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Betrayal of an Ally

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You'd think in your last year at a school as well known as Hogwarts School of wizardry you would be excited to go on into the world with all the lessons and qualifications you've gained and find yourself a credible job in potions, alchemy and all sorts of interesting subjects. For most years prior to this one it had very much been the case. students would leave Hogwarts to go on to either full time work as a healing professional, a potions master, or many other active roles in society. This last year was very different for One particular trio.

This was going to be the start of Hermione Granger's last year at Hogwarts but for the last few months there had been a progressive amount of drama, darkness, crimes and many more unspeakable happenings around the wizarding world. As time had continued, there had been curfews put in place in major towns and cities. Diagon Alley had been put under observation by the Ministry of Magic (M.O.M), and the use of spells was supposed to be at a minimum for everyone. Meaning that those who had the gift of magic were torn from their posts and were forced to slave away when in previous times, a wand would have managed even the simplist of tasks. These were dark times indeed. Even during the day, the amount of people who were breathing were halving as the days went on. the Skies, pitch black and shadowed, were reflecting the dark mood and fear of the towns and cities effected.  Muggles outside of the magical reality believed it was an ongoing storm or weather anomaly. In reality it couldn't have been further from the truth.


The truth being, that he known as the Dark Lord had decided to take precautions and make sure the sky remained dark enough for his followers to slink through the night without being detected. This was the true source of fear installed in all the witches and wizards who fell under these dark skies. From Hogsmead to Godric's Hollow, to Diagon alley to the Minestry. Of course, there were always suspicions that within the Ministry there was some kind of dark art activity among conspiracy theorists, but these last mounths had even the most skeptical becoming firm believers.

On this particularly dark early evening, it just so happened that Hermione and her two best friends were located in Diagon Alley. They had reason to believe that their fellow classmate, Draco Malfoy, had joined the dark forces that terrorised these streets. That topic asside, they needed to get themselves some supplies for their last year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They had already collected the majority of their supplies in the various stores that laced the town. If they were to find Draco, here would be the first place to look. Assuming of course that this year he was, in fact, planning on getting some supplies and ACTUALLY studying for the year. they Rumour also held that his father, Lucius Malfoy, known death eater, had been seen around these streets regularly as of late. 

"Do you think we will actually see him around here?" Hermione said to her friends as they left a book store into the rather empty street.

"Even if we do, what are we going to do? Harass him with questions?" Harry was quick to silence her questions, answering, "The objective here is not to harass him, beat him or ask questions. All we need to find out is if he really has joined the death eaters. If he has we must tell professor Dumbledore. He will be a risk and a liability if we let him stay in the castle should he have changed alliances." Hermione nodded blankly. 

As they continued down the main street through the town, a sudden thought crossed Hermione's mind. "If he is going to be here, he will be on his own." She laughed at her always logical mind. "It would be too much of a risk if he was here with anyone. Lucius is wanted, and Mrs Malfoy wont come anywhere near here in risk of being tortured for information on her husband. We would find him much easier if we split up. We won't be outnumbered and we would find him far faster then as a group". She looked between the two boys for confirmation her idea was as good as it seemed in her head. She was met with smiles.

"Brilliant!" Harry exclaimed. He looked around the maze of alleyways and streets surrounding them. He pointed down one street and commanded Ron to head in that direction. He did the same with Hermione and went his own way. 

As Hermione started walking down the cobbled path she had been elected for, she realised not only was the magic energy disarming, but the way was particularly dark. She approached some stairs in between some buildings and unsheathed her wand to face the pitch black. "Lumos" she whispered. A light began to radiate from her wand. She took a few deep breaths before continuing, reassuring herself as she went. The majority of the alleys were nearly empty and even the ones that were inhabited were still eerily quiet. 

After a good 10 minutes of walking, she came to a little opening with an old blacksmith shelter in the center. it was an open plan place, like a market stall. Although the forge fire was still burning, casting the faintest glow, the Smithy was nowhere to be seen.

The silence was broken by a sudden gust of wind with a whistle and a speeding shadow blocking her vision. 

"Death Eater," She whispered.