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Bricked Up (For You)

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It was a sunny morning and the police department was full of policemen. Who cares.

You, (Y/N), were sitting next to your desk, thinking about someone you were really excited to see today.

As you were day-dreaming, the front doors of the police department opened up and you saw him, Chase McCain.

He was the cutest guy in the whole police department, or even in the city. A guy with beautiful hair and a smile that made you melt inside.

“Good morning, (Y/N)!” Said McCain in a cheerful tone.
“Good morning, Mr McCain! Why so cheerful today?” You said.
“You know why, nothing makes me happier than seeing my favorite Coworker” He explained.
“It’s that all I am for you? A coworker?” You asked with a sad expression.

Chase McCain was surprised to say the least, hearing you talk like that? It certainly did things to him in so many ways.

“I’m bricked up” Said McCain.