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Shower sharing drabbles

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"Aaagghh, I'm so dead." Honoka dropped onto the ground as soon as they came back in Maki's summer home.

"You all worked very hard. You can be proud of yourself," Umi said.

"You should be proud of yourself too, Umi," Kotori said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Without your encouragement we wouldn't have lasted the whole day."

"Yes, we're very grateful. I'd be more grateful if I could get a shower," Nico interrupted.

"There's nyine of us and four bathrooms. First come, first served, Rin says!" Rin dashed towards the stairs, but Maki stopped her.

"Sorry guys, but all of our bathrooms are being renovated. All we have is a single shower."

"Why would you renovate all of them at the same time?" Nico was clearly tired, and if she couldn't get a shower she'd settle for a fight.

"Why not? I just forgot about it, otherwise we'd have used one of our other summer homes."

"You spoiled bra–mmmmphhh!" Nico struggled in vain as Nozomi pressed a hand on her mouth.

"If all of us want to take a shower, and I assume we do, it will take a long time. What should we do?" Eli asked.

"We can just shower in pairs," Honoka suggested.

"Shower in pairs? That's not proper, Honoka. We're too young for that. Uhh, I mean..."

"But Umi, when you and Kotori sleep over we always share a bath, don't we?"

"Don't say that! And besides, that's totally different!"

"Oh my, Umi, how scandalous." Nozomi giggled.

"I think it's a good idea," Eli chimed in. "To prevent any more squabbling I suggest we decide the pairs by drawing lots. Everyone, please write your name on a slip of paper and hand it to me."

About a minute later she held nine slips of paper in her hands. She put them in her pocket and turned towards Maki.

"Maki, can you do the honours?"

"Sure." She pulled two pieces of paper from Eli's pocket and read them. "The first pair is Nozomi and Eli."

"Thanks Maki, I owe you one." Nozomi winked at her while she walked towards Eli, her face decorated with a lecherous smile. Maki rolled with her eyes and pulled two more slips from Eli's pocket.

"The next pair is Nico and Kotori." Kotori sent Nico a short smile, but she was still demonstratively adjusting her clothes after Nozomi's assault and didn't notice it. Maki grabbed the next two slips.

"The third pair is Ma––is me and Hanayo." She glanced at Hanayo's face, but it didn't show any positive or negative reaction. She grabbed two more slips.

"The fourth pair is Rin and Honoka."

"Hurray, that's gon–nya be fun!" Rin enthusiastically hit Honoka on her back.

"That means Umi doesn't have anyone," Kotori said, giving her friend a look of pity.

"Th–that's fine, I'll be fine on my own," Umi said, looking simultaneously relieved and disappointed.

"That won't do, Umi. I'll shower with you as well," Nozomi exclaimed.

"That's really not necessary, Nozomi. I–I'll be fine on my own."

"Come on, no need to be shy."

"Nozomi, can you stop talking and get to it? There's people waiting! Most notably, me!"

"Sorry Nicocchi." Nozomi blew her a kiss while Eli dragged her upstairs.



"Finally just the two of us, hmm, Elichi?"

Nozomi embraced Eli from behind and started drawing circles on her stomach. She leant forward and breathed against Eli's ear, earning her a surprised gasp.

"Nozomi... They might hear us!"

"Mhmm." Nozomi traced Eli’s spine with her fingers.

"Then you’ll just have to be quiet," she said, and bit Eli's earlobe.


"They definitely heard that," Nozomi said, smiling mischievously.

Eli turned around, blushing furiously.

"That's enough!" She pushed Nozomi up against the wall.

"Why don't you show me how quiet you can be?" Eli said, as she sank to her knees.



"You have a lovely skin, Nico."

"Thank you––I mean, of course, after all I'm the cutest!"

"Want me to soap your thighs?" I'd like to touch her skin, Kotori thought.

"Sure! I'll wash your hair in the meantime."

Kotori looked at Nico's thighs. They looked really soft. She stroked them. They felt even softer than she'd expected. She stroked them again. Somehow, stroking Nico's thighs felt even better than stroking her own.

I wonder...

"Kyaaa! Kotori, what the heck! Why did you lick my thighs?"

"Sorry Nico, I was just wondering. But, you don't taste like cheesecake at all."



"I admire your hair, Maki." Hanayo weaved her fingers through the red mass, looking for knots to untangle.

"Eh, thanks. You've got skilled fingers."

"Heh, when Rin and me have a sleepover I always do her hair. She always gets it so messy!"

"Do you always bath together?"

"Uhh, yes... Do you think... Is that weird?"

"Hmm..." Maki pondered the question. "No, not in your case. I'm sure Rin enjoys your skilled fingers."

"She does, she's always purring like a cat!"

Hanayo was so innocent, Maki thought. Time for a nudge...

"You should ask Nozomi for some fun bathroom activities."



"Honoka, what are your sensitive spots?"

"Like I'd tell you! You'd just poke me th––aahhnn!"

"Hmm, your stomach is sensitive, nya."

"That was just a co––oooh!"

"A–nyother hit."

"Not my butt! You've gone too far now!" Honoka pushed Rin to the ground.

"Heh! Now we're going to find out your sensitive spo–"

"My stomach and my ears."


"Please, pet me as much as you like," Rin said. She rolled on her back.

A bit confused, Honoka started scratching Rin's stomach and ears. Somehow it felt as if she was set up.

Just as planned, Rin thought.



"Don't look so nervous, Umi. I was just teasing you earlier. Besides, I'm already satisfied."

"Satisfied? What did you two..."

"Just girl stuff." Nozomi grinned and winked.

"Girl stuff?" Umi looked confused.

"Well, Umi..." Nozomi leant in closer. "What 'stuff' could two girls do in the shower together?"

Umi's face quickly turned red.

"Nozomi, that's highly inappropriate! We're just... I mean, uh..."

"Inappropriate? What could be inappropriate about washing each other's hair?"

"Oh, that's what you... Well, never mind." Umi turned away and grabbed a sponge.

"Come on, tell me! What did you think I meant, Umi?"

"N–Nothing at all!"