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all you wanted was to help

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A Hunter must Hunt.

This was what you had been taught, this was what you lived by. It fell on you to kill the monsters turned mad by the sickness of the blood, and save people from them- maybe even save the monsters themselves if there was a thread of sanity still left in them. The sickness of the blood originated from the fairies' contamination, and you felt that your kind owed the rest of the world to try to stop it, at least.

This mission of your life was, essentially, to try your best to rescue everyone- even End, the villain with highly questionable morals but brutally effective methods.

In Europe, there were two places that survived the Plague: Poland, where people took care of their hygiene, and Milan, where people burned the house of the infected with them and their families still in it.

End killed for the thrill of the kill, and chose the infected that you could still see hope for- and all the Hunters, including you, hated him for this, but no one could unfortunately deny the results of his work.

In general, your feelings for him were wary and befuddled- especially because, when you did talk to him, he saw your mission and your justice as something especially funny and entertaining.

Until your brother caught the blood disease.

You had rushed there to help him, to save him, to get him under the protection of the Witch, but someone else got to him first.


You were distraught. You were grieving.

You were angry.

You sought End, wanting to release your rage on him in any way, and only found a snappish and highly aggressive Save in End's house.

The pharmacist was seething, almost mad with worry, and you barely avoided getting attacked long enough to learn that End was missing.

And you couldn't ignore your duty. You would bring End to justice- but after you returned him to his adopted son, safe and sound.

And so you kept fighting. Kept taking missions.

And one of the missions you took struck you unexpectedly.

You were in the forest- the Green Forest where the blood disease started, to destroy a new boss monster.

The first thing you noticed upon entering the level was the giggles. Unceasing, high-pitched giggles that felt familiar, that filled you to your core with unease. The second thing you noticed was that the stars were suddenly bright, despite the perpetually smog-filled nature of their sky.

And then the monster boss entered, and you had to admit that it was one of the creepiest ones; it looked like its skin and body were aging uncontrollably, then it was shedding those skin and body parts, and growing other layers of the same things under it.

You started the fight, and hissed when you got the first hit- the fucker fought using gunshots, of all things, and you could get contaminated if you were not careful enough.

So you were- the monster had the advantage in the long range, but you were the best at short range, and it showed. 

As you kept cutting away at its body, making it more and more bloody, the giggling kept getting louder and louder. Near the end of the fight, the giggling turned into full-out deranged laughter.

In contrast to the laughter, the creature's resistance to your fighting kept getting weaker and weaker. The thought of the monster being aware of itself long enough to wish its own end made you sick to your stomach, but you knew that it was far beyond saving at this rate.

After you defeated it, and all the layers of skin and body parts were on the ground, the mad laughter trailed off to giggling again, then to a simple, whispered "thank you" as the beast drew its last breath.

You recognized the voice at last, and when you did, you wanted to hurl.

This was not how you wished to take your justice.

This was not how you were supposed to find End.

But a Hunter must Hunt. This is the mantra you tell yourself as you walk to get your holy water and heal yourself.

A Hunter must Hunt.