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Warmth and Comfort

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"Hrmm.." Sung Hyunjae's heightened senses allowed him to wake up to his lover groaning in his sleep, tossing and turning with a sour expression.

It wasn't that Sung Hyunjae was a light sleeper, but rather, he was sensitive to the sounds that Han Yoojin made. It was an instinct, or so to say.

Anyway, he sat up on their shared bed, and turned on the bedside lamp.

"Yoojin-gun." He called out.

No response.

"Yoojin-ah." Again. No response.

"Han Yoojin." This was a bit worrying. His item- or rather, lover wasn't waking up.

Furrowing his eyebrows while deep in thought, Sung Hyunjae wasn't sure what to do.

If Han Yoojin were to see that expression on his face, he would've already complained about how unfair the world was and why all the looks were given to the Seseong Guild Leader.

"Yoojin-gun." Along with a sigh, Sung Hyunjae picked up the F-ranker's body, lifting him up onto his lap.

The sleeping man seemed to respond, but he still wasn't awake.

Han Yoojin hugged the Seseong Guild Leader's neck, burying his head into his shoulders subconsciously.

"Wake up." Sung Hyunjae whispered gently into the younger man's ears. He lightly patted Han Yoojin, in an attempt to wake him up.

He felt Han Yoojin's arms clench around his neck even tighter. He tried burying his head deeper into Sung Hyunjae's shoulders, as if trying to hide from something.

"What's wrong? Don't worry. I'm here." Sung Hyunjae answered in response to the sudden movement.

"Don't go..." Han Yoojin's eyes were still closed, but Sung Hyunjae could see the tears that threatened to pour out.

Part of him was proud that he would be the only one to see Han Yoojin so vulnerable like this, but part of him never wanted to see him like this again.

"I won't. I'll stay with you forever." The Seseong Guild Leader's hand made its way to the back of Han Yoojin's head, pulling the younger man even deeper into his embrace.

Even while sitting on his lap, Han Yoojin still felt very small to Sung Hyunjae.

He felt that if he made one wrong move, Han Yoojin would break like a fragile piece of glass, shattering into hundreds of pieces with no way to be fully completed again.

"Don't leave me… Hyunjae…" Han Yoojin sobbed. Was he crying?

"I'll never leave you, so don't cry. I'll always love you, Yoojin-ah." He stroked Han Yoojin's soft brown hair. taking in his scent as he buried his nose into the silky threads.

"Hngh…" The small hands of the F-ranker gripped the back of Sung Hyunjae's clothes, as if reacting to his words.

He was finally awake.

"Are you awake now?" The older man's voice was still gentle, as if trying not to startle the crying Han Yoojin.

"Eh? What are you doing?" Sung Hyunjae subconsciously smiled upon hearing Han Yoojin's voice.

The F-ranker was barely able to notice the tears that were wet on his cheeks, too focused on the fact that he was perched on Sung Hyunjae's lap.

"Yoojin-gun seemed to be struggling, so I thought I should help." Sung Hyunjae answered with his usual smile. Now, Han Yoojin was no longer buried in the crook of his neck, and now he was looking straight at the Seseong Guild Leader with a baffled expression.

"I didn't know you had those types of preferences."

"What preferences?"

"You should've told me about it before we decided to use the same room."

"I'm not quite sure what Yoojin-gun is thinking, but I assure you that it isn't that." The Seseong Guild Leader deftly moved his hands to wipe off the tears in Han Yoojin's eyes using his thumb, which the F-ranker had only noticed now.

"What time is it?" Han Yoojin's voice was still a bit hoarse because he just woke up.

"3:30 am."

"Don't you have work tomorrow?" Han Yoojin raised his eyebrows at the Seseong Guild Leader, in an attempt to not bring up his small session of sleep talking.

"I don't need much sleep. I'm only sleeping because I want to be next to Yoojin-gun." The blonde haired male said honestly without a single trace of shame.

"Are you flirting with me?"

"I'm saddened that you think I'm only flirting with you. I am only showing you my sincerest feelings, Yoojin-gun." Sung Hyunjae formed a small pout, his act of cuteness was thoroughly ignored by his stubborn lover.

"You sly ahjussi." Instead of protesting, Han Yoojin only pressed his head up against Sung Hyunjae's neck once again.

The lingering feeling of his nightmare was still there. He wanted to stay like this, just for a little while longer.

"Are you tired?" Sung Hyunjae didn't bring up the situation from earlier. They both understood each other very well, as was evident with the way they had multiple small banters.

"Not really." His voice was slightly muffled because his head was buried in Sung Hyunjae's shoulder, but it was enough to be understood.

That nightmare had left him wide awake. Especially that voice at the end of his nightmare.


"What is it, my precious item?"

"I keep telling you to remove the possessive." Seeing that Sung Hyunjae ignored his remark, he took it as a sign to continue talking.

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do." Sung Hyunjae didn't require much thought. He answered almost instantaneously, making Han Yoojin slightly red with embarrassment.

"Then, you won't leave me right?"

"I would never. Even if Yoojin-gun tells me to." It was reassuring to know that someone would always think about what's best for you, and always takes into consideration what you want.

"I see." Han Yoojin answered shortly, comfortably setting his head on Sung Hyunjae's strong shoulders.

"Yoojin-gun." Sung Hyunjae snaked his hands down to Han Yoojin's smaller hand, aligning their fingers so that they intertwined prefectly.

Han Yoojin would never forget the warmth of Sung Hyunjae, even in his next life.

"I love you." This was the first time that Sung Hyunjae has ever said those 3 words directly.

"Mhm.. I love you too." Han Yoojin answered back. There was no need to be shy.

If it was in the comfort of their own home, as they relished in each other's warmth, maybe it wasn't so hard to say I love you.


- Warmth and Comfort