softly at the taste and continued to spray it all until everything is clean. "good night toilet, lets do this again next time ok?" your toilet smiled softly and nodded. it looked so beautiful like this, clear porcelain shining in the light of the bathroom, and you sucked in a breath before dipping your head into its bowl. it was surprised but replied with flushing a bit. once you're out of breath you got out and breathed deep. "goodbye sweetheart, see you tomorrow.." you said with a deep saccharine voice and closed the bathroom door. but not before hearing a soft "good night.." coming from your toilet. you wonder what food you're gonna eat next to satisfy your toilet