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Little Star

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- Tokyo -


















It all started one winter,

















“Send your reports later and remember to double-check them," a man in his early-twenties reminded his executives before concluding the dull meeting. He yawns softly and leaned his lithe body against his seat. It’s still pretty early, and his body was already worn out.



Koko bought him the seat a few months ago after noticing the back pain he was having. It took a few try and errors to find the perfect one.



Not sleeping for more than two days caused his muscles to ache. The thick layer of concealer on his face doing a bad job at hiding the eye bags. The others also pushed him into resting, arranging their schedules to cover-up their leader’s dozen stack of paperwork.



He wriggled his feet as he stared at the wall blankly, hands fiddling with the armrest, a habit he had since 17. The rest were cleaning after the piles of paperwork on the table, murmurs of their conversations filling the room. The Haitani brothers were messing with his right hand man as usual, eliciting some weird screeching noise out of the latter.  



A certain long haired man was discussing some business deal over his phone at the corner of the room, his voice getting higher and higher from irritation, most probably because of the client’s ridiculous demands. Kakucho, the group’s mediator, was out of the country for a business trip.


If looked at closely, you will notice their gaze flickering towards their leader once in a while as if making sure that he won't do anything that will harm himself ( or anyone ).



Contrary to what most people anticipated him to look like, Mikey looked more like your typical Japanese worker, with heavy bags under his eyes and a slouched posture, which was normal for a country that’s full of overworked people. The rumors about him were not exactly nice to the ears, though most of them were pretty much exaggerated, which caused quite a lot of misunderstanding. Like seriously, ‘if you meet the Invisible Mikey you will never escape his beatings’ what kind of nonsense is that?



He may not be the nicest person in the room, but he’s not that stupid.



Most of the time, he’ll wear a pair of worn-out slippers, but since the weather was too cold he’s forced to wear the expensive boots that his executive bought. He donned on a plain black hoodie with sweat pants instead of the luxurious suits the other members wore. He likes wearing them, it’s much more comfier. They hide his scars. It also make him look harmless, perfect when doing covert missions. Who would attack a malnourished man anyway?



Though the gun in his pocket said otherwise.



He preferred not to use weapon when fighting, but the members ( Sanzu ) make sure that he keep one near him all the time. He’s not the only one though, Senju, Brahman’s boss, carried one by her side though she preferred a knife over a gun. Both of them have high bounties over their heads, so it’s not surprising for an assassination attempt to happen.



They don’t kill unless they have to. It’s a rule he made when they formed the group. There were also protocols for the members to follow whenever his dark impulses started lashing out. It did tone down a little did it? after they defeated the South during the deity’s war, but it’s still dangerous to be near him when he’s emotionally unstable.



Don’t want that to happen again. 



Despite being a criminal organization, they never really do criminal stuff. They grow to avoid prostitution and drugs most of the time when running their business. They also avoid conflicts with other gangs as long as they weren't disturbed first. The only reason why they never appear on the news was because of a deal made with the police. They mostly hide their illegal work under the pretense of a legal company. Talk about dirty money huh. The criminals they deal with were sent to the police in exchange for their freedom.



The clothes that he’s wearing right now were not exactly cheap either, thanks to a certain executive. Koko handled most of the money and assets after seeing how his boss took care of himself when nobody is there to supervise him. He became sort of the mother hen throughout the years as more members join.



Their relationship becomes closer since Toman disbanded and the formation of their new gang.




The only indication that he’s Bonten’s leader was the Manji-shaped tattoo on his nape, which was usually covered with a hood. He had another one on his chest as a sign of their alliance with Brahman. Only the leaders carried the tattoos. His was the Brahman flower symbol while Senju’s were their symbol on her wrist. She didn’t keep her group’s signature flower as a tattoo, opting to have the pattern on a pair of earrings instead.



Small organizations and rookies often targeted him, thinking that he’s some low-ranking member to get information from. It’s because of his small physique and choice of clothing. Big groups generally avoid confrontation with Bonten, knowing how violent the members can be. Their alliance with Brahman only added fuel to the fire, knowing the leaders' reputations. Both group influence most of the underground transactions happening in their country. They also expanded outside a few years ago. 



His nickname ‘The Invisible Mikey’ was still popular, one that many feared. Though now they claim him as the underground king for some reason.  






"Want me to bring your snacks?" Koko asked, noticing that it’s Mikey’s usual snack time when he took a glance at the clock in the room.




“I'll get them myself today” 



"Want me to escort you?" the ever so loyal Sanzu asked.



"I'll bring Rindou with me. You... continue the punishment for last week” Mikey replied with a displeased expression on his face as he twirls his chair around. The action calmed his mind sometimes when he’s tired or bored. Though it seems to be the latter this time. He’s still mentally exhausted though.



Sanzu sulked as his boss ignored his whining, leaving the meeting room with Rindou snickering behind him. The others in the room can’t help but sigh at the sight of them bickering like some five-year-old child.





"That's what you get for wrecking the game room when you're drunk," Rindou added with a smirk before fleeing, cackling like a madman when he hears the other’s colorful curses as they chase each other. Their footsteps echoed through the silent hall.

















He breathes in, enjoying the view outside of the tall building as he waits for Rindou. The wind blew his soft bleached hair as he shivered a little from the cold weather. He decided to bleach and cut his hair for some reason when forming the group. Maybe he’ll dye it another color next time. 




‘Should’ve worn more layer’ he thought, before sneezing.




He recalled passing out halfway through a meeting with Brahman a few weeks ago. That alarmed everyone about his health when they called for a doctor. Much to his dismay, his members have been very careful with him, making sure there's at least one of them with him when he’s alone, especially when in public. He’s coddled like a baby for the rest of the week.



‘Boss, do you want more Taiyaki?’ 


‘Boss~ don’t gooo! Let’s cuddle~’



There’s also Senju barging into his room (without permission) with food,  stubbornly staying there until she’s sure that he ate and finished his medications. He recalled both of them arguing about his condition and recklessness after that. She made sure to ask Sanzu to take extra care of him.



By extra care, she meant having her brother pester him the whole week as payback for not taking care of himself.






"Let’s go, boss?” Rindou joins him outside, handing him a silver scarf. 








As they make their way to the shop, Rindou talks over his schedule for the week.



"Do I have any meetings left?" Mikey leaned his head against the car’s window as he looked at the passing buildings, staring blankly at the colorful advertisings hanging over them. 



"You have one with Brahman at the hideout this Saturday, about the new project.”



‘She’ll be there too' Mikey grimaced, thinking back about their never-ending arguments.



Catching a glimpse of Mikey's reaction to the word ‘Brahman’, Rindou asks if he wanted to skip the meeting. 



"Nah, she’ll barge into my room and drag me out if I skip it" he sighs. 



‘Why don’t you stop her then?’ Rindou thought, exasperated by his boss. Escorting him outside when they arrived at their destination.



Before entering, they make sure that the shop has few customers, not wanting any attention from the public. It never hurt to be careful anyway. The shop that they frequently visited was one of the few food places that Bonten protected. It’s one of his favorite snack shops that he used to visit when he was still running Toman. The owner, an old woman from his neighborhood, always saves some snacks for him and the members whenever they finished a meeting. Mikey picked whatever treats that he found before waiting outside as Rindou paid, greeting the owner as he walked. 





That's when something small barreled into his legs. He looked down and his eyes widened slightly. 












"Are you my dada?" familiar dark eyes gaze into his own.



















'What the hell?!’ 








Hope you enjoy it!

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“What the hell?!” Mikey cried out as he scanned over the place for the child’s parents. His little outburst garnered some attention from the people walking nearby as they whispered to each other. He ignored their stares and continued his search.


After surveying the area a few more times , there was no sight of a mother searching for their child. He went back to his original position with the child on tow. She clings onto his legs and make herself comfortable. He sighs and tries to remove her body away. She clenched his pants stubbornly with shaky hands, her body trembling. Seeing the pitiful sight, he releases his hold reluctantly and tucked her small hands into his, sending his own body warmth. He ignored the beaming smile sent his way.  




“Is there any problem, boss?” Rindou, who just left the shop asked. The executive was chewing on a treat that he gets from the generous owner, his hands holding a paper bag filled with snacks. His face was ruddy from the cold. He scanned over the other, looking for any injuries, letting out a sigh of relief seeing not a single scratch. He looked down and his breath stopped.






His eyes widened at the sight of the child clinging to Mikey’s leg.










‘Is that a kid?! What the heck!’


















“Where did you get the kid, boss? You married secretly or something?” he asked, looking at the similarities between the child and his leader. Mikey looked as dumbfounded as he were at the moment, so that’s definitely a no. The only striking difference between the two of them were their hair. Mikey having bleached hair and the child with a dark one. She seems to be around 4 to 5 years old judging from the size of her tiny body.




Well, both of them have tiny bodies.




‘Wait, I don’t think he can get a kid if it’s that time. The time doesn't add up.’




“Don’t know. She appeared outa nowhere” Mikey shrugged.




“Dada?” the child tilted her head as she clutch his sweat pants. Rindou almost cooed at the sight (almost).




‘Her clothes a little shabby though’ he thought as he took in her appearance.




“Little miss, I think you got the wrong person. He’s not your dada” Rindou crouch down to meet her dark eyes.




“But mama said he’s my dada?” she asked, one hand gripping Mikey’s tighter.










“Here! Mama said to give this to you!” she releases her hold from the other’s hand and showed him a tiny bag that he didn't notice was with her. Inside of it were a few necessities like a bottle and a suspicious-looking black envelope. He gave Mikey the envelope after giving it a thorough check. While waiting for Mikey to read the document inside, he gave her a Dorayaki to which she accepts happily.



‘Well, both of them like Dorayaki’





Noticing Mikey’s stiffing figure as he read the document made him feel a little uneasy.



“What is it, boss?”



Mikey silently passed him the envelope.



Rindou noticed the girl’s body shivering as he took the document. Mikey wrapped his scarf around her when she sneezed. He also handed her a heating pack that he kept inside his coat’s pocket. Sanzu insisted on giving him some before grumpily heading over to his punishment.



He’s a little concerned about his boss’s shivering body but chose not to say anything about it, knowing how the other tends to get annoyed when coddled. 



‘The boss sharing his things? That’s rare.’ 







“... Should we get a DNA test?” Rindou inquired after he finished reading the document. It’s a little overwhelming but it does makes sense if you look from a logical standpoint. They have gone through a lot of weirder stuff for him not to be so shocked. 







“Ask Koko to get one when we get back.”



“We’re bringing the kid?!” shrieking when he noticed Mikey carrying the girl in his skinny arms. He’s concerned about the other’s health, especially in this weather. The rest will kill him if anything happens to their boss.



Especially that woman. Despite being smaller than most of them, her strength was almost on par with their boss. Well, her title was the ‘Unmatched‘. 



He shuddered when he remembered what happened to one of their members when they accidentally left Mikey at the cold springs during one of their business trips. It’s not their fault technically, Mikey insisted on staying and fell asleep inside of the pool. He catched a cold the very next day. It’s usually not a problem, but the other's health was declining at that time, causing quite a bad one. 



What happened after was not pretty. 



“What else? You want to leave her here alone?” Mikey replied sarcastically as he carried the girl into the car with Rindou rushing after his boss.















- Bonten’s hideout -



“Welcome back bo-” whatever Sanzu was trying to say is cut off at the sight of the child in his boss's arms.



“Be quiet, will you?!” Rindou whispered when she flinched from the sudden noise.



Not hearing Sanzu’s usual loudmouth, some of the executives come out to the living room. 





They were not prepared at the sight of a mini Mikey! 



Not wanting to hear their annoying questions, Mikey called for Koko. The executive was eating ice cream in the dining room. He fixed the child into a more comfortable position as she nuzzled her face into his coat, ignoring the mud that sticks onto the expensive material. The rest gawked at the sight. Koko almost dropped his ice cream bowl when he came.




“Come to my room” not leaving any room for conversations, he left.










“What the hell?!” the executives hardly flinched at Sanzu’s outburst, used to his loud voice. Koko processed the scene before leaving the room with a dumbfounded expression. 



“Oi Rin! What’s with the kid? Did the boss get a wife or something? Why didn’t I know?!” Rindou sighed when Sanzu yanked his collar. He pushed the other off his body before recalling the event to the confused executives.




















Mikey’s room used to be bare of furniture except for his bed and couch despite being the largest room in the place. He only picked this room for extra space and because he’s the boss.





Senju insisted on decorating it after visiting once, complaining at the sight.



Saying that it’s boring like him and not good for his health, leading to an argument. She wins of course. He’s too lazy to have a fight with her. 


She filled it with pictures from his Toman days, some plants, and a lot more stuff that he never bothered with. She also bought more furniture for him. Using Takeomi’s black card of course.



‘You’ll never understand the importance of aesthetics’ Senju nagged once when he complained.



She also make sure not to put too many decorations and that it matches his black and white themed wallls. He never said thanks though, and they leave it like that. They rarely say anything good about each other anyways.







He placed the child on the couch before messing up his bleached hair. 



“So, what’s your name?” he asked with a soft voice. 



“Akari!” she answered back. 



‘Light huh?’



As he was about to ask more, Koko entered the room. 

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“Anything wrong, boss?” Koko asks when he enters the room.


Mikey rarely let others into his room unless it’s important or when he has trouble sleeping. He knew something was missing from the picture the moment he saw the kid sleeping in his boss's arms.


Mikey hardly involve himself with people from outside of work (except for family  members and some friends), and nobody could deny that he has a striking face.


Most people who heard about the rumors surrounding them were fast to avoid him, afraid of being beaten up.  His visage was usually marred by a blank expression or dark circles under his eyes. 



Women, sometimes even man took their chance to flirt with him at parties or events knowing that he rarely attends them.



He rejected them, though.



‘Mikey hardly talks to people he didn't know especially a woman, so he can’t get a kid anywhere. The only woman he sees always is Kawaragi but these two idiots are too busy arguing’ Koko thought.



Seeing Koko’s blanked out expression, Mikey pointed his fingers to the envelope on the desk. His eyes widened as he read the document inside.



‘Aah, so that’s how it is!’



“I want you to compare her DNA with the rest of my family members. Even Izana” he ordered. Mikey knew they didn’t have to investigate that much, but he wants to be sure. Better be safe than sorry anyways. He learned that the hard way.




If the result’s positive, he may have a family to visit. If not, well...




“Get her cleaned up and set an appointment with Dr. Takashi for a quick check-up” he ordered him. Now that he get a closer look, the child seems too skinny for her age. Her clothes are pretty dirty too.



‘What happened to her mother? Did she abandon her?’ is his only thought as Koko excused himself and the girl.



Mikey decided to finish his paperwork for the day. He loathes doing them though.



Half an hour into his work, his phone’s alarm went off. It’s a timer that Senju sets to remind him of his prescriptions.



He begrudgingly walks over to the other side of the room to fill in a glass of water. He opened the medicine cap and swallowed the bitter pill. He frowned at the taste before lying down on his bed for a quick rest.



Remembering that Koko will take more than a few hours to get the tasks done, he finds himself drowsing off.  His soft snores filling the room.






“Boss?” Mikey woke up to Koko’s voice.



“Did you get the result?” he mumbled sleepily.



He felt a weight on his legs only to find Akari looking up to him with shiny eyes. She seems to have cleaned herself too. Looking at her face reminded him of someone that he missed, dismissing the thought bitterly.




“Dada?” he rubs her head as she leaned into his calloused palm.



‘Have to fix that title though.’



“The result” Koko passed him a  thick file.



As he skimmed through the document, the other gave him an overview of the results.



“Her DNA is a match with him.










She’s Shinichiro’s daughter, and it seems like... ”
















He can’t hear what the other was saying.


He didn’t know how long he stared at the document, but he can feel his vision blurring. He bites his lips to prevent himself from letting out a sob, but it seems like a tear managed to get out, followed by more.



Akari let out a gasp at the sight of his tears before scrambling to put her small hands at his face. He didn't push her for some reason, and leaned into the contact, his vision spoting a different sight. 


Knowing how much Mikey hate at showing his vulnerable side, Koko exited the room. 



Chapter Text

When he came back, Mikey had fallen asleep once again, most likely fatigue.



Who knows what time he went to bed last night?



Koko moved his body to the bed and placed a blanket over the other’s body. He also added his leader’s favourite towel, lips tilting up a little at the sight of him snuggling the familiar old fabric.



Wishing to give the man some time to rest, he called for the little girl standing beside the bed. She hasn't moved an inch from where she stood previously, wanting to stay with Mikey when he cried. He tried to move her outside earlier, but Mikey gave her his permission to stay in the room with him. 



“Akari-chan, wanna get some food?” he prodded. Seeing no response, he calls her name a few more times.





‘Did she not hear me?’ he gently nudged the girl's shoulder. The action seems to startle her from the way her body flinched. She blinked her dark eyes a few times before turning her gaze towards him.



'Her eyes seems so familiar. Must be their genes, huh'.



“Yes, mister Koko?”



“Do you want to get something to eat?” for some reason, he felt like using the formal tone reserved for their boss when talking to the child.



“Sure!” the girl replied before walking towards him. Koko took her small hand into his as they leave the room silently.



The guards standing in the corridor bowed their heads at the sight of the executive. They gawked at the sight of a little girl in a house full of gangsters but a sharp glance from the man beside her scared them into their position. Some even trembled in fright, recalling what happened to their comrade who accidentally upset an executive on their bad day.



As they walk, he asks the girl a few questions, noticing her bored expression which were really similar to Mikey when he had nothing to do.



“So Akari-chan, what’s your favorite food?” he asks as the girl swings their hands back and forth. 



‘Might as well take note’



“I like candies. But mummy has no money sometimes. So I like anything!” the girl replied cheerfully. Koko frowned a little at her answer and decided to investigative more about her background. The information that he got was not much, considering the time that Mikey gave him. They chat some more as she warmed up to him. She likes to fiddle with his long coat when she thought he didn’t notice , he decided to order one for her later, in a much smaller size of course.



As they wait for the lift to the first floor, they bump into Sanzu and Rindou. The two executives were having their usual quarrel as they shove each other’s shoulder to get into the lift. The words coming from their mouths were not suitable for a child’s ears, it’s a good thing that the girl seems too distracted by the lift to hear them.



"So childish" he grumbled.



Rindou noticed their presence and halted their fight causing the other to fell. He waves his hand at the little girl and she wave back joyfully. Sanzu gave her a hard stare from his position on the floor which she didn’t seem to notice. As the lift closed, Rindou launch into a small conversation with her. The girl seems to be comfortable around the other executive so Koko left her and leaned against the wall, opening his smartphone.



There were a few messages from his clients and one from Dr. Takashi about the girl’s appointment. He decided to wait for Mikey to wake up first as he’s her main guardian (for now).



He noticed Sanzu sending him a questioning look on his face and gave the document earlier to the pink-haired man.



It took a few minutes for the information to register before he heard the other shrieking. Rindou noticed Akari flinching from the sudden noise and whacked the man’s head.



Ignoring the painful groans and laughter behind him, Koko took her hand and guide her to the dining room. 



They paused by an aquarium before reaching the spacious room. One of the reasons why they have a kitchen so big in the first place was because Mikey needed the extra space for his snacks. It’s also one of the few things that he decided to renovate when they bought the big house. All of them have their own place of course, but decided to stay there for a while after the accident a few weeks ago.



Sanzu stayed there most of the time to accompany their boss, despite having a house with his siblings.



Sliding the door open, he finds Ran and Takeomi sitting at one of the tables there. They turned their heads towards him before looking down at the child beside him. She looks a little anxious from the attention and hides behind his coat, clutching the  material tightly.



After a while, Ran went back to his meal. His face impassive as usual.



“What’s the result?” Takeomi asks, lighting a cigarette. 



“It’s confirmed to be positive. Do you know if Shinichiro-san had any lover?”



“He had one a long time ago, but it’s more of a one time thing, so we’re not that close. Ya know how Shin is,” Takeomi shrugged his shoulder. 



He noticed Akari staring at the foods on the table and asked one of the chefs to get some for them. She stares at Ran for a few seconds before asking, “Are you Mister Rindou’s brother?”



“Well, yes I am” he replied softly, answering some of her questions when she went closer to him. His food forgotten. She sat beside him and ate some of the chips provided, while waiting for her food to be done.  



Koko turned to look at Takeomi confusedly as he asks, “Aren’t ya supposed to be at Brahman today? I thought it’s their week?”



While Koko is in charge of money and information, Takeomi took the role of advisor for both organizations since they are in an alliance. He’ll stay with one of them for a week before going to the other the following. 



“Senju and the rest were on some kind of business trip outside the country, so I stayed here,” he replied.



“They’ll be back for the meeting though,” he added after a second thought.



Koko nodded before inviting Takeomi to follow him later for the investigation. As they were about to chat more, the food arrived. He cuts the meat into smaller pieces for the girl to eat before doing the same to his. 



 Ran handed her a fork to which she blinked confused at. She stares the meat before asking him, “Can I eat with my hands?”. 


“You don’t know how to use a fork?” he asks to which she shook her head. The executives shared a look as they thought about their childhood. ‘Aren’t kids her age supposed to know-how?’



“How about I feed you, Akari-chan?” Ran asks with a soft voice. 






As they continue their meal, the door slides open revealing Mikey with Sanzu and Rindou following from behind. His complexion seems to look better than before. At the sight of him, Akari run towards him and he patted her head.



“Dada!” she chirped.



“I’m not your Dada. Call me uncle.” He frowned at the title.



“I can’t call you Dada?” her lips quiver like she’s about to cry. 



“Fine! Call me whatever you want.” Mikey sighed as he resigned to his fate. The rest look like they were holding their laughter. He glared at them and carried the girl in his arms as he sat at the table. 



“Did you set the appointment?” he asks as he feeds the little girl unconsciously. 



“We can go after lunch boss,” Koko answered. Mikey nodded as the rest continue their meals, the room filled with Sanzu and Rindou’s shouts and laughter.