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Testing Love

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Yumoto frowned as a flyer was handed to him while he was sitting in the clubroom, “Huh…? Prince of Love Contest?”

Atsushi nodded, “Yes…we saw the poster hanging up…we don’t know who’s hosting it.”

Yumoto smiled, “Why don’t I participate?! It sounds fun!”

Io froze, “What?”

Ryuu growled, “Don’t you remember how they tried to behead you last time?”

“Well, they only know that Battle Lover Scarlet is the heir,” Yumoto giggled, “not, Hakone Yumoto!”

En sighed, “That’s not a good idea…”

Yumoto huffed, “I have Araki though…if they try to hurt me, he can kick their butts! Plus, I’m a hero!”

Atsushi sighed as he looked at the others, “We all might as well participate. If they pick all of us, they have a one in five chance of guessing correctly.”

“Six if you count Keishi-san.” Wombat added and Yumoto giggled, “See! We’ll be safe.”

Ryuu hummed, “Well…”

Yumoto put his hands together and began to look at them with pleading eyes, “Please?!”

“Fine…” Ryuu groaned.

“So, do you think this will work?” Akoya asked and Kinshiro smiled, “Of course! Using this will lure the heir to enter.”

“Was the heir competitive?” Akoya questioned and Ibushi shook his head, “No, he’ll show zero interest in it, but he’ll want to prove himself.”

Akoya smirked, “I mean, we can make it to where only he’ll answer the correct ones.”

Zundar peeked out of Kinshiro’s jacket pocket, “Aurite, you must find the heir and the others..”

“And if we don’t?”

“You’ll be knowing my true disdain, God of Wisdom.”

Kinshiro bit his lip and looked at Ibushi, “Arima, do you have a test written up yet? I want to review it.”

Ibushi nodded, “Yes, here it is. I just finished it.” He turned his laptop over to Kinshiro, “Here.”

Kinshiro sighed as he scrolled through it, “Perfect…only the heir would know these.”

Akoya smirked, “ask questions about the Guardians, and even the history of the Gods of Love….no mortal would know these…”

“Why not look in time to see?” Kinshiro asked, “we could…find the heir that way.”

Akoya sighed, “I wanted to…the only thing I can see is the heir’s outline, no face.”

Kinshiro looked away, “Well…” he bit his lip, “can you see who passes?”

“Not yet.”

“Ah…Lord Zundar, can….can we have a monster who looks more…human until the reveal?”

Zundar smiled, “Of Course…”

“We’ll need a monster to be a teacher or something,” Akoya mused, “just so we can trick the heir of love…”

Zundar nodded, “Of course, Perlite.”

Ibushi bit his lip, “We’ll hopefully find the heir soon…”

Yumoto laughed as he sat at the table with his brother that night, “can you believe it?!” He giggled, “They’re doing this thing at school, they wanna find me.”

Gora sighed, “Yumoto…”

“What? I mean mama and papa sent us here.” The younger Hakone explained, “so, why can’t we have fun?”

Gora shook his head, “I worry you know…”

Yumoto frowned, “We have to save Aurite though…”

Gora patted Yumoto’s shoulder, “it’s okay, I promise.”

The blonde boy slowly smiled again, “Alright.”

“Now, if anything happens, you can tell me.”

Yumoto nodded, “I will!”

Yumoto raised an eyebrow as Atsushi placed plates and silverware in front of him, “No chopsticks…?” He muttered and Atsushi smiled, “You use chopsticks at the palace yes, but we’re testing something out. We imagine this will be a part of that event…” He replied as he placed a tea cup in front of the boy.

Ryuu smiled and whispered at Io, “See, he’s confused there’s no way...” He frowned as Yumoto’s demeanor changed as Atsushi asked him a question.

“Good job…” Atsushi frowned, “Now, what te—”

“Juice…please.” Yumoto replied and Atsushi nodded, “Favorite food?”

“Rice balls.”

“Salad fork?”

Yumoto made a face and Atsushi laughed, “I know, usually we don’t use them.” He watched Yumoto pick it up, “Good.”

Yumoto frowned, “I…don’t like being proper…”

“I know, I know.” En whispered and Yumoto looked up, “Are we doing this to help prevent them finding us out?”

En sighed, “We don’t know…”

Yumoto bit his lip and En rubbed his shoulder, “We’ll kick their asses,” He laughed, “we’ll bring them back.”

“B-but…what if Aurite gets hurt?”

“Yumoto…don’t worry.” Ryuu replied, “We can’t keep dwelling on them.”

Io smiled and walked over, “Now, about your family line.”

Yumoto groaned, “Why? I can easily do it, if they want me, they can have me!” He yelled, “I just want things to be normal!”

Wombat jumped up onto the table, “Nonsense! If our enemy gets you, it’s over.”

Yumoto frowned, “I can fight…I don’t need help…”

En sighed as he put a hand on Yumoto’s shoulder, “Kid...we worry for you.”

Yumoto looked down and En rubbed his back, “I promise.”

Araki looked at Yumoto, “So...we’ll both participate in that...contest.”

“Really?” Yumoto giggled as he grabbed his boyfriend’s hand, “that sounds nice. Tungsten and Scarlet, together again!”

“Then, if I have to, I can keep you safe.”

Yumoto pouted, “I’m fine.”

Araki laughed and Yumoto looked up at him, “Thank you though.”

Yumoto looked over at him, “if something happens, they won’t stop us.”

Araki nodded, “Of course.”

He looked up as he heard the bell, “So, we’ll be sitting with our classmates probably.”

“Hmm, trying to separate the heir from his guardians,” Yumoto noted, “But they didn’t think of his suitor.”

Araki nodded, “They should be terrified of you.” He laughed, “I would be.”

Yumoto blinked, “Really?”

“Yeah,” Araki spoke, “you’re strong, that’s why they want you, and even your guardians gone.”

Yumoto looked down, “Yeah...”

Araki smiled as they walked into class.

“Welcome everyone to our little contest.” A teacher spoke, “Our own Student Council planned this, while they are holding this event, I am here to keep things going smoothly.”

En frowned, “Student Council...?”
Atsushi looked at him and whispered, “Why would they plan it?”

En turned his head to him, “I’m not sure.” He replied.

Io felt his hand curl around the pen in his jacket pocket, Ryuu glanced at him and Io nodded.

Yumoto blinked and Araki grabbed his hand.

The teacher looked out, “Everyone separate into groups of six. Then we’ll do some events that will narrow our winner down, but everyone will get a chance to do what is asked.”

Yumoto hummed and Wombat stood next to his feet, “Yumoto-san, something the matter?”

Yumoto shook his head, “Nah, just interested in this thing.”

Wombat frowned and the heir blinked as the teacher spoke more. “After you get into groups, follow me.”

Araki gripped Yumoto’s hand, “Not many people signed up for this, I mean, it’s a good amount of us, about thirty...”

Yumoto looked at him, “Well...we have our group already. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?” He laughed and Araki sighed, “A lot.”


Aurite smirked as he looked down at the groups forming, “Well, we don’t have that many students, but...” He looked at Argent, “We have enough to sample out. If this doesn’t find the heir, we’ll lure the Battle Lovers out and grab the little prince.”

Argent sighed and Perlite smirked, “We could easily grab him once we find his guardians. We’ll keep an eye out for them as well.”

Argent looked at Aurite, “Tungsten will be with him as well, we didn’t think about it...”

Aurite froze, “We...”

Zundar smirked, “Don’t worry about him at all.”

“Yes sir...”

Argent turned to them, “We need to go observe now...”

Aurite nodded, “Yes. Let’s go.”

Yumoto looked up as they sat down at a large table. He frowned as Gero Akoya walked out with Arima Ibushi.

Akoya grinned as he gestured his hand out, “We just have some sets of questions for you to ask in this first round.” He looked at Ibushi, “Arima-san will pass around papers and you all answer them to the best of your abilities.”

Ryuu glanced as Io started to pull the small pen from his pocket and grabbed his hand, “Not yet!” He whispered sharply, “They’re not onto him yet...”

Io frowned and he glanced at Yumoto, who already was looking at his paper. He sighed and looked at his own, “What was the first God of Love’s name?” He read and frowned, “We all would only know that answer...”

Ryuu looked over at Yumoto who was already filling his out with his poor Japanese skills.

Akoya smirked as he walked to Ibushi and whispered, “This will be over quickly...”

Ibushi nodded, “And all of our groups fit in here too.”

“Yes...” Akoya muttered and the teacher glanced at them, “Lord Zundar said the heir could be here now...” They whispered and Akoya smirked, “Yes, Aurite is staying out of here until we get closer to narrowing the little prince down.”

Ibushi looked out at the students and frowned as he saw the Defense Club, “Naruko and Hakone put their pens down at the same time.” He muttered and Akoya’s sapphire eyes narrowed, “Hmm...”

Ryuu looked up from his paper as he finished, he frowned as he saw Akoya staring at him, “Hmph, what an asshole.” He glanced at Io as Ibushi walked over and began to pick up the papers.

“As they look over your tests, we’ll start our next event.” The teacher spoke, “This event is tea time, it’s just a break while they look over the papers.”

Yumoto looked at Atsushi as he muttered, “I hate tea...”
Atsushi laughed, “I know.”

Kinshiro looked at the papers in front of him, “So, you said Hakone Yumoto and Naruko Io finished first?”

“Yes,” Akoya explained, “Their papers are completely filled out as well.”

Kinshiro hummed as he read their answers, “Hakone Yumoto’s Japanese is horrible.”

Ibushi nodded, “Yes, it is.”

Zundar appeared from Kinshiro’s pocket, “ them both, the heir had someone take his place at his guardians would know it all as well-da.”

Kinshiro looked down at him, “Do you know anything about the Prince of Love, Lord Zundar?”

“Not much...” He replied and Kinshiro sighed, “We better find him...”

The Student Council president frowned as he read the answers, “So far...Hakone Yumoto and Naruko Io’s answers match and are correct.”

Akoya smirked, “So, one of them a--”

“So are...” Kinshiro frowned, “Kinugawa’s....”

“Yufuin’s too?” Ibushi asked and Kinshiro sighed, “Yes...”

Akoya’s eyes narrowed, “Zaou’s?”

Kinshiro nodded and then he looked at them, “So does Keishi Araki’s...”

“Keishi Araki... He’s in the same class as Hakone-san.” Ibushi explained and Kinshiro smirked, “They’re all in the same club, how convenient that the heir is one of them.”

Akoya laughed, “We’ll keep our eyes out.”

Yumoto frowned as the teacher stood in front of him, “Yes, sensei?”

“Hakone-san, you did great on that test, have you researched it all?”

Yumoto blinked, “Um....”

Araki’s eyes narrowed, “He and I used to read about the Gods of Love in our spare time. That’s it.”

The teacher smiled, “Keishi-san, don’t get so hostile.”

Araki looked at them, “Of course...”

The teacher nodded and Yumoto looked up at them, “Did...I do something wrong?”

“Well...I was told your Japanese skills...are horrendous.”

Yumoto made a face, “I...I know...I have been working on it!”

The teacher nodded again, “Yes...” with that, they walked away.

Araki growled, “I don’t trust them...”

Yumoto nodded.

Kinshiro looked at Zundar, “What if we chose a guardian...?”

“Keep them, they’re as great of an asset as the heir, himself.”

Kinshiro nodded, “Yes sir.” He looked at the group of students who were now in the courtyard. He turned to Ibushi and smiled, “Commence the final event...”

“Which student...or students?”

“Naruko Io...” He spoke, “I want Hakone Yumoto left close to the monster, since he is the other one I suspect...”

“You think...he’s the heir?”

“Perhaps.” Kinshiro replied, “If not, the heir will show up, simple.”

Akoya smirked, “Alright.”

Io looked up as the teacher walked over, “Naruko-san, please go into the Student Council office, they want to speak with you.”

He nodded, “of course...” He smiled as he felt the pen in his pocket, and wrapped his fingers around it. “Anything to keep him safe...”

Ryuu looked at the teacher, “He has to go alone?”

The teacher nodded, “Yes, the rest of you will sit here and wait.”

Io gripped the pen tighter in his hand as he walked, he could easily sense something was off.

He knocked on the door and smiled as he was allowed in. He looked up as he saw the Caerula Adamas standing there, “Ah...”

“Heir of Love...we can assume, that is correct?” Aurite spoke and Io scoffed, “I guess you could call me that. I haven’t heard that name in a long time.”

Perlite’s eyes narrowed, “How did you even know we were looking for you and why would you enter in the contest?”

“It’s my duty to keep people safe.” Io responded bluntly, “You are all wanting to cause harm to people.”

Aurite smiled, “And you’d willingly give yourself up?”

Io nodded, “Yes.” He slowly pulled the pen out of his pocket, “And I take it, I truly know who you three are.”

“I told you meeting up in here was a bad idea.” Perlite whispered to Argent and Io smiled, “Ah.” He bit his lip as he held the red pen up, “Love Power! Transform me into the heir!”

Aurite smirked and then froze as Io stood there, “I thought your robe was red...”

Perlite blinked, “Why is it yellow?”

Io looked down, “W-well...”

Yumoto frowned as he stood next to Ryuu, “T-they took Io!” He spoke, “We can’t let him take my place, senpai!” He cried as he grabbed Ryuu’s arms tightly and En pushed the boy off, “Yumoto, enough. Calm down!”

Araki frowned, “Yumo-chan, it’s okay.” He whispered, “You’re going to alert the teacher!”

Wombat frowned as he quickly ran over, “Everyone! That teacher isn’t who you think it is!” He cried and Atsushi looked down at him, “What!?”

En looked up and Ryuu gasped as he heard laughing, “Shitshitshitshitshitshit!” He screamed as the teacher began to transform into a monster, “Io is really in danger!”

“Everyone, time for love making!”

Wombat watched each one transform and Scarlet looked at the monster, “HEY YOU!”

The monster turned and Vesta growled, “So, this monster...Wombat, it doesn’t look right.”

Wombat frowned and Epinard blinked, “Ryuu, it looks to be like...”

Cerulean sighed, “Really? It has to be a demon?”

Scarlet shook his head, “no! It looks like some witch.”

The monster growled, “So...”

“Yeah,” Vesta spat, “blah, blah, blah we’re the Battle Lovers and we’ll kick your pathetic ass.”

Wombat sighed, “Vesta, please.”

“I’m tired of this!” Vesta screamed, “They have Sulfur!”

The monster gasped as it saw Scarlet, “Dammit...”

Scarlet pulled out his love stick and the monster ran at them.

“Scarlet Lumiere!”

Vesta smirked as it was hit and he shot out his own beam, “Vesta Ignit!”

“How dare you...!” It spat, “I’ll get rid of you all! I’ll tie you all up and end you all at once!”

Vesta gasped as a rope appeared around him suddenly, “What the hell!?”

Epinard began to struggle and Cerulean growled as the monster walked forward, “We’re sitting ducks...!”

Scarlet looked at the monster, “Dammit...!” He looked at it, “So, what are you?!’

“Why do you care, heir of love...? You’re the one who participated in Lord Zundar’s event to find you.” The monster laughed and Scarlet looked down at his arms as the rope suddenly disappeared.

“Run away then~” it smirked, “maybe I’ll spare you and not get rid of your guardians.”

Scarlet shook his head, “NO! I....” he looked at the monster, “Running away was never an option!”

The monster smiled, “Alright then, your grave then.”

Scarlet gasped and screamed as he was thrown back by a massive wave of energy. He groaned as he hit the wall of the school and gasped as suddenly a hand was around his throat, then lifted off the ground.

“You stupid, stupid boy!” The monster smirked, “Master Hireashi has been begging for you!”

“V-Vesta!” Scarlet screamed, “Vesta, help me!”

The monster laughed, “Don’t worry, just stop your screaming!”

Aurite froze as he heard a loud boom and he ran to the window, “We were tricked!” He spat, “The heir is down there with our monster!”
Io froze and Perlite growled, “What are you?!”

Io growled, “I am Sulfur! Fourth guardian of the heir of love. I take his place when needed!” He spat and Argent sighed, “Ah...another one.”

Io ran towards the window and threw it open, “What are you doing!?” Perlite screamed and Io smirked. “Saving my friends!”

The boy jumped out the window and as he did, he yelled, “LOVE MAKING!”

Vesta growled as he heard his name, “Araki! Hurry and cut us free already!”

“I am!” Tungsten growled, “Wombat’s teeth can’t go any faster!”

“There!” Wombat cried and Tungsten ran to them, “Here!” He freed Vesta’s arms and watched the God of Fire ran towards the heir .

“Vesta Ignit!”

The monster gasped out as it was hit and Scarlet gasped as he hit the ground. He groaned and blinked as a flash of yellow ran in front of him. “S-Sulfur!”

“Your grace…” Sulfur muttered, “Are you alright?”

The boy blushed at that, “I...I’m okay.”

“Good.” Sulfur nodded and Vesta growled at the monster, “What even are you!?” he demanded and the monster laughed, “I am the demon, Miraki. I work for Lord Zundar.”

Vesta’s face turned into a snarl, “I thought we got rid of you.”

“Hmph, you can’t get rid of what is here.” the demon cackled and Scarlet frowned as Sulfur helped him stand.

Cerulean glared at it, “And you think attacking us all will save you?”

“I only am here to grab the heir and bring him to Zundar!” it spat and Epinard scoffed, “It’s time to end this…”

Scarlet nodded and they quickly formed the Love Staff. The heir glared at the demon, “Goodbye for good!” He screamed, “Love Attack!”

The demon screamed as the attack hit it and it turned towards the Student Council’s window, “L-Lord Zundar!” it screamed as it began to fade away.

Scarlet gasped as it was gone and he turned at the window. He looked at Aurite, who was standing on the school roof.

“We failed...Lord Zundar…” Aurite whispered and Zundar smirked, “Don’t worry about it, Aurite...we’ll lure the guardians soon and have the heir in our grasps…”


“His majesty is safe for now, next time we strike, he won’t be so lucky.”

“Yes, Lord Zundar.”

At the Kurotama, Yumoto sighed as he sat with Gora that night. “I told you I’d be okay.”

“Yes,” Gora replied, “but Vesta told me what they did.”

“The demon...said...a name to me…” Yumoto frowned, “I don’t remember it now…”

Gora frowned, “Yumoto…”

“Don’t worry about me.” Yumoto grinned and hugged his brother, “Everything is okay and tomorrow is another day.”

Gora nodded and looked over at the window. “Yumoto, I’m glad you’re safe.”

Yumoto smiled, “I told you it would work. Io is a great guardian...I’m just glad he’s okay too.”

“That’s his job.”

Yumoto slowly nodded, “A...a dangerous job…” he whispered and looked down at his hands. Wombat walked over and smiled, “Don’t worry…” Wombat whispered as Gora left the room, “They do it because they love you…”

Yumoto smiled slowly, “thank you...I love you too…” He whispered back and picked Wombat up, “Let’s go to bed, okay?”

“yes, your majesty.” Wombat smiled, “He’s safe for now…may love guide us to where we are going.”

--Love is Over!--