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Self Doubt: The Novel

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Why don’t you play to find out, little friend…?


The rules were pretty simple, and what they couldn't understand from a quick explanation, they'd understand soon enough. This was gonna be pretty awesome. They had been trying to join one of these Doubt games for a few weeks now, and they had finally logged onto the chat site in time to find a game scheduled in a few hours. They just had to make sure to be online at the right time.

The player ran over the rules again. There are two kinds of players. Rabbit, and Wolf. Chances are I'll be a rabbit, and I definitely hope I am... Rabbits were just ordinary players in the game, and being new, they didn't think they were up for anything more.

At least, not yet... They decided as a side thought. But that's the only easy part. Rabbits wake up in the "starting room", and have to find there way out into the "body room". There, we'll meet the house, who will explain what's going on, and that there are "wolves" among us. These wolves will kill one of us every turn. Or try to, anyway. They might miss completely, or simply injure their target. It's fully based on a roll of dice.

After that, everyone heads up the stairs, and has to figure out who the killer is. After each turn, there's a "lynch", in which all players are given the chance to vote. Whoever receives the most votes is then killed. Which gives the players a chance, but it isn't all good. If a rabbit is picked, they'll still die, and the game will continue. Once the game is down to the right amount of players... It's end game. The house will allow the wolves to come out of hiding, and to pick off all of the remaining wolves. The rabbits still have a chance to fight back then, but it's pretty slim. Game over is reached when all that remains is rabbits or wolves.

The player remembered reading something about a "change of heart", but didn't think too much of it. Who'd do that? It didn't really seem all that entertaining.

Regardless, the game was about to begin. It's finally time, thought the player. All that remained was to type in the password, choose a character, and click enter.