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Thinking of You

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It had been a while since they were married, and Byleth wasn't enjoying role as Archbishop. She wanted to spend time with her husband, Dimitri, but their schedules hardly aligned. Unlike before, Dimitri's duties kept him in council chambers while Byleth was constantly in Church meetings, had to assure worries, and more that ended in headaches from sunup to sundown. She felt a very unfamiliar feeling that made her think of...well...

Byleth had asked for advice from an old maid.

"Oh your Holiness, you yearn for him! I remember when I first felt it. It truly drives you crazy, doesn't it? This is good, you should tell him and he'll come since no man would say no. Trust me, the way I've seen you two look at each other. Well, I shouldn't have to say~!"

It finally reached a tipping point one Friday afternoon. Byleth never made mistakes. Her focus was absolute. She was not thinking about how long it had been since she last saw Dimitri for longer than five seconds in a corridor. She was not thinking about how good he looked in his king's robes, the way the fabric clung tightly to his bulking muscles. She was not thinking about—

Byleth glanced down at the page she was writing and saw she'd written Dimitri instead of Seiros on five occasions. It was no use. She screwed up the page, threw it into the fire and drafted a letter to Dimitri demanding he get here within a week or else she would…

Well. He could imagine that for himself!

She thought he would reply immediately. He didn't. The letter promised in a week but that week was driving her crazy. Which, curiously, made her more angry, and very frustrated. Byleth refused to work, canceled all meetings and trained throughout the day to try and wear it off but alas, it didn't work. Had she really become like this? Like an animal wanting to breed? That thought made her body feel cold... No, that wasn't it. She wanted him, not just anyone. With a nod, Byleth agreed with her thoughts. Not just anyone would do!

"Your Grace! King Dimit-"

Byleth didn't need to hear the end of his title and announcement; she was running down the steps from the throne towards him. Was it a throne? She didn't care what it really was. Strong arms and the soft cloak greeted her at the ready as she launched herself immediately onto him.

"Sorry I'm a little late, I had to - mmph..." Byleth reached up to pull him down to kiss him, not wanting to hear apologies since he was here now. Her tongue ran over the roof of his mouth before twirling around his own tongue. She stopped with the tug of his lips between her teeth. "I see..." Dimitri looked up to see that they were alone. "Is the bed still behind there?"


He picked her up with ease, not caring in the slightest how much clothing weighed her down. The headdress crashed onto the floor as he took Byleth to the bed that was built after they wedded. It was more for when Byleth stayed up late for important work. Although, one could say this was also important. Byleth couldn't help herself from squeezing his arms, testing out his muscles. He had grown in the past few years. Their heated debates, their time of peace, and joining forces when needed to push down anyone who dared to resort to violence.

A chuckle made her look up and she saw that Dimitri was looking down at her.

"I was surprised to see your letter. Has it really been that long since the last, I wondered? I've never seen you so...well, like this."

"And? Do you like it?"

Dimitri set her on the bed slowly before taking off his clothing layer by layer. "I had the same thoughts, so it would be hypocritical of me not to."

Byleth beamed up at him. "Undress me, Dimitri."

His hands paused, his breath hitching. The demand was soft, an invitation. He kicked off his boots and walked over to her at the foot of the bed. "Where first, beloved?"

Byleth lifted her right leg and wiggled her foot. With a grin, Dimitri obliged her by taking the boot off quickly. He grasped her thigh on the other leg to raise it up but was met with resistance.


"Only for you." Dimitri knelt without hesitation nor shame and quickly removed the boot. His hands trailed up her thigh. Without rising up, he hiked the robe to her waist and then pulled it off of her. He repeated the action for the rest of her clothes: made sure to kiss her earlobes, took off her earrings, and kissed her fingers after he freed them from her gloves. Byleth was now in just her white robe that acted as an undergarment.

Dimitri stared up at her with his lips still on her hands. His eyes drank her in, as did hers. "You become more radiant in the dim light."

Byleth nudged him with her feet to rise but he refused.

"Not yet, I plan to spoil you." He let go of her hand and let his hand travel down her hips.

"What - ah!" Dimitri's finger pressed against her already pulsing and wet entrance. It wasn't even their first time, but Byleth felt the same excitement she did then; it was like she would go crazy any moment. She grasped his strong arms, before sliding her arms around him to dig her nails into his back as he slipped a finger inside her. "Mmmmm..." She squirmed in delight and sought his lips. They weren't where she was expecting. Byleth looked down to see he was still kneeling. "Get up, I want to kiss you."

With his free hand, Dimitri cupped her cheek as he rose up to his feet and kissed her. A second finger entered her, her moans filling his mouth as she wiggled against him. Byleth pulled away, biting his lips after she broke the kiss. Then, with strength and speed, pushed him down on the bed. Byleth stripped his clothes impatiently as she thought about it.

Dimitri stared up at her in disbelief before he laughed in awe. "What number would that be if you got the best of me? 53?"

"I can't remember." She felt his muscles tense before he flipped her over. "That's still too much, I haven't done it that many times. Have I?"

"I wouldn't put it past you. You are an incredible Queen and Archbishop."

"Not lately. I've been thinking of doing this the past weeks. It's been...frustrating."

Dimitri smiled, his blue eyes gleaming with deviousness. "I believe I can help with that."

Byleth looped her arms around his neck and pushed him down more on her. "Please do."

That was all he needed to start: grasping her hips, kissing her on her mouth, trailing numerous hot kisses down her neck to her shoulder. His tongue swirled while his teeth left hickies here and there. Byleth moaned with delight as she pressed her head backward on the pillow, egging him on by bucking her hips and curling her legs around his.


Dimitri obliged. His moans of delight joined with hers. "Mmm, gods, it's been too long."

Byleth glared up at him and pushed her hips against his impatiently, digging her nails into his back.

Dimitri adjusted himself for leverage on the bed before thrusting into her. His arms were thick, muscles flexing along with his abdomen which turned Byleth on even more so. The idea of him taking him roughly made her moan. She brought her hands on his stomach to trace the lines of his abs, which earned her a lovely, deep moan from her husband.

"How I've missed this," whispered Byleth, her eyes closed in bliss matched with a smile. She'd had thoughts of Dimitri thrusting into her since he made her squirm and hit the sweet spots. And those muscles! She opened her eyes, not wanting to miss seeing him in action. Her powerful King.

Dimitri smiled at her deviously. "Enjoying the sight?"


"I am too. But I much prefer seeing you squirm." With a strong thrust, purposely pushing into her deeply, Dimitri made her eyes and mouth go wide while letting out a sound that would make the most stoic person blush. "Or...that," he let out gruffly while cumming inside her, moments after she did. He pulled out, landing on his side next to her in a cold sweat breathing heavily.

"...Wow," Byleth breathed out, blinking up at the ceiling before looking at Dimitri.

"Yeah," he let out with a breathless laugh. "If this is what it's like after not seeing each other for a while, I wouldn't mind it."

"We could change up the place next time?"

"Oh? What did you have in mind?"

"Your desk, the bath, out in the woods, the-"

Dimitri blinked, not sure if he had heard right. "Wait, hold on. Outside?"

"Yes. Just think of someone walking nearby."

"Absolutely not. I don't want anyone else to see you. I would probably lose myself again."

"I like it when you're rough."

"I do not. I could hurt you. I wouldn't forgive myself for doing that to you again."

"Not that way. I mean...leaving hickies all over my body. Biting me in general. With that sexy voice of yours."

"Gods... You really have thought about this all this time."

Byleth trailed her fingers up his abdomen to his chest, the scar getting most of her attention. The fine blonde curls tickled her hands. "I couldn't focus. I also had this idea..." Rising up, she straddled his waist. "Watch." Lifting herself a bit, Byleth slid down so his penis could enter her folds. It felt so good that she nearly came right then and there. Byleth began to ride him wildly, her breasts moving with the rhythm she set. Moans escaped her as she shifted the angle, and she jolted when she felt his hands grip her hips.

"Touch me more!"

Dimitri laughed softly but heeded her instruction, squeezing her breasts. "Mmm." She moaned and moaned louder as he twisted her nipples the way she liked it. The sun through the windows gave Dimitri a visual feast while she bounced and moaned. He would never let anyone see her like this. The thought of it made him fondle her rougher but she still moaned in pleasure.

"Yes, more~!" Byleth dug her nails into his abdomen.

Dimitri's breath caught at the sight and her words. Normally he wouldn't, but how could he not? The way her long, bright hair teased him by covering her breasts, the sweaty sheen of her skin, and her eyes blazing with heat and desire. Dimitri growled and with three hard thrusts came inside her again. "Come here, my Queen." With ease, he pulled her off of him back onto the bed. He entered her roughly and immediately began to pound into her before angling her on her side.

"Mmm~, yes~!" Her arms wrapped around him in greed and delight. She loved it when he was rough!

Dimitri left hickies from the bottom of her neck to her collarbone, his tongue tickling her and comforting the skin that became red and purple in his teeth's wake. "Where else shall I mark you?"

"Anywhere. Everywhere. I don't care. As long as I can see them."

"Only you?"


Dimitri laughed but didn't refuse her wish. He left marks high on her neck, her shoulders, and her breasts, even in the valley between them. Byleth's hips ground against his, showing her approval. "Next, could you...bite my ear?"

"Your ear?"

"My earlobe. Just enough to tug on it."

Without question, Dimitri granted that wish and asked in a husky manner, "Like that?"

Her hips bucked wildly against his. "Yes!" Byleth's voice sounded nearly hysterical, a mix of moans and ragged breaths. Next thing she saw was the ceiling before cumming with a shiver and falling on top of Dimitri.

"Gods, Byleth." Dimitri said in between breaths as he hugged her. He lifted her, pulling out before squeezing their bodies together. He kissed her forehead, not caring how sweaty it was.

Byleth snuggled into his hairy, sweaty, scarred chest and allowed sleep to take her.


This was their rhythm now, meeting up every month due to the busy year. In a way, it made them go crazy for each other. The second meeting involved one thing: a desk. Not just anyone's. It was the King's desk. The moment they walked into his study, he picked her up and settled her on it before pushing every single thing off of it. Papers and a large map fluttered in the air, quills clattered, and the satisfying ink bottles shattering on the floor filled the room.

Byleth looked at the mess in disbelief. "Weren't...those important?"

Dimitri took her hands in his, kissing her palms while keeping watch of her face. "My wife is more important. I can always replace them, but I can never find another wife like you."

Her cheeks and ears heated up in a dark red blush. She loved it when he showed his affection like this. Byleth giggled from the touch of his lips.

"I would be lost without you..." Dimitri stared at her lovingly.

Byleth knew exactly what to do when he remembered the past. Her hands escaped his grasp and caressed his cheeks softly. "We're here now. You are a great King and husband."

Dimitri leaned against the desk so that he could get closer to her. Byleth adjusted her legs to encase him, but didn't wrap them around him just yet. "You are an amazing person," he whispered. Byleth smiled and gave him a small kiss. "You are as well, Dimitri." Byleth rained gentle kisses on his face, one hand cupping his head and the other behind his neck. His long blonde hair felt so soft, she couldn't resist tugging on the strands.

"Teasing me already, my beloved wife?" Dimitri gave her hips a squeeze.

Byleth giggled again, unable to contain herself from the giddy feeling. "Am I teasing you? I think I meant it."

"An invitation? I will gladly accept it."

Byleth felt his hands undoing her clothing one by one, leaving her nearly naked with just her silk undergarment. She grasped his hand to guide it to slick fabric between her legs. "Touch me. Make me wild."

Dimitri pressed one finger against the silk above her entrance. The silk soaked part of his finger, which made him grin. He released the pressure for a second before pushing in, repeating the motion to tease her a while. Adding a second finger against the cloth drew a needy whine from Byleth. Dimitri purposefully teased her walls with the scrape of the tip of his finger before withdrawing. Meanwhile, her legs squeezed around his hand but never stopped him nor went too tight. The moans and sight of her going a little crazy made him want to tear off her undergarment.

He did so, not caring if it ripped. Byleth yelped in surprise and excitement. "I'll get you another. A finer silk."

"Mmm!" was all she could say in response—he had slipped his finger around the silk to enter her. His experienced motions pressing against her bud drove Byleth crazy to the point where she couldn't think. All she could muster were mewling moans that echoed in the study thanks to the wooden floors and surroundings. Byleth clutched his furry cloak with both hands as she leaned against him.

Dimitri took this chance to bite her ear the way she had liked it a month ago, and was met with a moaning squeal. He fingered her anew, adding a second finger, brushing her walls and her bud now and then. Her feet thrashed while her head went back to let out louder moans of "Yes!" and "Dimitri!"

"I can see you have missed me for a long time," he teased.

"Stop the teasing, get on with it!"

"More than a long time, then. I would like to see you like this though. Let me see your face."

Feeling naughty, Byleth reached down into his pants and pressed against his length enough for him to feel the pressure. His body jerked and he looked at her in surprise before laughing softly. "Don't you want me to see your face?"

"No, I just wanted to touch you."

"You can touch me elsewhere than there."

"I didn't want to just yet."

Dimitri fingered her roughly then, causing her to squeal and squirm. "Being devious? What would they say if they found out about you?"

"You wouldn't tell them anyway."

"Correct. However, the noises..."

"You're saying that - ahh! - just to make me feel bashful. Mmmn!" She couldn't continue since his fingers kept rubbing and pressing her bud.

Dimitri laughed softly. "Sorry, I couldn't hear that over your moans. What were you saying?"

"I'm not saying - ah~! Oh would you stop-mmmmn!"

"A little revenge for what you did to tease me more."

"And now?"

"And now it has backfired. I didn't think this all the way through, did I?"

Byleth wiggled her hips. "I still like it."

"Did you? I thought I was being mean."

"No, it's - mmmmmnnnnn~~!!!" Byleth shivered as she came and pulled away to look at him. " did you...?"

"That was my revenge."

"Do it again."

"Ahaha, all in due time. I need some help getting out of my armor."

"No, stay in it."

"It won't be comfortable for you. Are you sure?"

"At least leave the cloak on."

"My furs? Hmmm. It is cold now with the season changing. Anything for you, my beloved wife."

Byleth helped him with the armor while still on the desk. As he undid the belts and pants, she helped take the chest armor, shoulders, and more that made the set. She set them on the desk first before Dimitri handled them with care to put them on the chair nearby that he had kicked to shove it away.

At the sight, so opposite as to earlier, made her laugh. Dimitri looked at her puzzled before realizing. "It's very odd, isn't it?"

"It is!" Byleth couldn't stop laughing even as he went back to her. "I didn't want to throw it either. Armor is hard to find now that the war is over."

"For us? It's quite easy, but I wouldn't want to do that when the country is still rebuilding."

Byleth nodded, her laughter dying down but she was still giggling now and then. Mostly now since he was naked all save for his cloak. She greedily pulled him closer, her legs wrapping around his waist so that her feet could fasten themselves.

"Now, where were we?" Dimitri trailed his hands up her legs to the folds, still wet. He flicked her bud with one finger while he watched her expression. Exactly as he predicted, she didn't like that small teasing. "Right, I know where now." He smiled devilishly at her while he fingered her roughly without mercy. Byleth embraced him tight and she let out moans, small and long, as he tormented her with teasing touches. She loved it! The silk was completely soaked as he went straight for the bud with three fingers, where she felt utterly numb and in such bliss that when she came, she called out his name. It echoed and made him cum against the desk. If the desk had been any lower, it would've gathered his semen.

Byleth breathed hard while kissing his neck, leaving hickies of her own. He pulled his fingers out of her. She complained with a displeased sound.

"I know, but I have a better position." Dimitri gently nudged her back before pulling himself on the desk. The muscles on display made her moan and touch herself while spreading her legs. As he aligned his body with hers, lifted her back so that it wouldn't ache, he entered inside of her. "MMmm!" the two moaned in sympathy at the feeling of being connected once again after so long.

Byleth dug her nails into his back as he went in and out of her, the feeling heightening as she met his speed easily. Their moans drowned in their mouths as they kissed each other heartedly in the throws of passion, their hair tangling and bodies caked with sweat.

"So hot. So wet..."

"Harder," demanded Byleth in a moan against his lips. She bit down on them, earning a groan from him. He went deeper and deeper inside her while one of his hands squeezed and twisted her left breast and nipple. The combined sensations made her crazy, her moaning getting higher and higher, as did the pressure in her sex.

"Ah - mmm!" Byleth cried out again at her release while Dimitri gripped her shoulders a bit too tight as he did. He was extremely apologetic after, kissing the area while Byleth assured him it was fine—there had been no sheets to grip. She felt the moon-like cuts on his back from her nails and kissed them as they got off the desk and unfastened his cloak.

Dimitri picked her up and walked with her in his arms, like he did when they were first married, to the private bath connected to the room. The study and private bath were connected to their main room in the castle. Usually she stayed in the Church but this time, she came to him. Byleth enjoyed being spoiled by him. The steam in the bathroom hung in the air like clouds, making the room feel surreal as Dimitri walked down the steps. The fountains alongside the columns set the mood of relaxation.

He placed her down gently in the water that already reached his abdomen. But he didn't let her go, tightening the arms wrapped around her waist. "Not yet..."

Byleth giggled. "Cute."

"Cute? Me? Surely you jest. I am a King!" he teased in mock horror.

"A cute king who is also mine." Byleth turned to trail her fingers up his chest slowly to his neck. "All. Mine," Byleth said. Dimitri took her hand in his own, still holding her waist, and kissed it anew but slower this time. Byleth couldn't stop from laughing softly. "You also act like a kitten."

"Not funny," he said with a smile.

Byleth pulled herself on him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders to keep herself up while she kissed him. When she broke the kiss, Dimitri stole one from her but pulled away just as it started. They laughed at each other, knowing exactly what they were teasing each other.

"Will you be helping me wash?" asked Byleth as she let go of him, walking backwards to show her body off to him with a coy look. Her expressions had developed over the past years and it still floored him to think of how she could be like this. He loved it. She was honest before, but even more so now.

"Only the places you can't reach." Dimitri slipped his right hand to her breast. "Here?"

Byleth shook her head. "No."

Next was her lower thigh. "How about there?"


"Hmm... Where would it be hard for you to reach?" He kept teasing her, moving his hand to where she could, of course, reach. His hand trailed up her butt to her backside slowly as if she would disappear at any moment. "Here?"

"Yes, that's a good start."

Dimitri kissed her back as he washed it first with water, watching the droplets dribble down her skin. With the soap nearby on the ledge already set hours ago by an attendant, Dimitri lathered her back. "Is your back okay from the desk?"

Byleth nodded. "Yes, there's no pain."

"Good. I was worried. The cloak made it a bit difficult to keep from falling down on you."

"I wouldn't mind if you did."

Dimitri used his hands to pool water, letting it fall through his fingers to wash off the soap suds off of her back. "I would though."

"Stop worrying." She turned around and splashed a small amount of water at him.

Dimitri went after her playfully, his hands reaching out to grasp her. "Now you've done it. Come here."

Byleth laughed while fighting against the thick water to the other side of the bathpool. "You're going to have to catch me first."

They sent splashes to each other in various sizes, enough to make their hair completely wet. Byleth's shrieks of laughter filled the marble chamber, while Dimitri purposefully went slow going after her at first before finally chasing her for real.

He picked her up in his arms and twirled halfway around in a circle. "Got you." Dimitri kissed her while pushing her up more in his arms.

Their long, slow kisses continued. Dimitri kept up his teasing while helping Byleth wash before the two became sleepy and called it a night.


Urgent business came up for the two at the same time, something Byleth thought was odd and wanted to look into . She really wanted to be with him, but duty once again called. Byleth had promised, after all, to focus after she and Dimitri had their nights together.

But now once wasn't enough. She'd been crazy to think it would be. This wasn't healthy. She wrote to Dimitri hoping to set up their date sooner but it was no use. There were the festivities of the holidays and she had appointments as well - which she totally forgot.

With another sigh, Byleth groaned in her hands. How she wished she could ask someone advice but there was no one who could spare her time during the busy season. At first, she liked it to get sex off of her mind but by the time the first month went, Byleth found herself getting tired of the same thing over and over again. Another sigh escaped her before she shot up and walked out of her room in defeat.

One of the keepers went up to her. "Oh, your Grace! The stables have - "

"Get my carriage ready, I to attend to at Faerghus."

"Business? I wasn't aware - Oh! Oh my, oh my. Yes, right away!" While the keeper left to get the carriage situated, Byleth packed the necessities she would need and some extra items just in case.

Meanwhile Dimitri was hearing briefing of a rebellion that had grown to a point of concern in the past year. He ordered troops to keep a watchful eye but didn't tighten them so that the rebellion wouldn't know he had information. His spy network was excellent, all thanks to Claude who had promised his help when the Red Emperor went with her plan of World Domination.

The wound had long healed but he could still remember when she stabbed him out of either desperation or a refusal to believe in him. If Byleth hadn't been with him, he would've died due to blinding rage and a need to get revenge.

He had killed so many innocents.

Dimitri thought he had lost Byleth forever until she appeared after five long years. Even then, he had thought she was another ghost sent to haunt him. She blended in with the others that appeared but instead of going away in smoke, she was there. She was real.

"Your Highness, the Queen is here."

"Queen of whom?" he asked while looking at the paperwork, noticing he had been lost in thoughts the past hours.

"Uh, her Majesty the Queen of Faerghus."

Dimitri dropped his pen. He coughed awkwardly. "I see. Bring her in, no need to announce her. I believe I've told you this many times?"

"I'm new, Your Highness."

"...Ah. I apologize, a lot has been on my mind."

The attendant bowed before leaving. His radiant Queen, more than ever, walked into the room. Dimitri stood up but she made her way over to him and pushed him back on the chair.

"What is this?" he asked.

"It's been too long."

"Wait." His hands held her away from him. They felt impossibility large around her small waist. "Not now. They're outside."

"Just a kiss then?" She smiled coyly.

Dimitri pulled her into his lap to show he was fine with it and their lips met in a very heated kiss. How could he have her so far away? Gods, she was his everything.

"I can't take living so far from you anymore. It's driving me crazy," she finally ranted.

Dimitri chuckled softly. "Neither can I."

Byleth smiled up at him before giving him another kiss. Rather than heated, it was calm and chaste.

"That's it?"

"We can't do it here, right?"

"Later we can. I'll finish up and meet you at our spot in the gardens. There's decorations already for the festival."

Byleth gave him a kiss goodbye before getting off his lap and heading for the gardens. It wasn't until later in the night that he joined her. Byleth took his hand into her own as they walked down the path.

Dimitri chuckled suddenly. "This reminds me of when we talked after everything had happened."

"Before you proposed, right?"

"Yes. I wasn't sure when to ask you until we met in the Goddess Tower afterward."

"When you did, I was too surprised to say anything." Byleth chuckled.

"Haha! I remember, I tried to tell you if you didn't accept then that was okay."

"You looked so cute."

"This again?"

"It's true."

Dimitri paused. "I had a thought earlier. What if we build a place in the middle for us to meet? Something small, just for us. Perhaps a cottage?"

"A place all to ourselves. I love this idea. No need to worry about who is nearby."

"Exactly. Which means...I can make you moan as much as I wish."

"Is that the only reason?"

"No, but it's the one I thought of most."

It took three months to build their cottage with all hands on deck. Dimitri insisted on the best materials, hiring workers from around the country to ensure it would withstand the seasons. At first glance, it looked like a cottage made out of wood, but in reality stone held it up. Dimitri sent her a letter immediately when it was done and told her to meet him there for their now weekly visits.

The size was perfect; it even had an extra room for the future child Byleth would give birth to so that they could bring their child here. She birthed a daughter, who remained heir to the throne even after their second child, a son, was born three years later. Dimitri squashed the rebellion by granting the leaders a hearing at his throne, where he listened to their concerns. While he couldn't entirely perusaude or assure them, he proved himself to be a ruler who cared to listen rather than punish them by locking them up for treason. It earned him their trust, which was enough to convince the rebellion to lay down arms.

The cottage grew in size throughout the years as the family visited together or when Byleth and Dimitri wanted alone time.

As the children grew up, they decided whom to visit before Dimitri had another castle built closeby to the Church of Seiros since he didn't wish to keep the family apart. He also wanted to spend time with Byleth and their children during the seasons where Faerghus had a calmer period, which were full of laughter and fun memories of numerous activities they shared together.