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The dance

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It was a dark night, and Persimmon was out too late. She was walking down the street with the very few light, she didn’t know what would happen if she didn’t get home now. She could get threaten, hurt, kidnapped or WORSE!
Then, she saw a man. A man she didn’t know, and honestly didn’t want to know. And he started following her.

THAT MADE HER 10X MORE SCARED THEN SHE ALREADY WAS! She finally felt a tap on her shoulder and flinched back thinking this was it she was going to die might as well think of writing her will with the 1.2 seconds she had left. “Hey, are you alright? You look frightened.” a handsome man is right infront of her OKAY not going to get killed great amazing! Now she has to think of something to sa- “YEAH NO IM FINE!”
Okay she yelled, y’know there can be redemption! I think?

“Are you sure? Do you need someone to walk you home?” he says with some hesitation,
“Uh yeah! If its not a problem to you.” OKAY that some redemption! YEAH!
They’re both finally at her house after the 22 minutes EXACT walk.

“So, whats your name?” The mystery man says,
“It’s um, Persimmon. Persimmon Crudmudgeon.” “What a beautiful, my name mine is-” “PERSIMMON GET INSIDE!” she heard her parents yelling “Sorry I have to go now. Have a good night!” She runs to the door and slams it hard as she ran back inside.
For the next weeks all she can think about is him. The mystery man that walked her home. She wondered when she would see him again. She awaited that day for as long as she could till she saw him again.

That day finally came at the park she saw him again he looked the same. Handsome face. Gorgeous eyes. Everything she remembered back there again.

“Hey! I don’t know if you remember me, but we met a couple weeks back. I never got to know your name.” “Hi um my name is Henry, and yes i do remember you Persimmon correct?” “Yep that’s me!” both of there laughter rang out into the breeze

As the months went on they both fell in love with each other, so He asked her, “Would you like to go on a date?” before he could even get an answer two arms were wrapped around him, squeezing him. “YES YES I WILL” Persimmon said with pleasure.

They date was at this lovely restaurant with these beautiful flowers and pink tables and sprung floors in the very middle. It was perfect. Everything about it was perfect.

She was wearing this gorgeous pink floral dress that would catch anyones eyes, and he was in the nice tuxedo with a red tie. They were the perfect couple. They were so real with each other it was hard to believe.

Once they were at the table they just talked about they’re future and what they want to do,” I would love to run an orphanage! Taking care of kids when they’re parents couldn’t . Being someone they look up to. It’s all I want.” she said, and it sounded like she meant it. She wanted them to look up to her. “I want to be a chief constable I think that would be so cool, being able to lead the forces and having that responsibility would be my dream.” He said sounding hopeful.

“Maybe we can both can our dream” she said i a whisper
“Well, my dream right now is to have a dance, so would you like a dance?” He reaches his hand out offering a dance “Of corse sir Henry” she said in a mocking way.

They both step on the sprung floor, and dance.

All they can think about is each other. Them together forever. Forever right?




F̴̟͗̂͋̏̐̏̍̎̇o̷̡͚̫͍̖̖̐̈͐͒̓r̸̥̮̺̙̪͔̖̻̊̅͆̈́͋ͅę̵̧̡̖̆͐͝v̶̩͎̯̭̫̯͉̤̯̬́e̴̛̦͛̀̉͑̂͒̈́̐̐r̸͍̆̌̃̅̓̂͠ T̴̡͎͎̦̜̺̂̒̆̉̾͝o̵̬̥̮̳̮̝͔͖̫͛̾͂̐̅ͅg̴̰̩͔̦̏͜ë̵̛̦̳̹͇͔́̽͌̀͑̓͠͝ţ̴͈͇͈̣͔̟̏̎̃͜ȟ̸̨͙̩̬̜̩̗͙͍̹̃͆̽ė̸̺͓̼̯͈̈́̏̏̚͠ͅr̷̤͚̓́̾






w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶e̶n̶e̶d̶?̶