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Tears like Snowflakes

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It was right after Liella’s last performance and their ‚loss‘ at the Tokyo qualification round.
They had started cleaning right after so the girls were still in their „Starlight Prologue“ Outfits.
They had split into different groups so the work would be done faster and they all could go home.
Keke and Sumire went to work on the stage their classmates and the other students set up.

„It’s a shame that we need to demolish it again only after one performance.“ Sumire whispered, more to herself with sadness in her voice.
„It doesn’t help, the city needs the place.“ Keke went over to the stage and moved her hand slightly across it.
„Aren’t you sad Keke? You can tell me you know.“ the blonde asked but Keke just moved away from her not showing her face, letting Sumire alone at her standing place.
Confused she looked after her, she would need to speak with her later since she knew what the girl had on her mind.
They worked fast and since they got help from the townspeople they didn’t work long before everything was done.
„Ah it’s so cold!“ rubbing her hands Sumire looked at the rest from Liella who were standing around her and moving from shop to shop to say their thanks.
„You should head back home than.“ Nanami said while looking worried.
„Yeah, we will thank everyone in your name too. So rest well.“ Yae shouted while smiling a little.
„But you did so much already.“ You could hear Kanon’s struggle, not wanting to go home but you could hear how tired she was.
„Kanon-chan, let’s go.“ Chisato went and after a bit Kanon nodded.
„Make sure you don’t get sick.“ Liella’s leader said with a determined face and voice.
Sumire was again grateful that the once ‚shy‘ girl was their leader. She couldn’t bring up the presence and power she would need to be a leader.
With this thought she looked at Keke. This girl had been quiet since they started work and looked into the ground with a neutral sad face.
„I will get Keke home. She needs to get her treasure from my place. Will you three be alright?“ Sumire asked while everyone looked at her.
„Her treasure?“ with a confused look on her face Ren looked at her, not getting what she meant. After a second Chisato smiled and winked in Sumires direction and grabbed Kanon’s and Ren’s hands and pulled them forward.
„We will be alright. Right guys?“ The other two were a bit confused but after a look back at Sumire and Keke they nodded and followed Chisato.
„Did you need to hold our hands Chisato-San?!?“ Sumire could hear Ren asking with a shy tone while Kanon laughed quietly.
Sumire only shook her head at Ren’s question with a small smile.

She herself grabbed Keke’s cold hands.
„You are really cold Keke-Chan.“ She put her other hand around Kekes hands to warm her up.
„See, does it feel better?“ she asked with a small shy smile. Keke on the other hand didn’t look at Sumire directly, only looked at her chest.
„Sumire….“ Keke began but stopped abruptly, her hands started to shake a little.
„What’s wrong Keke?“ the other girl asked, her green eyes filled with worry.
„It’s just… it’s just…“ Keke began but her voice was cut short after tears ran down her cheeks and after a bit she was sobbing hard.
„Ohh.“ With these words Sumire pulled Keke into a hug and tears started flowing like water through a broken dam.
While crying her heart out she moved closer into the hug and was holding onto Sumires Clothes to not loose her and her warmth. Keke had a strong hold of her but Sumire were only thinking about how to help the crying girl in her arms. Sumire herself started crying a bit but had more self control to not fully cry in public.
After a while it started to snow slightly again and Keke had stopped her crying. Sumire thought it would be best to move again.
„Lets head over to my home and get you out of this cold weather.“ the blonde girl whispered into Keke’s ears and awaited an answer.
Keke only nodded slightly and got out of the hug and rubbing her red eyes.
„Thanks Sumire.“ she whispered while the two of them walked back to the shrine Sumire lived, all while holding hands for the walk. All the way, both of them were too embarrassed to talk.

„Onee-chan! You are late.“ said Sumire’s little Sister who jumped out of the house. Both of them stopped holding hands and had bright red faces.
„What is with the two of you?“ the girl asked with a serious expression, looking at the older girls.
„N-nothing. Let’s go inside, it's cold.“ Sumire yelled and pulled Keke into her house.
„Mother had put away food while cooking so you can warm up first.“ the little girl said while moving to her own room.
„I should get going. Where did you put my treasure Sumire?“ Keke asked while looking around the house. Sumire looked at her confused before replying.
„You can stay here for the night. I’m not letting you outside in this cold.“ she said with a stern expression.
„But I don’t want to disturb you and your family…“ Keke started before her belly made some small noises.
„See. You are hungry and it’s snowing outside. So sit at the table. I will get us the food.“ Sumire’s tone made it clear that her offer wasn’t rejectable so Keke only complied and sat at the kitchen table Sumire had pointed to.

Sumire got into the kitchen and started to cook the cold food and decorated the plates.
„You are welcome.“ she said while putting the full plates onto the table and Keke’s expression of happiness melted her heart.
„Thank you!“ the girl said before digging into her food.
They ate in silence and quickly, as to not waste more time and energy. They were too tired for doing more than eating.
After that they moved into Sumires Room, taking a bath would need to wait till tomorrow. After that Sumire got them pajamas and put an extra futon next to her own.
„You can sleep there Keke.“ she said while yawning and laying down in her futon.
„Thanks again, and I’m sorry.“ Keke apologized.
„For what again?“
„That you had to put up with me Sumire.“ Keke answered and kneeled beside Sumire, who sat up again looking confused. She moved to the side and petted the spot right next to her thinking it was for the best, and she really wanted to hold Keke again,
„Get in. It will be cold during the night.“ she said while smiling a bit and waiting. Keke was frozen for a few seconds before moving next to Sumire.
Sumire put her blanket over both of them while laying down, tucking the smaller girl more under the blanket.
They laid there in silence before Keke looked Sumire into her greens eyes with a worried look in her pretty blue eyes.
„My sister didn’t wrote back after I texted her. I-I don’t know what my family thinks, I don’t want to leave. Liella or you.“ The last words were muffled because she had moved closer to Sumire and was talking into her chest.
Sumire felt her heart beating faster and she could feel how warm Keke was. She put a hand on Keke’s back while hugging her as good as she was able to.
„Everything will be fine. And if not, we will think about ways to fix this problem.“ she told Keke, not sure if she was able to get Keke’s parents to change their minds if the worst case would happen.
She herself didn’t want Keke to go back to her homeland.
After some time she fell asleep, the heat from Keke and the room temperature made her more sleepy.