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Inside the tavern, the owner moved about, jumping from customer to customer the best he could. Coins filled the jar easily as each of them left and he was ever so happy to watch them leave knowing they’d come back.
He noticed a table still occupied by a small being. Uh oh. If he was right, then he knows why they look so devastated. There’s one of two options. Either they got stood up or they had just lost their party members from a dangerous adventure. The owner went ahead to made sure to have some water boiling for some comfort drink, be it tea or cocoa before he went to the table.

“Hey, there. I just happen to see you here. What happened?” He asked. They simply answered back with “he didn’t come after all.” He let out a soft sigh. “Ah so you’re heartbroken. Hmm.. I know that’s not an easy feeling.” The ebony haired man got up. “Wait here.” He left the area and went back to the bubbling water, pouring it in with some cocoa.

He came back with a pretty glass mug and some cookies. “Now, as I was saying, I know heartbreak is not an easy feeling, but just know that even if your heart is in pieces, you can still put it back together. You might miss some pieces, but you’ll just find newer and even better pieces to take place. Soon, you’ll end up with something more beautiful than ever before.” He smiled softly while they listened and smiled back, politely.

“Now then. Have a snack and head to Rosewood Inn. It’s just two doors down and tell the owner Quincy sent ya.” He smiled. The person across from him just nodded. “Yeah, I’ll do that. Thank you.”

“Not a problem.”