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The Faith Tandem

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"So let me get this straight, you think of another man when you have sex with your husband" the healer woman asked rising her eyebrows, her forehead wrinkled, showing her age.

Hermione, who just wanted to fix her marriage said "Yes" firmly, but her face showing how embarrassed she is.

"Well, it's not uncommon for this things to happen in marriage life....."

"No, but this is not the first time I imagine of the other guy"

"Oh..... how long was it happening"

"Um.... It's been happening for two years now" Hermione stammered not meeting the doctor's eyes.

"How many years you have been with your husband"

"Three years.."

"So it's happening almost from the start" the women asked and Hermione nodded ashamed.

"Have you ever had sex before or after your marriage with any other guy, who is not your husband" She asked again writing something fast on her notepad.

"Yes. He is my ex. We had sex before our marriage.... so... many times"

The doctor stopped her writing and looked at Hermione with a smirk "Can you tell me about this guy"

Hermione was getting steadily angry with these questions, started to tell everything about her red headed ex boyfriend "And yes....I enjoyed having sex with him.. is it enough? Can we quit with these questions?!"

The doctor smiled "I'm sorry Mrs.Malfoy. But if you want a solution we have to continue with these questions. Can i ask why you didn't marry Mr. Weasley"

Hermione sighed "It's because of the marriage law. We was forced to seperate or want to spend our life in azhkaban. So we parted in good terms". Hermione still remembered that day as it happened yesterday. When the ministry forced them to marry the slytherins, the spoiled brats as ron names it. How they cried and spent an entire week in his bed loving and having passionate sex, before she said her bye with heavy heart and gone to her parent's house, they never wanted to break up but when the ministry forced them ron pleaded with her to not wanting to see her in azhkaban and promised that he will always love her, no matter what also that they should move on with their assigned spouses and try to love them.

"Do you love him still"

"I......Yes" Hermione looked up to see the woman looking at her shocked "I know it's the ministry rule to not love anyone other your spouse. But, i tried...I tried so hard to forget him... to move on, but I couldn't.... Besides, it's not like I'm cheating on Draco" she finished miserably.

"Mr.weasley is married to Ms. Greengrass now"

"I know" Hermione nodded her head with a pained expression."

"Do you love your husband"

"Yes, of course i love him. He is my husband" Hermione said and the doctor tutted.

"I asked, do you actually love your husband, Mrs. Malfoy. Not because of the ministry law".

"YES!..... Sorry....I mean yes.... I love him. He changed so much than his death eater days for me. He cares for me, looks after me very well".

The counselling healer scoffed, knowing Draco's death eater side and his public apology after his marriage with the famous Ms. Granger of the golden trio and ex-girlfriend of Ron weasley, another member of the golden trio.

"Does he keeps you satisfied in.... other aspects, i mean....."

"I know what you mean" Hermione said quickly her face red as a tomato "And my answer will be yes..... and no"

"Can you explain it a bit further?"

"Well he is nice with his oral technique"

"Do you mean with his tongue and fingers?"

"Yes" She answered with a grimace "But there are other things".

"Do he have a small dick" Hermione looked at the woman in disbelief at her bluntness but nodded her head anyway

"It's not that small... but it's not average or big either".

"Did you ever felt satisfied with his.... you know" she said and gestured to her own crotch.

"No and having a small cock isn't that much of a problem right? It's all about the connection and right movements. But there is other reason for it"

"And what is that"

"He is more into...Men. It happened in a party when I found out him in an unspeakable position with his long time friend Blaise Zabini"

"Did you two have a talk about that?"

"Yes. We did, he said he is sorry and that he is bisexual. He promised me that it will never happen again. But it's been into a rut lately. We fight often, he always suspects me with my colleagues, even of women. I can't control my anger with him, i want this to work......" She started to cry.

"I perfectly understand your situation Mrs.Malfoy. Please don't cry" She said handing over some tissues to Hermione, who mumbled a thanks and blowed her nose into the given tissues.

"In my opinion Mrs.Malfoy, you are one of the strong ladies, the wizarding world has ever seen.... you are just frustrated..... in both your love life and sexual life. From my personal experience, i might have a solution for you.... Both of you actually.... but I don't how you'll take it" Hermione looked at curiously.

"Please..... we can atleast try... what is it".

"So? How was your day today. Did that counselling went okay?" Draco asked where he sat across from her on the dinning table having his meal.

Hermione snorts "I cancelled all of my appointments with her. I'm not going to her again, that was so stupid!" She mumbled to herself.

"Can i atleast know what is it she said?" Draco asked curiously, he never seen his wife this much nervous before.

She fidgets with her napkin.

Draco cleared his throat "Hermione!!".

She startled looked at him with wide eyes "Yes?".

Draco sighed "Can i know what she told you or you not wish to say it?"

", I really wish I’d never gone to her"

"Oh.... What did she say?"

"She....She want us to have an affair....."

"Excuse me?" He said incredulously. Hermione bit her lip.

"I know Right....Well, apparently she thinks that im....We're frustrated and an affair is good for our marriage. She said that It adds spice, stops it from getting boring - it's from her personnel experience and all...."

"Is she really a wizarding healer or some crazy muggle healer" he asked perplexed and she rolled her eyes.

"Well, She knows that you are more interested in guys even though you are a bi...I mean we only had sex a few times in three years..and don't look at me like that, she wants to know every detail to give us a solution. She also said that we have to do an open relationship having other sexual partners, live our dark fantasies, so that maybe we will stop having problems in our married life"She said and he just nodded his eyes with a dazed expression.

There was a awkward silence for about two minutes, before Draco opened his mouth "Um, Hermione...."

"Yes!!" She asked back surprised at the sudden break of silence.

"Er....Do... do you think she was right? That we have to be in open relationship? Are you sexually frustrated?".

"What if I'm..... sexually frustrated?" She asked in a small voice not wanting to say that she is also frustrated in her love life, but kept her mouth silent.

"Then maybe....I think we should try it.... an open relationship"

Hermione almost fainted "Wh-what?".