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The Assistant

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"Careful, baby, what you ask for. I’ve got fire tucked inside me like a matchbox. You know I was doomed, to fall in love with you."

-Angel Haze, "Pleasure This Pain"

Part I

Tally Craven looks at her phone and her heart skips a beat. "Damn it!" 

She uses her face to unlock it and finds the elevator password she’s been sent because of course her boss lives in such a pretentious place that needs a code just to get home. Moments later, she is soaring upward to the penthouse of the building that Tally names ‘Fort Salem’ in her mind. 

Late, might she add.

Her boss will surely be waiting for her, and that does not please her. Sarah Alder isn’t known for her patience. She is a very busy, very important woman and while Tally is generally a punctual person, Alder does not approve of excuses; no matter how valid they are.

The elevator stops at last and dings her arrival. What she trips over, she has no idea, but it sends the three folders in her hand, scattering forward onto the floor of the enormous foyer. Today is just not her day. Thankfully there is no sign of her boss, so she pushes her fiery red hair over her shoulder and hurriedly picks up the paperwork.

"Miss Craven?"

Her head snaps up and she comes face to face with a tall, stoic-looking woman. She slips her hands behind her back and waits with a quirked eyebrow as Tally rises to her feet. It’s a power move that she’s seen her boss do a million times before but this woman’s posture somehow seems to hold just a bit more judgment and Tally wonders who taught whom. 

Clutching the folders to her chest, the young woman responds, "Yes, no. I mean, I am, but just Tally is fine."

Relax, spaz, she inwardly scolds herself.

The woman appraises her for a few silent moments before holding out a hand for a shake. "Anacostia Quartermain. Come this way."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Tally thanks whatever deity was listening. There is no way she would have found her way in this giant art gallery that her boss calls a home. Anacostia leads her through the foyer, down a long, dimly lit hallway to a large den that Alder has made into an at-home office. There is no light save for the dim sconces on the wainscoted red oak walls and the crackling fireplace. An enormous Persian rug takes up most of the floor to her right. Couches line the edge of the tapestry, separated by a marble coffee table.

To her left, there is a wooden desk that is no doubt antique. Her boss has an eye for " trinkets with hidden beauty ", or so she’d told Tally once. Beside it, a rolling whiskey bar boasts a beautiful crystal tumbler and decanter set just centimeters from a silver monogrammed ice bucket. The walls that don’t hold a painting are lined with a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that is home to books on all different topics. Looking closer, it appears that some are even first editions.

"Wait here," commands Anacostia, "Miss Alder will be with you in a moment."

Tally nods and made her way to the ivory loveseat. She sits down, sliding the folders onto the table in front of her.

It is strange being in her boss' home. She's been working for Sarah Alder for the past year and a half and she has yet to receive an invite to her secret lair. At least that's what the girls like to call it at work. Tally has to give it to Alder: the woman is private, bordering on an almost Bat-Cave secret. And she is intense, everything she does or says is with so much passion that it’s almost hard not to get wrapped up in the idea that she is probably an amazing lover.

And good god if she isn’t stunning. Tall, lean. Tally would know; she is the one appointed to schedule Alder’s personal training sessions, so she has a pretty good idea of what lurks underneath all of the deliciously tailored suits she wears. Not to mention her voice. Deep, gravelly. It is always full of desire and promise and when she demands that Tally held her calls or send an email, it almost sounds like an invitation to sit on her perfectly sculpted face.

Curiosity gets the better of Tally and she stands from her seat and crosses the room to the bookshelf. She skims a few titles— literary classics, mostly— before she gets to the second shelf from the bottom. That is where things got interesting. The Kama Sutra is the first book to stand out, apart from a trilogy based around erotica. The Entire BDSM Cookbook makes her eyebrows raise. The woman really is secretive.

"Miss Craven, you're here."

Her eyes widen and she quickly stands to her full height. Spinning around, her breath catches in her throat at how close Alder is standing. Her light eyes twinkle with an unnamed emotion —amusement perhaps?— and she takes another step toward Tally, hands in the pockets of her dark blue pants. Alder’s hair is down and it’s a foreign concept that Tally has to wrap her head around. In all the time that she’s worked for this woman, her hair is always either in an intricately woven braid down her or a smart ponytail at the base of her head. 

But this… 

This does something to Tally; causes a ripple effect that starts in her chest and spreads downward until there is a tidal wave happening between her thighs. 


"Have you found a favorite yet?" Yes, she is definitely amused.

"Uh," for lack of anything else to do, Tally shifts her weight from one foot to the other, "no, not yet."

Alder’s lips twitch in some semblance of a smile and she passes Tally to stop at the rolling bar. The familiar, debilitatingly erotic scent of cedarwood and lavender follow her and Tally almost leans into the invisible waft of air.  "Would you care for a drink?"

"No, thank you."

"You'll have one." Alder amends for her, as she begins to pour the dark liquid into two crystal tumblers.

Alder is also frustrating, and so goddamned controlling. No matter what decision Tally makes, she just has to either approve it or override it. Really Tally doesn’t see why Alder had even hired Tally if she’s going to do that. The purpose of Tally’s job is to make Alder’s life easier, but she can’t do that if the older woman won’t let her. Alas, it’s good money. Tally is starting her final semester at Salem University and books are not cheap.

"Really, I have to drive back home."

Alder pushes the crystal into her hand with a smirk on her face. "Live a little. I’ll have Anacostia drive you home, yes?"

Tally holds direct eye contact as she promptly sits the tumbler back on the cart in a defiant move. Alder’s eyebrows rise and she chuckles.

She likes Tally. She is saucy, and while she follows Alder’s orders most days, the older woman found that she quite enjoys the moments like these when Tally challenges her. There are very few people around her that don’t jump at the chance to do what she says. Sure, Tally has her days, especially when the young woman first started working for her, but now, every interaction with the redhead feels like an erotic game of chess. And every time someone slams the game clock, the anticipation of who will win becomes harder to ignore.

Suddenly Alder’s face becomes serious again and her eyes blaze. "You were late, Tally."


The CEO in front of her just tilts her head to the side, not bothering to respond. If Tally didn’t know any better, she would think that Alder almost looks as if she’s enjoying a private joke. The brunette just watches her face. Then, slate blue eyes drift down past her button-up and cardigan sweater combination and black skinny jeans to her combat boots and back up. Flushing, Tally crosses her arms over her chest, suddenly feeling too exposed. 

"I ran into some really shitty traffic because,” she gestures dismissively as if Alder should know, “this city sucks and is overpopulated and—.”

Another brief raise of a perfectly arched brow as Alder’s eyes found hers. Tally shuts her mouth and tries to meet her challenging gaze with one of her own. She manages to make it a solid seven seconds before clearing her throat and looking away in an attempt to slow the rapidly beating pulse in a place that she shouldn’t. A place that only seems to gain its own heartbeat when Sarah fucking Alder is around.

"I, uh, brought the folders you asked me to. They're on the coffee table." 

Without a word of thanks, her boss saunters to the table to retrieve the folders and sits down on one of the couches, back to Tally. Left ankle slips over her right knee and she opens one.

"I'll need you to stay and help me go over the Batan account tonight,” Alder mentions casually. It’s not a request.

"But—." Tally wants to shout that she has plans. Alder always does this to her; keeps her late, usually in the boring conference room of their office with the view of the city she’s seen a million times. 

But she just turns and pins her with those smoldering eyes and Tally’s stupid heart races and her stupid knees go weak. The next thing Tally knows it’ll be way past midnight.

"I hope you didn't have other plans?" Alder says, turning back to the paperwork. This is a lie. She hopes like hell that Tally has plans—good ones— and that the redhead will choose her company over whatever loser she was to see. An unwelcome pang of jealousy shoots through Alder, but she quickly manages to snuff it down.

Tally sighs a resigned sound and Alder knows she’s won this round. "No, well, yes, but no. I guess not anymore."

"Good girl."

Tally refuses to acknowledge how that praise makes her feel.

Sure enough, it is well past midnight and Alder has somehow managed to get a glass and a half of whiskey down Tally's throat. As she goes to refill both of their tumblers, she turns back to Tally.

Christ, she muses.

Tally is stretching, her shirt riding up to reveal the soft skin of her firm stomach. She shakes her scarlet tresses only to pull them up into a loose bun atop her head. Alder’s fingers itch to grab it and yank her head back to kiss her. The girl is gorgeous, she'll give her that. But more than that, the past few months, Alder’s been dreaming of her. Dangerous dreams of her fingers being buried so deep inside of Tally’s taut little body that she doesn’t know where she ends and Tally begins.

"It's late, I think I should get going," Tally suggests. The redhead reaches into the messenger bag that holds all the tools to both her world and Alder’s and pulls out a stick of gum. She pops it into her mouth and then stretches her neck, rubbing either side. Her eyes close for a short instant and Alder notices that at that moment, she looks at peace. For a brief second, she wonders if Tally looks that tranquil when she’s sleeping. She quickly snaps herself out of those thoughts that are much too soft.

Returning to the couch opposite her, she rests her arms along the back of it and simply gazes at her personal assistant. Tally’s neck is flushed and Alder isn’t sure if it’s from the fireplace, the alcohol, or... Alder, herself.

Long, intense moments of silence follow as they stare one another down. Tally's chest begins to rise and fall quicker than necessary for resting pulse, and she crosses her legs tightly. Alder grins her secret grin and stands from the couch, undoing her tie as she goes until the satin material is in two, lying flat on either side of her crisp, white button-down.

"I have a proposal for you." Alder offers, rounding the coffee table. "And if you don't like it, feel free to leave and I'll see you bright and early Monday morning."

"Okay." Tally practically breathes the words out as her eyes follow Alder’s every movement. And god does Alder move so slowly and deliberately, like a big cat ready to pounce. She circles the couch on which Tally sits and plants her feet firmly on the Persian rug as she stands behind the younger woman, leaning down until Tally feels her cooling breath on the back of her hot neck.

"Tonight, just this once, let me have you," Alder murmurs into her ear.

Tally couldn't stop the gush of cream in her panties or the chills that run down her spine even if she wanted to. "W-what?"

"Let me have you, Tally. I need to have you." Deft fingers fist the loose bun, gripping firmly, and she pulls just firm enough to force Tally’s head to the side, opening Tally’s neck up to her. Tally’s quicking breaths are now audible as she tries with all of her might to fight the attraction she felt for her boss.

"Say yes," Alder whispers. "Say yes and I'll give you heights of pain and pleasure that you've never felt before."

"Oh god," Tally softly groans, involuntarily. Alder’s teeth nip at her scapha and Tally’s nipples harden behind the curtain of her shirt.

"Yes." It is said so low that Alder has to ask her to speak up.

"Yes," repeats Tally. Oh god. What was she thinking? Alder is so hard to say no to. Especially with her scent clouding Tally’s senses.

She wastes no time in placing a gentle kiss on Tally's neck. Her eyes close and her chest heaves as Alder’s tongue moves against her sensitive skin before sucking at her pulse point. Pulling tightly on Tally’s hair until it just reaches the precipice of pain, Alder brings her mouth to Tally’s, effectively crumbling any bit of hesitation that remained. Alder's tongue pushes past her lips and she tastes Tally. Finally tastes her, and she could almost laugh in her own euphoria at just how predictable it is that her young assistant tastes of cinnamon.

She pulls back just enough to murmur against Tally’s mouth, "You taste like..." Everything I'll ever want. "Perfection.” Alder’s eyes search Tally’s soft features. She feels many things at this moment. Mostly she feels like a walking dichotomy because she wants to both ruin Tally and protect her at all costs. It’s disturbingly confusing and the only way to rid herself of the softer of emotions is to focus on the task at hand.

Stepping around the couch once more, she stands before Tally, removing her own shirt. Tally's jaw dropped. Every defiant bone in her body wants to slap Alder across the face because why has she been hiding this from the world under modest dress shirts? With full breasts supported by a black, lace balconette and stomach muscles sculpted by the goddesses, Sarah Alder is enchanting.

"Up,” Alder commands. Without hesitation, Tally rises from the couch and allows her boss to undress her, starting with her sweater. Eventually, she is braless and the brunette's eyes zero in on her small, but perfect chest. Alder’s mouth waters and she can’t wait any longer. She bends down and sucks one of Tally’s pert nipples into her mouth.

"Oh,” Tally moans, and her hands find her boss' head, holding her there. Alder's fingers unbutton her tight jeans. One hand slides past her panties to cup her wet sex while the other moves upward to pinch and pull at her other nipple.

"Yes." Tally’s head lolls backward. In the same instant that Alder begins to play with her sensitive clit, she switches nipples.

"You're so ready," Alder mutters in pleasant surprise. Feeling Tally’s essence coating her fingers is pure heaven. She can’t wait to be buried inside of her. 

But first things first. 

Both hands work to shove the jeans down and tug them off right after her boots until all that Tally is left in are her panties.

"Down," demands the older woman. Her hands urge both of her shoulders until Tally is sitting on the couch again. Dropping to her knees, Alder presses her mouth to Tally’s again in a passionate kiss, all tongue, and teeth. She swallows the soft mewls just before pulling away.

"I do hope you're not too attached to these." Alder grins up at her and before Tally can even comprehend that statement, Alder is savagely ripping the flimsy material of Tally’s panties from her body.

This could quite possibly be the sexiest thing Tally has ever seen.

Sarah loops her arms under Tally’s legs, her hands grip her thighs and she tugs Tally to the edge of the couch.

“Eyes on me,” Alder husks.

"Shit,” Tally whispers as she watches her boss’ head lower and the woman dives headfirst into the meal set before her. Alder’s tongue flicks expertly over her swollen flesh and Tally just barely refrains from crying out, but her back arches all the same and her hands rest against dark hair. Her shoulders force Tally’s thighs from squeezing shut because of the overwhelming sensations happening between her legs. Reaching up, Alder squeezes her breasts, pinches a nipple and the sensations shoot down to her pussy as she sucks on Tally’s clit. Alder’s tongue moves rhythmically against her, making her body begin to feel so tightly wound that she’s sure she’ll sling forward into an orgasmic abyss if Alder—.


Without warning, a slender middle finger is slipped inside, thumb strumming her clit, and Tally bows forward. She can feel her climax rapidly approaching.

Spreading her apart, Alder gives her other hand new orders. She uses one set of fingers to strum quickly against Tally’s clit and removes the others from inside of her, choosing instead to replace it with her tongue. The drenched fingers on the opposite hand ease down to the puckered skin of her asshole and—.

"Oh my god. Sarah!"

Alder’s heart threatens to beat out of her chest. If she is only going to hear her given name from Tally’s lips tonight, she wants her to scream it. So she presses forward with her middle finger until Tally feels so deliciously filled everywhere and her legs rise on their own accord, wordlessly begging for more because unholy fuck this woman is skilled in the art of multitasking.

"Sarah!" she chanted, her moans increasing with the speed of both Alder’s tongue and fingers. "I—I can’t—."

Tally nearly stops breathing and her mouth opens in a silent scream, voice getting lost as she erupts like a volcano, her excitement dripping down Alder’s chin. 

When she finally allows Tally the chance to breathe, she looks up at the flushed redhead, a satisfied grin on her face, "Go ahead, you can say it."

"Gods, that was amazing."

Alder chuckles and uncharacteristically shrugs a shoulder playfully. "There’s plenty more where that came from.”

Not long after, Tally fully disrobes Alder and is on her knees before the earth goddess, heading bobbing in her lap, lips wrapped around Alder’s clit. She’s not sure what she expected, but Tally would’ve never guessed that Alder would such a… vocal lover. But she loves it. It eggs her on, desperate to make Alder feel even a fraction of how she’s already made Tally feel.

When Alder comes, it’s with a shout of surprise at how quickly it happened. Her eyes are wrenched shut and her head slams against the back of the couch. Her limbs eventually loosen and she breathes through the aftershocks and holds a hand out for Tally. 

"Come here." Eyes still closed and head still back, she waits for Tally to take her hand. When she does, she pulls Tally up and then onto the length of the couch, twisting until the younger woman takes her weight easily.

Alder kisses her soundly, their tastes mingling perfectly before her lips find Tally’s ear. "I'm going to enjoy ruining you for anyone else.”

The words have a Pavlovian effect on her body and it becomes wracked with an involuntary spasm that Tally feels everywhere. Alder grins, pleased with the reaction she elicits. Her fingers line up with Tally’s slippery entrance. Her thighs clamp against Alder’s waist and she wraps an arm around her back as Alder pushes up and into her until she gets her wish of not knowing where she ends and Tally begins. 

"How's that feel?" She whispers. Not one to be outdone, no matter how all-consuming Sarah is, Tally matches her movement, trailing a hand between their bodies. She pauses for a moment at Alder’s entrance, waiting for the brunette to look her in the eyes. And when she does, Tally slips inside of her, and Alder’s eyes blink closed.

“You tell me,” challenges Tally.

"So... good," is all Sarah manages. And then she asks for—, "Another.”

Tally adds another finger. And so does Alder.

Sarah had had every intention to try and take this slow for Tally. Because no matter how hard she tries to fight it, she does care for her defiant little Tally Craven. But when Tally pleads for, “More,” against her lips, something within Alder snaps. She pulls out with an agonizing slowness before she thrusts back into Tally with no warning. Tally’s shout of surprised pleasure echoes off of the ceiling and yet again, she matches Alder’s move. So Alder does it again and again. And then once more until they fucking one another, the pent-up tension from months of needing release fueling their actions.

Sarah finds that Tally enjoys the filthy sentiments that leave her mouth. "You have the tightest. little. unh !" She’s silenced by Tally’s thumb slipping and sliding against her cult. She watches through heavy lids as Tally takes everything she gives her and gives back just as much. They push each other’s limits, experimenting with different rhythms to find exactly what makes the other tick. Alder readjusts her position silently until she can use the hand that had been propping her up to slip it around Tally’s neck. Doe-like eyes widen a fraction and she gives Alder the slightest nod of approval. Alder presses her thumb and middle finger just a bit tighter with every stroke, giving Tally ample time to stop her. But when Tally lips part more, she surprises Alder when she looks her dead in the eyes, and demands:


Bossy little minx

But Alder finds that Tally’s wish is her command, so she gives her harder. Her hand squeezes the sides of Tally’s neck just that much tighter while they thrust inside one another with such reckless abandon that Alder is sure they’ll both be sore once this is over. The couch, itself, takes their weight with ease but slides an inch from its original resting place.

"Fuck, yes!" Tally's walls squeeze her fingers like a vice. The nails on Tally’s free hand scratch at Alder’s back, drawing faint lines of blood to the surface. Long, dark hair gets trapped in her fingers and Tally goes with it. She tugs experimentally and tilts Alder’s head up, bringing her neck to her face.

Kinky thing, wasn't she? Tally bites down hard, marking Alder as hers without even knowing it, before soothing the spot with open-mouthed kisses. Alder groans her appreciation before returning the favor with candor.

"I want you to feel me with every step you take tomorrow," Sarah whispers as if it’s the sweetest nothing she could utter. And it makes Tally's walls flutter around her fingers, alerting the brunette to the crux of her climax. 

"Please. Please, don't stop!" Tally begs.

"Come on," Alder urges through clenched teeth. "Come for me."

"Sarah!" Tally cries out and he laughed freely. That’s more like it. That's what she wanted to hear.

"Say my name again."

"Sarah," Tally pants again as her hips arch up to meet Alder’s hand in wet slaps.

"Yes, Tally. Again."

Sarah’s name becomes a chant, a prayer, and eventually fades into a choked breath as Tally’s back arches, her breasts press against Alder’s chest and her legs wrap around Alder’s lower back. And then the inevitable happens. Alder pushes up and into her one last time before they both come simultaneously, shouting their pleasure to each other.

Tally jolts awake and she looks around her room, bewildered. She presses a palm against her forehead and tries to calm herself down. It was just a dream?

Flopping back down against her pillows, Tally groans loudly. 

Well, fuck , she thinks. This can’t be good.