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My beloved treasure

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"Yifu, what are you doing here?"


As he glances at Gu Yun, Chang Geng's brown eyes pierce through his soft and frail frame while exuding a serene demeanor.

All of the secrets Gu Yun planned to reveal and all of the lovely coaxing words he wanted to use to portray his miserable situation later in order to send his young adoptive son to the doctor are forgotten the instant he meets his eyes.

He only sees Chang Geng's handsome face and lean but strong figure in front of him. Suddenly he gives birth to an urge to throw himself into Chang Geng's warm embrace but he hasn't completely lost control over himself yet. So as long as he is in his right mind. His parental instincts will not allow him to do anything inappropriate to chang geng.


Gu Yun can fight himself even if he has to die in this manner, but he will never be able to make his mind to touch Chang Geng. He is the greatest admiral of the northwest and the head of the black iron camp's major three fractions. So, how can someone like him....


How can a person like him who defeated thousands of enemies with his own hands give in to his own desires?. 


No matter what he has to go through, he can't drag Chang geng into this mess. He only needs to ask for some help from him to grab the medicine prescription. That's it, nothing more or less. 


"Chang geng... I... I want some help from you. "


He gulps a good amount of saliva down his throat as he stares right into Chang Geng's eyes. This is more than embarrassing, so humiliating for someone as powerful and domineering as him but he knows that he has to thoroughly explain everything to this clueless boy in front of him. 


"then come inside yifu." 


Gu yun walks inside the room silently. He doesn't want to smear his slick on the boy's bed because his lower body is already soaked in the obnoxious liquid, but his knees are already weak, so he has no alternative but to sit on the floor.

A strong wave of heat whacks him on the stomach out of nowhere like a huge wave of the vast sea crashing on the shore and gu yun barely manages to stop himself from cursing out in pain. He was never a prim and proper man, to begin with, but after he took chang geng under his wing, he at least tried his best to behave well before the young boy.


"I should be a good role model to him"


He has repeated this line for thousand times in his head. That's how much he wanted to become a good yifu to his adoptive son but today, gods seem to be really testing his limits.

He can't extinguish this absurd feeling, no matter how hard he tries. He is gradually becoming aroused simply by Chang Geng's presence in the room. The mild scent of Chang Geng's pheromones has already begun to affect his body. Gu yun can't describe it because Chang Geng hasn't purposefully released any yet, but he can sense it in the thin air. He felt as if a silky fog had wrapped itself around him, making him both scared and needy at the same time.

Thus he painfully bites into his lips and proceeds to clutch onto the headboard of chang geng's bed.


On the other hand, Chang geng sees the way gu yun is suffering but he doesn't have a clear idea about the wonders happening inside that lithe body of his yifu. All he notices is that his yifu looks extremely weak on the knees and very vulnerable at the moment like never before.


" Yifu, are in pain. What's wrong with you. Can I check your body temperature?"


He steps forward to reach for gu yun but this man who is practically dying on the floor lifts his hand as a gesture for him to stop approaching him.


"I ....Chang geng. I don't want to hide it from you....anymore"


He grits his teeth and forces the words that burden him the most out of his mouth with all the courage he got.


"Omega, I am an omega"






A deathly silence



This silence bothers gu yun more than the heat itself which made his stomach a rumbling mess. He waits for chang geng to say something, anything he wants but the boy just keeps on standing with his eyes fixed on the floor as if he had secretly sinned for a long time.


"What is he thinking about?. Does he think that I am a freak? or that I don't worth anything anymore?. is he starting to despise me?. Does he want to leave the mansion ?."


When Chang Geng eventually breaks the stillness, his head is filled with all of these negative thoughts.


"I knew it"


" What!!!!"


"I knew that you are an omega "


Gu yun can't believe his ears.

What did he just hear????. Chang geng knew that he is an omega already????


"How.? I never told you that before.....I have been taking suppressants my entire life. There's no way"


"I didn't lie to you yifu"

Chang Geng raises his voice slightly to show that he is serious about what he is saying.

"At that time when I presented as an alpha, I could smell your pheromones from miles away. honey milk isn't it?. I realized that you were an omega and......and I am extremely sorry to say this but because I didn't know how to control my own pheromones I thought I'd hurt you and kept my distance from you."

He explains while deliberately dropping out the parts where he touched his painful erection every night while thinking of his yifu's beautiful face and had the aching need to hug his yifu's slender waist from behind every time he went to the sword practice sessions with him.

Chang geng moves his gaze from the floor to gu yun with a stern expression displaying on his face. He also kept this secret from gu yun without giving him the slightest hint. He always treated gu yun in the way a son would treat his alpha father and never treated him as an omega but deep down in his heart, he knew that gu yun is an omega and that he ought to take care of His family's omega with all he got.


This is the reason why whether it was wrapping his outer robe around gu yun when he was running around in the cold mornings or cooking for him and making sure that he ate a proper meal every day, he took care of all of that by himself. He wanted to protect this omega who never remembered to give himself the first place and put others in the second place.


He wanted to cherish him like a rare treasure,


because he truly loved him.......


"Chang geng I can't bear it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


Gu yun's pained cry wakes him up from his daze.


" I feel so hot. Too hot. I am going insane!!!!!"


Chang geng doesn't know what to do. This is his first time assisting an omega who is in his heat and not to mention that this omega is none other than his own adoptive father, no need to explain how confused and panicked he is. 


On the other hand, it's true that gu yun had fought with many enemies before. Be it barbarians or westerners, he had slain their heads off their bodies like chopping onions. He also had grave injuries before but nothing had ever made him feel this weak to the bone. This is the first time he is feeling so useless and pathetic. 

Chang geng puts half of the energy he has to collect his thoughts but all he sees is the heartbreaking scenario of the secret sweetheart in his dreams struggling to the extreme and fighting to maintain his composure when he is already at the edge of the hill. Gu yun grips onto the headboard until his knuckles go white with one hand while his other hand pulls at the hem of his robes until a part of it tears down, revealing a huge patch of milky white skin tainted with big and small scars all over.

This is the breaking point for chang geng. Those scars are proof of what this man had to go through in the past. He has done so much, too much for the outside world but at the end of the day, who is with him to save him from this brutal torment?.


Thus he makes the biggest mistake of his life.


without realizing that he'll have to pay for it in the future, he makes the wrong move.


He releases his pheromones.


He has no idea how can this affect an unmated omega as he hasn't thought of it ever before. All he wants to do is rescue gu yun from this nightmare but what he does results in Gu yun suffering even more. 

At first, Gu yun also thought that this was the best way to solve this problem but as he noticed that the searing pain that cannot be described from mere words had increased to another level after he arrived at Chang Geng's room, he simply put that thought in the back of his mind but now that chang geng has done it himself, there's no returning back.


Chang geng's pheromones have a unique scent. Just like the rusty smell of burned pine wood and rich wine combined together. His scent is strong and wild, showing that he is a gifted alpha, born to be a leader and it makes things even more difficult for omega in a weak state like gu yun. 

"Chang geng.... You..... Your scent....." 

Gu Yun truly wants to curse out at Chang geng for releasing pheromones without his permission but he can't resist this alluring scent no matter what. It attracts him and enchants him in every way possible. Forcing him to believe that Chang geng can satisfy all of his needs despite his young age. His mind is hazy and he can only see Chang geng through what seems like a layer of mist. In a situation like this, it is more than easy for the omega instincts he was suppressing for a long time to flare up. He loses all the self-control he once had in that particular moment.

So what comes out of his mouth is not a round of heavy scolding for chang geng but an earth-shatteringly embarrassing whimper. 

"Ah.. Chang geng, alpha your scent is too.. too me please"

His hand slowly runs upwards caressing the long loose strands of his dark hair. He pushes the strands away and shows the beautifully pale skin on his neck to Chang geng. Staring right into Chang Geng's eyes with a pair of red-rimmed peach blossom eyes, as if he'll cry in the next moment.


Chang geng instantly gets this hint. Gu yun is asking him to mark him on the neck just like every other omega in his heat. He understands that his little adoptive father is not in his right mind now and that he is just desperately trying to find a way to reduce the pain. 


After all, Chang geng is not a fool to think that his adoptive father might also have feelings for someone like him, 8 years younger, and has no experience whatsoever in love affairs and bed matters.

If only he was the Chang geng in the past, that naive boy from Yanhui Town, he would have marked him the moment Gu Yun asked for it but now he is not that person anymore. He is not just an ominous star anymore, instead, he is Li Min, the adoptive son of great marshal Gu. There's no way he can do something like that now???.

He can't take advantage of his yifu. 

He is not only his yifu but also the person he loves and adores the most in this world, he loves him more than he loves himself.


"Yifu, I'll go and buy medicine from somewhere. I promise that I will return soon. You.... Please take care of yourself until I come home. Please don't go anywhere. "


 He turns around and takes a step forward to leave only to be pulled back by a shaking hand. 


" Alpha don't go.. Please help me "