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Little Star

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When he came back, Mikey had fallen asleep once again, most likely fatigue.



Who knows what time he went to bed last night?



Koko moved his body to the bed and placed a blanket over the other’s body. He also added his leader’s favourite towel, lips tilting up a little at the sight of him snuggling the familiar old fabric.



Wishing to give the man some time to rest, he called for the little girl standing beside the bed. She hasn't moved an inch from where she stood previously, wanting to stay with Mikey when he cried. He tried to move her outside earlier, but Mikey gave her his permission to stay in the room with him. 



“Akari-chan, wanna get some food?” he prodded. Seeing no response, he calls her name a few more times.





‘Did she not hear me?’ he gently nudged the girl's shoulder. The action seems to startle her from the way her body flinched. She blinked her dark eyes a few times before turning her gaze towards him.



'Her eyes seems so familiar. Must be their genes, huh'.



“Yes, mister Koko?”



“Do you want to get something to eat?” for some reason, he felt like using the formal tone reserved for their boss when talking to the child.



“Sure!” the girl replied before walking towards him. Koko took her small hand into his as they leave the room silently.



The guards standing in the corridor bowed their heads at the sight of the executive. They gawked at the sight of a little girl in a house full of gangsters but a sharp glance from the man beside her scared them into their position. Some even trembled in fright, recalling what happened to their comrade who accidentally upset an executive on their bad day.



As they walk, he asks the girl a few questions, noticing her bored expression which were really similar to Mikey when he had nothing to do.



“So Akari-chan, what’s your favorite food?” he asks as the girl swings their hands back and forth. 



‘Might as well take note’



“I like candies. But mummy has no money sometimes. So I like anything!” the girl replied cheerfully. Koko frowned a little at her answer and decided to investigative more about her background. The information that he got was not much, considering the time that Mikey gave him. They chat some more as she warmed up to him. She likes to fiddle with his long coat when she thought he didn’t notice , he decided to order one for her later, in a much smaller size of course.



As they wait for the lift to the first floor, they bump into Sanzu and Rindou. The two executives were having their usual quarrel as they shove each other’s shoulder to get into the lift. The words coming from their mouths were not suitable for a child’s ears, it’s a good thing that the girl seems too distracted by the lift to hear them.



"So childish" he grumbled.



Rindou noticed their presence and halted their fight causing the other to fell. He waves his hand at the little girl and she wave back joyfully. Sanzu gave her a hard stare from his position on the floor which she didn’t seem to notice. As the lift closed, Rindou launch into a small conversation with her. The girl seems to be comfortable around the other executive so Koko left her and leaned against the wall, opening his smartphone.



There were a few messages from his clients and one from Dr. Takashi about the girl’s appointment. He decided to wait for Mikey to wake up first as he’s her main guardian (for now).



He noticed Sanzu sending him a questioning look on his face and gave the document earlier to the pink-haired man.



It took a few minutes for the information to register before he heard the other shrieking. Rindou noticed Akari flinching from the sudden noise and whacked the man’s head.



Ignoring the painful groans and laughter behind him, Koko took her hand and guide her to the dining room. 



They paused by an aquarium before reaching the spacious room. One of the reasons why they have a kitchen so big in the first place was because Mikey needed the extra space for his snacks. It’s also one of the few things that he decided to renovate when they bought the big house. All of them have their own place of course, but decided to stay there for a while after the accident a few weeks ago.



Sanzu stayed there most of the time to accompany their boss, despite having a house with his siblings.



Sliding the door open, he finds Ran and Takeomi sitting at one of the tables there. They turned their heads towards him before looking down at the child beside him. She looks a little anxious from the attention and hides behind his coat, clutching the  material tightly.



After a while, Ran went back to his meal. His face impassive as usual.



“What’s the result?” Takeomi asks, lighting a cigarette. 



“It’s confirmed to be positive. Do you know if Shinichiro-san had any lover?”



“He had one a long time ago, but it’s more of a one time thing, so we’re not that close. Ya know how Shin is,” Takeomi shrugged his shoulder. 



He noticed Akari staring at the foods on the table and asked one of the chefs to get some for them. She stares at Ran for a few seconds before asking, “Are you Mister Rindou’s brother?”



“Well, yes I am” he replied softly, answering some of her questions when she went closer to him. His food forgotten. She sat beside him and ate some of the chips provided, while waiting for her food to be done.  



Koko turned to look at Takeomi confusedly as he asks, “Aren’t ya supposed to be at Brahman today? I thought it’s their week?”



While Koko is in charge of money and information, Takeomi took the role of advisor for both organizations since they are in an alliance. He’ll stay with one of them for a week before going to the other the following. 



“Senju and the rest were on some kind of business trip outside the country, so I stayed here,” he replied.



“They’ll be back for the meeting though,” he added after a second thought.



Koko nodded before inviting Takeomi to follow him later for the investigation. As they were about to chat more, the food arrived. He cuts the meat into smaller pieces for the girl to eat before doing the same to his. 



 Ran handed her a fork to which she blinked confused at. She stares the meat before asking him, “Can I eat with my hands?”. 


“You don’t know how to use a fork?” he asks to which she shook her head. The executives shared a look as they thought about their childhood. ‘Aren’t kids her age supposed to know-how?’



“How about I feed you, Akari-chan?” Ran asks with a soft voice. 






As they continue their meal, the door slides open revealing Mikey with Sanzu and Rindou following from behind. His complexion seems to look better than before. At the sight of him, Akari run towards him and he patted her head.



“Dada!” she chirped.



“I’m not your Dada. Call me uncle.” He frowned at the title.



“I can’t call you Dada?” her lips quiver like she’s about to cry. 



“Fine! Call me whatever you want.” Mikey sighed as he resigned to his fate. The rest look like they were holding their laughter. He glared at them and carried the girl in his arms as he sat at the table. 



“Did you set the appointment?” he asks as he feeds the little girl unconsciously. 



“We can go after lunch boss,” Koko answered. Mikey nodded as the rest continue their meals, the room filled with Sanzu and Rindou’s shouts and laughter.