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A Little Bit Psycho

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“Then have me.”

It’s a visceral feeling that takes over. Despite the fact Lena’s on top of her, she doesn’t feel like Lena’s close enough. The touch of her lips on her own is not enough. Nothing seems to be quite enough. The thought of having Lena, in any way - in every way - makes her feel delirious. She kisses the brunette, and again, and again, until Lena quite literally gasps and she’s forced to pause.

It’s ludicrous how quickly Kara gets addicted to the taste of Lena’s mouth.

It’s agony, the way Lena straddles her and pushes herself right off her lap to gain a few inches of height, just enough for Kara to have to angle her head upwards when Lena kisses her, her fingertips pressing into the skin of the blonde’s jaw. Kara tries to pull her back down, tries to hold Lena’s hips flush against her instead of letting the younger woman raise herself up and rut against the small space between them.

Everything feels like it’s in the way.

Her own tee and the sweatshirt Lena’s wearing (how is she not burning up, Kara wonders), and her yoga pants and those stupid shorts she’s slowly but surely ruining. She palms Lena’s ass through the thin material and pulls the brunette into her, moaning at the gasp that escapes Lena’s mouth when she pulls her flush against her stomach. The younger woman kisses her, then tuts as Kara’s glasses slide down her nose far enough for Lena to nudge it with hers.

“Take ‘em off.” She murmurs against Kara’s lips, “You don’t need glasses.”

Lena’s fingers barely need to move to grasp the lead-covered frame and it’s only when Kara feels how she lifts them from behind her ears that she pulls back out of another frenzied kiss.

“Heat vision,” Kara mumbles between kisses, “I don’t wanna hu-”

“You can’t hurt me, Kara,” Lena takes her glasses and looks down at her, “see? It’s fine, really.”

The glasses are carelessly thrown aside and in any other circumstances she would care, but not now, not with the warmth of Lena’s thighs burning her fingertips through the flimsy material of her leggings and the feeling of Lena’s nails scraping over the skin of the back of her neck as she kisses her more fervently than before.

She releases her hold on Lena’s thighs in favor of slipping her hands under the sweatshirt, her sweatshirt, the one she was wearing one evening when Lena dropped by unannounced in the rent-controlled part of town and commented on how cozy it looked and obviously she had to let her wear it instead.


That sweatshirt is now subtly riding up as she splays her fingers across Lena’s ribcage, trails her waist, runs her hands over the small of her back until they meet in the middle, and she has the dip of her spine under her fingertips. Kara brings her hands back to the front, runs them up slightly higher, then slightly more, until her thumb brushes against the underside of Lena’s bra again and she’s not sure who gasps first but the next thing she knows, Lena is looking down at her with blown pupils which she can only assume mirror hers.

“How do I take it off,” she manages to mumble after she’s spent a moment or two trying to find the fastening on the back, and Lena lets out the breathiest laugh she’s ever heard, “wait, is this one that clasps from the front, f-”

She’s faintly aware of Lena reaching for her hand through the sweatshirt and pushing it upward, “Such an astute observation,” she mutters before kissing Kara again, “you’re a paragon of investigative journalism.”

She gives up.

“Yeah, no,” she mumbles against Lena’s lips, enjoying how the younger woman’s breath hitches in her throat as she brushes her thumb over her nipple, “this needs to go.”

“You want me to take it off?”

Despite the fact she knows close to a dozen languages, Kara cannot find it within herself to say yes in any of them. The best she manages is some subtle nodding before she leans in closer and kisses Lena again, trying to ignore just how nice the weight of Lena’s tits feels in the palms of her hands.

“Right,” Lena pulls back, clearing her throat, “you seem slightly reluctant so I’m going to make this easy for you.”

Before her words even register in Kara’s brain, she watches Lena lean back in her lap and reach for the bottom hem of her emblazoned sweatshirt. The blue letters of her alma mater blur into nothing but a blob when Lena pulls the sweatshirt over her head and tosses it aside.

“The bra as well.”

Lena keeps her eyes trained on her as she reaches down and unclasps the fastening, slowly letting the straps drop down her arms before shrugging it off.

“Now what?” Lena asks softly, carding her fingers through Kara’s hair, “What next?”


The urge to lean in and kiss her chest is entirely innate. She manages to press a couple of wet kisses into Lena’s skin that some might call sloppy, tries to pull her closer before sucking a hardened nipple between her lips, when Lena just as abruptly as she pulled the sweatshirt off, gets up from her lap.

She almost whines in frustration.

Lena gives her a look that she can only describe as coy, “If we’re doing this,” the brunette smirks, gesturing between them, “we’re not doing it here.”

The implication of them actually doing it, almost makes her lose her mind. She manages to nod in agreement, ready to take whatever this is to wherever Lena wants it to happen.

“Take it off me.” Lena says gently, stepping within touching distance.

She does not need to be asked twice. Without further warning, Kara watches her hook her thumbs in the elastic waistband of her leggings before pushing them down. Down her thighs, down her knees, down her calves, and only then she stands up straight to unceremoniously kick them off, blatantly watching Kara as she stares at her.

It’s only after a couple of beats of silence that Lena seems to feel slightly self-conscious about standing in front of her in nothing but her lacy Brazilian-cut underwear, and Kara hates how much she wants to reach out and tear them off her.

“You look stunning.”

You,” Lena smirks, “get rid of the t-shirt,” she says softly, grinning as Kara doesn’t give it a second thought and pulls it over her head, “and the sports bra,” she adds, seemingly as an afterthought.

Kara’s never taken off anything as fast as she does when she chucks the bra onto their ever-growing pile of clothes. The shorts she’s borrowed feel uncomfortable now, too hot, and too wet between her legs, the sheer proof of how much she’s into Lena painfully present with each movement she makes. Lena doesn’t say another word as she reaches out and pulls at one of the drawstrings.

“Come on then,” Lena smiles, “lead the way.”

If Kara closes the distance between them and lets her hands roam downward until she can grab Lena’s ass, she can’t be held accountable. If she then picks her up and grabs her tighter as she maneuvers them both across the living room, it’s only because the soft sigh Lena’s let out before she wrapped her arms around her neck, shot an odd pang of unadulterated desire right down to her core.

It's almost laughable how turned on she is.

They make it to Lena’s master bedroom okay, bar a brief break where Kara pushes her up against the wall, between a framed cover of Forbes Magazine where Lena was part of the 30 Under 30 and a multi-million Liu Wei artwork Lena had imported from a London arthouse because she thought it looked pretty.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

She sucks a couple of pretty marks in the space between Lena’s collarbone and the column of her throat and Lena moans and when she pulls back, there is not a single artwork on earth that she thinks could be half as beautiful as the slightly disheveled look Lena has.

In the end, it’s her back that touches the Egyptian cotton sheets first, leaving her to push herself up on her elbows with Lena standing at the foot end of the bed. The lace comes off and she watches Lena step out of them so casually, so slowly that she thinks the shorts she’s wearing are beyond salvation.

And then Lena takes those off too, unceremoniously yanking down her underwear with it.

“Fuck,” Lena mutters, “fuck, you’re so hot.”

In hindsight it is silly to excuse her behavior as only being human, but that is what she goes with when she sits up and pulls Lena back into her lap, mirroring the younger woman straddling her on the couch before. Despite the fact her powers are gone or suppressed or whatever Lena did to them, she tries to be as gentle as possible - gentle when she settles Lena on top of her, gentle when she returns to a pale chest and alternates between open mouthed kisses upon warm skin and succinct nips and tugs at erect nipples, gentle when she slips her hand between their bodies and slides it up a hot thigh to find Lena even hotter.

She’s slightly less gentle when she falls back onto the mattress and gestures for Lena to slide up. She’s definitely not gentle when she glances up at Lena holding onto the headboard as she straddles her face and keeps her weight off. Powers or not, she’s still strong enough to wrap her arms around Lena’s thighs and pull her down into her mouth, drawing a small squeak from Lena followed by a throaty moan.

Lena reaches for her head seconds later. “God,” she hears the brunette moan above her, “Kara, fuck, sh-”

A series of expletives follow, before Lena gives up on the English language in general and she’s reduced to nothing but heavy breathing and whimpers as she grinds down. Kara is not exactly sure how long she eats her out for but when Lena’s thighs quiver around her head and she rolls off her, Kara makes sure to follow suit and bracket one of Lena’s legs with hers.

“Wait,” Lena sighs happily and the sound makes Kara never want to leave this bed, “I can’t, give me two -”

“Spread your legs,” Kara interrupts, “keep ‘em open.”

She doesn’t know where her sudden boost of confidence comes from, but it works because Lena moans and does as she asks, folding one arm under her head and using the other to wrap around Kara’s shoulder as the blonde lies on top of her and swipes her fingers through wet folds. The noise Lena makes is downright filthy and Kara doesn’t waste any more time, slipping right inside of her.

“I want you so much,” Kara admits as she tugs Lena’s earlobe between her teeth, “So fucking wet for me, I can’t - you have no idea how much I want you, Lena.”

She makes sure Lena kind of gets the idea, with her lips against the side of her neck and her fingers fucking in and out of her, leading to a whole new symphony of sounds she draws from Lena’s chest. By the time she makes Lena cum, she’s addicted to the moans and soft curses that spill from the brunette’s lips, so she does it again, gently fucking her through her orgasm until it happens again, and Lena has to reach down to grab her wrist and keep her still.

“Lay back,” Lena says gently as she sits up after a few minutes and reaches over to one of the bedside tables. She opens a drawer and for a second, Kara’s heart skips a beat in contemplation, but Lena simply grabs a single hair tie and ties her hair up, before looking back at her, “I want to taste you.”

The plan to hold herself up on her elbows to watch Lena eat her out almost immediately fails. As soon as she feels the first hot swipe of the younger woman’s tongue, her head hits the pillow and she shuts her eyes, unable to focus on anything but Lena’s tongue against her, in her, and her hands on her inner thighs.

Considering the incoherent mess Lena reduces her to within minutes, Kara doesn’t even mind that she cums the second the other woman introduces fingers. A while later, she lets Lena touch her again, this time at a more leisurely pace, with the brunette resting her cheek on her thigh and pressing hot lips against even hotter skin while she finger fucks her and tells her just how good she’s being.

It's all new, and exciting, and Lena’s small moan when Kara clenches around her fingers is enough to make her wish she could do this - and Lena - forever.

She quickly becomes addicted to figuring out new ways to make Lena unravel in front of her. In return, Lena finds out exactly what makes her tick, deft fingers mapping all her weak spots while she huskily whispers all sorts of things in Kara’s ears. And in between orgasms and experimental little touches and her best friend spurring her on to cum for her again, Kara thinks she finally understands the essence of magic.


Kara wakes up at 7:38 in the morning in a queen size bed in the master bedroom of the penthouse at 568 Park Place. There’s something peaceful about the way the morning light shines through the floor to ceiling windows, slowly edging across the room. She shifts underneath the covers, relishes in the thread count of Lena’s sheets as she turns over to lay eyes on her.

Lena’s hair is splayed across her pillow, her back turned to Kara and all she wants to do in the moment is scoot closer and kiss the slither of skin visible between disheveled dark hair and the sheets that cover most of Lena’s naked back. Maybe even nuzzle the nape of her neck, undoubtedly showcasing a myriad of small nips and bruises from the previous night.

All her imaginary plans come to an abrupt end when Lena inhales sharply and shifts, turning around to face her.

“Hi.” Lena murmurs, immediately closing her eyes again, “Morning.”

What is the etiquette after you’ve fucked your best friend’s brain out hours prior, Kara wonders. Pretending like nothing out of the ordinary happened, does not seem like an option. On the other hand, Lena also doesn’t look like the type to casually sleep with her best friend and cuddle up with her in the morning.

So instead of making any decision at all, she just swallows back her nerves, “Hey,” she says gently, “how did you sleep?”

“Like I sleep every night,” comes the dry response, “very peacefully. You?”

“Yeah,” Kara lets her eyes wander, taking in just how pretty Lena actually looks and fuck, how come she’s never noticed that before, “pretty good.”

“Stop staring at me.”

She looks away absurdly fast, “I wasn’t.”

What she wants to say, is that she could happily stare at Lena every single morning for the rest of her life. There’s something magical about the way the younger woman is just at ease, laying stark naked next to her and seemingly without a single care in the world, like whatever happened between the two of them was nothing but a very normal, casual extension of the relationship they already had. It feels normal and more importantly, nice, and Kara thinks this is what Lena deserves, now. What she deserves, too.

“My alarm goes off at eight,” Lena blindly reaches out her hand under the covers, splaying it across Kara’s abs and running the tips of her fingers over the taut skin softly, “afterwards we can talk about stuff if you want to talk about stuff.”


It’s a weirdly vague word for Lena to use. Lena, with her elaborate vocabulary and her fancy colloquialisms and her pendant for intelligent conversation. Lena, who’s a sucker for details and who carefully phrases every single sentence to remove any opportunity for ambiguity. Lena, who she doesn’t think has ever referred to anything in her life as stuff.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Kara tries.

Lena sighs softly before burrowing her head deeper into the pillow, “Not really,” she admits, “I kind of like it as it is.”

Lena makes it sound blasé, like Kara did not spend most of the night trying to find new ways to make her moan. She waits a moment, trying to gather her thoughts as Lena peacefully continues to slumber.

“Yeah,” Kara echoes, glancing at her in hopes Lena doesn’t somehow pick up on the fact she is staring at her again, “so do I. Okay, so no talking.”

Upon hearing this, Lena opens her eyes and looks at her and fuck, it’s a good thing she doesn’t have super hearing as well or Kara would be embarrassed by how loud her heart is thudding in her chest. Before she well and truly realizes it, Lena closes the gap between them and kisses her again, less fervently than the night before. There’s a certain calm when she reaches out and gently cards her fingers through Kara’s hair, taking the time to tuck a loose blonde wisp. behind her ear.

“If you do want to keep your mouth busy,” Lena says coyly, glancing past Kara and looking at the small alarm clock on her bedside table, “you have twelve minutes.”

She doesn’t need to be told twice. Later, Kara won’t know what exactly she muttered under her breath to make Lena laugh, all she knows is that as soon as she lifts the covers and gets underneath, Lena’s laughter stops all of a sudden.

(She only needs seven of those minutes.)

(Suddenly, she believes in magic.)