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Take Me Higher

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The elevator doors opened. Without waiting, Braeden entered, scared as she was to be squished by the terribly treacherous doors that she loathed. In her hurry to get in, she hadn’t realized that someone else was in there and bumped into that person. She looked up, slightly taken aback, only to be met with the intense gaze of a man she’d heard of, but never met before.

The Hunter, known across all of the galaxy, smiled widely at her, visibly amused by her awkward stumbling into the elevator. When he saw her blushing, his smile widened a little.

- Going somewhere, doll ?

Braeden opened her mouth, but was way too flustered for anything to come out of it, so she ended up just shrugging. She’d get off wherever he would and take the stairs if she needed to afterwards.

- By the way, he continued, you’re still stuck to my chest. Is there something going on with that ?

She attempted to take a step back exactly at the time when the doors started closing. It was only due to the swift reflexes of the Hunter – and his lack of being flustered – that she escaped one of her worst nightmares. With how small the elevator was, and the Hunter’s arm folded around her, she was pretty much squished against him already. Considering this, Braeden’s blushing only became worse.

- You should be careful not to get stuck in there, you know ? That could put you in a very… interesting position.

- Honestly, she blurted out, I wouldn’t mind that in front of you.

She only realized what she had just said when he started laughing. It felt a little strange, to be squished like this as he laughed, and she thought for an instant that she might just die of shame right then and there. You’re not supposed to say these things to a stranger, even if just being held in their arms made you horny and if you’d dreamt of them after seeing them on the news for the hundredth time.

L uckily the Hunter didn’t seem to mind that much, and while he did let go of Braeden when the elevator started moving upwards, his gaze did seem to have changed a little. As if he was considering her.

T he elevator had only climbed a floor or two before it stopped abruptly and its light s decided to turn off on their own. This distracted both Braeden and the Hunter from whatever they were currently thinking of, although she wouldn’t dare imagine why he had been staring at her like that. At any rate, the elevator seemed to have broken down for some reason. She frowned – she did have places to be. The Hunter however didn’t seem much annoyed. Instead, his smile found yet another way of getting wider, as he asked :

- So, how long do you reckon it will take people to rescue us ? I don’t see any “call for help” button around here.

- M-maybe when someone else will attempt to use the elevator and it won’t arrive… ?

T he question had thrown her off a bit. In fact, everything so far was throwing her off. What was the point of his question anyway ?

T hings became clearer as h e swiftly wrapped his arm around her waist again. Her face still a lovely shade of red, Braeden sheepishly asked :

- … Are you suggesting that we may… pass the time ?

- If you call fucking that, yes.

S he looked to her side for a second, thinking of an appropriate response, which would be to decline because what if rescue came soon and they’d both be undressed ? And she still had a job to think of, and… she looked at the Hunter again.

- Sounds like a plan, she said.

W ithout any more semblance of conversation, he pushed Braeden to the back wall of the elevator, one of his hands already rushing under her skirt. With the other, he was unbuttoning her shirt while he bit at her neck, delighting in her already spiked respiration. He placed her right on top of the bulge that was forming in his pants, but he didn’t unbuckle his belt yet. No, first, he wanted to toy with her, make her beg for him if possible.

W hen he finished opening her shirt, the Hunter held Braeden in place as he started stroking one of her breasts underneath her bra. Wanting more than quick nips and light strokes, she decided to wiggle out of her shirt and bra on her own, grinding at the same time on the Hunter’s bulge. Judging by the light grunt she’d heard in response, this wasn’t exactly how he’d pictured the situation to go – but that didn’t stop him from letting her do it as much as she wanted, using that as an opportunity to use both his hands to tease her breasts. She was whining now, and pretty regularly at that. The Hunter could feel her attempting to go faster, to bring herself to the edge with him, and couldn’t resist slipping down a hand down her panties just to check how she was doing.

A s he only slightly stroked her clit, not even fully on purpose, she squirmed. With a wide grin, he half-whispered in her ear :

- Now, wouldn’t you like to be properly touched ?

B raeden stayed breathless as she attempted still to grind herself on him, which only made him press her into the wall harder, making it less easy for her to move.

- Come on, he continued, I like a polite girl. Isn’t there something you’re forgetting to say ?

H e was slowly starting to withdraw his hand, hoping to get a reaction, and wasn’t disappointed when she hurriedly said :

- Oh, please… pleas e-

T he Hunter’s finger started tracing very slow circles against her clit, forcing her to interrupt herself to let out moans that sounded like music to his ears. And, infuriatingly for Braeden, he kept this slow and steady pace, visibly enjoying her squirming, her breathless pant ing . If only she could finish her sentence, then maybe he’d give her a little more to work with.

- Sir, please fuck me-

He laughed at the use of “sir”, but finally started picking up the pace, happy that she’d voiced her need, yet still refusing to her exactly what she wanted. As he kept going, fingers inching more and more towards her entrance with every movement, he ordered her with a growl to unbuckle his belt for him. She instantly obeyed, and in a pinch both his pants and his underwear slid down on the ground, revealing exactly how hard he’d been this whole time.

B raeden tried not to gasp in expectation upon seeing the Hunter’s length, but couldn’t resist commenting on not having seen something like that for a while – until he kissed her to shut her up. This was a lustful, forceful kiss, only there to serve as reminder that even if she was an enthusiastic participant she wasn’t the boss here. The kiss and the continued masturbating he was subjecting her to only made her need him more, but begging him for it was a little hard now that her mouth was occupied. Then he slid in a finger, then two, and she couldn’t resist moaning loudly, not caring about the noise, or what would happen if help would come to get them out of that elevator right at this moment . She wanted to stay like this, toyed with by this handsome stranger she’d only met less than a half hour ago, for as long as humanely possible. She was at his mercy and could not think of anything but taking him, right then and there, yet she still wasn’t in charge.

He kept stimulating her in every way he could, bringing her insanely close to the edge before withdrawing, and delighted in hearing the breathless moans. It was another kind of hunting, truly, and he loved being wanted, being begged to fuck someone’s brains out. At one moment, Braeden tried to take initiative, to put her hands to good use, but this only resulted in the Hunter taking his hand away from her, leaving her without the pleasure brought by his fingers, and she started whining for him to come back.

- You should have thought of that first, he growled.

B ut there was another, actual purpose for this : h e too was desperate for release, but was much better at hiding it than Braeden. The fact that he knew almost instinctively how to push her brought him enough pleasure to make him take his time, but she’d begged just earlier for it, and his pants were off. It’s with a devilish smile that he pushed himself in her, knowing that at this point she’d be wet enough for his size not to be a problem.

T he first thrust was rough and Braeden welcomed it with all her being. The Hunter started kissing and biting down her neck again as he kept thrusting, gradually going faster and faster. Her hands would have dug in his back if he didn’t have his coat on still, and he almost regretted having kept it . The sensation of nails trailing down his back could have been a very welcome addition to everything, but this was his fault for being hasty. Luckily, her back was absolutely bare, and he could mark her as much as he wanted, with his fingers, his teeth, everything to let her know how incredibly powerless she was against him.

A nd Braeden loved it. The thrusting that almost hurt from how rough and fast he was being, the scratching, the biting. She came, hoping it would never end, the thunder of the orgasm rendering her even more helpless. She cried out the entire time, unable to stop herself. But even after she was done, the Hunter wasn’t , and he kept going and going, stimulating her into a second orgasm shortly after the first, almost as if he wanted to find out how far he could push her before coming himself. There was nothing in Braeden’s world now but him, his hands, his member that somehow seemed to get further and further in with each thrust. She was moving along with him only from instinct, having nothing else to rely on for pleasure now.

He had to stimulate her clit with a thumb to get her where he wanted, a moaning, panting mess, hair disheveled, face a bsolutely red, eyes half-closed from the intense pleasure she was experiencing. He could feel she was close to coming again, for one last time as he knew he wouldn’t last very long either by now. Trying to steady himself, to hold out just for the little stretch of time he needed still, he bit down on her neck again, where purple bruises had started to bloom. This was enough to tip her over the edge, and he groaned as he released himself in her – that would be a problem when she’d need to put back her clothes on, but none of them were thinking of that now. There was only this shared moment, this spark that they enjoyed to the very last second.

When he pulled out, the Hunter’s breath wasn’t as steady as he would have liked it to be. But he was still in better shape than Braeden was and, in an act of mercy, he offered to help her clean herself up. Still panting, she was about to accept when the lights in the elevator mysteriously came back on, leading them both to scramble to get their clothes on before the metal cube arrived at its destination. Braeden’s panties were already thoroughly soaked, and since her bra and shirt had been thrown about, it took her just a bit longer than the Hunter to get dressed. He took that as an opportunity to watch her, though.

A s the elevator stopped a few floors later, the Hunter only said one thing before he left :

- Sure hope you didn’t have anything important to do afterwards – you’re still dripping, doll.