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Finding Love Again

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Lancelot: You are the most beautiful girl my eyes have seen.

Lyra: Oh, Lan! So romantic! And you are the most handsome dog I’ve ever met!

Lancelot: Your fur shines like golden flowers under the sun.

Lyra: And your eyes are as pretty as the stars.

Lancelot: Your face is-

Ken: Could you two just cut it off? Go somewhere private, some of us are trying to work here.

Lyra: Ken! Don’t be so rude! It’s Valentines!

Lancelot: Ignore him, Lyra. He’s just J E A L O U S of our love. If you can’t stand LOVE, then YOU are the one that should leave.

Ken: *stares* Okey, if that’s the case.

Lyra: *sight* Why must he be so grumpy all the time?!

Lancelot: Clearly he doesn’t know what love means.

Lyra: That’s it!

Lancelot: What?

Lyra: We must teach him what love is!

Lancelot: Ha! That cranky dog? Imposible! … Lyra? Where are you going? Lyra!




Lyra: Poppy! I need your help!

Poppy: Of course you need help from Poppy. Poppy is the greatest dog around here. What services do you want from Poppy?

Lyra: We must teach Ken what love is!

Poppy: … I think you got the wrong Poppy.

Lyra: Oh, come on Poppy, I need your help with this.

Poppy: Poopy is good at everything, except for feelings. Why don’t you ask someone else?

Lyra: Because you are the only one that knows him as good as me.

Poppy: *sight* Fiiiiiiiine. Poppy will help… but you owe Poppy a favor!

Lyra: Thanks Poppy! Now, we must make a plan… What kind of dogs is Ken into?

Poppy: How can I know? I’m not Ken.

Lyra: I know! What about taking him to some blind dates? That way he can meet different types of dogs and find the right one.

Poppy: Sounds like a solid plan.

Lyra: Then let’s make the arrangements and send the invitations to the possible candidates.




Ken: Lyra, I already told you I do not have time. The captain asked me to revise our book of recruits.

Lyra: You have worked enough, Ken. That book is going nowhere.

Ken: *sight* Where are we heading anyway?

Lyra: Oh~ You’ll see soon enough… Tadah~!

Ken: … What is this?

Lyra: Welcome to Tindog! The rebel’s most successful mating programme!

Ken: You just made it up, didn’t you?

Lyra: Absolutely…! Yes, we just made it up… But it will be the most successful! Starting with you!

Ken: Lyra, I really don’t have time for your games…

Lyra: Oh, come on, Ken! You need to experience love once in your life!


Lyra: Just… give it a try, okey? We’ve worked hard for this…

Ken: *sight* Okey… but just for a while! Then back to work…

Lyra: Follow me!




Lyra: For your first date, we have invited Dina! She is kind and good hearted, and she also sings!

Dina: Hi, Ken! I’m so excited to be here, thanks for inviting me!


Lyra: Poppy will bring you some tea in a moment, have a nice time together!

Dina: Thanks, Lyra! Isn’t this a beautiful day, Ken? The birds are singing, the sun is shining…

Ken: I guess so.

Dina: Do you like the forest? Today is full of life! Look at that little squirrel, so peaceful.

Ken: Uh huh.

Dina: Oh, and that bird over there is soooo beautiful! It makes me want to sing with it! Lalala~

Ken: Could you not…? You will ruin the silence.

Dina: Oh… S-Sorry…


Ken: You don’t have to shout, Poppy…


Dina: Oh, yes please! 


Dina: Thanks, Poppy! Ken, why are you looking so serious? What about a smile? Look! Like this! *smiles*


Dina: … Or you could just stay like that… *sight* Ken… you are not making things really easy…

Ken: I am not here to make things easy.

Dina: If you are not interested, then why are you here?

Ken: Because I promised to try.

Dina: Well… I don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t feel something for me… So, I’m really sorry, Ken, but I’m leaving… Thanks for the tea, though… I hope you find the love of your life soon.





Dina: Sorry, Lyra. He is clearly not interested…

Lyra: Don’t worry, Dina. You did great. Thanks for trying!

Dina: No problem! I like helping others find happiness. Good luck!

Lyra: Well… The date with Dina didn’t work out…

Poppy: Poppy was amazing though.

Lyra: Yes, Poppy. You were great. Now, let’s bring our next candidate and keep going with the plan…




Lyra: Ken, for your next date, we brought Yin! She likes silence, just like you.  I think you two will get along pretty well. Have fun!



Ken: So… Why are you here?

Yin: I was bored. Thought it might be fun. I was wrong.



Ken: Do you want some tea…?

Yin: I don’t like tea. I prefer coffee.

Ken: Ah… Okey… This is awkward…


Ken: No, Poppy. She wants coffee.


Ken: *sight*




Lyra: Bye, Yin! Thank you for trying! … Geez, sometimes she’s worse than Ken… Well, this leaves us with our last candidate… I hope it works. 

Ken: Lyra, can I leave now?

Lyra: No! We have one more candidate ready for you! Ken, I want you to meet Billie!

Billie: Ehehehehe, ‘sup.

Ken: Oh, great…

Lyra: Billie is… Uh… She is… Well, she is Billie. So… Have a nice time!

Billie: Ehehe… Are you going to drink that?

Ken: No, it already got cold.

Billie: Then I’ll drink it. *sip*


Billie: Don’t give me that look, you are about to lecture me on some boring subject. Instead let’s talk about your TRUE love interests. You are not fooling me, boy. Ehehehe.

Ken: What do you mean…?

Billie: Oh, come on, it’s written all over your face. You ain’t straight.

Ken: What??

Billie: Look, I’m going to be sincere to you. I don’t even like guys, I’m just here because Lyra promised me we’ll spend time together if I accepted. Ehehehehe.

Ken: That sounds…

Billie: Gay? Absolutely, that’s the whole point! Ehehehehe.

Ken: But what does that have to do with me?

Billie: Everything! But that’s something to discuss another time. I have to get ready for my date with Lyra, so… See ya around!





Lyra: Oh no! We ran out of candidates! And Ken hasn’t found someone to spend Valentines with…

Poppy: What about that fox he always spends time with?

Lyra: Uh? You mean Finn? What about him?

Poppy: Well, Ken seems comfortable with him. They spend time together in the woods…

Lyra: Oh my… Are you…? Are you suggesting that…? How come we missed something like that? We must find Finn immediately!

Poppy: *shrug* Poppy has no idea if it is what you think it is, but Poppy knows where his camp is.

Lyra: Great! I’ll stay here to make sure Ken doesn’t leave. Be quick!




Poppy: FOX!


Poppy: Fox, Poppy needs you to come with her!

Finn: I’ll never follow a small dog with an AXE! And even worse, you are a girl!

Poppy: Poppy didn’t ask you.

Finn: Give me a good reason for trusting you.

Poppy: Ken needs you.

Finn: Ken?! Is he alright?! I’m coming Oolong!!

Poppy: Hey! Wait for me!




Poppy: *huff* *huff* Here is the fox. Poppy made her part of the job successfully.

Lyra: Finn, nice to see you again!

Finn: Where is Oolong? Why does he need me? No, first of all, why did he send the dangerous little dog to fetch me?

Lyra: It’s kind of a long story… As you might know, today is Valentines, and Ken has been grumpy all day long. So we thought it would be nice to teach him what love feels like! But we haven’t been very lucky… You are our last hope.

Finn: I see… Where is he now?

Lyra: Let me take you with him…




Lyra: Ken! For your last date, we brought you a special guest!

Ken: Red Wind?!

Finn: Oolong! 

Ken: What are you doing here?

Finn: I might have been blackmailed *chuckles* But I’m here to help you.

Ken: Help me? With what?

Finn: Ken… Have you told ANYONE about Yonah…?


Finn: *sight* You have them worried, man… You have ME worried… I also miss her, you know? She was always so nice, so happy and ready to help… But you can’t keep living in the past, Ken… You must find love again, I’m sure that’s what she would have liked…


Finn: You are surrounded by wonderful friends. Open up your heart again, Kenny.

Ken: This is stupid.

Finn: What??

Ken: Why is everyone so obsessed with me finding a partner? Can you not see I am fine like this?

Finn: Ken… I’ve known you for a long time, and this is NOT you…

Ken: What can you know about it? You chose the Red Capes over ME! You are not here all the time. Do you remember our promise? Oolong and Red Wind, together until the end of times. Well, you clearly forgot it!


Ken: You know what? I am done playing this stupid game. I am leaving. I have work to do.

Lyra: Ken! Wait! Where is he going? What happened?

Finn: *sight* This is worse than I thought…

Lyra: What are we going to do?

Finn: You’ve done enough. This is something only I can solve…

Poppy: … So dramatic.

Lyra: *sight* I can’t believe we made it worse… Oh no! It’s already dark! I have an special dinner with Lan!! And… a dinner with Billie? I’ll figure it out later… I must hurry!

Poppy: Why does everyone rush off without Poppy?! Poppy has short legs!! … At least save me some chocolates!!