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Why did I fall for you and your girlfriend?

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Chapter 1: The News (Rewritten)

Ruby and her sister the lion faunas Yang were currently playing on there 3ds in there dorm room. A new game came out and they were both playing it together the game was called Grimm Hunter Ultimate 4. And they were currently hunting a dragon known as Gore Magala.

"Rubes watch out" Yang tells her sister while mashing away at the controls.

"I know" Ruby answers back as she dodges gore's attack with in the game.

The room was filled with game noises, slashing, smashing, explosions and Gore's roars.

That is when Weiss returned from the library from studying.

"Yes I've mounted it" says Ruby in happiness as she continues playing. Unaware that Weiss is looking at them both with an annoyed expression.

"I'll chop off it's tail" Yang says as the monster falls over struggling to get up.

"I'll go for the head" says Ruby as the double team the creature.

Weiss's head looked about ready to explode, and well she did.

"What are you two dolts doing, we have a test in four days." She yells at the two. Ruby flinched and looked towards Weiss completely ignoring the game. Luckily Gore Magala flew into a new area.

Yang completely ignored Weiss and went after the monster.

"Sorry Weiss, I got distracted... See this new game came out today..." Ruby say's trying to defend herself and her sister.

"I don't want to hear it" weiss says pinching the bridge between her noise she sighed. "You can play it tonight but right now you have to study come along Ruby" Weiss says a lot more calmed down since Ruby was doing her infamous puppy dog eyes.

"Alright" Ruby says putting her game in sleep mode she followed Weiss out the door to the library.

"Yes mission accomplished" yang says looking up and finally noticing Ruby's absence.

"Wait what?" Yang asked herself completely dumbfounded. Her lion ears perked up as she remembered the ice princess came back. Rubes must of gone with her or something.

Yang was about to start a new mission when she heard the door open she looked towards the door to see Blake entering the room holding Sunny's hand.

When Yang saw this she felt her heart tore in two. She has had feelings for blake since a little while into there partnership as huntresses in training. Seeing her hold the monkey faunas hand hurt a lot. But Yang didn't show it she put up a face and smiled like everything was alright.

"Having fun you two" Yang says nonchalantly as she continues to play her game.

Sunny reconigsed the sounds coming from the handheld console and smiled coming up to the lion faunas and looking at the ds screen.

"Is that Grimm Hunter 4?" She asked already knowing the answer.

"Yeah" Yang answers happily "Rubes and I got it today"

"Maybe I should join you two in a hunt sometime" Sunny says happily

Yang paused for a moment her lion ears flicked towards the monkey faunas.

"You have it too?"

"Yes" she answers as she returned to Blake's side.

"So kitty cat, what bring's you and monkey girl here, I thought you'd be reading in the library especially because of the test?"

Blake looked a little annoyed by the nickname but smiled anyway.

"I'm actually here to tell everyone something but your the only one here."

"Fire away" yang says while upgrading her equipment in the game.

"Well, Sunny and I are dating" Blake says happily.

Yang paused for a moment and looked close to tears but you had to be looking for less then a second because yang placed a facade back on her face. Looking at them and smiling she says, "congratulations you two."

Blake smiles "Thank you Yang, I'd knew you would accept us"

"Well we're off to tell the others see ya Yang" says Sunny as her and blake exited the room.

Yang turned off her game as tears sprang freely down her face. You would think she would be angry but no she was hurt and felt broken.

Yang wrote a note and headed out the door. To the one place that will help her forget.

Junior's Bar.