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31. Threesome

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It was frigid as usual in Coerthas, as most nights were. Though the cold wasn’t your concern, protected from the driving winds and snow, attending a private meeting with two of your favorite Ishgardians. You had come at their request, finally able to spare a moment among the seemingly ceaseless tasks to attend to. 

The pair had greeted you warmly, and you recognized the affection and admiration shining beyond both of the eyes. The sight made you grin and wonder how’d you come to find not one, but two such devoted partners. But you couldn’t wonder for long, and your attention was drawn from the train of thought as the two insisted you catch them up on your latest travels and travails. 

As you stood and obliged them, stringing the tales of your duties, you’d seen many emotions flicker across their faces. Interest in such strange and unique deeds, appreciation of the strengths it had taken to undertake and overcome them, and concern that you had undertaken them in the first place. The quickly shifting expressions made you want to laugh, but you held it in for the sake of finishing your regaling.

The pair moved closer, subtly, though your keen eye didn’t miss it, nor were you unaware of what was like to follow next. They had always been impressed by your feats, but in a way, neither exactly approved, simply out of worry for what might befall you. It was both comforting and frustrating.

“‘Tis true, we’ve seen before how well you handle yourself, but still…,” Aymeric trailed off, the concern clear in his voice as he scolded you.

“Battle prowess or not,” Haurchefant declared, “were harm to have come to you, what would you have us do?”

You held up a dismissive hand, trying to wave off their scolding. You had little choice in your world-saving duties. It wasn’t as if you could simply give up and leave the trouble to others to clean up when your aid was irreplaceable. “You know it’s not up to me...,” you tried to explain aloud, hoping it would satisfy them this time. But the look on their faces told you they wouldn’t let it go so easily now.

They moved closed, as if of one mind, Haurchefant on your rear, and Aymeric to your front. In an instant, you were trapped between them, each laying a gentle hand, Aymeric’s on one side of your shoulders, and Haurchefant’s on the other.

“If you refuse to see the way of your carelessness, then mayhap we ought punish you for it,” Haurchefant mused, though as you glanced over your shoulder to look at him, there was an impish smile on his lips.

“‘Twould seem so,” Aymeric agreed, his face more calm and subdued.

“Please, I told you already,” you began, though your words fell away when Aymeric and Haurchefant each reached out with the other hand, their palms pressing against you through your clothes. “Neither of you need worry, aah, about me,” you tried to assuage their concerns again, though it was difficult when both bent to trail lips over your cheeks and neck.

Each moved slowly, though still distinctly, over your exposed skin. Haurchefant from behind pressed against you, one hand massaging your shoulder and another sliding down your hip. There was an intensity behind his lips and the light, stray bites he left on your skin, fiery and primal. The hot touch of his body and his lips were unmistakable, and already you felt him rise against your backside eagerly through his clothes.

Aymeric was all you could see in front of you, a wave of blue filling your vision while he kissed your neck and your lips briefly, tenderly. One hand sought your chest through your shirt, kneading slowly, and the other splayed over your stomach. Each motion was restrained and careful, though there was passion and admiration behind them.

You gave up trying to protest, relaxing into their ministrations, arching here and there, unable to decide who to bend towards. Each touch and kiss and nip was subtle bliss, and you couldn’t tell which was better. There was little need for you to choose the attention of only one, however. So quickly, they turned you to putty beneath their fingers and mouths, warm and pliant, your mind focused only on them.

“How can we not worry when even something such as this can render you so weak?” Haurchefant teased, his breath washing over your neck before he lay a matching nip on your throat.

Aymeric chuckled with an agreeing nod. “Had I not seen your merits with mine own eyes, I would wonder now if you truly the same indomitable warrior,” he added to Haurchefant’s prick.

You flushed hotly between them, even knowing their words were but jest. You rolled your eyes half-heartedly in a moment of rest between their attentions, though swiftly they returned to making it hard to think or do much else than indulge in their touch

Quiet again, their hands weren’t satisfied merely feeling you over your clothes, given only the barest access to the skin left uncovered. Haurchefant’s fingers danced to your waist, slipping up your shirt and tugging it with them. As you raised your arms to allow him to strip it off, Aymeric’s attention turned to your trousers. He went to his knees slowly, dragging their waistband down, as well as that of your underclothes. After discarding your shirt, Haurchefant greedily peeled the last piece of your underclothes away, leaving them nude between them.

With your clothes in messy piles around your feet, Aymeric and Haurchefant were given free access to all of you, and they quickly took advantage. Haurchefant’s hands moved up, rubbing your neck and shoulders and back, his lips following the path of his fingers for some time. When his fingers dipped past your lower back, his lips moved up, lavishing open-mouthed kisses on your throat, while his hands cupped and squeezed your ass.

Aymeric, on his knees, reached up with one hand, shifting back and forth from one breast to another, the other offering something steady to hold you up as it clung to the curve of your hip. He kissed your torso almost chastely, though his path downward was anything but. His lips were featherlight and warm, leaving an almost ticklish sensation in their wake as they dipped lower and lower.

The two of them had already left you panting and incoherent between them, soft gasps and moans drifting from your lips. You already couldn’t think, nor did you want to, not about anything else, not so long as their lips and fingers toyed with your overheated skin. Both were keen to give you much more of that to think about.

One of Haurchefant’s hands grew bolder, abandoning your ass to slip between your thighs. He drew his finger lightly along your lips, gathering the wetness he found. You jolted, your knees trembling for a moment before you caught yourself. You groaned his name softly as he continued to tease, sinking his finger a little further, just enough to barely dip into your entrance before dancing away quickly.

The hand on your chest swept down, joining Aymeric’s mouth near the apex of your thighs. His fingers spread your lips further, baring your clit to him, still while Haurchefant tormented you. Aymeric’s name was next to leave your mouth when he leaned in to lap at your clit. Again, your knees felt weak, though, between the two of them, it was a greater shake. 

As if determined to hear his name on your tongue again, Haurchefant thrust his finger into your heat at least, no longer teasing you with bare touches. He was rewarded with another call of his name, though it came out strangled when Aymeric latched onto your clit more fully, sucking and flicking his tongue again it.

You were unsure how you stayed on your feet as both went about tending to you. Haurchefant thrust in and out, one finger at first, and then two, and you bucked back against the delightful friction. Aymeric seemed lost between your legs, devouring your cunt as if it were some act of worship. You were awash in an ocean of desire and pleasure, hopelessly lost to their obscene affections.

They worked you quickly to a fever pitch, Haurchefant adding even more sensation in the form of harder bites and kisses to your skin, and Aymeric squeezing your hip a bit harder. No words came from your mouth, only a steady, rising stream of moans and cries, a surefire way to read how close you were. They both pressed on more enthusiastically the closer you came, until at least your orgasm exploded over you, radiating out in waves and making your legs threaten to truly buckle.

When your orgasm faded, the walls of your cunt slowing their clench around Haurchefant’s fingers and your cries tapered off, Aymeric drew back from your clit, and Haurchefant withdrew as well. In the absence of Haurchefant’s fingers, Aymeric spread your lips further, taking a long, indulgent lick of your thoroughly dripping lips. Beside you, you heard Haurchefant hum with satisfaction as he slid his slick fingers into his mouth and relished the taste of you.

Aymeric rose to his feet finally, and some of your essence lingered on his lips. Were it not for the support of Haurchefant behind you, you were sure you would have finally toppled. Haurchefant carefully shifted you to Aymeric, who wrapped a careful arm around you to continue to aid you lest you fall to the floor. He looked pointedly toward the table intended for laying out paperwork and maps and other assorted necessities a meeting might require. He stared for a few seconds before he turned to Aymeric. Again, the two seemed to understand one another’s intentions without a word.

He moved to the table, stripping out of his own clothes and taking a comfortable seat on its surface. He beckoned you and Aymeric to him with a wave of his hand, his smile still wide, though his eyes were stormy and full of longing, pinned on you. You and Aymeric joined him beside the table, Aymeric released you, so that Haurchefant could coax you up onto his lap. You did so, the feeling of him pressing against your ass exciting you again, despite how sensitive you felt still.

Aymeric set about disrobing next, and while he did so, Haurchefant shifted you easily, rubbing his stiff cock through your drenched lips and lubricating himself as well as he could. He didn’t slip inside though, waiting with patience until Aymeric joined you, wrapping your legs around his waist.

Aymeric lay his hands on your hips, rubbing soothing circles on your skin as he eased himself between your legs. Haurchefant bent to kiss your shoulders and mouth at your neck as he, too, aligned his cock with your ass. When Haurchefant’s cock prodded at the tight ring of muscle, Aymeric’s dick slid just into your cunt just as slowly. Your first reaction was to tense and wince, but you suppressed it, and the attention both continued to lavish on you was a godsend to that effort.

A mixed chorus of groans and grunts filled the air, distracting you from the sting of being so completely full. The fullness was overwhelming, but a bliss at the same time, having both men buried in you and pressing you between them making heat and tension dawn in your belly again, a ravening need rising for them to ravish you entirely.

After a time to allow to completely bottom out, and to let you adjust to them, Haurchefant and Aymeric set a steady, languid pace, making you cry out with each return that filled you to bursting. Still sensitive from the orgasm before, it didn’t take long before you were close again, reaching for each with one hand mindlessly and holding on tightly as they rocked you between them. Between moans, their names fell from your lips, and you couldn’t decide on one, each coming out broken and interrupted.

It only encouraged them to thrust into you more eagerly, their breath becoming just as short and quick as yours, unable to keep their own mouths shut unless it was to kiss and nip at your body. You were cumming again before you could even try to hold it for either of them, clenching tight around their cocks and trying to at least keep your volume below a scream. The pleasure surged even more strongly, like the most delightful levinbolt through your muscles and nerves.

Both of them came not long after, overexcited from the hot grip of your body and the noises that poured into the air. Each pumped you full of cum, lending even more to the overwhelming sensation of fullness, and cum dripped from both holes when their thrusts relented. As your second orgasm faded, you could only linger on the heat of both your lovers, still filling you up, and the comforting touch of their breath and fingers on your skin. 

“A suitable punishment, but is it enough?” Aymeric asked huskily after a minute, still a little winded, his eyes fixed on you.

Haurchefant gave a low, thoughtful hum before answering. “I’m not sure,” he mused. “Mayhap we ought to continue to be sure.”