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Honey Blonde after ~Preggo Belly Wedding Bells~

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Erina had been so dead-set against going back to England that her breasts had temporarily stopped lactating. Masaki loved her even without that, because her boobs were quite voluptuous and soft, and she was beautiful all around. Yet their love life was defined by Erina regularly breastfeeding her boyfriend, a secret known only to the two of them and their closest friends. Erina didn’t know why her breasts did it, but she was happy to share her sweet, syrupy milk with her boyfriend whenever they had sex, which was often. She had agreed to stay in Japan, and she and Masaki were set to go to the same college.

When Erina found out Masaki wasn’t going away, it was as if her breasts made up for all the milk they hadn’t released. For hours on end, she lactated all night as the two of them fucked like animals until morning. Masaki came in her mouth, her pussy and her ass, as well as between her breasts after soft, milky titfucks, again and again. She was covered in semen inside and outside, and Masaki had been drinking and drenched in her milk so much that he smelled sweet. One shower wasn’t enough to get the smell of Erina’s milk off him, not that he wanted to.

The rest of their high school years went on smoothly, with Masaki and Erina still fucking almost every day. Even on the day of their graduation ceremony, they took the time to pork in the morning before changing into their robes. It came as little surprise to either of them that, on the first day of college, Erina had another announcement to make. She was pregnant. Karen had given birth to her at a fairly young age, and Erina had the same sort of sex appeal and boundless libido as her mother. Once Karen found out, she asked them to schedule the wedding immediately.

Erina couldn’t be happier. Making Masaki part of her family, along with the child in her stomach, was everything she wanted. The wedding had been scheduled so it was in the same month as her due date. She was going to walk down the aisle with a heavily pregnant belly, a combination of virginal white and pregnant seductress that would make for a memorable wedding. Tetsu and Shinobu were scheduled to be the best man and maid of honor, and Karen would be flying in from overseas to attend. She wasn’t going to miss her daughter’s wedding for anything.

Classes went on as usual, with Erina’s belly growing larger by the day, and with it, her breasts. She was an I cup even before she got pregnant, and once the hormones started kicking in, her bust expanded, becoming softer and heavier, a pair of round breasts that looked a lot like her mother’s. She had been lactating ever since she hit puberty, but her breast milk did change with her pregnancy. Masaki and his dick were pleased by these developments.

Before, Erina could go a few hours in between needing to milk her breasts. It hurt if it got backed up too long, but she and Masaki were having sex on the regular, and her tits were always emptied before long. Now she was lactating almost constantly, needing to pump and squeeze it out even during class. Masaki drank what he could, but Erina was producing gallons of milk in a day in her fat milk tanks. She started using it in her cooking in place of store bought milk, having so much before the baby was born that she didn’t know what to do with it.

The flavor and texture of her milk changed as well. It was thicker and richer and creamier, almost being like eggnog at times. Masaki always felt full when he drank from Erina’s tits, and her pregnant milk was even more filling. As her belly swelled and her breasts filled up with that delicious milk, their relationship grew even closer, those nine months passing in a flash until the day of the wedding arrived. Friends and family had gathered at the church where they were to be wed, but Masaki and Erina were nowhere to be seen, nor was Karen. Erina was full of milk and horny once again, and the wedding’s start would be slightly delayed while she got her sex drive under control.

Erina looked stunning in her wedding dress. It was made by the same store that had made Karen’s wedding dress, with a slightly updated look for the times. Erina had tried to cover up her cleavage and look presentable, but she couldn’t hide the curves of her breasts, or her belly, underneath that dress. Her stomach was quite large, with a dark line appearing near her now inverted navel, sticking out from her round stomach. Masaki thought she looked beautiful. He thought Erina looked beautiful in anything - a swimsuit, cosplay, their school uniform - but her in a wedding dress was a new kind of beautiful.

“You’re wearing that pregnant belly well, Erina,” said Masaki. “I hope we’ll have enough time to enjoy the honeymoon before you need to give birth.”

“You just want to enjoy my body at its most pregnant,” said Erina. “You’re treating me like your wife before we’re even married.”

“We’ve been together for so long, it feels like we’re already married,” said Masaki.

“Hey Masaki!” said Karen, walking in. She was dressed in a dress that covered her up, but looked easy to take off. Masaki knew why. “Been a while since you pounded my pussy. Eleanor, you won’t mind if we formally make this a threesome, will you? You’re not on your period this time.”

“I haven’t been on my period for months,” said Erina. “You know very well why, mother. I told Masaki to never let you do that again.”

“What’s the problem with one last fling? After all, I haven’t let him get a taste of my ass,” said Karen. “And I want to taste your milk.”

When Erina had first started lactating, Karen would taste test a little of her milk to see if she was healthy. For women with her condition, breast milk was a clear sign of health. She had stopped doing that since Erina moved to Japan and moved in with Masaki, but the taboo thrill of tasting her pregnant daughter’s breast milk was getting her wet. Erina pulled down the front of her wedding dress, lowering her bra and exposing her now hefty K-cup breasts. Her nipples looked bigger and darker, leaking with milk that the pads in her breasts were keeping inside.

“Drink up, Masaki. And mother,” said Erina. “I thought wedding jitters would stop me from lactating, but the pregnancy is making it come out even harder. My tits have been sore all day.”

Masaki placed one hand on Erina’s breast. He squeezed in gently, and every pore on her nipple erupted with a fountain of milk. He lowered his head before it reached her dress, sucking on her milk. It was flowing like water from her breast, thick and delicious with a perfect level of sweetness. It went down Masaki’s chin as he gulped her milk down by the mouthful, savoring the flavor of those breasts before their child monopolized them. Masaki knew that once their child was old enough to no longer breastfeed, Erina’s milk would be all his again.

“You’re getting a boner from drinking it. You’re a naughty father,” said Karen. “I like that in a son-in-law.”

Karen pulled down her top as well, exposing her breasts. Karen and Erina were close to the same size now. While Karen’s nipples had mostly regained her youthful pink tint, with a hint of brown to them to show her maturity, she was still producing milk. Starting from the base of the breast, Karen massaged Erina’s tit, getting out a huge spurt of milk that she sprayed into her mouth, sucking it down. She had been drinking at the rehearsal dinner, and having something sweet and non-alcoholic was a change of pace. Karen licked her lips, gulping down her daughter’s milk.

“You’ve finally made milk that can equal mine,” said Karen. “Have you ever drank your own?”

“Masaki gets hard when I do that,” said Erina. “Of course I have.” During foreplay, Erina liked to tease Masaki by raising her nipple to her mouth and sucking out her own breast milk. She had been doing it even more during pregnancy, watching how the taste and flow changed with each passing month.

Masaki and Karen sucked away at Erina’s bosom, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of her breast milk. Masaki’s belt was already unbuckled, leaving Erina not much to do to pull his dick out. Karen gasped with a mouth full of tit when she saw that cock again. Just seeing it made her remember how it had felt inside her. As Karen kept sucking from Erina, her own nipples started to leak, spilling onto the tile floor of the dressing room.

Alternating drops fell from her nipples like white rain. Karen was still quite attractive, and was producing plenty of milk. Her breasts swung back and forth, the milk drizzling onto the floor and mixing with her daughter’s to fill the room with a sweet smell. Erina looked down at Masaki. “Feeling full?” she said. “I still have more in there for you.”

Erina, with both of her own breasts being suckled, reached down and squeezed her mother’s boob, coating her hand in a layer of milk. She moved over to Masaki’s cock hanging out, running her milky palm along his shaft. Her fingers touched his sensitive spots, even teasing his balls. He hadn’t been able to have sex with Erina as often lately, between college and the wedding planning, and was pent up. Erina stroked him with her fingers, watching his cock get harder and hotter in her grip.

“Erina...” said Maskai, his voice muffled by her breast.

“You’re so cute when you cum,” said Erina. She jerked him off, driving his cock to blow its load quickly. The spurt of semen landed just short of her dress, staining the floor instead. Masaki’s dick was now covered in semen and milk, still hard and ready for more. Erina’s breasts were feeling lighter, and she was ready to move onto the real thing. Karen’s stomach was full of her daughter’s milk, and she was feeling just as horny. She’d come to the wedding to look for a single Japanese man to pick up and fuck her silly, but her favorite dick was still her daughter’s boyfriend.

Erina and Karen bent over on the counters lining the walls of the bridal suite, their breasts squishing into the marble and spraying milk onto the mirrors. Masaki tossed up their dresses, revealing their panties. Erina’s white panties went down past her garter to her ankles. Karen’s panties were black and frilly, looking more like something out of a gravure mag than being worn to a wedding. Masaki was greeted by two hairy pussies, covered in blonde hair and dripping with love juice.

“Masaki, please don’t stick it in my mother’s pussy again,” said Erina. “You promised.”

“Is her ass okay?” Masaki asked.

“Fine,” Erina sighed. “But your cum is mine.”

“You’re greedy, Eleanor,” said Karen. “Just because you’re carrying his child doesn’t mean you can hog his dick.”

“I’m marrying him!” Erina snapped back.

Karen’s asshole was darker in color than her daughter’s. Masaki started by shoving his cock into Erina’s ass. She was tight down there, gripping his cock with all the force of her glutes. Masaki thrust back and forth, watching Erina’s ass fat jiggle with each motion of his dick. Karen and Erina were both dripping, turned on by Masaki going at it in Erina’s ass right in front of her mother. After pumping and pushing deep inside Erina’s butt, he pulled out and moved over to Karen’s.

“Masaki, my ass is sensitive,” said Karen. “I cum really easily with a hard prick in there.” Karen gasped as Masaki spread her asshole wide, going into her depths. Masaki looked back over at Erina, her ass gaping and waiting for him to return. Erina, her belly hanging down, was exasperated at seeing her mother having sex again. It was bad enough when she started bringing home men from work some years after her father died, but now she was once again enjoying the cock of a man about to be her son-in-law.

Karen’s nipples were leaking wildly, spraying milk in front of her like a fountain. Her milk blended together with her daughters’, and Karen’s ass jiggled seductively as Masaki gave her everything he had. He really started to get into it, about to blow his load inside Karen’s ass. Erina glared at him, not wanting him to ruin her wedding day. Masaki moved back to Erina’s ass, sliding back in with ease as Karen moved her fingers down to her pussy, teasing it while watching Masaki wrapped his arms around Erina’s massive breasts, squeezing out yet more milk from her darkened nipples.

Erina’s butthole was just as tight and warm as always. Erina clenched her ass muscles, squeezing down tight on Masaki’s cock and not letting him go. Masaki picked up the pace of his thrusts, not wanting to keep the audience waiting. As he pounded Erina, everything soft and curvy on her body jiggled in response to the vibrations of his cock. Her voluptuous body that Masaki had seen develop from childhood, now even curvier because she was bearing his child. Thinking that he had seen Erina’s body change so much was a major turn on, and his pumping became more intense.

Her breasts, full of fat and milk, leaked her white spray everywhere, coating the mirror in her sweetness. Her belly, round and heavy, lightly shook. It had become taut and hard as the child within her grew, but retained some of its softness. And her hips. Those wide, amazing child-bearing hips that were getting ready to do as their name implied, shook and wobbled as Masaki rammed his cock through her anus, pushing Erina closer to an anal orgasm. He went hard on her for a few minutes, then pulled out and switched back to Karen’s hungry pucker.

He was in Erina again when his dick, already sensitive from Erina’s handjob, was approaching its limit. He was balls-deep in Erina, her pussy juices soaking his scrotum in their warmth. Masaki grunted, and blew his load inside Erina’s butt. While his dick was still cumming, he quickly pulled out and shoved it into Karen’s wide-open anus, giving her the rest of his load. He knew Karen wouldn’t be satisfied if she didn’t get at least a little of his spunk before she returned to the wedding. The two Mercer women, skin flushed red and voices crying out in orgasmic pleasure, raised their asses in the air in the bridal suite, Masaki’s fresh jizz dripping from their anuses.

Karen’s ass made an embarrassing sound, pushing some of the semen back out. “That’s the air escaping from you going so hard on my ass,” said Karen. Erina wanted to chide her for it, but her ass did the same thing. His gloppy semen trailed down their ass cracks, heading towards their pussies. Erina and Karen were about to pull their panties back up, letting their crotches marinate in their own love juice and Masaki’s cum, but all that hard anal fucking, so late in her pregnancy, had been pushing against Erina’s bladder. She turned to Masaki with a knowing wink.

“Masaki, I need to take a leak. The bathroom’s too far away,” said Erina.

“I didn’t know my daughter was into piss play,” said Karen. “I haven't even tried that.”

“Blame Shinobu,” said Erina. “She gives golden showers for free. Masaki’s really gotten into them. Though he likes my milk more.”

“I’m thinking I might need to go, too,” said Karen. “Why don’t we both use Masaki as our personal toilet?”

“I’m always going to end up competing with you,” said Erina. “You need to find a friend with benefits. That libido of yours is out of control.”

“And you got it from me,” said Karen.

Masaki got on his knees, looking underneath the skirt of Erina’s wedding dress. From this low angle, he had a great view of her pregnant belly. She was only carrying one child in her, but her stomach was bigger than expected. He was looking right up into her pussy. Masaki placed his mouth against Erina’s crotch, his nose brushing against her pubes. Erina relaxed herself, and let loose everything she had been holding in.

A hot, salty stream of golden pee flowed out of Erina’s crotch, filling Masaki’s mouth. The flavor of her piss lingered on his tongue, just long enough for him to gulp it down. It rolled down his cheeks and onto his chin, with Erina being careful not to spill any on his suit. Masaki happily swallowed it down, the slightly bitter taste contrasting the sweetness of Erina’s rich breast milk. Erina barely had to force it out. She let it fly, a feeling of relief washing over her crotch as she watched Masaki swallow it down.

“Eleanor, you’re letting him drink everything your body makes,” said Karen. “Masaki, your father was just as much of a pervert as you.”

“Erina...” Masaki said, swallowing more of it down. “It tastes great.”

“Once we’ve finished the reception, I’m going to piss and lactate all over you in the hotel room,” said Erina.

“Masaki, if you’re that thirsty, why not a taste of Aunt Karen’s piss? It’s made from the finest wine,” said Karen.

Masaki removed his mouth from Erina’s crotch, the smell of her pee still lingering on his breath. He moved over to Karen, placing his mouth on her pussy while Erina tapped her foot, waiting for him to finish. Karen ran her hands through Masaki’s hair, sighing seductively as she opened the floodgates of her urethra, letting out a stream of golden yellow piss that was just as hot and forceful as her daughter’s. Masaki gulped it down, running his tongue along Karen’s slit to tease more of it out.

Much like her breast milk, her pee was somewhat more bitter than her daughter’s. The only reason Masaki wasn’t getting hard was because his load was still dripping from their assholes. Karen swayed her hips, making her ass jiggle as she sprayed the last of her drops into Masaki’s mouth. His tongue was numb from the salty flavors of pee. He could no longer tell what in the aftertaste was Erina’s, and what was Karen’s. As mother and daughter, they blended together perfectly.

His stomach full of piss and milk, Masaski wiped his lips and looked towards the hallway. Before he left, he grabbed Erina’s left tit in one hand and Karen’s right tit in the other, squishing them against each other. The two milky bosoms overlapped, their nipples rubbing against each other. Masaki opened his lips, placing them over both nipples at the same time, and sucked. Heavy spurts of milk shot from Erina and Karen’s nipples, washing out the taste of piss in his mouth and replacing it with his favorite drink in the world.

“Eleanor, you picked the right man,” said Karen, happily moaning as Masaki drank the last drops of her milk.

“Don’t get too full of yourself. You’ll be a grandma in a few weeks,” said Erina.

“I’m not that old yet!” said Karen. “Look at how happily he’s sucking.”

“You really do love my milk,” said Erina, watching him gulp it down from her hard nipple. “I love seeing you like this, Masaki. You’re going to have to share soon, dad.”

With their panties pulled up and their breasts covered, Karen and Erina returned to the church. The wedding went off without anybody knowing that the bride, groom and the bride’s mother had been fucking moments beforehand. The only sign was the sweet smell of breast milk on Masaki’s breath. Later that night, when they had gotten away from the crowds and into their own hotel room, Erina guided Masaki towards the hot tub for two installed in their suite.

“Darling, let’s get frisky in the hot tub,” said Erina, clutching her belly in her hands. Masaki, his erection back to full power, looked at Erina’s naked, pregnant body. She was beautiful, and hornier than she had ever been. From the come hither look in her eyes, he knew she wanted to have more than one kid, and he would be happy to provide. With one hand on her belly and another squeezing her breasts, Masaki moved in for a deep and sloppy kiss with Erina, the two of them going at it with no one else around.

If this was the wedding, Erina was looking forward to the honeymoon.