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Thoughts of a lawyer

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"Yeah, well...I have to think about this! See you around...sweetheart!"


That was a lie, he knew it was over. But he needed to save face somehow.


Clarence stormed out of the Billiard Room, down the hallway until he forced open the library door. Of course, Wilbur was there, reading that damned racing magazine. The Lawyer trudged by, trying to force the door to the next room open.


"Clarence? What's gotten into you? Did something happen with Gloria?" Wilbur asked, some concern laced in his voice.


Clarence yanked the door, then turned around. "Will you shut the hell up?!" He yelled, wiping at his, embarrassingly, wet eyes, before trudging through the door. After passing through another room, he felt a cool breeze hit his face.


He briskly walked, almost running, toward the gazebo, hiccuping along the way. As if his pride couldn't be damaged more than it was already.


At the gazebo, the Lawyer ungracefully sat down, and to his further humiliation, began to cry. Deep down, he knew it was pointless and stupid to get upset over. Gloria wasn't someone into commitment, and he knew that. So why did it hurt?


Wilbur always said Clarence was smitten with Gloria like a schoolboy on his first crush. She was beautiful, elegant, and was the first woman to give him the time of day. Commitment wasn't something he was familiar with in his family life, so a part of Clarence had hoped he had found someone who would be with him forever. Plus, people wouldn't underestimate him as a former poor boy since he had a wealthier partner.


He hated to admit it, but Clarence knew he had issues. Pride - Being the fourth son in a poor family who managed to become a lawyer through a miracle. Greed - Wanting more than he had from being poor for so long. Easily affected by emotions, the desire to prove himself to his older associates, he knew he had these, but refused to accept it, which led to situations like this.


Clarence sighed as his sobs slowed down, tucking his knees to his chin and shivering a bit from the chilling breeze. At least it was quiet out. And he was finally alone.


Until Lillian's friend came over and began to ask him how he was, to which he could only continue to sulk, telling her he wasn't in the mood for conversation.


He hoped his eyes were dry enough to hide behind his pride just a little longer.