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Fairy Tail ship drabbles/one shots (Requests Closed)

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Hello to everyone reading this, as you can tell from the tags I like many Fairy Tail ships and have decided to write little drabbles and one shots about the many different ships. I am willing to take requests so long as it isn't any of the wired/ illegal/ uncomfy ships (ex: Wendy x Natsu). Other than that I am open to anything. Have a wonderful day and stay amazing.

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Mirajane had moved on from fighting Erza, so she still wasn’t sure how she had gotten into this situation. Laxus was irritated, both his wife and daughter had gotten into a fight with Erza and Jessica respectfully. Ari was just an angry teen, annoyed at her father and Jessica. So all in all, the Dreyar family was not in the best of moods.

What happened is actually a funny story. Ari and Jessica had both wanted to take the same job, though instead of peacefully working it out they got into a fight. This resulted in Mirajane and Erza fighting over who would win. At first it was just words, but at some point the two had started using magic.

Laxus had come back from a job to find two teenage girls pulling each other's hair and two grown women having a full on battel, next to a knocked out Natsu.

As the only person not completely terrified at the moment Laxus was the one to stop the fighting. So he picked up Ari and Mira, threw them over his shoulders and carried them home. That brings back to where we started. Mira being confused, Laxus trying not to kill his family and Ari glaring at her father.

Later that night, after Ari had gone to bed, Laxus and Mira cuddled on the couch talking about all sorts of things. Eventually Laxus brought up the events of the day.

“You know, I really don’t know why I started fighting Erza, one moment we were talking about how cute Lucy’s baby is going to be and the next we were arguing over whose kid was going to win in their fight.”

Laxus just shook his head, a small laugh escaping his lips.

“I love you Mira” he said, pulling her closer, the rest of the night being full of pure bliss.

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It was a beautiful day, the sun shining, the birds singing, and Juvia spying on Gray and Erza. The two had decided to go to lunch and catch up. After Erza had gotten married and had a kid she didn’t really have as much time to go on jobs with her team so this was needed. Natsu and Lucy would have come, but unfortunately baby Nashi was being fussy and would not accept having a babysitter.

As the meal went on Gray and Erza continued talking and joking, much to Juvia’s annoyance. At some point Juvia got so jealous that she jumped up onto the table and called Erza a love rival.

Gray was shocked, annoyed, and a bit embarrassed because other people were looking at them now.

“Juvia, what are you doing here?”

“Catching a love rival of course.”

Gray had to fight the urge to just walk away. He wasn’t sure why she was acting like this, she had stopped a few years ago, so what changed?

“Juvia, we've been married for a year now. You are wearing the ring and carrying our kid in a baby carrier.” Gray half shouted.

She was an interesting person, but that only made him love her more.

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Juvia was heartbroken. Gray, the only person that could make her rain go away and the man she loved didn’t feel the same way. Him and Lucy had announced that they were dating and the water mage had to leave before she did something she would regret.

Rogue was happy for them and not really surprised, but when the person who is like a brother to you starts dating the person you like it makes life difficult. So in order to clear his head the dragon slayer went to a lake perfect for feeding ducks.

The two weren’t really all that close and had never talked as friends before but with similar situations and a need for comfort the two got to talking and over time started to develop feelings for the other. However that was something they would keep secret for now and just focus on being friends.

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Levy was heading home unaware of the danger she was in. In all fairness how is anyone supposed to know they are about to be ambushed. She had noticed them too late. Long black hair, glowing red eyes and the mark of Phantom Lord. Her screams of agony filled the air as she was tortured. Wanting to send a message to Fairy Tail, Phantom Lord had crucified Levy and her teammates to a tree, declaring war against the other guild.

Gajeel awoke with a start, almost to the point of tears. The same dream had been plaguing him for a while and every time it just got worse. He couldn’t forgive himself for what he did to Levy all those years ago and he might not ever be able to, but she forgave him and puts up with his stupidity and that is good enough for him. He kissed Levy on the forehead before attempting to go back to sleep, his arm wrapping around her in protection. He nay have hurt her, but he would never let anyone hurt her again.

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Two little kids sat in their cell dreaming of the outside world. They had hope that they could escape, they just needed a good plan. In order to keep their spirits up they decided to tell each other jokes and funny stories, something that had become common between them. They knew one day they would be free.

The scarlet beauty stood in front of her old friend ready to fight if necessary, but also ready to forgive. She recalled all those nights they would laugh together and dream of their freedom. Things change however and they no longer would talk about what they wanted to eat first when they got away from the tower. They were no longer laughing at stories about animals. And they were no longer friends.

He would watch from afar as she grew and got stronger. He was proud of her and who she had become. Maybe they weren’t sharing every day together and were living different lives, but she was happy. And perhaps one day, if fate were so kind, they could share funny stories again and spend their nights laughing.

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She wasn’t sure why she had let him take her home when she knew that this would happen, maybe she secretly wanted this. Her nails dug into his back as he quickened his pace. She knew that this meant nothing to him, she was just the new girl with a perfect body, but in that moment she didn’t care it felt so good.

It wasn’t until the next morning, when she woke up to find him gone that all the thoughts filled her head. Yukino covered her face with her hands trying to suppress her emotions. She knew that there was absolutely no way that he would ever have the same feelings that she does, but did he have to play with her emotions like this, he should know that they are delicate.

Sting had left just before Yukino woke up. She wasn’t like the other girls in the guild and something about that drew him to her, but he had a reputation and it would suffer if people were to find out he was in a relationship with the weak new girl, so he had a one night stand, something he would come to regret as the emotions built up inside him ad he couldn’t do anything about it.

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When Cana had demanded him to give her a foot rub she was not expecting him to be so good at it. She had mostly told him to do this so that she could criticize him, but no he had to be a master foot rubber, if that were such a thing. Though instead of giving him the pleasure of complimenting him she tried to hide her reaction so that he would think she wasn’t impressed. She had failed, he noticed her shock and knowing she was not expecting such talent he smirked up at her causing her to blush in anger.

“Dammint Bacchus, why do you have to be so good at everything?”

“Just trying to make my girl happy." That was a half truth, he did want her to be happy, but he also found much joy in proving his superiority over her. Cana knowing this kicked him in the face, but she loved him despite it all.

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Sorano stood up, the pain rushing through her body. They weren’t expecting to be facing such a powerful enemy, but they had severely misjudged. The others were on the ground either unconscious or unable to move. She knew what she needed to do and the price she had to pay, but if it meant saving the others then she was more than willing to do it. The angel mage grabbed out her coins ready to use them and kill herself in the process. She hesitated though, there were so many things she hadn’t been able to do, and the thing she regretted almost as much as not finding her sister was not confessing to Macbeth.

“Sorano what...what are you doing?” Macbeth asked, trying to pull himself up, but instead falling down, the impact causing the pain from his wounds to worsen.

“Don’t worry about it” Sorano said, a peaceful smile adorning her face “Oh, and I love you”

That was it, she said those words and then sacrificed her life. Macbeth gathered all his strength so that he could get over to the lifeless body of Sorano. He leaned against a wall cradling the dead girls in his arms.

“Please Sorano, don’t leave me, I need you” Macbeth cried, tears falling from his eyes. He hadn’t cried since they were in the tower and now the person that had decided to comfort him all those years ago, even when she didn’t have to was dead.

“I love you too” he said, choking back the tears and kissing her forehead. What a cruel world he lived in.

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Everyone looked at the two either in shock or disgust at their pda. Sabertooth had decided to host a New Years party and invite the other guilds. Mermaid Heel was the first ones there and when Arana gave Dobengal a peck on the lips and he kissed back everyone stopped what they were doing, whispering questions to the mage nearest them.

So Arana and Dobengal were dating, a bit unexpected but no one knew when the two even got to know each other. Sting's big question however was how Arana was able to get Dobengal to remove his mask, Sting had been trying for months and never succeeded. Now that he thought about it Rufus had a mask and was dating Minerva, maybe that's how they got a girlfriend?

"You two are dating?" Kagura asked, finally realizing where Arana had been going during her free time.

Due to all the questions Arana and Dobengal decided it was just best to tell the story of how they got to know each other.

Dobengal was leaving the guild hall for this job he had taken. It was just another one of those jobs where some town asks for help getting rid of a monster, but it paid well and it never hurt to have money. The ninja walked down the street planning out some sort of way to take out the monster when he heard a female voice throwing out cusses. He walked over to see what was happening and was met with the sight of one of the girls from Mermaid Heel trying to fish something out of the storm drain. It seemed like it was important and she was having a hard time getting it. Dobengal walked over and started searching, causing the girl to look over at him. She was so enthralled by him that she didn't realize the hand in front of her face handing her a simple charm bracelet.

"Is this what you were looking for?" The Sabertooth member asked, breaking the other from her thoughts.

“Uh, thanks…”


“Aw, thank you for the help.”

The two didn’t think that they would really see eachother again, but fate had a funny way of doing the exact opposite. The first few times they just brushed it off as a coincidence, but eventually they had decided to get to know each other a little more. Over time this turned into becoming friends, to an attraction to each other, to going on a date and becoming a couple.
~End Flashback~

Though it may have been unexpected, they sure did make a cute couple and sometimes the unexpected is the best outcome.

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Mirajane was peacefully cleaning up the bar before heading home for the night when Freed sat down, clearly unhappy. Unsure what to do, Mira tried to comfort him, not an easy task when she wasn’t sure why he was upset.

“Freed, are you okay?” Mira asked, hoping she could help her guild mate.

In response Freed just sighed and looked over at Laxus. Mira being the love expert of Fairy Tail knew exactly what was happening and she also knew that Laxus was in the same situation as Freed.

“Just ask him out” Mira said, she had gotten so tired of the two not confessing and was to the point where if they didn’t she would let them be lonely forever. “It can’t be that hard.”

Freed looked at Mira like she had just committed a murder, how was he supposed to just go over and ask out Laxus.

“Oh my goodness, Laxus, come here.” Mira said, throwing the rag she had been using onto the bar counter.

“Mira what are you doing?” Freed hissed under his breath, his face turning pink. The She Demon just ignored him and had Laxus sit down next to the other mage.

“Alright you two, I have had just about enough so forgive me for what I’m about to do. Laxus you like Freed. Freed you like Laxus. Now go on a date.”

By this point Freed was certain he would die from embarrassment and Laxus tried, but failed, to hide his blush. Mira quietly walked away as the two talked about what she had said of course she stayed within earshot though. She smiled knowing that her work was done and that Freed and Laxus would finally be happy together.

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Kinana sat on the couch, her hands combing through the dark red locks of her boyfriend’s hair. It was moments like these that they enjoyed best, just the two of them and the only sound being the purring coming from Erik. Kinana had learned through some of the other girls that dragon slayers would purr when they are comfortable and being loved on by their mates. This did mean that Erik was starting to fall asleep and although this was really the only time he had to spend with Kinana before Crime Sorciere had to leave again for an undetermined amount of time, Kinana wanted her boyfriend to sleep well and not keep himself awake for her, but he was stubborn and insisted he wouldn’t go to sleep until she did.

“Erik, if you won’t go to bed, at least let me get comfortable.”

The dragon slayer obliged, giving his mate the ability to shift her position so that she was laying down. She stretched out her arms as a way to invite the other to lay down with her. He gladly did, laying his head on her chest, he felt relaxed when he could hear her heartbeat.

It didn’t take long for the two to fall asleep, feeling safe in each other’s arms.

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Sorano shook in fear as she tried to recover from the nightmare Macbeth had been woken up by her crying, causing memories from the tower to fill his mind, which he assumed was the reason she was upset. They may have left that hellish place, but they would never be truly free.

He didn’t hug her or touch her in any way, she didn’t like that. She preferred to stay up and talk about it until she was ready to go back to sleep. And so that’s what they did.

Yes they were still haunted by the memories of the place that had caused so many problems, but at least they had each other to help in those dark moments, something no evil cult could take away from them.

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Ari chased Storm and Nashi around the guildhall trying to convince them why they should go on a date, much to the amusement of their mothers. Natsu however was not pleased with what was happening and made that very clear.

“Come on, you two would be adorable together.” Ari said, dropping the upper half of her body on top of one of the tables.

“No they wouldn’t!” Natsu shouted, but was only ignored by the teens.

“Ari you are just like your mother” Laxus said ruffling the girl’s hair.

Eventually Ari got the other to go on a date, but they would never admit that they liked it.

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Sting hated doing paperwork, but today was so much worse. The night before he had a dream about Yukino. He was doing fine until he got to the guildhall and the girl in question had decided to wear a tank top and shorts. So now here he was in his office trying to do paperwork and not think about how much he wanted to have sex with his girlfriend at that very moment. Of course she had to walk in though because the universe liked to mess with him. Yukino had decided that she would come help Sting because she had nothing better to do. As she leaned over the desk looking through the piles of paperwork Sting’s focus was on her perfect curves and how the tight clothing perfectly hugged her body.

“Sting-sama, are you okay?” Yukino asked, noticing that he was distracted.

“Yeah, I just need to be inside you” he whispered the last part hoping that Yukino didn’t hear him.

“What was that?” Yukino asked, looking up at him. She had definitely heard what he said, but wasn’t sure if he actually said that.

“I want to have sex” Sting said giving up on hiding it. He was at the point where he either had sex at that very moment or masturbate in front of Yukino.

“But Sting we can’t right now, everyone is still in the guildhall.” Yukino exclaimed, her face red from embarrassment.

“Then we go back to my place.” Sting said, pulling the celestial mage onto his lap, rubbing his hardened member against her knowing how much it turned her on.

“Alright we can do it right now” Yukino said, she knew that sometimes it was best not to deny a dragon slayer what they want.

With the permission Sting wasted no time in taking off Yukino’s clothes. He took a moment to just admire her before carrying her over to the couch that was in his office.

Of course, as fate would have it Rogue had heard all of it and was now traumatized and wasn’t able to look either of them in the eye for a whole week.

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It was a beautiful day in Fiore and so Wendy, not having anything else to do, went to the beach with Chelia. The two had spent most of the day swimming and making sandcastles, and just all around having a good time. Little did Wendy know what was about to happen.

The two girls sat on the sand eating ice cream when suddenly Chelia interlocked her hand with Wendy’s.

“Hey Wendy, do you like anyone?” Chelia asked, a light blush covering her face.

“I, um, why?” Wendy stuttered, worried that Chelia had found out about her crush.

“Oh, because I think I like you.” Chelia admitted, trying her hardest not to mess this up.

“Well I like you too” Wendy said, nearly passing out from embarrassment.

Realizing that they liked each other they decided to go on a date next week and to say they were happy was an understatement, they were bursting with joy and of course when they got back to their guilds were questioned by many, mostly female, about their excitement.

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There was a huge celebration going on, the magic guilds had just won against a bunch of dragons. Unfortunately when Lucy and Yukino were closing the eclipse gate Yukino had gotten injured and due to the amount of magic power she had been using the healing process was taking longer than she had hoped for. As much as she wanted to be part of the festivities she knew that she needed to stay in bed, she just wished it weren’t so lonely. As she leaned her head against the back of the bed, letting out a sigh as she looked at the plain white ceiling, she heard the door creaking open just a bit. She looked over to see who had just come in only to let a small gasp as she stared at Sting. He only looked down, not saying anything for a while. When he finally looked up Yukino could see regret, sadness, and guilt in his eyes.

“Yukino before you say anything I just want you to know that I’m so sorry for everything you had to go through and I should have stood up for you, but I was scared. I know that’s not an excuse and would totally understand if you hate me, but I really care about you, I always have. I know I haven’t shown that but I do. Ever since you joined the guild I could tell that there was something special about you that drew me closer to you and over time I started to develop feelings, but you know what the guild was like and so I ignored them and treated you like shit, but not anymore. I would love it if you rejoined Sabertooth.” Sting said, nearly in tears by the end. He loved this girl and would gladly welcome her back into the guild, but she deserved so much better than him and he knew that.

“Sting-sama, I would be honored to be a part of Sabertooth again.” Yukino replied, earning her a tight bear hug from the blond, which of course did not help her injuries. Of course things couldn’t be that easy so it took many months for Yukino to fully trust Sting and many years for Sting to fully forgive himself, something that was hard and he had been losing sleep over, but if Yukino was happy then Sting was happy.

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Bickslow sat in a tree, his eyes following every move the annoying little pest made. Said pest was actually some random guy that Lisanna had gone on a date with. No Bickslow wasn’t jealous he was just making sure his guild mate was safe, watching from afar, in a tree, planning the murder of her date. Alright so he was a little jealous, but could you blame him, he found Lisanna to be one of the nicest, funniest, cutest girls he had ever met, not to mention, as far as he could tell, she didn’t find him weird or his babies annoying. So in summary Bickslow was jealous because he wanted to be the one she went on a date with.

As he tried to adjust his position in his hiding place the branch broke and he fell onto the pavement right in front of Lisanna.

“Bickslow are you okay?” Lisanna asked, kneeling down to make sure he hadn’t broken any bones.

“Yeah, just a little bruised is all”

“Alright second question, why were you in a tree?”

Bickslow hesitated, what could he say that she would believe and wouldn’t reveal the actual reason for his strange behavior?

“Why not” he responded, propping his head on his hand and still laying in the middle of the sidewalk. Of course his babies had to betray him by flying around Lisanna’s head and chanting about how he was jealous.

“Did you think this was a, oh, no I was on a job and he was helping me. Besides, there is already someone that I like.” Lisanna explained, trying to hint to Bickslow that she liked him.

“Wait who is it, do I know them?” Bickslow asked, completely missing the hints that she was giving him.

“Are all the guys in the guild complete idiots or am just so unlucky to like the ones that are?” Lisanna jokingly asked, bopping his nose.

It was at that point that Bickslow realized that Lisanna liked him. He wasn’t sure what to do, he wanted to kiss her, but would that be rushing things?

Before he could think further he felt her soft lips against his and without hesitation kissed back. Of all the while Mira had been spying on the both of them and struggled with her feelings in this new relationship.

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It was like any other day at Fairy Tail, the guys and Erza fighting and Lucy trying to avoid it by talking to Mira at the bar. But then it happened, Jason ran in with a copy of the latest issue of Sorcerer Weekly, the one where Lucy had modeled for the cover. Everyone stopped what they were doing and gathered around to look at the cover, all except a few that didn’t care which included Natsu.

“This looks amazing!”

“You look as fine as ever Lucy”

“Juvia will model with her darling Gray one day”

“I remember when I modeled nearly all the time”

Everyone kept talking about the stupid magazine and Natsu didn’t understand why, but then he heard something about her perfect match and saw her blushing, one look wouldn’t hurt.

He regretted it, on the cover there was a picture of Lucy with some other guy, who supposedly was a famous model, and it said that they were the perfect match for each other.

“Tch, he doesn’t even know her that well.” Natsu said, gaining the attention of a few of the girls.

“Well according to this all you have to do is answer a few questions and it tells you your perfect match based on answers.” Lisanna said, her eyes sparkling as she thought about finding her perfect match.

“Why do you care, it’s not like you get caught up in all this love stuff.” Mira teased, trying to get a rise out of him.

“Whatever” he said walking away. Why did he care? It was only Lucy, his best friend and the person he cared about the most. Oh right he was, what was it that Gray had said, jealous. He didn’t want anyone to know because then they would know how he felt about her and he wasn’t quite ready for that to be known, so for now he would just make sure she never dated anyone else.

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Levy sat in fear, unable to do anything except watch and listen to her girlfriend’s heart beat. Lucy was rewriting the book of END in hopes that it would keep Natsu from dying if Zeref was killed. Levy leaned closer to Lucy trying not to cry, she could tell that this was a painful process and just wished there was some way she could help. As the markings of END spread across Lucy’s body Levy knew there was a possibility that she could die. Levy urged Lucy not to give up, but she was shaking and Lucy could tell she was scared.

Lucy had successfully rewritten the book and lived, so now that the war was over her and Levy cuddled up on her couch to read and drink some tea, just enjoying the time for just the two of them.

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It was a strange request, especially from her and he wasn’t quite sure how he felt about the whole situation.

Aries had asked Leo to kiss her, which first of all he was shocked she would be asking for that and two that she was asking him.

“Why? I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m a bit confused.” Leo said, his head tilting to the side in question.

“Oh, well it’s kind of embarrassing, but I’ve never been kissed before,” Aries admitted to Leo softly, her eyes glancing away for a split moment as her cheeks reddened at the embarrassment of having to admit such a thing. “I don’t know what It’s like, or why people do it. It’s just never appealed to me.”

“I see, well being kissed can be really nice for some when it’s with the right person.”

“Have you found that person yet?” Leo’s smile turned lopsided at the question and he gave a small, absentminded shrug, too focused on how close they had gotten. “Oh. Do you think I could ever be that person?”

“Maybe,” Leo whispered. “Perhaps we could find out right now?”

“I’d love to,” Aries blushed, her eyes flickering down at Leo’s lips for a moment as she considered closing the space between them. Before she could, however, Leo did it for her, his hand coming to rest on Aries’ waist as their lips pressed together in a gentle kiss that left them both giddy and red faced. “How was that? Did I.. did I do good?”

Leo simply answered with another kiss.

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Mira wasn’t usually the kind of person that got jealous, in fact she completely understood why other people flirted with Laxus, but when one girl kept flirting with him the whole night and he was too much of an idiot to see what was happening Mira got a little irritated.

The two had gone out for the night and now all Mira wanted to do was go home. It’s amazing how something you had been looking forward to can be ruined by one person. The take over mage let out a sigh, grabbed her things and walked out.

Laxus, who was about ready to fry the girl next to him, noticed his girlfriend leaving and immediately knew something was wrong. He pushed the random girl off of him and ran after Mira. When he got outside he found Mira sitting on a bench, she had clearly been crying. He sat down next to her, his fingers brushing through her hair. “What’s wrong, you’ve been looking forward to this so why did you leave?”

“Well that girl kept flirting with you and I had to leave or I might have done something I would later regret.” Mira explained, her head finding its place on Laxus’ shoulder.

“So the demon was jealous?” Laxus teased, causing Mira to deny his claim, well sort of as her words came out as more of squeaky gibberish. Laxus just laughed before leaning down and giving her a gentle kiss. She would never know how much he loved her or how she made him feel like he wasn’t a complete piece of shit, but he was fine with that.

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Team Natsu had successfully completed the 100 year quest yet Natsu was not as cheerful and energetic as Lucy had expected. Wanting to make sure he was alright, Lucy snuck away from the other girls and went over to her partner.

“Everything alright Natsu?” Lucy asked, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“Lucy, do you remember Nasha?” Natsu asked, causing the blonde to blush as she thought about the young daughter of Edo Natsu and Lucy. Why was he asking about that, what was he getting at.

“Yeah, why?” Lucy stuttered out trying not to die from embarrassment, of course her mind had to go crazy and she was thinking about starting a family with Natsu.

“Well I want my own Nasha, I want to make a baby with you.” Natsu explained, only causing Lucy to become more embarrassed. Lucy looked around hoping no one had heard him. It seemed like they were all busy with their own conversations.

“Natsu you can’t just have a baby with anyone, it has to be with someone you love, romantically, like Gajeel and Levy.” Lucy explained, her face a deep red.

“Wait, I thought we did love each other, our Edolas and Fairy Nail counterparts love each other.” Natsu said, his tilting in question, something Lucy found adorable.

“Well, yeah I guess, but I’m not really ready for kids and we aren’t even dating. I guess maybe in the future we could have a kid. Wait, what am I saying, this isn’t something I want to be talking about right now!” And with that Lucy rushed off leaving Natsu confused.

Four and a half years later Lucy lay in the infirmary holding a little baby girl in her arms as Natsu admired his amazing wife who, despite his craziness, had stuck around and had now blessed him with his own little Nasha Dragneel.

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Natsu sat in the corner of the guildhall, looking like he was ready to murder. About a week ago Lucy had said that she was lucky to have been picked as the perfect match for Edward, the guy she had modeled with and now here he was asking her out on a date. There was no way Lucy would actually go out with this guy. He didn’t know her like Natsu did and he just didn’t want her to go out with Edward. Natsu had spent the last week trying to convince Lucy not to go on a date with the other guy, but he had gone about it the wrong way and now she was mad at him. Lucy wouldn’t be happy if he tried to interfere with the date so he would let them go, but he would watch from afar and afterwards would make sure that Edward knew that he wasn’t good enough for Lucy.

As Natsu watched the two on their date he noticed that Edward kept touching Lucy in ways that made her uncomfortable. He wanted to kill this guy, it was one thing to think he was Lucy's ‘perfect match’, but if Lucy was uncomfortable then this guy didn’t even deserve to live in Natsu's opinion. At some point Natsu had gotten so mad that he lost all control of his actions and everything happened in a blur. There were a few punches, Lucy yelling, and suddenly Natsu was being held back by Erza while Lucy tried not to hit him. He had been acting strange and everyone had noticed, but no one knew why.

“Natsu what was that about, you had no right hurting him like that.” Lucy scolded.

“Oh, but he had the right to make you feel uncomfortable. Lucy, he didn't care about you!” Natsu shouted not caring that he just revealed that he had been watching her.

“You were spying on us?! Natsu what has gotten into you? I know you are just trying to keep me safe, but you have gotten out of hand.” Lucy complained, about to cry. Did he not trust her ability to protect herself?

“Lucy I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of you with someone like him.”

“Why, why do you care? This is my life and whether you like it or not I can date whoever I like.” Lucy said storming away.

The next day was awkward, Natsu and Lucy weren’t talking and no one was sure what to do. Lucy felt awful, she had gotten mad at Natsu when he was just looking out for her, but he shouldn’t have been watching her. Then again she could forgive him, he was her best friend after all. Though maybe she should give him space, but, she loved him despite it all.

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Minerva stared out the window at the night sky, she still felt guilty about everything she had done and it made sleeping hard. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice Rufus walk into the kitchen. The two had started dating about a year ago and they would often spend the night at each other’s place. It wasn’t until she had turned to head back to bed that Minerva noticed Rufus.

“Trouble sleeping?” Rufus asked, setting a hand on Minerva’s shoulder. Minerva hesitated, she didn’t like talking about this. Instead of talking however Minerva just broke down and cried while Rufus held her in his arms. This had become natural, and though she would never say it out loud Minerva needed Rufus.

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Silence filled the room of the beauty known as Lucy Heartfilia. Her best friend Natsu Dragneel had awoken from a nightmare with tears streaming down his face. It didn't take long for the blonde to calm him. Now they were just holding hands, her using her thumb to rub soothing circles.

"You want to talk about it?" Lucy asked, raising her head from his shoulder, breaking the silence looking at him with brown orbs that could out-shine the stars.

"It was during the battle with Alvarez and you died right in front of me. It felt so real and I didn't know what to do." Natsu said as he looked down at the bed sheets. There was something about Lucy that made Natsu feel like he could show his weakness, if he was with Gray of Erza however, or anyone for that matter he just didn't feel that.

"You know I love you right?" Natsu asked, looking straight into Lucy's eyes, needing to let her know he was serious.

"Yeah, it's funny though, we both knew but never said anything." Lucy said with a small smile and her face dusted with a light shade of pink.

"Never felt like it needed saying," Natsu replied, leaning back, using his free hand for support. "Want me to say it now" he said, giving the celestial mage a small smile inching just a little closer to her.

"Yeah, yeah that would be nice" Lucy hummed closing her eyes and laying her head back on his shoulder taking in his warmth that she always loved.

"I don't know much about a romantic relationship, but I do know that I want to learn about it with you by my side. Lucy Heartfilia I love you" Natsu said not breaking eye contact at any point.

"That was beautiful Natsu, I love you too," Lucy said with tears in her eyes. She then closed the gap between them by placing her lips on his in a gentle kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck and his found their way to her waist. This was new and different, but it felt right. They had fallen in love with their best friend.


Happy awoke with a yawn ready for the day only to be greeted with Lucy and Natsu sharing a passionate kiss.

"What did I miss?" Happy asked, getting the attention of the two mages. They looked over at the blue exceed a blushing mess. Happy just shrugged his shoulders and flew out the window.

"Well I'll just head to the guild hall, you two join when you're done being gross." Happy said before flying off.

"Darn that cat, ruining the moment." Lucy said now in a sour mood. She was about to say something else when her clothes hit her in the face.

"Get ready Luce, we're going on a job!" Natsu said with excitement and all Lucy could do was laugh. Yeah falling in love with your best friend isn't all that bad.

Chapter Text

Sting and Yukino were running up the five flights of stairs, hand in hand and the sound of cheerful laughter filling the air. It was their first date and Sting was planning on surprising her with star gazing, her favorite thing to do at night.

"Where are we going Sting-sama" Yukino asked as they stopped by the door leading to the roof of the building.

"You'll see," Sting replied, opening the door to reveal at least five blankets, lots of comfy pillows and the best view of the night sky Yukino had ever seen. She placed her hand over her mouth as a small gasp escaped.

"Do you like it?" Sting asked as he rubbed the nape of his neck.

"I love it, you can see everything from here." It didn't take long for Yukino to get settled down on the blankets and start pointing out the different constellations. Sting let out a little laugh at how cute she was when she got excited about the stars.

Upon hearing Sting's little laugh Yukino looked down as a light blush spread across her face. "Sorry" she said as she wrapped one of the blankets around her trying to hide from embarrassment.

"Hey I thought it was cute, don't be embarrassed." Sting said, pulling her into his arms. They sat there in the peacefulness of the night brown orbs looking into blue. They were inching closer and not even an inch apart when the door opened and the rest of Sabertooth fell down, clearly spying on the couple.

Chapter Text

It was one in the morning and Lisanna was eating ice cream. She couldn't sleep and so this was the only thing she had to keep herself occupied. She would watch a movie but she didn't want to wake the visiting Thunder-Legion. As she was heading back to her room she stepped on a creaky floorboard the sound echoing through the house.

"Lisa, what are you doing?" Bicklow asked not really awake. Lisanna sighed as she walked over to sit next to him.

"Couldn't sleep I guess." Lisanna said, pulling her knees up to her chest. Bicklow could tell she was lying, he's known her long enough.

"Something bothering you?" He asked giving her the chance to tell him without him forcing her to.

"No," the white haired girl said, looking away from the other mage.

"I'll believe that when Makarov isn't master anymore." Bicklow said, crossing his arms.

Lisanna just sat there debating if she should tell him what's been on her mind the past few days. He was a good friend and all, but would he really understand why it bothered her so much. Not to mention how silly it was anyway.

"I don't know, I guess I just feel like no one sees me as more than Mirajane and Elfmen's little sister. It sounds stupid I know, but, never mind I won't bother you with this, you can go back to sleep." Lisanna said getting up to leave.

"Nope, I ain't going back to sleep until you feel better." Bicklow said, stopping her from leaving.

"Thanks Bix"

"So what makes you think people don't recognize how amazing you are?" The seith mage asked as he wrapped the girl next to him in the blanket.

"Well for starters this article in Sorcerer Weekly"

"Eh, this stuff is crap anyway"

It continued on like this for about five minutes, Lisanna would give some sort of proof and then Bicklow would find a way to turn it around. After that he would name something that made her stand out from her siblings. With each example Bicklow gave Lisanna's smile got bigger.

"You see, you are just as amazing as both of them, maybe even more."

"Thank you for listening and making me feel better you're an amazing friend." Lisanna said, giving Bicklow a quick kiss on the cheek and heading back to bed.

Chapter Text

It was pure chaos as everyone tried their hardest to fight off the enemies, but somewhere in the middle of all of that was a couple embracing each other, not sure if they would get another chance to. Usually they weren’t this open about their relationship but with what was happening they weren’t sure if they would see each other alive after this. They would have stayed like that forever if they didn’t have to help fight, so in the meantime they shared a quick kiss and parted ways, praying to every god that things would be alright.

Chapter Text

Cana stared down at the pregnancy test sitting on the bathroom sink. After all, what could she do but stare, she hadn't planned to have a kid so soon and she didn't even know if Bacchus wanted to have a kid. It didn't help that Bacchus was on a job at the moment so she couldn't really tell him until who knows when. Though knowing it was best to tell someone Cana called Lucy, after all if she could tell her that Gildarts was her dad then she could tell her about a baby.

About ten minutes later Lucy arrived along with Natsu, who had refused to let Lucy go on her own as she herself was expecting and he was now more protective than ever. Cana let the two in after Lucy continually apologized for bringing Natsu with her.

"So what was it you wanted to talk about?" Lucy asked, sitting down on the couch.

"How did you two know you were ready for a kid?" Cana responded, deciding it was better to just get to the point.

"Why would you need to know that?" Lucy asked before it hit her "Oh, Cana that's amazing. Though about us knowing if we were ready, well we didn't."

"Yep it just happened, we were lucky enough to have the guild as help is all." Natsu admitted to the brunette. This was surprising, Cana could have sworn that they had everything figured out but it turned out that they were just as clueless as her.

"Does Bacchus know yet?" Lucy asked intentionally not mentioning Gildarts, he hadn't been too overly happy when his daughter married, as he had put 'that drunken bastard', he had never gotten over the fact that Bacchus had stolen Cana's bra back during the Grand Magic Games.

"Wait, what about Gildarts? He is your dad after all." Natsu added not picking up on the way Cana's mood changed at the mention of the S-Class mage.

"Um Natsu, why don't you go get food for all of us." Lucy said awkwardly looking between the other two in the room unsure if Cana was planning Natsu or Gildarts’ death.

"Sure, watch'a want?" Came the clueless reply. Lucy just mumbled an anything and handed him some jewels.

After talking with the Dragneel couple Cana felt a little better but she needed to tell her own husband, who probably would not be happy that someone else's husband knew before him. Though Natsu did bring up a good point, she should tell her dad even if he was a jerk to the man she chose to spend her life with. Cana walked up to her bed and grabbed a pair of pajamas not hearing the front door open. She was just about to get in the shower when she felt a pair of familiar hands running down her side.

"Hey doll, you're looking nice. Want to have some fun?" Bacchus whispered in the brunette's ear. Cana just sighed, usually she would have said yes but now that she knew she was expecting she needed to tell him.

Cana pushed Bacchus off, turning to look at him. The minute he saw the look on her face he knew it was serious. He led her back to their bed, setting her on his lap as she told him about her pregnancy.

"Oh, well that sure is going to change things around here and your dad ain't going to like this." Bacchus said, tying up his wife's hair for her.

"Yeah that's what worries me, I don't like how clingy he can get but I want him to be happy to have a grandkid." Cana explained, taking note that Bacchus didn't seem to be upset about having a baby but he didn't look happy about it either. How did he feel about this?

The next day at the guildhall was a strange one because people had taken note of Cana's lack of drinking and the fact that Bacchus was there. Mira being the ever caring friend that she was, had decided to ask the cause of this strangeness. Cana panicked, she wasn’t quite ready for everyone to know about her pregnancy yet, but it was nearly impossible to lie to Mira in these kinds of situations.

“Don’t worry about it, do you know where Gildarts is?” Cana asked her eyes scanning the guildhall for her father. Unfortunately she couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Hm, I actually haven’t seen him, but I don’t think he took a job so he has to be here.” Mira said, her attention now on seeing who was at the guild today. Cana let out an exasperated sigh, if Gildarts didn’t show up soon she would lose the nerve to tell him about her kid. About five minutes later Gildarts walked into the guildhall ready to take a new job, something Cana wouldn’t let him do until she had talked to him.

“Hey before you leave again I need to talk to you about something important.” Cana said, gaining the attention of Gildarts.

“What is it, my precious little Cana?” Gildarts asked, ignoring the glare his daughter was giving him.

“Look I’m going to tell you something and you can’t over react, alright.” Cana said, taking in a breath before continuing. “I’m pregnant”

Instead of saying anything Gildarts fainted, which of course caused people to stare. Cana didn’t know how her husband or father felt about the news, but Bacchus was in a good mood as he out drank some of the Fairy Tail guys and her dad wasn’t trying to kill him so she would take this as a win for now.

Chapter Text

Yukino lay on her bed thinking about the day's events, it was an interesting day for sure. When she arrived at the guild Minerva seemed to be trying to avoid her and accidentally left something of her's behind. It was a small journal and Yukino decided to give it to her the next day, though a part of her said to read it.

"I really shouldn't, that's an invasion of privacy. Then again maybe it will give me an answer as to why she was avoiding me." Yukino said aloud, sitting up and grabbing the small book. She flipped through the pages until she came across one with yesterday's date on it.

I'm not sure why I think she would ever like me, she's such a sweet girl and I did so many awful things. Besides, she probably doesn't like girls anyway so I might as well give up and forget about these feelings. That's harder than it seems though, how can I just forget that I love Yukino...

The celestial mage didn't read past that, Minerva liked her and thought the feelings weren't reciprocated? Boy was she wrong, ever since Minerva came back to Sabertooth Yukino had started to like her.

"I need to talk to her right now," Yukino said, jumping up and heading out the door, she didn't even bother to put shoes on. She finally found Minerva in the park and was no longer able to move.

"Yukino, what are you doing here? Without shoes at that." Minerva asked, coming over to the other girl.

"Oh, um, well I found this in the guild hall earlier today and I thought I would return it."

"Did you read any of it?"

Yukino panicked, what should she say? She didn't want to lie but at the same time how do you tell your friend you read their journal?

"Um, just a little and, well, I kinda wanted to talk to you about what I read." Yukino said not once looking up. As Yukino struggled to say what she wanted Minerva put together all the details and realized what it was that the other had read and her face became almost as red as Erza’s hair.

“Look, just forget what you read and let’s pretend this didn’t happen.” Minerva said, trying desperately to get out of this situation.

“What, no I was trying to say I feel the same way. I was hoping we could go out sometime.” Yukino explained, grabbing Minerva’s hands and giving her a big, bright smile. And so the two went on a date with many to follow.

Chapter Text

Wendy's POV:
The guild was having a party, why, I don't know. Don't get me wrong it's lots of fun but now that everyone is playing those embarrassing party games and I'm just casually sitting in the corner by myself as Carla is with Happy and Lily. I picked up my water to take a drink when Romeo sat down next to me. I've had a crush on him for about a month now and whenever we talk I get all awkward.

"Hey Wendy, how are you doing?" Romeo asked, looking over at me.

"Good, glad I don't have to be part of those embarrassing party games." I replied folding my hands in my lap. We now just sat in an awkward silence watching as the others played truth or dare.

"Truth or dare?" I heard Romeo ask, and to say I was shocked was an understatement.

"I, uh, t-truth" I say but I'm pretty sure it sounded more like a question.  

"How do you feel about me?" He asked, causing my face to turn a deep scarlet color. It almost put Erza's hair to shame. I wasn't expecting him to ask that and I don't think I'm ready to tell him yet.

"I uh w-what?" That is all I can say, what am I supposed to say?

"How do you feel about me"

"I-i like you, m-more than a f-friend" I say looking at the ground trying to hide the blush that got ten times worse, if that is even possible.

"I like you to Wendy, you maybe want to hang out sometime."

"Yeah that would be nice"

"Aw, Rowen!" Mira said coming out from behind the table, should have known this would happen.

Chapter Text

It was the middle of the night and Juvia still couldn't get to sleep. She wasn't sure why and she had tried everything, but nothing worked. So she decided that she would make cookies. She quietly got out of bed so as to not wake the raven haired ice mage that had one arm draped over her body. She walked into the kitchen and pulled out a recipe book. After taking the third batch out of the oven Juvia felt a pair of strong arms around her waist. She looked over her shoulder to see Gray resting his head on hers and obviously confused as to why Juvia was baking at this hour.

 "What are you doing Juvia, it's the middle of the night" Gray said, his voice husky from just waking up. Juvia would never get used to the way Gray would hold her when they were alone, so now she had a light blush spread across her face.

 "I couldn't sleep," Juvia said, turning around so she was facing him, placing her arms around his neck. Of course this didn't answer Gray's question and he just got more confused. Why does someone need to make cookies at one in the morning?

 "So, you made cookies?" Gray asked grabbing one of the already cooled cookies and popping it into his mouth, getting crumbs on his face in the process.  

 "Yes, and you can't stop Juvia" the water mage said trying to hold back a laugh at the crumby state of Gray's face.  

 "Alright Juvis" Gray said, grabbing the jug of milk out of the fridge and pouring two cups, giving one to Juvia. The two enjoyed a nice midnight snack talking about random things. Eventually Juvia was ready to go back to bed.

 "Good night Gray-sama" Juvia said, laying her head on his chest and falling asleep instantly.  

 "Night Juvia" Gray whispered, closing his eyes and pulling his girlfriend closer to him.

Chapter Text

Jellal's POV:
I love Erza but sometimes I think she is just a child in an adult's body. We were supposed to go out to dinner with the others and here she was sitting in a pillow fort, eating popcorn and only wearing one of my T-shirts. I sighed, kneeling down to Erza's level and turned off the T-V lacrima. The scarlet beauty turned to face me and if looks could kill I would be six feet under.

 "You turned it off right as it was getting to the best part, why?"

 "Erza we have to leave to meet the others in five minutes, you have to get ready." She seemed to ponder this for a second before crossing her arms over her chest and turning her head away from me. She let out a little huff, this not going my way at all.

 "Come on Erza" I begged, you can't just make planes and then not show up without an excuse.

 "Counter offer, you join me in this pillow kingdom and rule with me eating popcorn and watching movies." Erza said now in a better mood.

 "Why don't you want to go?" I ask, trying to figure out why she was being so stubborn.

 "Well it's just that we have never really had any time for just the two of us," she said, her face matching her hair. I smile and brush a stray piece of hair behind her ear, she really is the best person to enter my life.

 "Is this what all this is about, you just want to spend time with me?" I ask pulling her closer to me. She just nods.

 "Alright, I guess we can reschedule" I walk away to get in Pjs and grab more popcorn. When I come back me and Erza cuddle up under a blanket and turn The Princess Bride. Maybe we should do this more often.

Chapter Text

Lyon and Merdey had just returned from their honeymoon and all they really wanted to do was lay in bed and soak up the joy of being married. Hands intertwined and eyes not leaving the other.   "Have I told you recently that you are utterly gorgeous?"   "No" the pink haired mage hummed with eyes closed and lips curling into a smile. "Remind me" So the two spent the afternoon telling the other how gorgeous their partner was.

Chapter Text

It had been a long day for Kagura, so when she got home all she wanted to do was sleep. No, why would she get to sleep when she has to put away laundry. She hated when Rouge would go on long missions, leaving her to deal with Sting while being a parent. Kagura walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water and a snack for her son, only to leave Arch-Enemy on the counter, a little too close to the shadows and neither Rouge nor Kagura realized that the three-year-old was developing his father's magic.

Kagura had just finished folding the clothes when she heard cries coming from the kitchen. When she walked in she found Shadow sitting on the floor, Arch-Enemy beside him and his left eye covered in blood. In a panic Kagura called Yukino and told her what happened.

It wasn't until after getting to the emergency room that Kagura let the tears fall. I'm a horrible mother and is he going to be alright were the only thoughts going through her head. When Rogue finally arrived, after being told what happened, Kagura fell into his arms and cried until she couldn't anymore. After all the crying Kagura quickly fell asleep in the arms of her husband.

A few weeks after this happened Rouge found Shadow staring at himself in the bathroom mirror.

"Whatcha doing buddy?" Rouge asked, leaning against the door frame.

"My scar makes me look even more like you daddy." Shadow said, hopping off his stole and walking over to his father.

"Oh, really? I think yours looks cooler."

Kagura walked over telling them breakfast was ready to find the two of them making soap beards.

"Mommy can I go show Dawn my scar?" Shadow asked after finishing his food and getting dressed.

"I guess we can head to the guild earlier than normal."

"See Kagura everything turned out fine." Rouge said, intertwining their fingers.

Chapter Text

Shadow Cheney sat on his bed with his little sister Katie, the two listening to their parents arguing yet again. The ten year old hated this, his life used to be perfect but now his parents were always mad at each other and because of this he would act up at school which only made things worse at home. Finally having had enough Shadow grabbed his sister and ran out the door startling the two adults.

"Shadow wait!" Kagura yelled after her son. She didn't want him running off on his own in such a big city.

"Let's go get him," Rogue said, trying to stay calm.

~Time Skip~

Rogue and Kagura walked into the Sabertooth guild hall still unable to find their son and daughter thinking that maybe Sting and Yukino could help. The two were shocked to find their son in the arms of Yukino unable to hold back his tears and their daughter asleep in Sting's lap.

It took a while for the ten year old to calm down but when he finally did he told his parents why he had run off. Unfortunately this made it even harder for Rogue and Kagura to tell their kid that they were getting a divorce.

Eventually they were able to tell him and he surprised them by handling it quite well, he even helped plan what days parents would have the kids. This of course didn't make him any less upset and Katie was so young she wouldn't understand, but he knew this was for the best and he would one day be able to feel like things were going to be better.

Chapter Text

Bickslow sat by the bed his wife lay in, trying to process the situation. She had gone into labor earlier that day and he was beyond ready for a kid, but three? Obviously he loved them but from what he had heard from the people with twins he thought for sure that triplets could only be worse.

“Do you want to hold one of them?” Wendy asked, carrying over one of the babies.

Bickslow took the tiny human into his arms and couldn’t hold back the tears. She was so still and quiet, yet something about her was mischievous.

“So we have three girls and no names, any ideas?” Lisanna asked, holding their other two daughters.

“What about Mary, Faith, and Hope,” Bickslow suggested.

“I like that, it’s cute” Lisanna said, a look of approval on her face.

It didn’t take long for Lisanna’s siblings and Bickslow’s team to barge in hoping to see what they thought was one baby.

“Alright let Aunti Mira see the little…ones?” Mira said, shocked to see three babies.

“Surprise, we had triplets?” Lisanna awkwardly said, uncertain if her siblings would try to kill Bickslow or not.

“Of course you did. That only means more headaches for me.” Evergreen commented, while trying to take the little girl from Bickslow’s arms.

“Are you annoyed or happy, you’re giving me very mixed signals Ever!” Bickslow whisper-shouted, trying not to wake his daughters.

“Both, now give me the kid. I am her aunt after all.”

Eventually the others left and Lisanna, Mary, and Faith were asleep, leaving Bickslow to talk to Hope. He walked her around the room as her bright blue eyes filled with wonder. Bickslow smiled down at the bundle in his arms, yes he wasn’t prepared to raise three kids at once but he had an amazing wife to help him.

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Hello everyone! Okay so first off I want to say thanks to everyone that has requested. I know that there is a lot of you that requested and I still haven't written it, I did not forget about you I just got overwhelmed with the amount of requests there was. I promise I will get those out, but in order for that to happen quicker I need to close requests for now. I will open them again once I finish all the old request. Thank you for reading this and leaving kudos, it means do much to me. Have a good day and stay amazing😘

Chapter Text

Lucy sat on her bed watching as Natsu and Happy moved half of their belongings from their place to hers. She wasn’t sure where they were planning on putting all of it, they needed to fit her things as well.

“Natsu, how do you plan on fitting everything in here?” Lucy asked, already regretting letting them move in with her. His response was something along the lines of ‘we’ll figure it out,’ and Lucy was pretty sure he had no idea. By the time that everything was moved in Lucy had changed into her pajamas and was laying in bed ready to go to sleep, however, Natsu and Happy decided it would be a great idea to intentionally fall down on top of her. Unsurprisingly Lucy was not amused and tried to push them off only to get trapped in cuddles. Knowing it was useless to fight the blonde wrapped her arms around her partner and proceeded to smother him in kisses.

“You sure you’re fine with us moving in?” Natsu asked once the two had gotten comfortable and Happy was asleep on the end of the bed. Lucy buried her face into Natsu’s hair, which was a lot softer than it looked.

“Of course, I wouldn’t have let you otherwise,” Lucy said, her voice muffled by her position. Natsu smiled to himself as he held his girlfriend close to himself. He was glad she had let him move in and if he was lucky enough in a few days she would be his fiancé.

Chapter Text

Minerva sat at the bar talking to Yukino when she realized that the twin dragon slayers were nowhere to be seen. Usually, they let one of the girls know when they were going on a job, so she knew that wasn’t the case. She was about to go look for them when Sting kicked the door open and walked in with Rogue’s hand in his.

“So who finally confessed?” Minerva asked, noticing the look on the shadow dragon slayer’s face.

“I did,” Sting answered, pulling Rogue closer to himself.

“You shouted ‘listen here you little shit, I have feelings for you and it’s about time you acknowledge them,’ from the rooftop!” Rogue yelled, smacking the blonde upside the head.

“It worked didn’t it?” Sting asked, a smug look on his face.

“Yeah,” Rogue sighed, a smile tugging at his lips.

Chapter Text

Leo had been in Earthland long enough that he expected some changes when he got back to the celestial world. What he didn’t expect was Aries to talk about how cute it was that he now had freckles. Leo had been forced to lay his head in the girl’s lap, not that he was complaining but it was a bit awkward.

“Well in total, you have 27 freckles on your face,” Aries said, bopping her friend’s nose. Leo definitely was glad to be back in the celestial world, especially with Aries. He couldn’t thank Lucy enough for agreeing to make a contract with the ram and treating her like a friend. Sitting up, Leo placed his hands on Aries’ face debating with himself if he should go through with this or not. Deciding that this was probably the best time he moved his face closer to hers until they were an inch apart.

“I thought about you every day I was stuck in Earthland,” Leo said, his eyes moving down to look at the girl’s lips. She had done the same and was anticipating the kiss that seemed like it would never happen.

“I thought about you too,” Aries said, her voice just above a whisper. And then without another word their lips met and they felt complete. When the two pulled away from each other Aries couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

“What’s so funny, miss fluffkins?” Leo asked, ruffling up the pink locks he found beyond beautiful.

“Just thinking about how this started from me counting your freckles,” Aries answered before placing a small kiss on Leo’s cheek.

Chapter Text

He knew that his twenty-first birthday would be chaotic, but he sure wasn’t expecting this. The music was making it hard to hear what anyone was saying, practically everyone was drunk, and his dream girl was asking him to dance. He was beyond embarrassed that even after all these years he still couldn’t work up the courage to ask her out and now she was asking him to dance. Romeo took the hand of the blue haired girl in front of him, a noticeable blush covering his face. Wendy led him to the dance floor giggling at how nervous he was.

“Why are you so nervous, we’ve known each other for years?” Wendy asked, placing her empty hand on Romeo’s shoulder as a slow song started to play, courtesy of Mira.

“Yeah but you’re just so beautiful,” Romeo whispered under his breath, forgetting that she could hear.

“What, you think I’m beautiful?” Wendy asked, her face heating up.

“I uh, well you know I, ahh! Look Wendy now that I said that there is something else I need to tell you and if I don’t do it now I never will, so listen carefully.”

Wendy nodded her imagination going crazy thinking about what he was going to say. Romeo took a deep breath before continuing knowing full well there was no going back.

“Wendy I really like you, like a lot and was wondering if you would like to go on a date sometime.” Romeo said, looking the dragon slayer in her eyes making sure she knew he was serious.

“I, I would love to go out with you,” Wendy answered, her face now as red as a tomato.

“I have a gift for you by the way,” Wendy said before placing her lips against his a quick and gentle kiss.

“Best birthday ever,” Romeo whispered, leaning his forehead against Wendy’s and kissing her one more time.

Chapter Text

Lucy didn’t understand how she always got herself into these situations. One minute she is enjoying a peaceful day, the next she has to do whatever Natsu tells her to do. It all started with a stupid bet. Lucy had made an offhand comment about how Natsu could never keep from destroying something. Natsu, being the person he is, took that as a challenge and it turned into a bet. Lucy had stupidly gone along with it because one she was confident he would lose and two if she won he had to pay her rent for three months. So when Natsu proved her wrong and won the bet Lucy was in complete shock and worry, she had no idea what he would make her do but it would most likely be weird. She let out a sigh before entering the guildhall. She opened the door to find Natsu already there with a devious smile on his face. The blonde groaned before walking over to where her teammate sat and had to fight the urge to slap him. Today was going to be a long day and Lucy was already tired.

“Good morning Natsu, how are you today?” Lucy asked, trying not to show how annoyed she was at losing.

“Oh, I’m doing quite well. How about you?” Natsu sarcastically responded.

“I’m doing fine,” Lucy said through her teeth, only causing Natsu’s grin to widen. She was giving him the reaction he wanted and he knew that pissed her off.

“Right let’s just get today over with,” Lucy sighed, her fake smile replaced with a look of exasperation.

“Okay, first thing! Buy me some food,” Natsu said.

“I’m sorry, what?!”

“Buy me some food” Natsu repeated slowly as if she didn’t hear him the first time.

“Fine, what do you want?” Lucy sighed, pushing herself up from her sitting position.

“Surprise me,” Natsu said, after thinking about it for a minute.


It was almost the end of the day and Lucy was exhausted and looked like a mess from all the things Natsu had made her do. All she wanted to do now was take a bath and lay down in her bed, but of course, she couldn’t until the sunset.

“Alright there is only one more thing I want you to do,” Natsu said, wrapping his arm around Lucy’s shoulders. “I want you to go on a date with me tomorrow, only if you want to.”

Lucy stopped in her tracks surprised by what she had heard. After thinking about it she turned to Natsu, a smile on her face, and told him to pick her up at 8:00.

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Lyon didn’t understand why Juvia kept trying to go after Gray, he had made it clear he didn’t like her like that. It was only a matter of time until she got hurt and Lyon was trying to figure out how to prevent that from happening.

“Lyon, maybe if you actually talked to her about how you felt and didn’t try to get her to join Lamia Scale she would give you a chance,” Chelia said, starting to get annoyed with the ice make mage.

“I suppose I could try,” Lyon said, getting up to leave.

“You’re going now!?” Chelia yelled, not getting an answer.

When Lyon finally arrived in Magnolia after several hours of delay from the train breaking down, the sun had already started to set. As he walked to the Fairy Tail guildhall he ran into Juvia who had been heading back to Fairy Hills.

“Oh, hello Lyon, what are you doing here?” Juvia asked, genuinely confused.

“I came to talk to you, I hope that is okay,” Lyon said, earning a sigh from the water mage.

“Lyon I already told you, I’m not leaving Fairy Tail.” Juvia sighed, clearly exasperated.

“Oh, no it’s nothing like that, I was just hoping I could take you to dinner and we could talk,” the ice make mage explained, his smile only wavering for a second. Juvia was definitely surprised, but saw no harm in going to get dinner with a friend so she gladly went with him.

They talked about a variety of subjects, eventually talking about Gray and how he had been treating Juvia.

“Maybe I should just give up on him, he will never return my feelings,” Juvia sighed, a look of defeat on her face.

“You are amazing Juvia, and if Gray can’t realize that then you deserve better,” Lyon said, placing a hand over Juvia’s and giving her a reassuring smile. The water mage smiled back, Lyon’s words meaning a lot to her. Maybe she might actually fall for him.

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Kagura was finishing up the last essay she had to write when her dorm mate and best friend Yukino burst in.

"Kagura guess what!" The short-haired girl yelled jumping onto her friend's bed.

"If this has to do with that annoying child you call a boyfriend I don't want to hear it," Kagura said not once looking up from her work.

"Fine, guess you don't get to know about the tickets he got us for the Lucid Angels concert, front row," Yukino replied, teasingly fanning the tickets in her friend's face. The dark-haired girl looked at her friend, straight into her eyes, grabbed one of the tickets out of the other's hand, and went back to work.

"You better thank him next time you see him," Yukino said, walking over to her side of the room and flopping down on the twin-sized bed. Kagura stared at the ticket why on earth would Sting get a ticket for her, they definitely weren't the best of friends. The only thing that she could think of was that Sting and Yukino were planning something and she would have to kill them later.

The day of the concert finally arrived and Kagura still couldn't shake the feeling that Yukino had something planned. Her suspicions were confirmed when Sting introduced his friend, Rogue Cheney. Kagura could tell by the way Yukino and Sting were looking at each other that they were trying to set her up with Rogue.

Kagura's POV

I spent most of the concert enjoying the music and getting to know Rogue, but after it ended the two of us were forced to go to an ice cream parlor. Don't get me wrong the ice cream was delicious but Yukino and Sting were being a little too mushy for me.

"So you want to ditch the two lovebirds and meet my cat?" Rogue asked me, finishing off his ice cream.

A cat, yes, please! I love cats, honestly, the only person that might like cats more than me is Milliana.

"That would be nice," I answered, gathering up my things. We told the other two that we were leaving and headed to Rogue and Sting's apartment. When we walked in the most adorable kitten walked over to greet us.

“This is Frosch, it seems like he likes you,” Rogue said, kneeling down to pet Frosch. I smiled to myself as I thought about how, despite the fact that Yukino and Sting had tried to get me and Rogue together, tonight had been quite fun. 

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Juvia stepped out of the shower, water dripping from her hair, the water and evening sunlight making it shine more than normal. Unfortunately, she was unaware of the situation she was about to be in.

The water mage walked over to her dresser to grab a pair of pajamas and let the towel fall from her body only to hear a tap on her window. Juvia turned around to be met with the all too familiar smirk of her boyfriend, Gray Fullbuster. A bit shocked and annoyed, Juvia threw on a baggy shirt, most likely one of his, and walked over to the window.

“Gray what are you doing here? You know it’s against the rules,” Juvia said, opening the window to talk to her boyfriend.

“Screw the rules, now are you going to give me the kiss I came here for?” Gray asked, climbing into the room. Juvia stared in disbelief as Gray made himself at home.

“You know Erza is going to kill you if she finds out you’re in here,” Juvia said, sitting down in Gray’s lap.

“Yeah, but I’m willing to take that risk so I can spend time with you,” Gray said, wrapping his arms around Juvia’s waist and burying his face into her still wet hair. Juvia just sighed, deciding if Gray wanted to spend time with her then he could. After all, she wasn’t upset about it.

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Rogue didn’t know how he had gotten himself into this situation but here he was, carrying a drunk Minerva back to her place. Although he did have to thank the gods that she had fallen asleep and wasn’t saying anything that would make this even more awkward than it already was. When he got to her place he grabbed the key from under her potted plant and unlocked the door, which was a lot more difficult to do while holding her.

Rogue laid Minerva down on her bed and stood there trying to figure out what to do next. He didn’t want to make her sleep in her dress, but she was passed out meaning he would have to change her.

“Oh gosh, why couldn’t Yukino be the one taking care of her?” Rogue asked aloud, his mind racing as he tried to come up with a plan. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn’t heard Minerva waking up.

“Are you just going to stand in my room all night?” Minerva asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Rogue jumped at the sudden noise but soon regained his composure. After explaining the situation, Rogue attempted to leave but was stooped by Minerva asking him to stay. Not wanting to upset her, Rogue sat down on one of the chairs and soon fell asleep. Minerva looked at him and couldn’t help but smile as she thought about the fact that the guy she liked was asleep in her room, not to mention very cute.

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Gajeel wrapped his coat tighter around Levy as he walked her back to Fairy Hills. Who knew that Fairy Tail girls plus alcohol would result in the most embarrassing night of his life? However, he did silently enjoy getting to see Levy without her panties. Yeah, he found her attractive but he would never admit that.

Gajeel was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t realize that he had lost the smaller woman. He had an idea of where she might be. Silently cursing Erza, the dragon slayer retraced his steps until he stood in front of a small book shop. Levy was standing by the window looking at one of the books on display. Noticing the other person by her she turned to look at him, trying to give her best puppy dog eyes.

“Gajeel can you get that book for me, please!” Levy begged, still clearly drunk.

“No, you have to go home. Besides, they aren’t even open.” Gajeel said, throwing the bluenette over his shoulder.

“Aww, you big meanie” Levy said, though she made no effort to get out of his hold.

Upon arriving at Fairy Hills Gajeel was relieved to find Cana getting back from wherever she had been. The Brunette gladly took the other female, who thankfully had fallen asleep, and took her inside.

The next morning Levy woke up and found a gift on her nightstand. There wasn’t a name on it and she didn’t remember putting it there, she would just have to ask the other girls about it. As they all sat to eat breakfast Levy asked them about the gift on her nightstand but none of them knew who it was from. Levy decided to just open it and see what it was, when she tore open the wrapping paper she saw the book that she had wanted. She could easily figure out who got it because she had only told two people and Lucy had gotten her something else. Making a mental note to thank Gajeel later, Levy set the book aside and started eating her food.

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It was the year X810 and all the mages were drinking, dancing, and mingling as they celebrated the end of The Grand Magic Games. Yukino was over by the food with Lucy and Levy talking about a variety of subjects. The light blue-haired girl smiled to herself thinking back to the first time she was at a Grand Magic Games ball, the day Sting welcomed her back to the guild. Now she was married to him and they had two beautiful daughters.

Noticing Sting walking toward them, Yukino excused herself from the conversation and went to see what her husband wanted.

“Good evening, may I have this dance? A lady as beautiful as you shouldn’t go without a dance tonight.” Sting extended his hand as a way to invite her to dance with him.

“You dork, I was waiting for you to ask,” Yukino said, taking the dragon slayer’s hand and letting him lead her to the dance floor.

“So what have you been doing all night, besides having more than one small drink.?” Yukino asked, causing Sting to pretend to be offended.

“How dare you accuse me of something so true!” Sting said, continuing with his acting a bit longer. “Sorry, I know I promised it would only be one drink.”

“It’s fine, this is a party with the other guilds after all,” Yukino said, smiling up at Sting. Smiling back, Sting pulled Yukino closer to himself. As the two glided across the floor Yukino couldn’t help but think back to their first dance.


The tension was thick and neither of them attempted to make the first move. She had lost everything and he had just stood by and watched. Now they were face to face and didn’t know what to say.

“So uh, do you want to dance?” Sting asked, rubbing the back of his neck. Yukino looked at him with a small smile. She took his hand and they walked onto the dance floor. The two moved to the music, Sting trying to figure out the best way to talk about what had happened and Yukino trying to avoid the conversation.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Sting said, starting the conversation.

“Don’t be, we both knew that would happen,” Yukino said, looking down in an effort to hide her tears.

“Well that’s all behind us now, we can start over and I promise to be a good friend to you.” Sting said, smiling at the girl in front of him.

~End Flashback~ 

Yukino laid her head on Sting’s Shoulder, a big smile on her face as she thought about all the happy memories they had made together and all those yet to come, especially with another child on the way.

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It was their first date and neither of them knew what they were doing, so after getting some ice cream they headed to the park. That’s right Romeo and Wendy were on their first date. Wendy sat on one of the benches watching as her date messed around on the monkey bars.

“Romeo please be careful, you could fall and get hurt,” Wendy said, walking over to a nearby ice cream cart. After buying herself a strawberry and Romeo a chocolate Wendy walked back to the bench and that’s when it happened. Romeo fell off the monkey bars and landed on his wrist. Wendy ran over to him, the ice cream still in her hands, hoping that nothing bad happened.

“Take these, I’m going to check your wrist,” Wendy demanded, shoving the cones into Romeo’s hand so she could use her magic. After a minute she explained that he had a sprained wrist and forced him to go home after healing it.

“Thanks, aging Wen, I had a good time,” Romeo said before placing a kiss on her cheek and walking inside.

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Lucia stretched her arms above her head as she let out a yawn; she had just finished contacting several directors of the movies and shows that Nack would be staring in. Now that she was free for the night the blonde walked to the bathroom to take a bath so she could relax. As she walked past the bedroom she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Stopping in her tracks Lucia looked into the room to see Nack curled up in bed. Lucia walked over to the bed and ran a hand through her boyfriend’s hair, he had a long day and so he had just gone to bed when he got home. Lucia, not wanting to make Nack sleep in his clothes, tried to gently wake him up but nothing would work.

“Nack, I’m going to take a bath okay,” Lucia said, knowing full well that if he heard her he would be wide awake. Just as Lucia was about to leave she felt Nack wrap his arms around her waist, he then carried her to the bathroom. After the bath, the two lay in bed, Nack playing with Lucia’s hair as she cheeked some last-minute job offers for Nack.

“Thanks for all your help today, I really appreciate it,” Nack said. Lucia smiled to herself knowing that it was rare for her boyfriend to be this nice to her, so she would cherish this moment as they cuddled together.

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It had been almost two years since the war with Alvarez and things had started to calm down. Kagura took this opportunity to actually become better friends with Yukino so she was spending more time at Sabertooth, much to Sting’s annoyance. Now Kagura wasn’t sure how it happened and when, but at some point, she started gossiping and having ‘girl talk’ with Yukino and Minerva. A recurring topic was romance and what each other’s love life was like.

“Seriously Kagura, you should really go on a date,” Yukino said, as yet again Kagura admitted to not having a love life.

“I’m not sure if you are better or worse than Rogue.” Minerva sighed before getting an idea, one that Yukino seemed to have as well and Kagura did not like where things were heading.

“Why don’t you go on a date with Rogue!” Yukino said, her eyes shining like a kid’s on Christmas morning.

“What?!” Kagura, Rogue, and Sting all shouted.

“Sting, why do you care?” Minerva asked not even questioning why the two guys were listening.

“Because I don’t want my amazing, wonderful, better than most people, best friend to date that crazy bitch.” Sting explained, realizing the mistake he made right after.

“Fine, Rogue Cheney, you and I are going on a date,” Kagura said before walking out of the guildhall leaving the others in confusion.

“But when,” Rogue asked, still looking at the open doors.

The next day, which was also the day of the date, Kagura was a nervous wreck. She had no idea what to wear and her guildmates weren’t any help as they argued over which dress was better. Currently, she was in a simple white tank top, a black skirt, and black flats but the other girls said she had to wear a dress. The only reason she let them pick her outfit was that she actually really liked Rogue and wanted this date to go well, not that she would admit that to anyone. Before a new outfit could be picked there was a knock at the door. Milliana answered the door, letting Rogue in.

“Ah, hello Rogue” Kagura greeted, trying her hardest to stay calm, but that was near impossible when he chose to wear a button-down shirt with the top few buttons unbuttoned exposing his chest ever so slightly.

“Well let’s go,” Kagura said, dragging Rogue out of her apartment and leaving the other Mermaid Heel girls behind.

The date started with getting lunch at a little cafe that was next to an animal shelter. Yes, they purposely weren’t there so they could see the cats. After eating they just went for a walk around town talking about a variety of things, mostly how annoying Sting was though.

“This actually wasn’t that bad,” Rogue said as he walked Kagura home.

“Rogue, can I tell you something?” Kagura asked, messing with her hair in an effort to calm her nerves.

“Sure” Rogue answered, his mind immediately thinking of the worst possible thing she could say.

“I like you,” Kagura said, kissing the dragon slayer on his cheek and running inside.

Rogue touched the spot that Kagura kissed, a small smile spreading across his face.

“Glad you feel the same way,” Rogue said to himself before going home.

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It was New Year’s and the guilds had gotten together for a party. Kagura was sitting with Erza and Milliana talking about their relationships. Well mostly the other two, Kagura was distracted by Erza’s daughter. She was two years old and somehow still wide awake. Kagura had taken it upon herself to watch the little girl since Jellal had gotten stuck in a drinking competition and was now out cold and it was only a matter of time before Erza got drunk. This was why Kagura hated coming to these parties, there was always alcohol and everyone got drunk, even if they tried not to. It’s not like she had a problem with people having a drink or two, but most of them were parents now. However, the person she was most worried about was Rogue. When he got drunk it was nearly impossible to control him and she had no intention of trying to fight off a dragon slayer that wanted to have sex. She wasn’t against the idea, but she didn’t want her first time to be because of a few too many drinks. Now that she was thinking about Rogue she had to make sure all of Sabertooth wasn’t getting out of control. Kagura wasn’t sure when it had happened, but at some point, after she started dating Rogue she had become Sabertooth’s babysitter at these kinds of parties. Of course, they had all gotten drunk and she was going to have to be the one to take them home. She was glad that the ones with kids had decided to hire a babysitter though because she was not going to take care of them and their children. Kagura sighed when she saw Rogue walking over to her, she barely had time to mentally prepare herself for the insanity when she felt Rogue’s arms wrapping around her waist, his face buried into her hair.

“Kagura let’s go home,” Rogue slurred, before kissing her neck.

“Rogue we don’t live together, whose apartment are you wanting to go to?” Kagura asked, holding his hands in place so that he didn’t get too touchy.

“Oh yeah, let’s go to my place,” Rogue said. Kagura was about to respond when she heard Milliana giggling from across the table.

“Do you want to take care of a drunk dragon slayer?” Kagura asked, giving her friend a death glare.

“Nope, but I’m pretty sure that Rogue wants your attention,” Milliana teased.

Kagura was still trying to process everything, she had taken Rogue home after Milliana offered to watch the little Fernandes girl, and now she was underneath him, half-naked, as Rogue pleasured her.

It didn’t take long for Rogue to lose control. The apartment was filled with Kagura’s screams of pleasure as Rogue thrust into her hard and fast. Rogue obviously knew what he was doing and Kagura doubted that anyone could make her feel as good as him. Kagura was the first to release, digging her nails into Rogue’s back as she did.

Afterward, Kagura laid her head on Rogue’s chest, quickly falling asleep from exhaustion. Rogue pulled the blanket over both of them and held her close, soon falling asleep as well.

The next morning Rogue woke up to the sun shining on his face. He blinked a few times, adjusting to the light when he finally realized that he was not alone in bed. He looked down at the sleeping form of Kagura trying to remember what had happened last night. When he saw that she was completely naked, along with himself, it all came back in blurred memories. They had sex, and he was pretty sure that he didn’t use protection. After a quick shower Rogue ran out to buy some breakfast and some morning-after pills for Kagura, leaving a note of course so that she didn’t get the wrong idea. When he got back Kagura had just finished showing and had thrown on one of Rogue’s shirts.

“Here you go, a breakfast sandwich and some orange juice,” Rogue said, handing the bag to Kagura.

“Thanks,” she said, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Do you have a bad hangover?”

“Nothing I can’t handle, how are you feeling after last night?” Rogue asked, sitting down on the couch.

“I’m fine, still not sure why I let it happen so easily, but I don’t regret it,” Kagura answered, after taking one of the pills.

“Oh, I was that good?” Rogue asked, a smug look on his face.

“If you ever want this to happen again I suggest you shut up, but yeah,” Kagura said, a very evident blush on her face. Rogue just laughed and pulled her down onto the couch with him.

“So, uh, what happened to Frosch?” Rogue asked, cuddling up with Kagura.

“Um, I actually don’t know, I assume someone has him,” Kagura answered, just now remembering the little exceed. Before either of them could say anything else Sting barged in with the exceed in question.

“Sting, have you ever heard of this thing called knocking?” Rogue asked as he went over to get Frosch.

“Oh, I have, I just like messing with you. Anyway, here's Frosch and I hope you had a good night.” Sting said before walking out.