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“Should we really be doing this…here?” Keke pressed her finger to Sumire’s lips, holding off her advance.


“Hey, the shrine is off limits, there’s no way I’m risking any of my family or the other shrine maidens walking in on us.”


“Well, what’s wrong with my apartment? I’m literally the only one living there. And what’s stopping anyone from walking in on us here? It’s broad daylight and three other people share this clubroom.”


“Oh relax,” Sumire cooed, finding this flustered side to Keke surprisingly adorable, “no one’s gonna find out!”


Keke rolled her eyes before her lips were once again greeted by Sumire’s. Well, maybe Sumire was right, the door was locked, all the curtains drawn, what was the harm? If anything, the taboo nature of making out at school made it that much more exciting.


But of course, just as the nerves were starting to dissipate, the door began to rustle, giving them, oh, five seconds to peel themselves off one another and get composed.


“K-Kanon…!” Keke frantically stood, smoothing her skirt, while Sumire adjusted her headband and hair that were in quite obvious disarray.


“Oh, Keke, Sumire, didn’t know you guys would be here today—” The nonchalant expression on Kanon’s face slowly devolved into skepticism, as she stared down a clearly disheveled, and quite frankly, suspicious, pair of idols.


“W-We were just here to, uh…” Keke couldn’t help but stammer, “you know—"


“—Discuss the outfits for the next live!” Sumire picked the story up herself, Keke quickly nodding in approval. “I was just telling Keke, there’s a lot of work to be done, like, come on, have you seen the sketch designs? Pretty lame if you ask me!”


“Hey! I worked hard on those sketches!”


“Yeah, and you can work hard on redoing them!”


“Oh, and what gives you the right? What hard work do you do around here!?”


“Now, now, you two, calm down,” Kanon’s attempt to mediate fell on deaf ears, as she cursed herself for walking in on yet another patented Keke-Sumire argument. “Keke, I’m sure the designs are great, but I bet Sumire has some cool ideas that you two can work on together.”


“T-Together?” Sumire echoed, nervously glancing at Keke. “W-Why would we ever work together? We’re probably the two worst people to be working together!”


“S-She’s right…!” Keke, mirrored, “I-I’ll just make the alterations myself! N-No need to work together…desu!”


The orange-haired girl cocked an eyebrow, not at all convinced by these theatrics. “…Whatever you say…weirdos.”


“A-Anyways!” Keke quickly tried to change the subject. “What brings you here, Kanon…? T-To the clubroom that is.”


“I just forgot some books from the last time I was here.” Kanon walked over to the table, stuffing the aforementioned books in her bag. She zipped her bag up nervously, feeling her every move scrutinized by the two other pairs of eyes in the room. Through her peripheral vision she could see Keke and Sumire, staring at her, bug-eyed, standing awkwardly straight, and awkwardly far apart. Could these two be more suspicious?


Keke looked over at Sumire, as if to signal her to say something. Kanon was obviously weirded out by their antics, how the hell were they going to throw her off the scent?


Sumire nodded, as if to take the reins, “Say, Kanon, why don’t you stick around? We can all talk about the next live and oof—”


Keke nudged Sumire in the ribs, a physical indication that she definitely wasn’t helping. Thankfully, Kanon didn’t seem to notice.


“Nah, I should really be heading home,” Kanon slung her bag over her shoulder, “I just came to pick up my books.”


“Ah, r-right,” Sumire breathed a sigh of relief. She was half expecting another elbow if Kanon had agreed to stay.


The orange-haired girl headed to the exit, much to the anticipation of her groupmates. She waved goodbye, a knowing smirk on her face.


“You two can go back to making out now.”