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The other Joestar

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"So … how far it is now?"

The word comes from no other than Giorno Giovanna – as he pays a visit to Speedwagon Foundation. He's now looking over a potential Joestar, long hidden from public view, but recently discovered.

"Not so difficult, I guess. But Mr Giorno, I must suggest you, that he is not the type of person you can easily get to him."

The scientist responds.

Giorno Giovanna is serious. Under the advice of Joseph Joestar, now very old already, Giorno is on the search after a new report from the Foundation indicated that a member of the Joestar family, believed to be located in Russia, has made a shock appearance. But why Giorno has to rush here?

"Oi Josuke! Can't you be slower a bit?"

The voice is from no other but Nijimura, as he has carried too many things in his travelling bag. He's not weak, but he doesn't feel comfortable. Of course, he is not a high schooler anymore. Of course, he's not alone.

"Fuck, he doesn't give me enough time huh?"

The voice is from Josuke Higashikata, the Joestar from Morioh. He and Nijimura have been close friends since high school, having cooperated and helped each other since. Josuke then agrees to help, as Nijimura is exhausted. Still, another voice comes to collide.

"Stop! I think he is right. We have climbed there for over 20 km. It's time to sit down and rest."

The other is Koichi Hirose, also a fellow stand user. He is the smallest among the group, but also ages similar to the duo. No one underestimates Koichi, though, as he is also a wise person.

They are climbing throughout a cliff as part of their regular camping trips. It has been five years since they camp together, now they want to relax as they have their own families to take care of. Josuke realises how fainted Koichi and Nijimura are, and himself also gets sweated a lot. So he decides to follow the advice.

"Shame … but I have to nod. I don't think we can walk on with so much sweats." Josuke expressed.

"Oh man, you have to rest already. We're no longer 16 or 17, something." Nijimura smiled: "You have to be more relaxing. You are too harsh."

"So what's next Nijimura?" Koichi feels paranoid.

"Next time, bring the kids. We'll have a lot to discuss." Nijimura tells: "It's for the future."

"Right, I appreciate that." Josuke feels the same as he looks at the cliff: "Today, children are more bothering about idol competitions, haizz, maybe … sometimes they talk Love Live, and then Next Venus, something, something. Time to make our boys stronger."

"Yeah! It's up. Let's drink." Celebrating Koichi as they both opened their bottles of sake.

And they realise the weather is turning bad. Overall, they have walked for the whole morning as the sky turns grey. When the rains start to fall, they halt all activities and install their tents to avoid being affected.

It may have been fine for them.


A shocking noise inflicts all of the three to awaken. It is just afternoon overall, but the noise is undisputed. Josuke, Koichi and Nijimura are startled from their own tents, to the point they have to risk going out even though the rains remain.

"It is a traffic accident!" Nijimura senses out: "The noise is a crash. Two vehicles collide with each other, but one has fallen here. Let's move."

The sensibility of Nijimura is somewhat questionable, but this time it can't be more truth. Considering the accident occurs near their camping ground, Josuke, Koichi and Nijimura depart quickly. They rush to the scene even though the rains do not show any sign of slowing down. It is only over 5 km, pretty close enough to check out.

As they run, Josuke appears to believe, something bad is going on.

"Faster guys! We must know what happened."

When Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi arrive to the scene, they are in disbelief: a small car is already crashed. Already, Koichi knows that there are two people lying inside. The car has been hit hard, especially in the left.

"Shit, it is not good. Help me find the survivor. Quick!" Koichi doesn't want to let the time move, but he appears to be powerless except attempting to save some people in this unlucky accident. Koichi seeks for the front row seat. Josuke responds quickly, breaks the door of the car, only to find the driver no longer breathes.

"The driver is dead." Josuke looks at Koichi with the same powerless issue: "We need to keep up with our searching mission."

Koichi immediately rushes to the back row seat, as he is shocked to the point he can't believe it.

"Guys … Josuke, Okuyasu! This … is … not … good."

"What?" Okuyasu is looking at the car's back, well, not the back seat, when Koichi signals to him.

Koichi points to a shock – there is a young girl lying on the car, her blood is pouring out of her body. This girl immediately captures the eyes of Koichi, who is more informed about her than the two.

"It's not good. This … this is far than an accident … The girl lying on the back seat … is no other than the upcoming phenomenon of idol world in our country."

"You know her?" Josuke doesn't get it out.

"This … this girl is … Mana Nagase!" Koichi shouted: "She has gained popularity before she graduated from high school."

One hand, Koichi tries to escort Mana's body, swept under blood, hoping to see any attempt to save the girl. Koichi even tries to detect Mana's breath if she is alive or not.

"Josuke! Okuyasu! Help me bring her out! She's still alive, though the chance to save her is grim."

"Still alive? Oh damn, I thought only Joseph is a more enduring with this madness." Josuke reacted with surprise: "We must get her out, all the medical equipment is on Okuyasu's."

"What about Crazy Diamond?" Koichi suddenly remarks Josuke about JoJo's unique stand power: "As long as she is still alive, Crazy Diamond can heal her wounds, just like how you did before with various people unless they're dead. I'll try to keep Mana safe."

Okuyasu immediately tries to make sure the efforts will be done, before something is thrown.

Three knives. Three knives are thrown into both three men. It doesn't target them, intentionally, but rather hitting the damaged car. One of them even hit very close to the right hand of Koichi, who is using the right hand to grab the already bleeding body of Mana.


The three responded with fury after seeing the throwing. They're clearly being aimed on them – the person seeking them must be a powerful stand user.

This means …

"Hhhmmm, it is fascinating. You stand users really love choking everywhere."

A mysterious, long blonde-haired man with typical greenish eyes, with his arms overpowering throughout a massive training, look into the trio trying to save an idol from the wrecked vehicle.

Immediately, though, Josuke, Koichi and Okuyasu stand up, turn to the right – where the mysterious blonde man stands.

"It's ironic that a fucking bastard now wants to talk about stand users. Funny, where are you from exactly?" The challenging words from Okuyasu come with an impact.

"Ho ho! I'm also a stand user, too. Just, I don't prefer using it so often. But … everything has a limit. I don't know what type of stand you are owning, but my stand can help me evade even hawk eyes." The blonde man answers with a very calm, not so hurrying voice – a clear demonstration of confidence.

"You fucktard must have been the culprit behind this traffic accident. What did you do to such an innocent live?" Okuyasu bemoaned: "No matter how strong are you, we are not the type of people easily backing down in such an affair."

"I surely know you won't. And even your friends, too." The man even echoes with greater confidence, his eyes don't seem to be affected: "In fact, I don't see it a surprise at all. It's all decided to be here, by fate."

Hearing such expression startled both Josuke and his friends. Not just because of the behaviour, but also, there is something familiar of the man's attitude, to someone, well, too far to know about. But they surely know he is not Dio Brando.

"Dang!" Okuyasu becomes increasingly less tolerant seeing it ongoing: "Why don't we decide to put a fight for pete's sake?"

"So be it." The yellow haired man makes a calm response, as Okuyasu summons his stand, The Hand. The Hand of Okuyasu heads close to the blonde man, but he is able to move out of the range, in spite of the powerful erasure ability it possessed.

"What the …" Okuyasu is stunned when he manages to deflect from the heavy response of Okuyasu. The blonde man has shown his greater vision of detecting movements at the shock.

What makes it blowing is the blonde man's reaction. Despite facing a potential hammer from Okuyasu's erasure power, he has no issue waiting for the attack and as Okuyasu thinks it'll be the end, the blonde, green-eyes man disappears like nothing else, only to resurrect from the ground a few seconds later, no scratch.

"What da … it is impossible!" Josuke can't even think how can he be so fast. Only by this point, has a mysterious, lightning figure appears in the back of the man's body.

The figure behind the man is a very powerful, electronic-surrounded and capable machine-like hedgehog. The hedgehog is golden, flashy and powerful enough. Like the character Sonic the Hedgehog, although they're not the same in functioning.

"See this powerful stand? I call it Stay Alive – a stand that is totally invincible and credible in everything. You have to know that earlier, man." The blonde man's stand reveals to be an electronic, machine-like hedgehog. The name, however, turns the rest to an ironic response.

"Fuck … what a name for an unusual bloodthirsty stand." Koichi resents the man: "Stay alive … to kill an innocent idol."

"Keep insulting if you want. But please remember, my stand helps me to evade with a fast speed, but it is also an insane, and effective, time machine. Which mean, I can predict everything you want to do even before it begins."

When the line "predict everything" hit to Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi's minds, all the sudden, they are now aware that, the stand of the man is far from simple. It has the quality of predict the opponents, making him easier to teleport himself, also, to launch attacks.

Further grinding to them, the blonde man shows up with a small ring box. The box belongs to Mana, as she is waiting that if she can compete, and return safely, she will seek a chance to marry her friend whom she knows in high school.

"Oh, I have seen that ring box. I have checked it out. But … please, if she can recover, tell her that, this is not what I wanted."

The man's arrogant attitude enrages the trio even further, yet their stands somehow have to face up against a flexible, somewhat deceiving stand owned by this man. Josuke feels like he wants to kill him with all cost. The flesh hunting is even more menacing for Okuyasu and Koichi.

"Dog, you won't get away with it." Koichi decried: "If you are brave enough, show yourself and stop running from a frontal assault."

"Sorry, time doesn't permit me here." The man changes the tone all of sudden: "If you still have anything to discuss, meet me in another moment. I find the wrong person, but I'm sure I'll get it for my master. See out!"

The man utilises the disbelieving moment of the trio to open his own gate, allowing him to be swallowed by his own so that he can teleport to his home.

"WAIT!" Okuyasu attempts to strike the man again, but Okuyasu is too slow to make his move. In the end, Okuyasu, Josuke and Koichi have to see off the man in a way they can't stand over, when the man enters into his own to go away of their sights.

Losing a few seconds for Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi to realise that the struggling idol is still inside the damaged car, they hurry trying to escort her out. But … one thing interrupts them.

"Hold on, is that …" Okuyasu carefully notices about the other sounds. They're …

"It's emergency whistle! The police and ambulance!" Josuke finds out why, and considering they are alone, Josuke understands that if they stay, they'll be likely to be arrested and framed for a crime they didn't do. Josuke does feel guilty for not doing anything, being distracted by the mysterious stand user, but he can't bear the shame of being blamed.

"Oh well, let's run!" Josuke shouts out.

"But … what about the girl? She may die sooner or later. She is still struggling …" Koichi wonders in regret.

"Are you kidding Koichi? The main fugitive is gone, if we stay here, we'll be likely to be accused of orchestrating the murder. This can negatively impact our positions and even relations with Speedwagon Foundation." Josuke mentions the threat of staying here too long: "Sure, there is no camera, but since we camp very close to the traffic accident, we can't be certain. Let's get the hell out of here and let the doctors do their job. We're finished."

Okuyasu is quick to underline the thing, thus he calls for Koichi to restraint and get out as soon as possible. Okuyasu, like Josuke and Koichi, truly feel hurt and guilty, but since they lack any convincing evidence to show their innocence, they will be likely to end behind bars for life. Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi have to leave. They also hurriedly dismantle their tents, leaving no trait.

A day later, Mana Nagase, the rising idol, is declared dead.

Attempt to rescue her by emergency surgery proves unsuccessful as the wound is too severe to save. And so be it, everything is gone … for the company hiring her, at least for a few years. Her funeral is held private.

Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura and Koichi Hirose, meanwhile, succeed in evading suspicion, return back to Morioh. Of course, they are able to capture some photos from hidden cameras, allowing them to have information about the blonde man.

The photo is later sent from Josuke's personal iPhone, where it directly texts to Giorno. The Italian mafia boss of Passione, upon receiving the photo as he is enjoying his dinner in New York, has to arrive to Speedwagon. And the story is like this.

"This is not normal." Giorno recalls the moment Josuke texted the message: "I'm sure something is wrong. But … it can't be."

"Yes, Mr Giorno, the last photo Mr Josuke captured, shows his chest having a star mark. This … is only unique to the Joestars."

"He is a Joestar member?" Giorno reacts in shock: "How? And … why?"

Though Giorno has been somewhat struggling to get enough info, he is aware that the person must be either Joseph's son or grandson, though it is thought highly to be his grandson, conducts from an illegitimate affair. Giorno is well informed about Joseph's habit of fleeting between women and women when he was young, and even when he was 60 – a reason why Josuke exists in this world.

"The man, as detected, is from Russia. Born in the city of Vladivostok, but having lived in Slavgorod, Altai Krai. His name is Iosif Iosipov, and by the mark of the star, it is 100% confirmed, that he shares the bloodline with the Joestar family! The mark is distinguishable!"

The eyes of Giorno really blow out. It's too truthful to handle over. The long blonde man, green eyes, tall and muscular, is the son of Joseph Joestar's illegitimate Russian son. But Giorno, a calculating and cautious person, knows that Iosif Iosipov didn't become rouge immediately. There must be something behind Iosif's motivation.

"I must contact to Josuke. There is a warning sign."

It's not an end. It is just the start of another search of a JoJo member …